Alex Kurtagic video: Beheader of Lee Rigby in England said, “you” to refer to British people, and “we” to refer to non-white foreigners even though beheader had full British citizenship

Great video of Alex Kurtagic speaking to Traditional Britain:

He noticed that the beheader of Lee Rigby, though a possessor of full British citizenship, referred to Brits in the second person and “Muslims” and “Muslim lands” in the 1st person.


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9 Responses to Alex Kurtagic video: Beheader of Lee Rigby in England said, “you” to refer to British people, and “we” to refer to non-white foreigners even though beheader had full British citizenship

  1. Denise says:

    Indeed. They tell you flat out what they mean.

  2. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

    And one of these days Whites will get it.

    Online debaters have said to me, Blacks kill more Blacks than they do Whites. What they don’t seem to understand is, the important thing to me is that when Blacks are around, more Whites get killed. Blacks always kill more than Whites whether they be in Africa, Haiti or the UK so moving them into my neighborhood so they can kill my cousins (other Whites) as well and telling me, that’s okay simply doesn’t fly.

    If White people had countries of our own, Lee Rigby would likely still be alive. I doubt his mourning family members and friends are comforted to know that a bunch of Negroes are dead too.

  3. How long before the non-goy ‘powers that be’ label Alex Kurtagic and his group ‘Nazi racists’. Any time a sovereign country of Whites, or White people in general, try to look after their own best interests, the non-goy rallies up the non-White against the TRUE minorities in the world….the White races. The noble White races, who have contributed the greatest benefits to mankind, have been demonized by the non-goy for centuries. Whites are the only races that have been forbidden, by ‘law’ and by ‘social construct’, to fend for their own kind. The White races are constantly vilified, persecuted, attacked, robbed, raped, and murdered by the hordes of non-Whites. The White races are condemned constantly, falsely blamed for every evil in the world–from historical times and into the future. Whites are not allowed to have their own communities, clubs, organizations, schools, or countries. Every other ‘minority’ race has been championed by the ‘governments’ of the world to advance their interests–with ‘government’ money from White taxpayers, to add injury to insult. The non-goy has rigged the game of survival for Whites by taking over everything–from our banking institutions and political systems to our judicial systems and military. As long as the non-goy keeps slithering towards White genocide, while using the useful idiot ‘minorities’ and self-loathing or mammon-worshiping Whites as weapons of attack, the WHITE RACES will never have our inherent rights as a people, as a race, and as the ONE OBSTACLE against the non-goy’s NEW WORLD ORDER (with the non-goy ruling the masses, of course). This is the goal of the non-goy. We all know what’s going on in non-goy-run South Africa. We all know what’s happening in Germany. We all know what’s happening in Greece. We all know about Palestine, Syria, and the United States. We know about apartheid Israel. We all know what happened in Russia to White Christians. We all know, by now, what happened during both World Wars, despite our ‘Montessori School’ brainwashing. We also know about the ‘Federal Reserve’, the ‘mainstream media’, Hollywood, pornography, sex trafficking, miscegenation glorification, Marxist academia, capitalism, communism, etc. The United Nations was the first step in a globalist conquest. Behold, the NEW JERUSALEM! CAPITOL OF THE WORLD GOVERNMENT, WORLD COURT, WORLD MILITARY, AND WORLD FINANCIAL RULER!

  4. vikingbitch says:

    Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    Good post. The language Die-versity uses expresses that they view the world as them versus us. The man who murdered Rigby did not see Rigby as a fellow Englishman, but as a white Western male, ‘ one of them’, that needed to die for Allah or whoever. Why these people are still granted admittance and stay is beyond all reason, but then we are not dealing with reasonable people. As Alabastrine Excellence notes, we that can ‘see’ know that it is genocide that the non goy want for us white Western Christians. They hate us and want us dead and are using diversity as their tool to do it.

    Watch: word has it that there are rumblings from Israel that there are Jews there seeking asylum in the States. No way! No more Jews! One Jew’s societal destruction is equivalent to 100 black people.

  5. Arturo says:

    I like Kurtagic – he was one of the first to “follow”

    That said, the sound quality of this video is poor.

    I’d rather read the transcript than listen to poor sound quality.


    – Arturo

    crimesofthetimes dot Calm

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