Business Alliance for a Local Living Economy

That was 2013 in Buffalo, NY. Those who can, should go to the 2014 event and we’ll meet up and stick together as the Secret Taqqiyah Underground Mindweapon contingent. I’ll keep an eye on BALLE and keep you posted.

One thing I recommend is learning book-keeping and get an entry level job as a book-keeper. I know that book-keepers are still in high demand because it requires intelligence and discipline and integrity. You can learn how to run businesses by working as a book-keeper, by the way. You’re right in the middle of things, the Chief Financial Officer even if you’re paid 9 bucks an hour to do data entry.

If you learn book-keeping and small business management you’ll be able to contribute to the small business/local business revolution and contribute something right away.

This is what we got to do. Our work is cut out for us. We must retake the convenience stores and the liquor stores, and be patrons of local communities, both with our money and our work — doing stuff like particiapting in community cleanup and spnosoring Little Leagues and volunteering for the nursing homes. And let people know that you hope they’ll encourage everyone to go to the All American Convenience Store instead of Jihad Mart.


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15 Responses to Business Alliance for a Local Living Economy

  1. Frankie says:

    Learning basic bookkeeping is very, very good advice. It’s dang near a free thing to learn, via books and self-study, which is how I learned it for my own business. At worst, you can go to any community college and get all the basics at low cost. Better yet, find a friend who is already well-versed in the craft, and do filing or other grunt work for him/her … in trade for being shown the tricks of the trade. And of course, never horn in on your friends business!

  2. Stary Wylk says:

    Take a large supply of patience to BALLE with you. It looks like a hippyfest to me.
    My son, a serious soul, was motivated to take all the accounting his high school offered when I told him about my uncle the CPA and that he could work his way through college by doing bookkeeping.

    • mindweapon says:

      Good for him!

      Going to something like BALLE is all about getting resources/know how from SWPL’s. As any intelligence agency knows, it’s easier to get knowledge from someone else, than to research it for yourself. A spy is tryign to save his country money on R and D by stealing the R and D of other countries.

  3. Hereward Saxon says:

    It is natural and good make effort to patronise our brethren, rather than doing business with enemies. But the goal of domination in ‘business’ is foreign to Christianity — and the profession of bookkeeping verges on money-changing, which is just the opposite of labouring with our hands to make things that are useful and good, Gaining the world, by running with the rat race, counts for nothing compared to losing one’s soul through it.

    • ckorzeniowski says:

      Whatever is good for the race is good for the soul.

    • mindweapon says:

      Hereward Saxon,

      Suppose I say that the choice is to dominate or be dominated? Would you say this is a false choice, and that one can be a true Christian and avoid being dominated without being a dominator?

      I believe that we have a duty to dominate, even if it is distasteful to us. Heck, the more distasteful it is, the more we should be doing it, otherwise the people who will dominate will be the ones who have a natural taste for it.

      If you are someone who just wants to prey/parasitize so you can have more money for toys/coke/whores then you are going to devote your life to domination, but do a bad job of management and stewardship. That’s the default out there.

      Idealists have traditionally had better things to do than dominate. They’d rather be a violin player or an artist or a novelist or an artisan or a philosopher.

      Not seeking domination while being an idealist is a luxury we can no longer afford. If we idealists do not dominate, then much worse people will dominate.

      For me, domination is an opportunity for stewardship. I seek to get people to use resources more efficiently, to switch from corn syrup to farm food, to share cars rather than own cars, to live smarter.

      But I can’t influence people to live smarter if I do not do things that are also financially profitable. These two things are so often at odds; we have to try and make profitable activity and healthy activity one and the same, and to do so, we have to seek to aggressively dominate business and use whatever financial leverage we get to influence the culture.

      • Craig says:

        Hey Kersey, is this you giving Thomas Sowell a headache? 😀

        Last few paragraphs.

        “Kersey even takes a swing at Rush Limbaugh (and at yours truly) for saying that liberal policies destroyed these cities. He says that San Francisco and other cities with liberal policies, but without black demographic and political takeovers, have not been ruined. His books are poorly written, but raise tough questions.

        It would be easy to simply dismiss Kersey as a racist. But denouncing him or ignoring him is not refuting him. Refuting requires thought, which has largely been replaced by fashionable buzz words and catch phrases, when it comes to discussions of race.

        Thought is long overdue. So is honesty.”

  4. Hereward Saxon says:

    Editing correction: It is natural and good to make the effort….

    In any case, an interesting post. Many good articles and selections worth reading here — and I thought ‘Plastic Apocalypse’ was not entirely overstated and Fukushima is not irrelevant.

  5. I know a retired teacher who taught home ec at the local high school for 20+ years. They call it something different now but that’s basically what it is. She said that taking home ec doesn’t “count” as an economics course (you need one to graduate) so most kids take a more abstract course instead, and leave high school not knowing how to balance a budget, save money, make basic financial decisions, etc.

    This is the same high school that jettisoned wood shop and (IIRC) auto repair classes because they wanted to focus more on college prep.

  6. TabuLa Raza says:

    >>>But the goal of domination in ‘business’ is foreign to Christianity — and the profession of bookkeeping verges on money-changing,>>>

    I read 3 times, got up and washed my specs with soap and water, read twice more, and still cannot believe it. Why not claim that bookkeeping verges on fractional reserve fraud, or claim that doing bookkeeping for more than 3 years will automatically turn one into a jew?

    We ALL need bookkeeping. You are claiming with a straight face that Christianity is incompatible with keeping track of funds? Ah- too much reality there- too much justice- Christianity is based on mercy, not justice. Keeping.accurate books means keeping track of private property- who owns what- despised by socialists and Christians.

    Ay 68, I have learned one thing- nothing is rarer than clear thought. It is also resented, as it shines an unwanted light on games people play.

  7. New England Millenial says:

    This is kind of “business networking” tip. Some of you guys who might be traditional Christians might not like it though, but I think it’s great advice (especially if you have college-age kids). When you make a new acquaintance, put their name in the white-pages and find their address. Then put that address in zillow and find the value of their (or their parent’s) home. This way you can then rank the people by wealth and spend your limited social time Dale Carnegie-ing these people. Hopefully you can get invited to a rich-person’s party and then if you have a talent like guitar playing (people like live music) you can become even more popular at the party, opportunities to game rich women, maybe they can land you a job or business opening. Society is so degenerate today that if you simply dress nicely in (like polos), not get tattoos, talk normal, people will be attracted to you (at least this applies in my generation).

    Of course, don’t get too chummy to them and DON’T talk to them about WNism. Remember, rich folks will always preserve the status quo because that’s how they stay rich.

    Some of you might not like it but it beats hanging out with poor people, who just watch TV, play vidya games, listen to cRap, substance abuse, race-mix, etc.

    • mindweapon says:

      very good suggestion New England Millenial!

    • Craig says:

      Tip for young white men.

      The first thing a mate and I did at 17 -18 years was get girlfriends from one of 3 private girl schools within a 40km radius of each other on the coast. The highest female to male ratio parties I’d ever been to were these parties as all the girls from those private girl schools would go to them. We’d rock up and there’d be 3 – 6 other dudes and about 20 to 40 chicks, sometimes more particularly when we’d hit the club, beer garden or rave. Bring out the cheap passion pop (imitation champagne, horrible stuff.) and man the girls are jumping in the pool with their clothes on…memories…

      Not hard to pick SWPL, DWL, pay check burbs, find where the doctors , business owners and financiers send their children to school…Not that this was planed at the time, we just use go out and run amok and well we found them…It really was like finding a utopia place at that age.

      • mindweapon says:

        This sort of thing only happens in white homogeneous countries because the colored males are extremely mobile and sexually aggressive and find any such situation and saturate it with themselves. Those were the good old days.

        Now it’s a Darwinian jungle, and we can and must become the fiercest creatures in this jungle. Then we’ll set things straight again, but not until then.

        Mindweaponism is the key to becoming the fiercest creatures in the jungle.

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