Virginians give a Hispanic the stink-eye

Interracial couple in a Confederate town.

We’ve been to some of Annalee’s previous parties, and though her parents have always been friendly, a good number of their friends and relatives were another story. Unlike Annalee’s parents, they weren’t the sort to extend their southern hospitality to strangers – especially not a mixed couple like Heather and me.

At the last party, many of them refused even to acknowledge us the entire time. I recognized one young woman as the clerk behind the counter the one time I took Maggie to the local ice cream shop. It was one of the situations where I open the front door of a place, everyone’s smiling and laughing until they take a look at me, standing in the entrance looking, to them, like an uppity foreigner, an illegal alien, or maybe even a terrorist. Whatever it was they saw in Maggie and me, it made them turn completely silent.

And this is as good as it will ever get for families like Heather and Jose. Government redistribution supports a lot of non-white presence in Confederate towns. They are basically Reconstruction Occupationists. When Government is not lavishly distributing money, the people of Front Royal and thousands of other towns will be able to economically “freeze out” anyone they don’t want.


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31 Responses to Virginians give a Hispanic the stink-eye

  1. Sebastian says:

    I read the entire article. The colossal ego of this “Jose Padua “cockroach is astounding. He goes out of his way to get in the face of other people who DO NOT want to interact with him and chastises them for the terrible crime of enjoying freedom of association rights.
    This creature feels it’s entitled to barge into anyone’s lives and be automatically accepted, yet it comes from one the most violent, bloodthirsty, cannibalistic and anti-outsider societies the planet has ever seen.

    This is chutzpah worthy of a jew, Its handlers sure must be proud!

    • mindweapon says:

      Haha, great comment!

    • Arturo says:

      I too read the entire article by this seething, jealous, angry anti-white non-white, Jose Padua.

      The problem I am afraid is that this butt-hurt Padua breeder who managed (tragically) to take a dump in the genetic punch bowl by (apparently) impregnating some poor delusional white woman with his discount-human sperm, knows that he has the entire System behind him.

      He knows that he can count on the System to publish his butt-hurt anti-white ramblings, he know that, or even, will gladly give him column-inches to spew his hatred for those whites that enabled his kind to proliferate in the first place.

      Oh snap did I just say that?

      You are God Damn right I just said that,

      These anti-whites who have a World of wind in their sails really need to be stood up to.

      Imagine for an instant the European power structure as it existed fully one hundred years ago : every single paving stone on the Super-Highway that led us to this day, to the modern world, was conceived by and laid down by the same white european males that this Jose Padua cockroach (even his family name screams: “Blatte!” “Cafard!”) so thoroughly despises .

      Where would this jealous little worm be, were it not for the titanic achievements of the white males who paved the superhighway to the present modern world?

      Answer: He probably would not exit at all. His mother’s mother’s mother’s mother would have died of typhoid somewhere in Dominican Republic many moons ago.

      And no: I am not going to google this seething anti-white POS to more accurately pinpoint his past,

      I am seriously sick of these anti-white anti-whites.

      I am sick of it.

      That’s all.


      – Arturo

      crimes of the times dot calm

  2. hardscrabble farmer says:

    I read the piece and the first thought that jumped into my mind was “If it sucks so bad here, then why do you stay?” I’m sure his wife would be welcomed with open arms back in the homeland from whence he came.

    America is- for folks like Senor Padua- “I’m just here for the beer (and the White chicks)” writ large.

    No one likes and intruder and especially one that soils the carpet, so to speak. And yet he is not cognizant of this fact. Perhaps the story line of Howard Zinn has been swallowed hook, line and sinker by the likes of Senor Paduas wife, but not everyone has a taste for Kool-Aid.

  3. clytemnestra57 says:

    I read the entire article, too. It is obviously written by yet another self-absorbed idiot completely lacking in self-awareness. Because otherwise, he might have to acknowledge that certain choices lead to logical consequences. HE decided to cut himself off from his own people by marrying a White woman and then moving to a White Southern town with their mixed children. A SMALL town.

    What’s the matter, Jose? Weren’t your own people good enough for you?!

    It seems to me that if he had married a Mestiza and moved to one of the many, many, many Mexican colonies in this country, he would be able to interact naturally and organically with people. He would not be spending all your time gauging the reaction of people to your presence there. But maybe that was the point.

    Notice me. I’m an Attention Whore. A whiny attention whore.

    He spent most of his time sniveling about people in. A. Small. Town. IGNORING him and making HIM feel INVISIBLE. IOW treating HIM just like any OTHER stranger in a small town. FYI, you know you are visiting a Small Town, when you discover that the “new family” someone is describing has only been living there TWENTY YEARS!

    Surely, there are small towns in Mexico. And surely the same Small Town Protocol applies in Mexico as in Virginia. IOW, you don’t force yourself on the locals; you let the locals decide when they want to know you. Initially some will be brave or curious enough to approach you and you are friendly and helpful as possible. Then, hopefully, others will follow.

    Notice that a couple of people in this Small Town were already friendly with this self-absorbed snot. But he was too busy obsessing over people who were “ignoring” him than people who WANTED to make his acquaintance. Obviously Mr. Padua thinks that his brown skin should leverage open doors that are tightly shut even to other White people.

  4. clytemnestra57 says:

    Sorry about the grammar. “your time” and “your presence” should have been “his time” and “his presence.” Too sleepy this morning to check my subject- verb agreements, LOL.

  5. Once you notice the pattern, it pops up everywhere in the rhetoric of the left. I first noticed it a few weeks ago when the feminist Amanda Marcotte complained about sexists that wanted to use her as a “compliant f*ckbot.” Her rant went something like this: (I’m paraphrasing)

    “You just want to use me as your compliant f*ckbot. You think I’m less than you, less than human. You want to own me, to use me for your selfish pleasure, I’m just a piece of meat to you.”

    Needless to say, poor Ms. Marcotte is likely not being “objectified” enough lately by her husb … er, sorry, “partner.”

    So our mestizo friend is doing essentially the same thing – PROJECTING maschoism. Call it the “Jesus Christ Pose,” he’s begging to be a martyr for the cause when in reality Evil Whitey is just ignoring him and his sand-shark (?) girlfriend. Notice the projection:

    they take a look at me, standing in the entrance looking, to them, like an uppity foreigner, an illegal alien, or maybe even a terrorist … look at you with the purpose of sending the message that you don’t belong here and that you’re an intruder who better watch his fucking step. … the possibility that acts of violence may be taken against you. … give me the look that says You ain’t one of us, motherfucker. Because even though there’s real danger here – these are people who believe in their guns and who think violence is a good thing

    Notice how much of this is outright projection. They think violence is a “good thing” – in reality, is it whites or non-whites that are prone to violence? Who is more likely to say something like “you ain’t one of us, motherfucker” – a white, or a non-white?

    The actual situation, likely; everyone is politely ignoring him to save everyone embarrassment, so mestizo here has to create a fantasy where he is some martyr about to be Willie Lynched by the Ku Klux Klan – all for love! He’s thinking about them far more than they are thinking about him. Hence, his problem. He even admits it – better to be looked at and hated than to be ignored. He’s being ignored, and he doesn’t like it, so he creates this elaborate fantasy in his head where Evil Whitey is making him the center of his drama.

    Really, get over yourselves.

    P.S. – I use the term mestizo, not Hispanic, because Hispanic can refer to a white person with a Spanish background.

    • Sebastian says:

      “P.S. – I use the term mestizo, not Hispanic, because Hispanic can refer to a white person with a Spanish background.”

      The name of our lands and people go back tens of centuries before the Americas were even discovered, and now the damn Mestizo mongrels have stolen them from us. I correct folks about proper nouns on this matter whenever I can.

      So kudos for your choice of terms Hipster; us REAL Hispanics, the ones that were actually born and live in Hispania Citerior (Terraconensis/Hispania Nova/Callaecia/Carthaginensis) and Hispania Ulterior (Baetica and Lusitania) do appreciate it.

  6. Typical attitude. This guys people would be acting the same way in the village his family came from back in Mexico, if he showed up with a white american wife. Here we have the same old assumptions. Americans are just abstractions, they have no history, culture, etc, and should just show infinate playdough qualities in life. Of course these people in this small Southern town DO have a history, culture, etc. and are acting just like anybody, anywhere else in the world would. Ploitical Correctness, makes everybody into liars. But only whites have to lie.

  7. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

    The only silver lining I see here is how easy it is to make non-Whites feel unwelcome. I deliberately look THROUGH non-Whites now because I know it makes them feel unwelcome if you don’t fawn over them. I want them to think my town is full of racists.

    And for you libtards that might be reading this and thinking I’m a mean ole wascist, this is nothing compared to the male Meztizo who for NO reason flipped me off and called me a piňche Güera (filthy White woman) when I was walking down a public street in my town a few weeks ago. So save your judgement for someone who gives a hoot.

  8. Ex-pat in Oz says:

    Maggie’s a race traitor and he’s a wannabe white who’s pissy because he knows he’ll never be accepted by whites. We look at them and immediately tune them out and he’s pitching a fit. Good. Fuck this garbage and their sense of self-entitlement. No amount of diversity training can subvert biology– maybe he understands this now.

  9. Whenever I hear so called “minorities” bitching about not being quickly and whole heartedly accepted into White societies I think back to my experiences with mestizos and negroes. Then I mutter, “Hypocrites” through clenched teeth and try to think of something more pleasant.

  10. Marcus says:

    That’s his only article apparently. Wouldn’t be surprised if the SWPL salonfags created a “hispanic” alter ego for another anti-south diatribe.

    • Wally says:

      Isn’t Salon jewish funded?

    • Mike says:

      “That’s his only article apparently. Wouldn’t be surprised if the SWPL salonfags created a “hispanic” alter ego for another anti-south diatribe.”

      My gut telle me you are correct. I doubt “Jose Padua” exists at all. “His” profile says “he” is in “New York,” but here he is writing about a small southern town. Plus, I’ve talked to quite a few Mexicans, and I’ve never heard any male talk just like a feminist. And I know for a fact that liberals lie about everything. EVERYTHING.

      I mean, c’mon. What Mexican or any male writes like this: “This afternoon I found myself getting all teary eyed. I was playing the 1988 Dianne Reeves song “Better Days” for my two and a half year old son Julien. It’s the song that begins…..?”

    • Mike says:

      well, maybe he does exist and is quite the lefty::

      “Mr. Padua has extensive experience as a journalist, government contractor, and writer of poetry and prose.” – looks like just another parasite. I dont recall any guy ever talking so effeminately.

  11. Attila says:

    I agree with Sebastián. The term “Hispanic” in a US context really means “Central and South American mestizo”. That being said- almost every single mestizo I know from my everyday dealings is an extremely hard worker- often holding two or three jobs (many of which Blacks refuse to do). When someone asks me what my background- nowadays I just say “Spain” or even “Portugal’. Most Americans kon’t know the difference anyway.

    • earthman says:

      “I know some good ones who work really, really hard”
      Must not be these ones, eh?
      “20.5 percent of whites, 27.9 percent of Asians, 50.9 percent of blacks, and 53.3 percent of Hispanics (Latinos) received means-tested assistance (this includes means-tested cash assistance, food stamps, Medicaid, and public or authorized housing).”

      • mindweapon says:

        The issue isn’t if htey are hard working or not, or smart or not. The issue is that they are not us. We are not auditioning any of them for the role of “honorary white person who gets to be among us.”

      • Attila says:

        Obviously not – but it would be good to see what percentage of those “Hispanics” on the dole are documented versus undocumented.

      • Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

        Again Attila, it doesn’t matter if they are smart or not, “documented” or not. Europeans need a homeland. We can’t even get a small town yet.

  12. Mr. Rational says:

    Hey, MW, did you just shut off the obnoxious WP toolbar?  If that was your doing, thanks!

    • mindweapon says:

      No. I don’t know what the WP toolbar is. Maybe you had it installed on your browser.

      • Mr. Rational says:

        It’s the link-bar that sticks to the top of the window.  It’s gone from MWIR, but still on the other WP blogs I read.  (I hate it; if you go to a bookmark, the top of the text gets hidden behind it.  If I’m going to spend any time reading a page, I use Javascript Inspector to delete it and give control of MY window back to ME.)

  13. Tina says:

    One more thing: how dare they come here, have OUR gov’t force us to put up with them, and then….they expect us to like them, accept them?!

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