Matt Parrott deals with bullying antifa with valor and poise; black police don’t arrest a brutha for a clear case of simple assault

There’s American justice for you. The black officers said, “we’re trying to give you a break, we could have had you in handcuffs,” and the protected bully mouths off back at the cops! That’s priceless!

Matt Parrott did an excellent job of standing his ground without putting up his dukes. Anyone who raises an arm gets cuffed and stuffed in a situtation like that. The police were right there, and the black thought that “its’ not assault if I didn’t touch him with my hand.”

Matt responded with excellent emotional intelligence. He said, “Don’t you touch me” in an appropriately menacing and unintimidated tone. Everything about Matt says, “If the cops weren’t here I’d be fighting you right now.”


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19 Responses to Matt Parrott deals with bullying antifa with valor and poise; black police don’t arrest a brutha for a clear case of simple assault

  1. PA says:

    Yup. Assault is simply a physical act that is reasonably expected to be threatening or cause fear. Battery is actual physical contact. I’m not a lawyer; this is from my junior high school Civics class.

  2. When you combine Negroes and ideology of any kind, you get thuggery.

  3. earthman says:

    “Death, death , death to the Nazis” Reality follows rhetoric folks….

  4. Trainspotter says:

    In my estimation, when it comes to real world activism, Traditional Youth are clearly the MVPs. Intelligent, idealistic and courageous. That’s really an unusual combination.

    • mindweapon says:

      Yes. Have you seen Matt Parrott debating online? He is the most brilliant polemicist I’ve ever seen, rivaling Jared Taylor. He told me that he’s been spending hours debating online since he was 13 years old, and so he’s put in the 10,000 hours that Malcolm Gladwell said you need to be really really good at something.

      I don’t know why he didn’t take the chance to debate Tim Wise. Maybe he doens’t want to try to use his rhetorical gifts in the face of a hostile crowd. Hell, that’s the most fun thing ever! I wish I could go and show him how it’s done, though I wouldn’t do as good a job as he would.

      If you read Parrott’s posts, you’ll see what true virtuosity in thinking really is. He’s a natural, like a sports star or music virtuoso, in the art of rhetoric and philosophy. He makes everything more clear.

      For example, he says to avoid using the HBD arguments. We don’t want to save Whites because Whites are smarter, but because they are Whites. Some of my favorite White people are short, fat and stupid.

      That’s an example of a Parrottism. I think I should gather his articles into a book and publish it via Lulu for him. His writings need to be set to dead trees and ink so they don’t swirl down the memory hole of old google results.

      • Trainspotter says:

        That’s high praise indeed, and Parrott deserves it. Our cause is blessed with more than a few talented writers, but he is one of our standouts.

        And while we have a lot of talent in terms of writers who do credit to our cause, some of whom frequent this very site or other great sites like Counter-Currents, there are fairly few that truly make us think in different terms, that charge up parts of our brains that we might not even have known were there. Where you don’t just think, “God, that is brilliant,” but “God, that is beautiful.” Where you aren’t just attracted to an idea or a cause, but can fall in love with it.

        Some of Parrott’s writing can do that. Some of Linder’s writing, particularly but not limited to his earlier stuff, gets there too, at times in spectacular fashion. The “Parrottism” you mention has shades of it, which is to say that I like it a lot. Cly did it with “mini-Hef”, and it’s like a house on fire. Love it.

        You’re right about the need for a book. Here we have wonderful writers who really have something worth saying in a world where few do, yet one has to root around like a hungry squirrel searching for a nut in order find it, quite probably missing more than he finds.

      • Trainspotter says:

        Just used that particular “Parrottism” in a debate, by the way.

    • Trainspotter says:

      I should also mention another activism standout: the indomitable Jimmy Marr. He’s been doing some really great things lately, particularly with his putting up “Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white” banners along roadways.

  5. TabuLa Raza says:

    Did you win?

    • mindweapon says:

      Did who win? The confrontation between the POS and Matt Parrott was a stalemate. Parrott did not fight because he wanted to attend the conference instead of spend the weekend in a DC jail.

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