Camp of the Saints Doom; amnesty may precipitate a level of societal collapse

Michael Savage on Amnesty:

In short, it could bring the USA down to a noticeably lower level of complexity in a short span of time. Not Mad Max doom, but a noticeable and rapid decline in living standards and civilizational functionality.

Enough collapse, to make middle class White people take notice and say WTF, and a significant percentage of them to actually join the White Consciousness Brotherhood and Sisterhood. They may have different solutions at first, and will probably be arrogant and say, “this way is the only way that’s going to work,” and then proceed like Don Quixote to a comedy of errors.

But we have thought this through for years, and our ideas will bubble up and show their superiority as fine wine versus Pabst Blue Ribbon, because we’ve been thinking about this and discussing it for over a decade.

We don’t meses around. We go right for the exact things that are needed.

1. Stop eating any food with additive chemicals of any kind and only eat farm food.

2. Stop anti-intellectualism and make mental development a priority.

3. Emotional intelligence. Get along with each other nad train each other how to get along with each other better.

4. An economy of gold, silver and local food production and car sharing and organizing to help each other and share assets, like Mormons. The bad economy calls for us to become more ant-like in our economic behavior, and that’s wehat we need to do.

5. Homeschooling and exclusion of mass media and of peers influenced by mass media. We need to provide the younger generation a critical and collocated mass of peers who are not ifnluenced by mass media.

Amnesty and Camp of the Saints social collapse has the potential to force us towards anti-like, pro-White social cohesion.


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25 Responses to Camp of the Saints Doom; amnesty may precipitate a level of societal collapse

  1. Reblogged this on murderbymedia and commented:
    Michael Savage is a foul mouthed kike POS.
    Damn MW, I could have told you what he said. Promise me you’ll post my videos on your blog when I start making youtube videos.

  2. HerewardMW says:

    People have talked for years about the collapse of the West (particularly America) in terms of Rome. A much better example is Argentina, one of the richest countries in the world in the nineteen twenties, during and subsequent to the great depression a series of socialist governments and financial crises have caused a decline which continues to this day. The country has a huge amount going for it. They could fix things but politically they can’t.

    Barak Obama isn’t Caligula, he’s Eva Peron.

    • Sam says:

      In Argentina they did the same thing they’re going to do to us. The banks took in money and guaranteed it in US dollars. After they had all the money they converted all the accounts into Argentinian money and inflated the money away while allowing only limited removal from the accounts. They destroyed the middle class completely. They then bought all the land and productive enterprises and exported all the food. How much you want to bet the US banks have bought all the productive assets in the US with tarp money? Then they crash the money supply. We’re left with nothing but the debt.

  3. Denise says:

    PREACH Mein Bruder! PREACH!!!

  4. Denise says:

    Reblogged this on The White Tea Room and commented:
    Mindweapons lays it out! Preach Brother PREACH!

  5. Denise says:

    I can’t “see” the videos you post. I can’t “see” them on my site. I just see a big blank black box. I don’t know why.

    Does any-one know why?

    • Mr. Rational says:

      Are you using Flashblock or NoScript? That will do it. You just have to click things to enable them.

      • Denise says:

        Thanks – but I am completely inept in All Things Computerish. What be these Flashblock and NoScript beasties of which ye speak? Do I add them, or disable them?

        I cannot spend time seeking these things, as I have to spend my time Jew Baiting on line.

        Thankee kind sir. (curtsies and smiles fetchingly)

      • Mr. Rational says:

        Flashblock and NoScript are add-ons for Firefox.  To see if someone installed them for you, click “Tools”, then “Add-ons” and then the “Extensions” tab.  It takes 5 seconds.

        If you don’t have those, there may be some other add-on doing it (e.g. an ad-blocker).  You can disable add-ons and see what that does for you.

  6. Kelt. says:

    Judaism is a religion of relativism and a search for relevance…….. Its reference point is the “Goyim”….. Reducing the environment in which jews operate is how jews visibly ‘excel’.
    In destroying their environment to ‘excel’, the jew finds ‘relevance’ , especially when identified.

    This appeals to the base narcissism in ‘jews’.

  7. Denise says:

    Thanks Mr. Rational! Will do!

  8. Clytemnestra says:

    I don’t want to sound like that newscaster welcoming “our bug overlords” in The Simpsons cartoon.

    BUT, there is a lot of opportunity out of the inevitable amnesty (I call it inevitable, because like Freddy Krueger, it keeps coming back no matter how many times people think they have killed it) for racially conscious Whites.

    Guess who is at the top of all those societies south of the Rio Grande?! If you watch all those telenovelas that are so popular, guess who The Beautiful People are?! Even in the USA, go to a predominantly Mestizo area and guess who is at the top of those societies. Guess who carries themselves with the pride and racial confidence that you rarely to never see with the deracinated Whites up here?

    Even White Nationalists never study history through the lens of race realism. This is a shame, because once you study history through the lens of race realism, you would see fewer White men sacrifice themselves for the patrimony of a feckless White elite. Because it is the White elite who is going to be the ultimate losers if they are to disloyal to their own people which is part of their patrimony.

    The reason I am addressing this is because there seems to be genuine mourning on the part of American nationalists for an Anglo-American empire that has been run by demonstrably Anti-White elites from its inception.

    “Kidnapped” is a term that only evolved from Mother England. Spain never made a habit of rounding up its poor or even its troublesome Basque population and selling them into slavery in the Americas. Spanish men never forcibly mated Basque women to Black male slaves to create mulattoes, the way the English did to their Irish captives. There are no Spanish equivalents to the woman, Mrs. Jellysby, in Charles Dickens’ Bleak House, who was more obsessed with helping Africans than doing her duty to her own immediate family much less her own people.

    Look at all these countries and you see great monuments that the elite have built themselves, but they are no more. In many cases, their countries don’t exist anymore. If they do, their descendants don’t rule anymore. The people they used to rule still exist. They may be a different nationality or religion now. But the elite themselves are extinct.

    Where are the pharaohs? As in the guy who thought it would be a great idea to listen to his Court Jew, Joseph, pocket half of the people’s food stock during the seven years of plenty and then sell it back to them during the seven years of famine until they were reduced to slavery? Gone.

    What is going to happen to Anglo-American elites who are collaborating with their Court Jews to let all of Mexico and Latin America in to exploit the cheaper labor lobby. What John McCain and Lindsey Graham, etc. ad nauseum ad infinitum don’t know is that once they achieve the demographics in any area of the country, the Mestizos will vote out any incumbents, even friendly incumbents. Especially friendly incumbents. Just ask Dick Durbin.

    Yes, Mexico El Norte will be a nasty, brutish, corrupt, and incompetent place to live. I am not denying that.

    But if racially conscious Whites follow the Mindweapons Program. Develop their own systems independent of government, educate their children, pay attention to physical, nutritional, mental and emotional fitness and most of all, raise up their White children to raise up THEIR White children, etc. to JUST STAY WHITE, they will inevitably rise up to the top of the hierarchy and run things just as the Whites south of the Rio Grande do.

    • mindweapon says:

      Great point, Cly!

      I like some things about the Anglo-Saxon way of thinking, but selling White children into slavery is certainly not one of them.

      • Mr. Rational says:

        The British did not view the Irish as White.

      • Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

        Which shows how powerful propaganda can be.

      • Clytemnestra says:

        The British may not have viewed the Irish as White, Mr. Rational, but what is their excuse for the sorry trick they played on the British White plantocracy throughout the Caribbean? The British government arbitrarily freed the slaves, promising reparations to the planters. They promptly reneged on that promise, leaving their British subjects to live in poverty and squalor and at the mercy of their former slaves.

        Look at how the Anglo-American empire has left the British colonists of Rhodesia and South Africa twisting in the wind!

        I, for one, will be happy to welcome our new bug overlords (SMIRK!)

        And the more I think about the antics of the Anglo-American Empire, the more I mean it!

    • Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

      Very encouraging comment Cly.

  9. TabuLa Raza says:

    >>>Judaism is a religion>>>

    No. A RACE of semi-unorganized criminals- semi-high IQ mafia.

    One is a jew is mother is a jewess- that is jewish law. RACIAL.

    • Sam says:

      It’s even worse. The Jews are a race of psychopaths. I’m not saying all are but they have a much higher percentage. If every time you hear of some deviancy of the Jews you think about them possibly being psychopaths you will soon come come to believe that this is a reasonable explanation of why they are so troublesome.

  10. bowiecloned says:

    Actually we don’t agree on some points.

    One of them being making gold or other precious metals a form of currency. (This is kind of my short list and it rambles a bit but I think it’s something to think about.) I admit there was a long time I thought this was a good idea but I’ve come to believe it is a horrible idea. Even if we disagree I’ll give you a brief outline on some of my thoughts on this. I’m not a skilled wordsmith but I think can get my thoughts on this close enough. (Using gold as a barter item is one thing, as currency is quite another.)

    1) In the early days of American Colonization they were poor, that’s just a fact by standards of the time. Colonial Script changed all that, and it was backed by something more valuable than gold. (This model was later used in Germany to turn their economy around and history shows how well that worked.)

    2) The concept of a gold based economy is nothing new and you’ll see many groups support it. They in part support it because it opposes our debt based system. A good example of a group that would support this idea is the TEA party; a group that has in part been corrupted like most such groups tend to be. The notion has not been suppressed in such groups, its been supported as a potential solution. (I have to ask why an element within my enemy supports something.)

    3) While it’s not readily apparent, the money the United States uses is backed indirectly. As an example, oil as a commodity that’s priced in US dollars. It’s an indirect backing of a debt based money combining the two aspects.

    4) Who own the majority of the world’s gold and what power would a gold based economy provide to them? I’m given to think we’d only be exchanging our shackles for heavier ones that look shinny.

    5) In a White Society it’s a temporary solution. We can’t make gold yet, (YET) but would you care to bet against it? That’s just a single possibility of those I’ve seen that Our Race can use.

    6) The basis of Colonial Script or that Used by Germany was something that can’t be owned by any enemy over the long term. It’s the productive and intellectual capability of a people, in this case, Our Race. (In early America they shut it down in Germany they failed to shut such a system of currency down but they sure wanted to.)

    7) Gold was used for a long time and our enemies still managed to use it as a power base. Not as effective as debt based money but also in very large part because of the technological limits of the age.

    The down side, yes there’s a down side.Script of this kind must be controlled by Our Race. The current debt based money we currently use is the subverted form of Script, rather than being controlled by Our Race; our foe uses it. They just use it in a quite different version than originally designed. They were entirely satisfied with using gold but after that Germany thing, they had to find a way to subvert Script for their own use.

    I’ll sum up my case by asking a question. If you were given a choice to own 100 units/shares of gold or what Our Race is capable of, which one would pick?

    • Sam says:

      I agree. Benjamin Franklin produced a paper about the colonial script. As long as it’s not abused it’s as good as any currency. It would have to be by law never issued more than inflation targets or no inflation.

    • Stubbs says:

      I think MW is referring to an underground economy taking place under ZOG, not the economy of a sovereign nation. In that case issuing paper currency would be difficult, although something like a bitcoin might work.

      In any case we shouldn’t get too attached to any particular form of currency while out of power, they’re easily disrupted from the outside (though gold is historically one of the more resilient ones).

      • mindweapon says:


        One thing I’m pretty confident of is that the government will operate less efficiently and be more susceptible to corruption, especially at the local level in the future.

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