Another Viking Down

Some anti-racist action going on in South Africa — video of white woman raped and stoned.

that’s your handiwork, liberals! Hope you like it, you scum!


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5 Responses to Another Viking Down

  1. Wally D. says:

    The comments indicate it wasn’t a white woman but a Somoli mani

  2. Clytemnestra says:

    I didn’t think it looked like a White woman, but do we need any MORE feral mobs of Bantu savages stripping people naked, robbing them and beating or stoning them to death?

    Libtards, look at what you’ve begun and look at what will happen in a neighborhood near YOURS if you don’t stop this shit!

  3. bowiecloned says:

    The Anti-Whites promote such deaths and such suffering. Anti-Whites have all spent enough time attacking those who told the truth to make that excuse of “didn’t know” worthless.

    The link that follows are some of the nicer images of what Anti-Whites promote and don’t do the horror justice; Africans are sometimes inventive and it takes days for their victims to die.!

    While I believe in forgiveness and second chances, there is a limit and a limited time on such things, not everybody will be as nice as me and I may well not care one bit by the time it ends. Look around Anti-Whites things are changing.

  4. anon334 says:

    This link says it’s a light skinned Somali man.

    Nonetheless, more terrible murders have happened to whites in SA, just not caught on tape.

  5. Just because it “might” have been a man doesn’t mean they didn’t rape him.

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