“Anti-Racist” Humanist” website one peoples project brags of gruesome murders!

Daryl Lamont Jenkins celebrates murder of Golden Dawn members. The Left has gotten as far as it has because of soft power. Hard power — hot lead and cold steel, is not it’s strong point. If or when the Left tries to play in the realm of hot lead and cold steel, they will find it’s a fight they cannot stomach, and that their long tormented enemies are masters of violence and long thirsting for vengeance against them. WN 2.0 is about going after the Left’s soft power; if the Left stupidly ventures into hard power, they will leave their soft power flank unguarded, and we’ll go after it. At the same time, they will find that exercising hard power is no fun at all, but when they try to return to soft power, it’s no longer available to them like it once was.

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An organization called One People’s Project, run by Philadelphia resident Daryle Lamont Jenkins, has written a new post laughing and bragging about the cold-blooded political assassination of two young Greek men Manos Kapelonis and Giorgos Fountoulis.  One People’s Project, which openly associates and acts as a spokesperson for “underground” Left-Wing American paramilitary organizations (who hold close ties to their Greek equivalents), such as Anti-Racist Action, as well as publicly collaborates with mainstream “anti-racist” organizations such as the Southern Poverty Law Center (for example, in the documentary: “Erasing Hate”) , released this statement on their website on November 3rd:

Drive By Shooting Sends Two Golden Dawn Members On Their Way To Rot In Hell – Greek boneheads Manos Kapelonis and Giorgos Fountoulis might have just died for the sins of their neo-Nazi political party Golden Dawn, as this shooting comes amid the turmoil surrounding the stabbing of an anti-fascist…

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4 Responses to “Anti-Racist” Humanist” website one peoples project brags of gruesome murders!

  1. Marcus says:

    Unfortunately YKW controls the media, and their m.o. is the ends justify the means.

  2. Jackson says:

    The claim of moral equivalence here is a grotesque falsehood. The killing of the rapper was, by all accounts, a drunken argument between two idiots over football teams that escalated into a stabbing. The sort of thing that happens late Saturday night in bars in the rough section of town all over the world.

    The assassination of two (and serious wounding of a third) Golden Dawn member was an out-and-out political assassination. As such it represents a major escalation, not merely a tit-for-tat revenge shooting as most media accounts try to make it out to be.

    Recall, too, that the leftist cabal running Greece has chosen to punish the entire Golden Dawn political party – with arrests, bannings, seizure of funds and other games, for a drunken fight that involved one of it’s members, but was neithe pre-meditated nor even explicitly politcal. It would be as if the next black-on-white hate crime in America resulted in the arrest of Obama, Pelosi and Reid and charging them with inciting hate crimes.

    One can be fairly sure that there will be no criminal charges brought against leftist political parties in Greece, despite the fact that this shooting was an obviously and blatantly political act, not just a drunken Saturday night brawl.

  3. rightwingthinktank says:

    Building “soft power” is what I’m all about these days. I’m thinking that, as the West’s economy crumbles, we should exploit the situation by using jokes, social media, and other social means to paint the Left as the culprit of our economic problems. This will be enough to exert a rightward pull. This is just one facet of the overall strategy, though. We can’t afford to get fixated on one approach.

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