I was on the political cesspool

This is an hour long broadcast, I was on the second half


I was a bit nervous and had a lot of information to get downrange, so I rambled a bit, and cringed when I listened to myself. But James is a very good facilitator. I realized after that interview that he could easily be a Rush Limbaugh type syndicated host, and his format where he’s got interviews and his co-hosts, is better listening than Limbaugh or Hannity or Savage. Radio is not easy — keeping a smooth flow of talking going, facilitating a conversation that doesn’t grate on the ears of the listeners. That takes talent and practice, and James has it down very good. His co-hosts read scripts, I believe, and I should have stuck to a script.

But I got the message out to TPC’s large and eclectic audience. They have a lot of homeschooling conservative Christian type families, a lot of Middle American Limbaugh listeners who want something more explicitly pro-white. I think James Edwards does a very good job at being explicitly pro-white while keeping his image safe from the Hollywood hate caricatures. TPC is like a little candle that is being kept burning despite attempts to extinguish all pro-white expression anywhere.

My life experiences in the Northeast, in the center of culture that is ruling this country, has given me the codes for Middle America to infiltrate, overwhelm, and defeat this culture. What sets the Northeast culture apart from the country that allows them to dictate to everyone else? After all, 4 of the 5 boroughs of New York City are represented on the Supreme Court.

We need only infiltrate a critical mass of our people into the system, both the business and government, and they will move the system from within. That’s how the Jews did it, that’s how we can do it.

So what to actually do? Networks of homeschooling families in major metropolitan areas — Boston, NYC, Eugene and Portland Oregon, Seattle, Bay Area, and, of all places, Pittsburgh PA, which is a very White city. The homeschooling families should be friends with hippie crunchy organic gardeners in teh countryside, and buy food from them and help them during seasons of labor intensive work such as planting, weeding and harvesting, while providing access to the cities to the rural families.

The homeschooling families in the cities raise their kids to be good at technical/scientific/academic endeavours, but also cultural endeavours such as music and dance and foreign languages. Homeschooling families can keep pop culture out of their children’s lives at the critical young ages, and when they are in their late teens, they will be very self possessed and much less affected by pop culture.

It isn’t necessary to “force” White nationalist ideas on the children. These are ideas that are just obvious in view of the tyranny of political correctness. Our ideas are made manifest by the anti-white politically correct Jewish hate that is expressed against us. When the cultural messages of white guilt and white inferiority are put forth, it’s the most simple thing in teh world to say to your kid, “do you think you deserve to be a second class citizen? Are you inferior in every way, the way these politically correct types are saying? Is there some reason you should sacrifice your life to serve the politically correct agenda?”

Just as in aikido, the opponent provides the energy that will be used against him, the politically correct anti-white haters provide the energy and justification for White nationalism. The homeschooled kids will be the ones who understand it and are the least surprised or emotionally maladapted as a result of it. Therefore they will understand implicitly that they must practice Taqqiyah, infiltrate and change the system (corporate and gov’t) from within. They can divert governemnt money to hoemschooling family associations, for example, and provide cover that “yes, they are politically correct enough to be allowed to exist and get gov’t funds.” So basically they will act as agents of internal corruption and monkey wrenches of anti-whiteness. That’s how Jews did it — they infiltrated and corrupted to their Jewish agenda. We can do exactly the same thing. We have the numbers that hte Jews have, and we have the raw intelligence needed. The rest can be taught and coached.

We just need to get these codes out to Middle America. We need to transmit to the White masses this blueprint for infiltration, corruption and ultimately defeat of anti-white policies by the government and business. It all starts with homeschooling families in cities.


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30 Responses to I was on the political cesspool

  1. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

    Regarding buying gold: What if the Gov decides they are going to confiscate all the gold?

    • mindweapon says:

      if hte gov’t decides to confiscate all the gold they won’t be able to get nearly all of it, and what’s left will have massive streeet value. you will be able to buy an apartment building with an oz of super rare gold. China is vacuuming up gold like mad right now. it’s gonig to become very rare because China will hoard it and not put it back into circulation.

    • banned56 says:

      Your segment was excellent, MW.
      Maureen, it makes sense to me that, long before fedgov would think to confiscate gold from us cranky preppers, the vast collective wealth of all the 401Ks and other brokerage accounts and plain old savings accounts, for that matter, would present a much more delectable plum to pluck.
      For one thing, there’s far more “money” — or at least digits — in those accounts than all the precious metals us cranks have stored up. And far easier to grab — just declare a banking holiday, pass a law with an Orwellian title like “Retirement Funds Security Act” and replace the valuable stocks and bonds of millions of folks with worthless sovereign paper. Also, the people most affected would be those who are in the system, are not especially alert to gov’t malfeasance, and most important of all from the standpoint of the agents tasked with doing the grabbing, by and large unarmed.
      Easy peasy.

      So why go to all the trouble of training agents to face double-barrel shotgun fire just to grab a few oz of gold from a few nutjobs? Cost-benefit ratio is just too narrow, even for federal revenooers.

      Nah, the gold grabbing in U.S. won’t happen before they at LEAST pull a “bank bail-in” a la Greece. When the bail in and 401k confiscation is a done deal and newly destitute White people are scrambling to pay any dollar amount for even a bit of gold, THEN the Federal Monster can be expected to start upending peasants to shake their gold coins from their pockets.

      Which leaves the likes of us plenty of time before then to quietly assemble our stash and judiciously lose it in a boating accident. Do get started now though. And buy with cash from a local coin dealer.

  2. Stary Wylk says:

    This originally came to me while looking at the Blackout blog. Most police forces have some sort of reserve component. The requirements aren’t stringent, for reservists do things like direct traffic when the street lights fail or function as unpaid security guards. A good place to infiltrate.

  3. Clytemnestra says:

    One of the things I notice that certain racial minorities do is establish a niche for themselves that they then take over in great numbers. Then with networking and nepotism, they shut out any avenues for any one else to get a foothold. Private security is a great potential niche for White men for various reasons.

    Right now, it is not that attractive to anyone else, because it does not pay that much and there is not much respect attached to it, so private security guards are viewed as “rent a cops.” It is mainly the haunt of retired men who are trying to augment their social security checks right now. There are better opportunities for minorities as real police officers thanks to diversity quotas, so private security is wide open.

    But, it is a great job for any man who is a student and needs a rather quiet, non-taxing job that he can study at. It is also a great job for any military veteran who has not been maimed or driven insane by all these various deployments to wars for YKW.

    If you are a commissioned security guard, you can carry a firearm and you don’t invite all the scrutiny that a private citizen does, because it is part of your job.

    Because the pay and benefits are not competitive with city police departments, private security is not caught up in the racial-gender politics that city, state and county police forces are.

    But there is still a lot of potential for this to be a smart, lucrative career move, especially if you own your own security company, preferably staffed with physically fit, military-trained, commissioned officers.

    I base my belief on observations of Latin American countries. Private security companies are going to be more important and lucrative as the USA “browns out.” The elite are not going to want to trust their own security to corrupt, incompetent, diversity hires. They will want a private, elite well-trained cadre of former combat-hardened military men to protect them just like the rich in the Middle East.

  4. clytemnestra57 says:

    Forgot to add, Mindweapons, that you did an awesome job.

    Despite the fact that you sounded a little nervous, you did not ramble at all; in fact, you seemed too absorbed with the thirty-minute time constraints and James Edwards was trying to get you to slow down quite a bit.

    I don’t know if you listened to your segment, because most people find their recorded voice to be nothing like they hoped their real voices would sound (like me). You did a great job once Edwards put the brakes on, slowed the speed down, and got the other guy in on the discussion. You started to relax and you were interesting as could be.

    Did it escape your notice that James Edwards said that it was a big mistake on his part to only have you on for a half hour and that each one of your five ideas should have an hour segment of its own? Hope you liked being on radio enough to come back, because he’s right.

  5. heathenhank says:

    You did fine, in my opinion. You slowed down latter on, but you clearly had a bit too much on your mind to fit into that show.

    I’d say, next time, when you have an opportunity to speak in a setting that is larger than the mindweapons community circle, you should stick to elaborating your bread and butter: taqiyya for Whites in an anti-White world.

    again, great job!.

    You should try and get interviewed by more programs. It appears that WN blogosphere is starting to evolve into something more respectable and personable in the form of the WN radiosphere.

  6. mindweapon says:

    Thanks for your compliments and feedback, everyone!

    Great idea about going into security, Cly. A lot of that can be done with high tech, too — cameras and motion detectors and such.

  7. zek says:


    OT: How’s this for an idea, for guys:

    1) Come to work dressed in a professional women’s outfit
    2) Keep a hidden mic/camera recording all the laughs you get (do NOT laugh along with them), as well as the lecture from your boss
    3) Lawsuit

    I must be missing something because it seems like this would be too easy. (And naturally, highly immoral to use against a non-libtard employer.) Might have to prep a few months beforehand with some fake gender identity crisis psychiatric shit or something. But as the article says, “official trannydom no longer even requires getting surgery” – so you can keep your man parts.

    The basic idea, at least, is to use the liberals’ silly ideas against them.

    A variant on this strategy would be to get a job at a liberal company in a customer-facing position, and then “come out.” Totally freak out the customers, but perform well so they can’t fire you on that basis. Help sink the company.

    • mindweapon says:

      I was dealing with a state office here and there was a man dressed as a woman behind the counter, fake boobs and all. Everyone dealt with him/her/it as if nothing was out of hte ordinary. At least here in the Northeast. And it was a gov’t office.

  8. Trainspotter says:

    Just listened to it, Kievsky, and I thought you did very, very well. It’s important to understand the particular audience that you are talking to, and give them what they need and can handle. It seems to me that you did just that, and it’s obvious that it went over quite well. Be sure to let us know if you go back on.

    Also, you’re right about James Edwards. He really is talented as a radio host, with professional level characteristics that are quite rare. He has also done an astonishingly good job over the years of being authentically pro-white without descending into crankdom. He deserves a lot of credit for that.

    It’s really important to bring the “mindweapons” school of thought to a more general racially conservative audience. Given that racial conservatism has been stagnant for so long, I’m sure that many are hungry for a way(s) forward.

    • mindweapon says:

      Thanks Trainspotter. After the show, I had a realization about what I’m trying to accomplish. From living here in the Northeast, and especially learning Russian from Jewish immigrants and seeing how they “tiger mom” their kids and hearing them complain ab out liberalism, American Jews and the overemphasis on the Holocaust while ignoring the Holodomor and the mass murder of Jewish Communism, and reading Death of a Salesman and Portnoy’s Complaint, both books about Jews defeating the founding American stock, I believe I have the codes for Middle America to take the country back. If only they’ll do it. And they pushed their kids very hard academically, like I later found out the CHinese do. And it paid off – their kids did very well on their own merits. I realized — this is how White Americans need to be.

      In short, if racially conservative (good phrase) Middle Americans Tiger Mom their kids and reject anti-intellectualism and embittered emotionalism in favor of using their brain as their favorite toy and their weapon, they have a chance to take back the country from the Cultural Marxist American Jews. Death of a Salesman and Portnoy’s Complaint are Jews telling us how they took control of the country away from the founding stock, how we were weak and vulnerable to them.

      Now we are the outsiders. We are persecuted and discriminated against and reviled by the Jewish insiders manufacturing and controlling culture. Fine!

      That gives us energy. That gives us the energy that the ADL wanted for the JEwish community when they paid George Lincoln Rockwell to dress up in Nazi uniforms and march around. Jews yearn for the good old days of persecution, when the ordinary Jew would spit at the idea of assimilation and wouldn’t dream of celebrating Christmas. Now it’s reversed.

      I suspect there are already racially conservative homeschooled kids infiltrating the System, but this is a trend we have to increase, and get the homeschooling families living in or near a major metro area and working together.

      So I’m trying to get these codes out to MIddle America — this is how to beat them. Use the persecution as energy for ingroup cohesion, practice Taqqiyah, study your ass off, makes tons of money and use it to fund even more Mindweapon Homeschooling networks, and so on. Kind of like yeshivas that focus on math, science and foreign languages and Radical Traditionalism.

      • Wave says:

        I’ve heard you play violin for Giles and followed most of your posts. I find your statement about Rockwell puzzling. His speeches had the spirit and his uniform tactics were introduced only after his failures with watered-down conservatism. What evidence is there that he worked for the hooked nose?

      • mindweapon says:

        I’m not saying Rockwell wasn’t sincere. He accepted the money with the full intent of destroying the donors. The donors, for their part, saw more of a threat of Jews have Christmas trees and marrying Christians than from the man from Arlington.


        I was particularly interested in how he got together with George Lincoln Rockwell, and what he told me was rather revealing. It seems that back in the 1950′s DeWest was on rather intimate terms with Arnold Forster, a head honcho of the ADL, and who for many years served as general counsel for that sinister and subversive organization. Forster, as I remember, was at that time a very vocal and the most visible and aggressive head of the Jewish ADL, and remained such for many years. According to DeWest, he and Forster were in close communication and on a first name basis, but in an adversary sense. The Jews wanted to whip up more fervent support for the ADL among their own, and in order to do so Forster had an idea. They would print and distribute half a million Nazi flyers in Miami Beach, which would scare the hell out of the rank and file Jews and get them to cough up more shekels for the support of the ADL. But they wanted some goyim to head up this project and do the distributing and dirty work, although they, the Jews, would get the flyers printed and pay all the expenses. Forster approached DeWest Hooker and asked him if he would do the job. DeWest told him no, but he knew a young man out of the Navy that would be glad to take it on and take advantage of the opportunity to spread such Nazi propaganda. His name was Commander George Lincoln Rockwell. DeWest contacted Rockwell, and sure enough, he was ready, willing and eager to do the job just the way the Jews planned it. And sure enough, it achieved the very results the ADL had anticipated. It stirred the Jews up into a frenzy, and the money started rolling into the ADL coffers by the bushel. And that was how the American Nazi Party got its start and continued to function.

  9. Trainspotter says:

    Only one criticism: as others have said, slow down! We Southerners take a more relaxed view of conversation. lol

    But your voice sounds good, no problems whatsoever. You have a natural conversational air about you, which is really good for radio. It’s interesting to hear the different New England accents. You’re definitely New England, but not a Mainer, as many of my relatives are. Anyway, again, a really superb job.

  10. It’s too bad the host missed the significance of “emotional intelligence” – likely, he was quickly taking notes and just wrote down the divorce/quarreling thing. Surely an important aspect, but he missed the general point. This goes back on MWIR a few years, actually.

    I haven’t seen the blog post appear yet.

    The other host that did the anti-TV rant was great, but you need to inoculate the young against TV. A good tactic – sit them down in front of the TV and have them count “technical events” – every pan, cut, swipe, caption, sound effect, graphic, etc. Compare and contrast early TV with modern TV and notice how the technical events are now multiple per second, while early TV was at a much slower pace.

    It’s similar to learning hypnotism. It’s sort of a cognitive judo; like hitting a funny bone or a particularly weak area of the body during a fight. Some understanding of neurology goes a long way if you’re simply trying to manipulate someone’s consciousness. Counting the “technical events” on TV is also not too dissimilar from counting “time” when playing music.

    Congrats, MW, I guess you’ve hit the big time now. James Edwards/TPC is one of the better things we have going.

  11. ContemplativeMorrigan says:

    Eek! I didn’t get a chance to listen to your show this weekend, MW, and it will probably get put off for another week due to a heavy schoolwork load. 😦 I am really looking forward to it after reading the comments here, though.

    • mindweapon says:

      No problem, Morrigan. It’s just waht I said in my post 5 things we can do.

      But it got a very good response from James and Winston. I hope they put up the post soon so I can interact witht he TPC commenters to my ideas.

      Mindweaponization being spread to Middle America!

  12. Craig says:

    Cool, you all have funny accents. 😀

    It will be a good day when I take down the TV aerial reciever.

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  14. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

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