Harder Homes and Gardens, Rhodesian Style

All farmers and their wives were armed with an assortment of weapons, and most farmers were trained military men. They had at least one assault rifle, usually an FAL 7.62, assorted shot guns, .303 hunting rifles and so forth. It was also not unusual for wives to carry Uzi`s around with them, or other equivalents such as the Rhodesian Cobra. All members of the family were trained on the various weaponry available to them, including the kids. In one famous incident a child successfully fought off the attacking terrorists after both of his parents were wounded. The main defensive weapons were at all times within immediate reach of the adult farmhouse occupants, and were placed next to the bed at night.

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I’ve seen this floating around the web before. Might even have posted it on here at some point. Anyway thanks to Max and K for bringing up this worthwhile topic.Whatever could be said about the Rhodesian Bush War and general post colonial struggles in Africa those farmers were hearty individuals who fought to protect themselves and their way of life. Something to be said for that.

Rhodesian Farmers Defensive Arrangements

The following is a general overview:

1) Most farmers fitted hand-grenade grills to the outside of all windows and Doors leading outside were likewise security grilled.

2) Many farmers built thick sand bag walls in front and under bedroom windows to stop bullets passing through walls and providing secured firing arc’s. Beds were never placed against the outside walls of a farmhouse.

3) It was usual to have a designated safe room within the farmhouse that could be defended until…

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3 Responses to Harder Homes and Gardens, Rhodesian Style

  1. Snake says:

    That’s all well and good, but the ruling authorities had the farmers’ backs covered then. In 2013 murka even mestizos are heavily scrutinized for offing poor nigras in self defense. Act accordingly.

    As a WN your best bet is to lawyer up and focus on passive deterrence. Let your car get dirty. Never discuss your possessions with non-family members. Close your blinds at night. Install a visible security camera if possible.

    Finally, live in a White area. Paleface meth-heads aren’t media darlings like po lil’ cullud boys just startin’ to turn dey life round’. Nobody gives a shit about junkies.

  2. Snake says:

    A final note: avoid ideological lawyers at all costs…they tend to do stupid things at inopportune times.

  3. TabuLa Raza says:

    >>>Never discuss your possessions with family members.<<<

    I told step-mother about some gold. Then she caught her grandson, or his buddy, stealing her silverware. . .Family members may INADVERTENTLY discuss possessions. . .She actually (at age 80) joked about "coming over there to steal your gold"- a good christian conservative.

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