New blog linked, Countenance Blog

Countenance Blog.

I’ve heard it around, but finally got around to looking at it. Definitely worth following and adding to your links, if you haven’t already.


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4 Responses to New blog linked, Countenance Blog

  1. Hereward Saxon says:

    I noticed on Countenance Blog a link to this site with map and data on migration and demographic change nationwide by county, that shows Pennsyltucky, West Virginia and eastern Kentucky are mostly holding steady against the ‘Change’, among the eastern states, while Florida, North Carolina, and Tennessee, especially eastern Tennessee, and northern Georgia and of course northern Virginia are changing most rapidly, Note that change appears to run mostly in direct proportion to wealth and money-making opportunity, so not all urban areas are declining.

    • mindweapon says:

      As Clytenmestra says, don’t have a lot of bling to attract minorities and they won’t come.

      Don’t build it and they won’t come.

      THe thing I’ve been trying to explain, Saxon, is that WN’s should make money in order to facilitate a lifestyle among ordinary Whites that doesn’t have a lot of bling and attractiveness to non-whites, but still provides a high quality of life to whites. We don’t have to be poor rednecks, we just hide our wealth and use it in ways that doesn’t attract ants to the picnic.

  2. countenance says:

    Cool. I’m a big fan of that Countenance Blog.

    I think somebody just might be getting a link back very soon.

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