Sparsely populated rural Connecticut school beat “inner city yoof” school for 2013 state basketball championships

Old news (last spring) but interesting nonetheless.

Take a look at these teams:

Well, I guess the stereotype about blacks being naturally superior basketball players might not be true after all!


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12 Responses to Sparsely populated rural Connecticut school beat “inner city yoof” school for 2013 state basketball championships

  1. countenance says:

    Sometimes when a white team beats a black team, either the black fans in the stands of the black team will chimp out and attack the white fans of the white team or the white team members, and/or members of the black team will chimp out and attack members of the white team.

    This cult of black athletic supremacy is that powerful.

  2. Cranberry says:

    It is a myth that White men can’t jump. My dad is over 6′ and was a 4-letter man in HS sports back in the late 60s/early 70s. Sports was not a career goal for him, but he excelled anyway in the classroom and on the field because it was expected of him. At that time, playing pro sports was not a golden ticket that any dimwit could win.

    My mom was also a standout basketball player in her high school, despite being short (5’6″). She was also a good student and went on to nursing school and the Navy (sadly, my athletic ability is limited to running or riding a bike; throw a ball at me and I seem to lose control of my limbs and turn into a dummy for five minutes).

    Sports, for whites, is not just something to excel at in spite of or instead of school; it’s something to prove superiority and solidarity in addition to academic excellence. It’s not that there arent’ dumb-f*ck white kids who just carry balls well, there certainly are. But I’ve noticed that many white athletes who excel on the field are also no slouches in the classroom, and if they are, then athletics don’t save them. In my experiences as a student and as a teacher, I’ve never noticed that black kids had much going for them aside from athletics, and often not even that could save them from failure. I knew a black guy in college who had transferred in from Georgia Tech. He was a math/philosophy major. I would not say he was dumb at all, but his whole life, he’d been told his talent lay on the athletic field. He couldn’t hack it as football at Georgia Tech, so he transferred to our local state U (his home state) to try to become a better football player. NOTE: not a better student, not a successful math/philosophy graduate who played football, but rather a football player who might make it to the combine. Completely misplaced priorities, fed and fed and fed to bloating by a culture that told him his mind mattered less than his body.

    And I’m telling you, he was a nice guy, the kind of black guy who possessed some sense of reason and restraint and who could have been a leader of his community in bringing them forward. He chose to regress. It was sad; he washed out of school after a year. He was one of my boyfriend’s roommates, they were all athletes and all white, he was the only black guy. They got good grades and focused on studies as much as sports, and that seemed to grate on him after a while, so he just left.

    In some ways, MW, I’m coming around to having some compassion for blacks. I hate the hate-Whitey, White-guilt narrative of the MSM and it’s assorted outlets in pop culture, but I’ve known enough black people to know that not all of them are complete shit as people and to feel like they’ve been getting a raw deal. I won’t cut any slack, to be sure, but I can’t help but feel that they’ve been played hard, spades up the sleeves of trickster card sharps who goad the whole table into giving over everything they have in the name of charity, only to enrich the trickster.

    YKW I’m talking about…

    • mindweapon says:


      Beware of misplaced compassion. Whenever blacks get a chance to lord over us, they take it. When I was in the army I saw this. Also, look at the video of the privileged black attacking Matt Parrott in front of the cops and not getting arrested.

      Sure the System is doing very harmful things to them, but they accept that deal. They don’t fight it. They like it, because they get to take our money and our genes and stick it to us again and again and again, and they are mightily enjoying having the whip hand over YT. If they refused to exercise the whip hand, and instead stood back and preached and practiced restraint and compassion for Whites, that’d be a horse of a different color. But the fact is, they embrace the anti-white status quo and dig at YT every chance they get.

      • I know what you’re talking about, but as I get distanced from those types of interactions, I find myself growing soft, like a blade not sharpened often enough on the stone or in battle.

        Mr. C. and I are on the same page regarding black people: avoid at all costs, not-see when you can’t avoid, and be polite enough to dodge complaints.

        I don’t leave my home much and haven’t encountered minorities much since we moved to Whiteville. We like it and hope it lasts. But it does make you somewhat soft; I know the knife could be in my back the minute I show some weakness. Husband is sharper as he is forced, by rules of his workplace, to work with crews that must have 60% minorities (to reflect the local population, regardless of the skills available from that local pop). It never hurts to be civil; you don’t have to invite the world to your doorstep, though.

      • mindweapon says:

        by rules of his workplace, to work with crews that must have 60% minorities (to reflect the local population, regardless of the skills available from that local pop)

        What the hell? Must be some kind of gov’t contract.

    • Your observation has merit, Cranberry, but all humans have a choice, even blacks. You can choose to believe a seductive lie or you can deal with reality. Blacks have been offered the opportunity to feel superior, to be free of responsibility, to be worshipped, and exercise their sadistic impulses, in other words to be evil, and they have almost all taken it. No on e is free from natural moral law, no matter how powerful and privileged, so blacks are largely reaping the destruction they have sowed, and those who haven’t will eventually. They cold choose to turn away from the evil they have adopted, partly under the influence of other groups but also from their own such as Nat Turner, but they are in the monkey’s fist trap of not being able to let go of their prize.

      I think Obama represents the peak of black cultural and political power, just as Kennedy represented the peak of Irish-American power, which rapidly declined afterwards.

      • mindweapon says:

        You put it much better than I did, Thrasymachus. They party now, but in the future there won’t be all the kowtowing to them that they currently enjoy.

        Back when I was a kosher konservative I used to talk about how liberalism is going to end up being most harmful to blacks in the long run. It hurts whites now, but it destroyed the meritocracy that had developed among blacks under segregation. They were much better people in the old days, and those who rose, rose on their merits alone. Elizabeth Wright, may she rest in peace, wrote about how blacks were developing their own parallel civilization before the civil rights crap came along and gave them an easy way out.

        Apartheid just meant “separate development.” The white South Africans and Rhodesians took very good care of their black populations. Liberalism destroyed that for everyone.

        So for the future, we know — monoracial societies are best.

    • Denise says:

      Jews ran the salve trade, and still do. Negroes are being used to take down Whitey. When the take down is completed, in the eyes of der ewige Jude, Little Black Sambo goes right back in dem chains. Recent history ought to teach any-one that dancing with the Devil aka Serving the Jew, only ends in tears. They throw the Goyim of any color right on the trash heap, once every bit of usefulness has been squeezed out.

      Re: compassion – I’m all used up. I know there are “decent” Blacks – but do not EVER EVER let your guard down. The “:Black friend” will turn on you in the wink of an eyelash, for no reason at all. I’ve seen it happen too many times to be an accident

  3. What the hell? Must be some kind of gov’t contract.

    Yep. Oil refinery. Then he’ll go to a powerhouse. A portion of that work is always governed by fed mandates.

  4. North Vinlander says:

    I love it when racial stereotypes are broken. Antifa will be using this video to prove all races are equal. 🙂

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