Job opportunities for moms basement dwellers; Potash Corp

Potash Corp.

Put down the joystick, and go forth and be men! Drive big machines around, or run their computer systems, or keep their books! But go do something! IF you don’t go get that job, some foreigner will!


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3 Responses to Job opportunities for moms basement dwellers; Potash Corp

  1. Mosin Nagant says:

    Since potassium chloride (potash fertiliser) production has become a one-corporation, worldwide monopoly, it has risen from least expensive to most expensive major ingredient in mixed commercial fertilisers.

    • mindweapon says:

      I’ve read that potash is the resource that’s going to give out and cause the Malthusian population collapse. It’s the weak link in NPK

      • Sam Barber says:

        2025 is the target date for the peak phosphorous mining production curve according to an E.U report just a few years back. There appears to be more Phosphate available in other forms but the strip mining used now provides cheap and easy to access to near surface phosphate ores.

        The decline of easy natural gas is also a concern ( for others ) as it will inhibit the Haber Bosch process of Nitrogen fixing. Who knows when this will happen as there are so many predictions and models floating around out there.

        This is two out of three major fertilizer components knocked out of the agriculture fertilizer industry within the next 12 to 100 years depending on the model.

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