‘LOL’: ‘The real winner in New York City’? Snake Plissken [pics, video]

New York City elects communist omega male married to a black lesbian. I had an aunt/uncle/cousins family in Queens in the 70’s and we would visit them now and then. I was horrified by the place — Charles Bronson’s death wish movies were not fiction! My uncle’s basement was a fortified bunker. (definitely my favorite uncle!) He was a Korean war vet and he was armed to the teeth and ready to defend his home and family.


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12 Responses to ‘LOL’: ‘The real winner in New York City’? Snake Plissken [pics, video]

  1. Snake says:

    John Carpenter’s films are loaded with quasi-WN themes…or they’re just fun to read into.

  2. oogaboogaman says:

    Well the chickens are coming home to roost for the libtards.

  3. Jew York City going under would make me a happy panda.

  4. Who’s ‘Snake Plissken’?

    • HerewardMW says:

      Lead character in John Carpenters “Escape from New York”, a futuristic thriller in which New York has been walled off and turned into a giant prison.

  5. HerewardMW says:

    These things happen over a period of time. What do you want to bet that in two months or so there will be an NYT editorial saying that because there isn’t anarchy in the streets all this “Escape from New York” talk was just scare mongering.

    • mindweapon says:

      I’d say in the medium term, the next 1-3 years, we’ll see NYC change very much and massively discredit Disingenuous White Liberalism. The middle American kids who moved to NYC and gentrified and created the term “hipster” are going to find they are in a more hostile environment. It may very well be a teachable moment for them.

      • WhiteGenY says:

        The biggest joke is that 120k is required in NYC for a 50k lifestyle in the Midwest.

      • mindweapon says:

        Indeed! And yet diversity lives in the city fo free and shit!

      • My guess is that many DWLs will find polite fictions to explain why Portland/Seattle/Boulder/wherever is “so much more happening” than NYC and that’s why they moved, not the crime wave oh no! The problem is they’re not self-aware enough to stop trying to “enrich” the place all over again.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Won’t happen. NYC will go full on police state, crime will go even lower, and the, ahem, media will crow proudly about how totally wrong the backwards racists were. The überwealthy like their playground. Deblasio is just like obama, the happy PC liberal glove covering the iron fist.

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