RevLeft (revolutionary left) can’t come up with 140 a month to pay for its servers


Here they are cackling over the murder of the Golden Dawn men

What I find interesting is that revolutionary communism is not more popular. This means that the masses are pacified. IF they were hungry and angry, some would go RevCom, and some would come to the Mindweapon movement.

But everyone is fat and happy for now. In the old days if they didn’t get a job, they didn’t get a girl, and no girl, they rioted in the streets. Now they stay at home with videogames and porn and Xanax. So it’s an Aldous Huxley type dystopia.

But it’s probably not sustainable. And when it stops being sustainable, both the RevLeft and the Mindweapons Movement will increase in popularity.

The Mindweapons movement has an economic program, namely to do small businesses that serve the community, such as food production and processing, and thereby employ people and give them hope. Our program is congruent with White American (and Christian) morality.

White Americans need to be taught to serve one another again. When everyone serves everyone else as best they can, there is more than enough in teh community for everyone, and there is likely even a surplus to be traded, so those who work hardest can accumulate some wealth and working assets (working assets being farms, trucks, horses, housing).

The Revolutionary Leftists are obviously very lazy people. Out of hundreds of users, they cannot find 28 to send in 5 bucks each per month.

In general, leftists and liberals are lazy and hedonistic. Not all, of course, but it’s an overriding feature of leftism. After all, they want redistribution — they want free shit! And they want to kill people who create jobs and own rental housing. if it wasn’t for landlords, the whiggers would be squatting in abandoned buildings with no heating, electricity or plumbing, shitting and pissing in buckets in the building, or at best, just outside the building.

Oh but the government should take care of them! Who? Who should have to maintain the water systems and utilities and sewerage for people whose ideology is to get something for nothing? The Revolutionary Leftists basically want a slave society, where they are the masters.

But when the EBT card gets cut off, lots of people will join RevLeft. But even then, they still probably won’t be able to pay their server bill, or any other bill. And a lot of other people, better people, will join us! The center will not hold.


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5 Responses to RevLeft (revolutionary left) can’t come up with 140 a month to pay for its servers

  1. oogenhand says:

    Reblogged this on oogenhand and commented:

  2. Ronin says:

    Spot on the the libs need conservatives for their free shit, the far right usually don’t need any one else and can look after themselves.

  3. The MAD Jewess says:

    Looks like hey need us evil patriots.
    Oh well.
    I dont think so

  4. The MAD Jewess says:

    ‘Here they are cackling over the murder of the Golden Dawn men’

    Of course, they are blood thirsty psychos.
    Golden dawn was not ‘neo nazi’
    This is just more bs from the Commies. As usual.

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