Black pop culture as a tool of empire

Fascinating article by Pascal Robert of the Black Agenda Report here.

One thing I noticed is that Pascal Robert, like most writers, is a Cornucopian who never questioned his assumptions about material existence. He describes one of the problems as financial capital / hoarding of wealth, but probably never thought through what happens if the money spigots are opened up in a Keynesian orgy. He is a Haitian, and obviously a black person. When black people are given money for free, they’ll have a huge party and squander it, and then need more. And someone’s going to have to supply it to them. We already see it:

And of course the many government jobs given to black people.

But otherwise, Pascal Robert makes a good point that the USA empire is quite purposely dressing itself in blackface and representing itself as a black people project. The one thing Robert misses is that when the USA empire is destroyed, everyone will say, “Oh, the United States. Remember that country? It was pretty good until the black people took over. Then it went to shit.” Hopefully, someone else will typically say, “Yes, but it was the YKW behind the scenes that really destroyed the country.”

In today’s political age with the browning of America, the ruling elite understand the importance of having the pop culture/media arm of the Black mis-leadership class endorse empire in Black face. Politicians like Barack Obama and Cory Booker are crucial to ensuring that people of color embrace the empire’s agenda as their own. Celebrities ranging from Oprah Winfrey, Samuel L. Jackson, to Jay Z swear their loyalty to the Booker/Obama types in fulfillment of a ridiculous Black redemptive fantasy. Racial kinship politicsbecomes a tool of empire.

Currently all the rage in the Black community, the Kerry Washington political intrigue program “SCANDAL” is about a Black Woman whose job is to help Washington DC politicos through damaging and embarrassing dilemmas. The show is an excellent example of the way Black popular culture is deployed to breed reverence for American empire and those who benefit from it. “SCANDAL” The result is a kind of female Obama Effect, shrewdly creating a sense of collective racial necessity for placing Brown faces in high imperial places. The most oppressed segment of American society is encouraged to fantasize about becoming the most effective agents of the same empire that is destroying them. Very shrewd indeed.

What’s most interesting about “SCANDAL” is that it’s based on the real life story of a Black woman who got her political start in the Reagan administration and played a key role in getting Clarence Thomas confirmedto the U.S. Supreme Court despite Anita Hill’s charges of sexual harassment. She also helped clean things up for the Republicans during the Iran Contra Scandal. As recently as May of this year, the real life character behind “SCANDAL” represented Paula Deen, the White TV Cooking Show maven who outraged Black America for allegedly admitting she fantasized about “owning slaves”. So dramatically speaking, this is the woman Black America is cheering for while watching “SCANDAL.”

In a very interesting twist, another fixture of Black popular culture, Kanye West, has used his membership in the elite star chamber to write a song called “New Slaves” that essentially embraces the agenda of the ruling class elite while unfurling the Confederate Flag. The song acknowledges the rise of mass incarceration and private prisons, corporate dominance over peoples lives, and even suggests the role of class as a source of contention within the Black community. West critiques “those in their Hampton Houses” while bizarrely singing the refrain, “I know we the New Slaves….I know we the New Slaves…We the New Slaves.” (The lyrics can be found here.) However, in true elite fashion, West admits that this agenda can’t touch “HIM” because he can “fly [his] family out the country.” But what about the supermajority of Black Americans who will never be able to fly their family out of the country as they face the five pronged merciless agenda of American Empire: 1) Finance Capital Hoarding of Wealth; 2) Neoliberal Privatization of Prisons, Schools, and government services; 3) Austerity cutting of social programs like Social Security and Food Stamps; 4) Mass Incarceration; and 5) Growth of the Surveillance State via NSA, Homeland Security, etc. This is the agenda that Obama and the Cory Booker types have been assigned to lay on Black America and the rest of the country while people cheer and scream, “That’s my president!”

If Black redemption is premised on showing White Imperialists and oppressors that we are equally competent at managing their evil affairs, then we are also morally bankrupt – maybe even more so than those who truly control American empire. Hypocrisy and duplicity are always the more repellant treasonous crimes.

“African Americans have been rendered redundant and more valuable in prison than as a functioning part of the functioning economy.” – Ajamu Baraka, Public Intervenor for Human Rights in the Democracy Branch of the Green Shadow Cabinet of the United States.

Pascal Robert is an Iconoclastic Haitian American Lawyer, Blogger, and Online Activist for Haiti. For years his work appeared under the Blog Thought Merchant: You can also find his work on the Huffington Post here: He can be reached via twitter at: @probert06 or


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33 Responses to Black pop culture as a tool of empire

  1. JustAnotherInternetDude says:

    Truthfully, blacks are going under the bus. The YKW elites and their fellow-travelers have cheap labor and votes in the form of Mexicans and other Latino illegals. Black media sellouts and free money keep the black population docile while they are slowly swept aside.

    Damn, if they weren’t so evil, I’d admire the YKW elite class for their cunning and foresight.

    • Clytemnestra says:

      I followed the links to Pascal Roberts’ article to other articles of his and I saw some interesting parallels between both the Black and White communities. We have our White media and politician sellouts too numerous to mention. But at least we know them from what they are. The only element missing right now is that Whites don’t have their own version of racial “advocates” like Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson … yet. But once Whites become marginalized enough, it may yet happen, because YKW is very, very adept at Divide and Rule via the racial spoils system.

      You may have a point that Blacks are being thrown under the bus for Mestizos by YKW and their fellow travelers. I seriously doubt that there are only 15 million of them “living in the shadows” here like the media keeps insisting. One Mestizo in Mexico was quoted as saying that half of the people he knew were living in the US. Mexico’s population is supposed to be about 120 million people. If half of them are up here, breeding like rabbits than the blatant Hispandering by the likes of John McStain make a certain twisted sense. Part of me eagerly awaits the day McShame gets his amnesty, because Mexicans, widely celebrated as doing the job American’s won’t do, will vote his hideously wrinkled ass out of office so fast, his balding head will be spinning. Once they achieve the majority voting demographics, the Mestizos waste no time in running and voting for one of their own even against a politician who has favored them – especially any politician who has favored them – in the past. Just ask Dick Durbin.

      One barometer we should use to determine what YKW is really up to is what the media chooses to ignore. As we already know the MSM resolutely ignores any Black on White violence while descending like The Furies on any hapless White who appears to get one over on the Blacks. But what is more interesting still is how the Media resolutely ignores Brown on Black violence! Self-entitled Blacks have become so arrogant, violent and out of control, they threaten even YKW’s interests. It makes sense that Mestizos are allowed in to ethnically cleanse Blacks, while keeping Blacks too focused on their hatred of Whites to notice. I maintain that the whole Trayvon Martin nonsense would have never happened if the Mestizo who had shot him had been named Jorge Zavala rather than George Zimmerman. A properly named Mestizo would have never been “bleached” out the way “The White Hispanic” was.

      Many here can still maintain that Whites are being thrown under the bus as well, pointing out how the Miscegenation Maniacs in the MSM keep pushing Black-White interracial couples. I think there is a different type of Anti-White method behind this madness on the part of YKW. Again, it’s a case of what is being reported as opposed to what is not. Notice that when a White race-mixer in the throes of Jungle Fever, “dies of natural causes,” it ends up being duly reported. The excuse is that since the Black perp was sleeping with the White victim, it wasn’t a racial hate crime. I am sure that there ARE cases of domestic abuse perpetrated by a Mestizo on a White partner, but with the exception of Jodi Arias, it never makes the headlines and the reportage is different.

      The results are exactly what YKW intends. White parents are far, far less resistant to their children dating and marrying Mestizos. In fact, knowing it could be a Black guy their daughter might be bringing home to dine with them, they welcome a Mestizo with a certain amount of relief! I think the goal is to still miscenegate the White race out of existence, but no longer with Blacks, because a Whiter Negro is still a Negro and too problematic to them. The idea is to create a class of hard-working people that is smart enough to keep the machinery running, but not clever enough to unseat YKW. Bringing in Mestizos to create a Castizo Class that would achieve this goal makes the most sense.

      • JustAnotherInternetDude says:

        Good stuff, Clytemnestra!

        I think the YKW vision of America’s future is clearly an Asian technocrat-bureaucrat class ruling over a coffee-colored mixed black-Mestizo-white labor class, while the YKW class sits at the very top, accumulating ever more wealth and power.

        The biggest losers will be blacks and formerly middle-class whites.

    • oogaboogaman says:

      No, the elites are shooting themselves in the foot with mestizo immigration. The children of illegal immigrants do not graduate high school which is a prerequisite for most factory work and skilled trades which cancels out the hypothesis of keeping the infrastructure running successfully. The second hypothesis is having a non-white military to do your dirty work against those pesky white patriots well again this type of thinking doesn’t work out either excluding the highly technical air force and navy, the simple ground pounder is now expected to operate and maintain complex electronic communications systems, call in air and artillery strikes, deploy and disarm explosives, and a host of other triple digit iq tasks which renders them useless for the elites. Third, the progeny of illegals pick up negro behaviors such as : an unwillingness to work in physical labor, a welfare entitlement mentality, illegitimacy, drug use, and gang banging.

      • oogaboogaman says:

        Lastly, the mestizos are smart enough to lead to a seccession of large parts of California, AZ, NM, NV, and CO which is something I highly doubt our elites want.

      • WhiteGenY says:

        Mexican immigration is the equilvent of the US dumping it’s inner city ghettos.

      • @oogaboogaman:

        I’ll reply to your concerns in two posts, because my answer is so freaking long.

        Sorry, but TPTB will still have low-end work that does not really require a high school education, like agricultural work, kitchen work, and janitorial work for Mestizos. The jobs that many poor Blacks used to do before LBJ launched the Great Society of welfare entitlements.

        We are all aware of the disincentives the system has built in to keep Whites from marrying and having White families. Not to mention the non-stop harassment of Whites by the authorities. Not only is an obviously Anti-White agenda pursued, but they are closely monitored for any signs of dissent so that quasi-official authorities like the SPLC can get them hounded from their jobs. Conversely, unless some libtard Judge has a brain fart of epic proportions and springs a Black felon to suck up to the Obama administration, Blacks who really screw up in an extraordinary way end up doing long stretches in prison.

        Yes, the Miscegenation Mania pushing Black Male-White Female pairings in the MSM still continues, yet interestingly enough the Media still manages to truthfully report when some White is killed by his or her Black partner. So, hmmmm, interestingly enough, we have mixed messages about mixed marriages when it comes to Zebra pairings.

        On the other hand, anyone with a functioning brain cell can see all the preferential treatment that the politicians keep doling out to anyone with a Hispanic surname. They are beneficiaries of affirmative action and other benefits. They are one group that is allowed to defend themselves against Black violence. I might add that this is one group (as long as they seem fairly law-abiding and don’t embarrass the authorities by obvious criminality) that the authorities leave alone!

        The result is that White parents are less likely to freak out if their child comes home with a Mestizo love interest. Mind you, the Anti-White agenda hasn’t gotten bad enough where it’s gotten to the point where White parents discriminate against any White love interest their child brings home, but in view of the prospect that the love interest could be Black and all the goodies being dished out to Mestizos by FEDGOV, Whites’ reaction to a Mestizo range from resignation to relief.

        This leads me to believe that TPTB want a Latin American system, of sorts, but not an exact duplicate of Mexico’s mestizaje which has too much Indios and, as a result is a little too poor and violent even for their tastes. Creating a large Castizo (White-Mestizo) caste that can do the skilled labor and factory work but never be strong enough to challenge them the way the White labor unions did at the turn of the prior century would be ideal, not only to retain some sort of order, but to forestall any move by any La Raza types to take the Southwest for “Azatlan.”

      • @oogaboogaman:

        Much as I think TPTB would love to outsource the military to Non-Whites, I don’t see that happening. I believe there will be brown faces in prominent, show pony positions, but they will need the Whites to “maintain complex electronic communications systems,” etc. So I don’t see things changing that much. Except for one thing. Private security. I do think that TPTB will end up doing what the leaders of the Mideast are doing and relying on security “consulting” firms (private mercenary armies) which is the method behind my madness when I suggested that White veterans should move right now to create their own niche in security work.


        I think the YKW vision of America’s future is clearly an Asian technocrat-bureaucrat class ruling over a coffee-colored mixed black-Mestizo-white labor class, while the YKW class sits at the very top, accumulating ever more wealth and power.

        That may have been YKW’s vision, but several things have changed. Like, Mindweapon’s saying goes, “The Liberal Project fails when Multiculturalism succeeds.” Again, we have to pay more attention to what is NOT being given much attention by the MSM to gauge the temperature of YKW. Like the blurb in the NYT about there being no more White segregated neighborhoods – Yay! (sarcasm button off) in Urban areas. These are all integrated neighborhoods. Whites and Non-Whites living together like one big happy family. Yippee. BUT, the racial demographics tell the tale. There is one racial group that still is segregated to its own neighborhoods. Blacks are not even demographically represented in these integrated neighborhoods.

        More and more, they are discovering that they have to pay for work twice by hiring Asians in that they discover that Asian work is substandard and then they have to hire the Whites they initially disdained to fix all the defects. I don’t think it is any accident that now reports of Asians blatantly cheating on SAT and other tests are leaking out with greater frequency. I imagine all these companies were scratching their behinds in puzzlement over why these wunderkind Asian valedictorians were putting out such inferior product and started investigating why the work wasn”t reflecting the grades they were pulling down.

        Moreover, it is my belief that it is not a matter of IF but WHEN the Chinese and the Indians nationalize all those lovely factories that YKW has shipped over there. Mind you this has only happened umpteen times. They are so focused on cheating American workers that they ship their factories overseas, build up the infrastructure and not long after they are established and profitable, the host country nationalizes and kicks them out. It happens every time, but they never learn. Moreover, the USA is not in the position to pull the same contract enforcement in China and India that they did in Latin America at the turn of the last century. YKW is going to take a long, overdue bath with this scheme.

        So, the way I think that the most likely caste system that we will see in the USA within a century or so is as follows IF YKW can successfully see America’s managed decline and negotiate a soft crash:

        The current MFIC as the top caste, but one whose crown does not rest light and that requires the special protection of:

        A private military/army/security force (primarily White)

        A techno-bureaucratic class that will end up primarily White either when Asian-Indian fraud becomes too blatant to ignore OR if they self-deport when the economy goes belly-up.

        A huge skilled working class primarily composed of Castizos to a greater extent, Whites to a lesser extent and Blacks to an even lesser extent.

        *Agricultural and unskilled workers – will be filled by Mestizos unless economy crashes, then would revert to Blacks whose EBT cards are no longer working.

        I think the Mindweapons program which has White parents homeschool their children with an emphasis on Math and the sciences as well as taking over niches like gas station and hotel chains and … I can’t stress this enough …. private security will move and then keep racially conscious Whites in the second and third tier. Those Whites who remain unconscious racially most likely will end up with Castizo grandchildren.

        I do see the low intensity brown-black race war continuing between any Mestizos who can’t marry up and Blacks for any welfare benefits remaining and ultimately the agricultural and low-skilled jobs available.


      • mindweapon says:

        Great comment, Cly!

  2. Denise says:

    There ya go. No matter what – everything is Whitey’s fault.

    • Anon says:

      One of the commenters mentions as such:
      “If both are true, then neither are useful metrics; i.e., if yes means racism and no means racism, then it’s simply always racist in any case.”

  3. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

    Hopefully they too will realize soon who is REALLY at fault.

    With all the non-White terrorists we have seen acting out lately (Boston bomber, LAX shooter etc.), I don’t think it too far fetched to imagine Blacks or other non-Whites impulsively, violently destroying some of our common enemies.

  4. TabuLa Raza says:

    I read about thirty years ago (LA Times) a liberal saying “we take the wealth for granted.”

    They really think that wealth grows on trees (cargo cult).

    They cannot see even the possibility of wealth drying up.

    • mindweapon says:

      good quote. everything about liberalism totally depends on surplus wealth dripping out everywhere.

      I suspect that the antifas have less money because of Madoff. I did a post with evidence that some Paychex Liberalz weren’t getting paid or had to close down shop a while back. I forget what it was, but now and then I see evidence of it, and rejoice.

      I really look forward to the tenured radical professors getting thrown out onto the street. We’ll give them sandwich boards that say, “Will deconstruct White Privilege for food” and send them through the gauntlet of the formerly middle class.

  5. smith says:

    The enemy of your enemy is almost never your friend. This Haitian bloodsucker has a lot of nerve talking about imperialism.

    • mindweapon says:

      Wow, good find.

      I don’t believe in wearing any kind of insignia. My symbols are tattooed on my heart.

      The Espionage Model is far more effective than the Military Model or the “fly my colors in your face” model.

      It’s all about WINNING. Winning is the only thing that matters.

      Nathan Rothschild is the role model of Mindweaponization.

      This is what winning looks like:

      He operated first as a textile merchant in Manchester, then from 1804 he began to deal on the London stock exchange in financial instruments such as foreign bills and government securities.

      From 1809 Rothschild began to deal in gold bullion, and developed this as a cornerstone of his business. From 1811 on, in negotiation with Commissary-General John Charles Herries, he undertook to transfer money to pay Wellington’s troops, on campaign in Portugal and Spain against Napoleon, and later to make subsidy payments to British allies when these organized new troops after Napoleon’s disastrous Russian campaign.

      His four brothers helped co-ordinate activities across the continent, and the family developed a network of agents, shippers and couriers to transport gold—and information—across Europe. This private intelligence service enabled Nathan to receive in London the news of Wellington’s victory at the Battle of Waterloo a full day ahead of the government’s official messengers.[2]

      In 1818 he arranged a 5 million pound loan to the Prussian government and the issuing of bonds for government loans formed a mainstay of his bank’s business. He gained a position of such power in the City of London that by 1825–6 he was able to supply enough coin to the Bank of England to enable it to avert a liquidity crisis.

      In 1824 he founded the Alliance Assurance Company (now Royal & SunAlliance) with Moses Montefiore.

      In 1835 he secured a contract with the Spanish Government giving him the rights to the Almadén mines in southern Spain, effectively gaining a European mercury monopoly.[3]

      Nathan Meyer Rothschild was known for his role in the abolition of the slave trade through his part-financing of the 20 million pound British government buyout of the plantation industry’s slaves.[4] However in 2009 it was claimed that as part of banking dealings with a slave owner, Rothschild used slaves as collateral. The Rothschild bank denied the claims and said that Nathan Mayer Rothschild had been a prominent civil liberties campaigner with many like-minded associates and “against this background, these allegations appear inconsistent and misrepresent the ethos of the man and his business”.[5]

      He set up his London business, N. M. Rothschild and Sons at New Court in St Swithin’s Lane, City of London, where it trades today. He also purchased a country house at Gunnersbury Park near Acton in western London.

      • Agreed, MW. Those guys are already in Brooklyn, it wouldn’t be hard to do some economic/cultural espionage.

        Speaking of Brooklyn, have you seen this video?

      • Also speaking of the Rothschilds, here’s a new book about them that I mean to read:

      • mindweapon says:

        that’s the book I recommend to read about them. Ferguson is philosemtic but still a good scholar, and in my opinion that is a very good book about business and financial planning. For example, it’s better to buy up assets that are likely to go up in value than to pay down debts. It’s probably smarter to buy gold and silver than to pay down principle on a mortgage because gold and silver will go t hrough the roof and then you can pay your mortgage for pennies on the dollar. that’s a TRM, or Total Rothschild Move.

  6. TabuLa Raza says:

    (House of Rothschild, full movie,1934)

  7. zek says:

    OT: I got scolded for posting the word “sheboon” on this relatively mainstream conservative site not more than 2 years ago. Look at it now:

  8. TabuLa Raza says:

    Los Zetas Beheadings: The Awful Reality of What Awaits European America When the Mexican Invasion is Complete WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT

    • mindweapon says:

      No, that’ll just turn Whites into medieval killers as well. Violence runs deep in our race. Bring violence to us, and awaken the werewolf. If we have to defend ourselves with deadily violence against mestizos, then deadly violence will becomme our habit, our way of life. Use your imagination as to where it goes from there.

  9. TabuLa Raza says:

    Where do blacks get those bizarre names? Maybe from this Word Mixer program. Funny as hell.

  10. Arturo says:

    Bonjour MW :

    I’m glad you posted this front-page NYT monstrosity.

    MW I too saw this frightening and yet encouraging-at-the-same-time article that popped up today in Amerika’s newspaper of record – right there ATF* on the front page no less !

    [*above the fold*]

    That btw would be the most valuable publishing real estate on Planet Earth, hands down. The one place where you can be sure articles published will trickle down and influence public policy.

    As someone with close ties to France both parentage and experience-wise, I can tell you that the Marine Le Pen sneered at and spat upon by the globalist anti-white vermin at the NYT in this article has, hands-down, the absolute most absolutely compelling message in the political circus in all of France right now. This woman is extremely with a capital E intelligent, superbly talented, and has fantastic oratory powers.

    Not sure if you or MWIR readers know this: 20% of voters in France support Marine Le Pen. Even the New York Times had to admit that hers was the “most popular political party in all of France.”

    And yet, Marine Le Pen’s party holds only 2 seats – TWO ! – in the Assemblée Nationale, which has a total of 577 members. In a sane society not controlled by the type of evil, lying, scheming players who produced “The Crying Indian” (etc ad infinitum and the list goes on), the Front National would rightly have not 2 but over one Hundred parliamentary members.

    Two out of 577! For a party that represents roughly one-fifth of France’s population of 70 million.


    I will elaborate on this in the future. I do not have your laudable ability to be prolific posting-wise. I think I probably have bi-polar or some other such made-up condition that I’d never heard of throughout the 90s and half the oughts while living in Paris. (Yes, I am happy to say that I did not attend the USA nineties. In 1998 I still did not know who Jerry Seinfeld was. In fact I spent no more than a few weeks ever living in 1990s Amerika – the exception being a three month stint in 1997 when I had to come home cuz my father died, which was and still is sad).
    Forgive the ramble: here’s the point of this comment :

    Check out the vid(s) below : they feature two very prominent african women in France who militate (it’s a verb in French) for non-white causes.

    The first one features the fast-talking Rokhaya Diallo, who in the vid below clearly loses the debate with Marine Le Pen’s right-hand man, Florian Philippot, the 31-year-old vice president of the Front National (warning: watching this woman scream “France be raciss ” over and over again might trigger seizures, or a visceral urge to take a baseball bat to her scowling, prognathic visage, possibly at the expense of your computer screen) :

    The second video features a slightly less well-mediatized negro woman living in France, a certain Leonora Miano, whose makes the case in this frightening display of prime-time mainstream anti-white propaganda, that :

    1) whites are out anyway, the people complaining about the Great Replacement will be dead soon;

    2) whites are guilty guilty guilty, for all of their historical colonial crimes, and therefore must pay pay pay.

    It’s in French, but you don’t even need to speak the language to understand the ethnic warfare-like rhetoric coming out of this high-yeller’s prognathic snout :

    You must understand that it was French President Francois Mitterand (in office 1981-1995) who in the 1980s politicized the anti-racism machine that runs amok today. It was a strictly political move on his part, and it worked: Mitterand’s socialist, anti-racist party clamped down on power for close to a decade and a half.

    It was Mitterand who quietly used state funds to facilitate the creation of what is perhaps the most high-profile anti-racism organization on the planet today, namely: “SOS Racisme,” whose famous, ubiquitous catch phrase was (and is) : “Touche pas à mon pote.” Google it, you’ll see the yellow poster with the hand held up Gestapo-Halt! -style.

    It is interesting to note also that SOS Racisme, this Mitterandian creation, was presided for many years by a highly admixtured african / euro named Harlem Désir.

    H. Desir is currently the president of France’s Socialist Party, no less.

    That is correct: The party of the President of France François Hollande – the Socialist Party – currently has a Franco-african prez (and Oh SNAP ! it looks like Désir’s mother was French-Alsacienne, and his father was a Carribbean negro – from the island of St. Martin).

    President, yes. Kind of like how the Republican Party in the United States could one day be presided by a negro, just to show how tolerant Republicans were…. Oh Snap ! Already happened!

    Warning: the videos I included in this comment might make you or your readers really, ill.

    View with caution.


    – Arturo

    ps : please look a little later to see about that thing I was telling you about.

    You know where to look.

    • mindweapon says:

      “Touche pas à mon pote

      Looked it up, “don’t touch my friend.” Ha. Might as well say, “don’t touch the people burning and torching your village and raping the women!”

      Well, you know, in France, the backlash is here. Now we see what Generation Identitaire is up to!

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