New York Times horrified that Europeans are actually for Europeans; “populism” is their bad word

What is populism, but saying, “We are a people, and we have a right to exist and to our homelands.” But it is a dirty word to New York Times rootless cosmopolitans.

Right Wing’s Surge in Europe has Establishment rattled.

Comments at NY Times turned off. Gee I wonder why?

Europe says no to Diveristy Multicult and White Genocide!

A member of Denmark’s Parliament and, he hopes, mayor of this commuter-belt town west of Copenhagen, Mr. Dencker is furious that some day care centers have removed meatballs, a staple of traditional Danish cuisine, from their cafeterias in deference to Islamic dietary rules. No matter that only a handful of kindergartens have actually done so. The missing meatballs, he said, are an example of how “Denmark is losing its identity” under pressure from outsiders.

The issue has become a headache for Mayor Helle Adelborg, whose center-left Social Democratic Party has controlled the town council since the 1920s but now faces an uphill struggle before municipal elections on Nov. 19. “It is very easy to exploit such themes to get votes,” she said. “They take a lot of votes from my party. It is unfair.”

It is also Europe’s new reality. All over, established political forces are losing ground to politicians whom they scorn as fear-mongering populists. In France, according to a recent opinion poll, the far-right National Front has become the country’s most popular party. In other countries — Austria, Britain, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Finland and the Netherlands — disruptive upstart groups are on a roll.

This phenomenon alarms not just national leaders but also officials in Brussels who fear that European Parliament elections next May could substantially tip the balance of power toward nationalists and forces intent on halting or reversing integration within the European Union.

“History reminds us that high unemployment and wrong policies like austerity are an extremely poisonous cocktail,” said Poul Nyrup Rasmussen, a former Danish prime minister and a Social Democrat. “Populists are always there. In good times it is not easy for them to get votes, but in these bad times all their arguments, the easy solutions of populism and nationalism, are getting new ears and votes.”

In some ways, this is Europe’s Tea Party moment — a grass-roots insurgency fired by resentment against a political class that many Europeans see as out of touch. The main difference, however, is that Europe’s populists want to strengthen, not shrink, government and see the welfare state as an integral part of their national identities.

The trend in Europe does not signal the return of fascist demons from the 1930s, except in Greece, where the neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn has promoted openly racist beliefs, and perhaps in Hungary, where the far-right Jobbik party backs a brand of ethnic nationalism suffused with anti-Semitism.

But the soaring fortunes of groups like the Danish People’s Party, which some popularity polls now rank ahead of the Social Democrats, point to a fundamental political shift toward nativist forces fed by a curious mix of right-wing identity politics and left-wing anxieties about the future of the welfare state.

“This is the new normal,” said Flemming Rose, the foreign editor at the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten. “It is a nightmare for traditional political elites and also for Brussels.”

The platform of France’s National Front promotes traditional right-wing causes like law and order and tight controls on immigration but reads in parts like a leftist manifesto. It accuses “big bosses” of promoting open borders so they can import cheap labor to drive down wages. It rails against globalization as a threat to French language and culture, and it opposes any rise in the retirement age or cuts in pensions.

Similarly, in the Netherlands, Geert Wilders, the anti-Islam leader of the Party for Freedom, has mixed attacks on immigration with promises to defend welfare entitlements. “He is the only one who says we don’t have to cut anything,” said Chris Aalberts, a scholar at Erasmus University in Rotterdam and author of a book based on interviews with Mr. Wilders’s supporters. “This is a popular message.”

Mr. Wilders, who has police protection because of death threats from Muslim extremists, is best known for his attacks on Islam and demands that the Quran be banned. These issues, Mr. Aalberts said, “are not a big vote winner,” but they help set him apart from deeply unpopular centrist politicians who talk mainly about budget cuts. The success of populist parties, Mr. Aalberts added, “is more about the collapse of the center than the attractiveness of the alternatives.”

Pia Kjaersgaard, the pioneer of a trend now being felt across Europe, set up the Danish People’s Party in 1995 and began shaping what critics dismissed as a rabble of misfits and racists into a highly disciplined, effective and even mainstream political force.
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Ms. Kjaersgaard, a former social worker who led the party until last year, said she rigorously screened membership lists, weeding out anyone with views that might comfort critics who see her party as extremist. She said she had urged a similar cleansing of the ranks in Sweden’s anti-immigration and anti-Brussels movement, the Swedish Democrats, whose early leaders included a former activist in the Nordic Reich Party.

Marine Le Pen, the leader of France’s National Front, has embarked on a similar makeover, rebranding her party as a responsible force untainted by the anti-Semitism and homophobia of its previous leader, her father, Jean-Marie Le Pen, who once described Nazi gas chambers as a “detail of history.” Ms. Le Pen has endorsed several gay activists as candidates for French municipal elections next March.

But a whiff of extremism still lingers, and the Danish People’s Party wants nothing to do with Ms. Le Pen and her followers.

Built on the ruins of a chaotic antitax movement, the Danish People’s Party has evolved into a defender of the welfare state, at least for native Danes. It pioneered “welfare chauvinism,” a cause now embraced by many of Europe’s surging populists, who play on fears that freeloading foreigners are draining pensions and other benefits.

“We always thought the People’s Party was a temporary phenomenon, that they would have their time and then go away,” said Jens Jonatan Steen, a researcher at Cevea, a policy research group affiliated with the Social Democrats. “But they have come to stay.”

“They are politically incorrect and are not accepted by many as part of the mainstream,” he added. “But if you have support from 20 percent of the public, you are mainstream.”

In a recent meeting in the northern Danish town of Skorping, the new leader of the Danish People’s Party, Kristian Thulesen Dahl, criticized Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt, of the Social Democrats, whose government is trying to trim the welfare system, and spoke about the need to protect the elderly.

The Danish People’s Party and similar political groups, according to Mr. Rasmussen, the former prime minister, benefit from making promises that they do not have to worry about paying for, allowing them to steal welfare policies previously promoted by the left. “This is a new populism that takes on the coat of Social Democratic policies,” he said.

In Hvidovre, Mr. Dencker, the Danish People’s Party mayoral candidate, wants the government in, not out of, people’s lives. Beyond pushing authorities to make meatballs mandatory in public institutions, he has attacked proposals to cut housekeeping services for the elderly and criticized the mayor for canceling one of the two Christmas trees the city usually puts up each December.

Instead, he says, it should put up five Christmas trees.


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36 Responses to New York Times horrified that Europeans are actually for Europeans; “populism” is their bad word

  1. mindweapon says:

    Mainstream(ed) populist or pro-white political parties can provide a better breeding ground for a harder generation to rise up.

    Leap frogging. Let the Danish Populists or National Front be just politically correct enough to not get totally destroyed, and create a generation of pro-white nationalist children, and the younger generation of white kids will be the ones to take back Europe. Make sure that the children of nationalist families are the smartest, the best, the brightest and the most fanatical. Rinse, repeat, win!

    • Adit says:

      The interesting thing about many of these groups in Europe is that they are ‘Nationalist’ but they are also anti-racist. If the Muslims (or whoever) had integrated and allowed the Danes to have their traditional meatballs would they be squawking now? Probably not. No more white people? No problem! We still got meatballs! This is all baby-steps for them at the moment but I’ll support anything that’s headed in the right direction.

      I suppose we can’t really expect too much too fast from the Europeans in this. All of the ex-colonies (US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa) have cultural elements that reflect dealing with non-whites over hundreds of years. They don’t. The impression I always got was that Europeans thought the way the ‘Colonials’ dealt with non-whites was done out of mean spiritedness or some such nonsense. In actuality it was done out of self-preservation, but they never really understood that. They are now going to get a hard education, which they could have easily avoided.

      • Anon says:

        “If the Muslims (or whoever) had integrated and allowed the Danes to have their traditional meatballs would they be squawking now? Probably not. ” – Perhaps, and perhaps it is deception. If they get results I’ll not fault them.

      • fnn says:

        How much does it have to do with “racism” being illegal in most (all?) of those countries?

      • mindweapon says:

        So you think outlawing racism might actually be the correct conditions for germinating populist and taqqiyah racist political parties?

  2. Denise says:

    Reblogged this on The White Tea Room and commented:
    Oh No! Whites somehow simply want to continue to exist! Jew York Times HORRIFIED!!!!

  3. Attila says:

    Another predictably noxious “Jewsnews” source is Marco Warner’s show “The World” on NPR. While he comes across as your typical glib J-reporter- every other report is on Israel, Jews, Africans or Blacks. Getting ready for the onslaught of Hanukkah stories in the coming days.

  4. eyeslevel says:

    The problem is the presence of non-whites, not the lack of meatballs.

    • Razvan says:

      The presence of meatballs prevents the muslim, and the jew to eat in that cafeteria.
      It is a good tactic.

      I can convince almost anyone that the pork is delicious and the muslims and the jews want to take that from us; but I can not convince most people that these are dangerous on so many levels.

  5. The jews are obviously not thrilled to see Whites are starting to smell smoke and wake up. I thought jews were experts on human nature? They should know that berating people just for standing up to protect their own interests will only strengthen their determination. Of course these yids are so rich and smug I suspect they may be trying to instigate some kind of a show down. Anyway I personally hope this showdown happens soon rather than later. It’s long overdue.

    • mindweapon says:

      Yep. They had their Revenge of the Nerds and Karate Kid revenge fantasies. Our turn now. And it ain’t going to be a comedy, or a work of fiction.

    • thewhitechrist says:

      The Jews (being spiritually dead) ALWAYS overplay their hand. Because they are Neanderthals genetically, their concept of control, and winning is far more elementary, even when acknowledging their inbred intelligence, and native shrewdness. They cannot stop from crowing over their supposed ‘victories’ over the goyim. Thank God for it, for it has afforded we Whites ‘breathing room’ every couple of centuries or so… and by now, the fearmongering that is known as (Gasp!) ‘Anti-Semitism’ (even though jews are not Semites, anyway – Freedman, “Jesus was not a Jew,” Koestler, ‘The Thirteenth Tribe,’ and Sand, “The Invention of the Jewish People”) is wearing quite thin.

      Perhaps we conservatives should all move to conservative dominated countries, become citizens, and vote the perverts and the Jews out, just as they have done to lawful, god-fearing American in our native land, lo these last seventy years, via Civil Wrongs, Abolition of restrictive Covenants in Real Estate, and importation of the third world’s refuse. – Fr. John+

      • I recently learned that ALL of their ‘religious’ holidays represent ‘victories’ over the goyim, often being their sadistic revenge for perceived wrongs , which oftentimes were actually innocent attempts at trying to assimilate them into the larger society.
        F*ckin jews. I swear…

      • ben tillman says:

        You are a million percent wrong about the Neanderthals. The Neanderthals are the good guys.

      • mindweapon says:

        I think you’re wrong about Neanderthals, but right about them being spiritually dead or something that makes them overplay their hands.

        They won’t let us vote them out. They aren’t letting people vote for GMO labeling. THere’s ballot initiatives for GMO labeling and they keep losing, but I don’t think its because people aren’vt voting for them. it’s vote fraud.

  6. Jackson says:

    This does point out that Europe’s New Right and we American Reactionaries have very different situations that we find ourselves. It makes sense for European populists to support welfare: the vast majority of it will go to their tribesman, so it’s really about how “We” organize “Ourselves” still in somewhere like Denmark.

    Any discussion of, for instance, supporting pensions for the elderly in America, by contrast, is inevitably a discussion about how much productive, educated and successful White communities like say Holland, Michigan will subsidize marginal and unproductive communities such as the Blacks in Detroit. Thus racial solidarity in America, even when hidden, almost always comes in the guise of “fiscal conservatism” – really a code-word for “don’t support the parasitical other in our midst”. That’s why while the Tea Party and the Euro New RIght are both opposed to immigration, globalization and political correctness the Euro’s are Socialists and the Tea Party are Free Market Capitalists.

    One can imagine places like Denmark actually fixing their problems: elect the New Right, who are steadily gaining, and change the broken things. End immigration, repatriate many of the “refugees”, stomp out the PC tendencies in institutions through complete purges.

    It’s nearly impossible to imagine fixing the whole USA given the many communities vying for control and domination. Any repair has to probably start with separation and secession of some groups from others. And, it is difficult to imagine that happening without either a total economic and social collapse (the SHTF scenario that so many on the Tea Party and Survivalist right are anxiously hoping for, and even some eco-leftists like Kunstler) or a hot civil war. Failing either of those the status quo is likely to continue, and Holland, Michigan will be paying Detroit’s pension obligations soon (perhaps at the point of a FedGov bayonet.)

    So it’s interesting to read about the New Right, and of course we should encourage them, but we’re still going to have to find our own way.

    • @Jackson

      It makes sense for European populists to support welfare: the vast majority of it will go to their tribesman … supporting pensions for the elderly in America, by contrast, is inevitably a discussion about how much productive, educated and successful White communities like say Holland, Michigan will subsidize marginal and unproductive communities such as the Blacks in Detroit

      “The liberal project is doomed to failure when multiculturalism succeeds.” — Keith Alexander.

      It’s almost like a prisoner’s dilemma. American can’t have a first world welfare state like Europe does because we don’t have the homogenous population. The left is correct that the capitalists “divide us by race” to prevent us from recognizing our own class interests. It’s just that the leftist solution – integration and miscegenation – is even worse.

      We do have a highly advanced welfare state in America, it’s just that the welfare goes to Wall Street bankers, global corporations, and big business. The libertarians are right when they say our system – the Federal Reserve/Wall Street/finance – is not really free market capitalism. But the libertarian solution is likely even worse – the gold standard, open borders, capital flight, etc.

      The traditional conservative American way to deal with these things is to greatly restrict the power of the state and have the Civil Society deal with the welfare state, the ultimate example being the LDS Church and their private welfare state. Which presents us with yet another contradiction in America; our traditional religion (Christianity of the Protestant variety) is extremely universalist and anti-racist. A Civil Society run on Christian principles is a powerful force for integration and multi-racialism. So we’re back to square one.

      I suspect the solution is a technological one. We’re simply dividing the white population on class lines, the benefits of technology and the cornucopia are going to the upper middle class whites while rural whites and whites without education are likely to continue to decline socially, merging with the non-white underclass. Oogenhand says that multi-racialism is a particularly cruel form of eugenics.

      The Whitaker folks think we can use propaganda, facilitated by the internet, to thwart the mass media anti-white rhetoric and allow whites to organize politically in our own interests. But we have another problem: the left is correct that “whiteness is a social construct.” Since America has always been a mix of European ancestry, and we’ve always been a pluralist society, the only way we have defined “white” is “not African” or “not Chinese.” There’s never been an organic “white people.” And at the end of the day, the ruling class of America – the anti-white ruling class – is mostly white. Blacks certainly hold little political power in America, the mestizos even less. Naming the YKW brings in all sorts of cultural baggage, too, and most Jewish people in America are pretty much well integrated with the white population.

      So pro-whites are faced with this dilemma, the only way you appeal to whites is by defining them against the colored. Most whites just don’t really care if some Radical Negro says he wants to kill all white babies, or if some Asian college students gets upset at some “hipster racism” on campus. Whites are really only concerned with competing against other whites – other whites are the only worthwhile competitors. I guess we are really white supremacists.

      So pro-whites have to scare whites with stories of black crime and Indian tech workers and anti-Christian Jews, but since most whites are living quite comfortably in America, it comes across to many as hateful, picking on the minorities, the darker of which most whites honestly don’t really think are all that smart and potentially powerful anyway.

      So we have some hoping for a collapse and the end of the cornucopia, so whites will actually feel the danger of white genocide and the economic pain caused by supporting the parasite classes. If that doesn’t happen, how do we get the white masses to understand the slow decline?

      My only suggestions:

      1. Support the Mantra/BUGS/Whitaker crowd in their propaganda efforts, it’s the best public rhetoric we have. It’s whites vs. anti-whites (not white vs. colored.)

      2. The Espionage Model: taqqiyah, hiding your agenda when necessary, and infiltrating the institutions.

      3. Think globally, act locally. Vote to restrict the power of the state (hold your nose and vote for some Tea-tard if they are likely to actually oppose immigration) promote local economies and local production, and support your local civil society. You think globally online, you act locally offline.

      • oogenhand says:

        Nice to see you quote me. What about outlefting the Left on economics? Good welfare hurts the elite.

      • mindweapon says:

        good comment Hipster.

      • oogaboogaman says:

        The European nationalists have a couple of advantages over American nationalists. First, the European population is mostly concentrated in urban areas which allows them to experience the joys of diversity first hand unlike your average suburban american goyim whose only exposure to blacks is the NFL and tv/movies. Second, europeans have a homogeneous ethnic culture unlike what you have in the US where their are distinctly different white cultures for example the anglo/celtic south, Italian/jew nyc, nordic MN, or Irish Boston.

        Unfortunately the only thing that is going to forcibly wake up the average white moron is to have the boot stomping their faces. Right now they’re still too comfortable beer, porn, xanax, and mcdonald’s is still to readily available. If immigration reform passes as well as HUD actively promoting section 8 housing occurs this might just the spark that is needed. Then if god forbid Hillary gets elected POTUS its only a matter of time before we see an explicitly white party formed.

      • Trainspotter says:

        Hipster: “But we have another problem: the left is correct that “whiteness is a social construct.”

        The left is not at all correct in this. The European peoples, collectively, represent an identifiable and particular civilization, as well as a closely related gene pool. That’s objective, provable reality. It can be seen under a microscope and in a DNA test. In my book, if you can identify something under a microscope, regardless of changing opinions or beliefs, then it ain’t a social construct. It’s reality. Reality doesn’t care if we notice it or not.

        Contrast this to a Star Trek fan, or a member of the Ruritan Club, or liberalism itself. Some people place real value on these sorts of things…and then change their mind. Poof, it’s gone. A Ruritan five minutes ago, but a Ruritan no more! A liberal five minutes ago, but a liberal no more. Nothing shows up under a microscope, yet the person’s identity has changed. Social construct! But that doesn’t work with race, precisely because it is real.

        As a practical matter, however, you may be right. Even though race is real, in a sense we must choose to value it highly enough to protect it. Nature helps us with this, and it’s clear that most people prefer to mate with members of their own racial group. But groups can be swamped and submerged, which of course is happening to us now. Conditions inimical to our survival can be created, and indeed have been. Given that we are under threat, we must place an even higher value on the continuity of our people, or we will go under the brown tide.

        America is so vast in size that there are important regional difference amongst whites. I was born in the South, and as a little kid in the 70’s Southern whites definitely had a strong sense of themselves as a people. Opposition to miscegenation was nearly universal.

        In any event, we know that whites CAN have that level of tribal identification, though perhaps it’s harder to appreciate for those that have never experienced it. In the world in which I was born, this was all quite normal. There were some white Northern kids amongst us as well, and they generally seemed just as racially conscious as we were, so at the time I assumed that all whites had a healthy racial identity. How much I had to learn! (with the benefit of hindsight, I can now see that many of the white Northerners were in fact racially solid, but to the extent that there were “weak links” amongst the whites I knew, they were almost entirely non-Southerners. I didn’t notice this discrepancy at the time, as it was self-evident that we should have been allies, but it’s apparent to me now that some of them didn’t see it that way at all).

        I suspect what is going to happen in the years ahead is something akin to the Great Sort, only it won’t just be geographical. Those whites with the weakest sense of attachment and loyalty will tend to drift away, sinking into the brown morass. Those that have higher levels of attachment will remain, and will develop more and more racial solidarity. They will feel more and more under siege, as they increasingly recognize America as a hostile place.

        We have been called a “people becoming,” and I think that’s right. What will emerge as the new white tribe in North America will only include a subset of those who think of themselves as whites today. Maybe half, perhaps a lot less than that. Once we get our own land and our own institutions, we’ll replenish our numbers and improve our quality.

        The process of creating this new tribe has already begun, if only in particular hearts and minds. An awful lot of people, just in the last decade or so, have come to understand that our people’s future is not with the United States as it is currently constituted. On a broader global scale, nationalist whites of the various European tribes seem to be developing a greater understanding that our destinies are intertwined. In some ways, whites worldwide are a “people becoming.” Similarly, traitorous whites who hate their own kind are growing more blatant and brazen. There is a sense that the endgame is nearer than many of us would have thought.

        In short, the new fault lines are rapidly revealing themselves, and the old paradigm is also revealing itself – as obsolete.

        This must NOW start manifesting itself in networks, generally small and informal, gradually creating a parallel white society. No matter how humble a particular network is, it will still be building the infrastructure for the real prize: the ethnostate.

      • Superb analysis, Trainspotter.

      • Jon says:

        One chief attribute White people have as a group that accounts for our vast creativity and civilisation-building ability but also renders us so easily dividable is our relatively flattened IQ bell curve. We have proportionally far more bright/dull, genius/retard people than do Japanese or Ashkenazis, who cluster tighter around the centre (and are far more cohesive because of it).

  7. Craig says:

    White Americans should not forgo the welfare state, particularly if you want to become more so isolationist geopolitically and Natavist domestically. Australia had a type of capitalist socialism even during white Australia in the form of banking. Interest rates for mortgages were lower, and interest rates for lower class whites savings were also lower, and the promise of buying into the great white Australian dream of a house in the middle class kept it open.

    Multiculti made Australia even more socialist, as the wages were not keeping pace for the lower and middle in the 1990’s, politicians promised us welfare to have BABIES towards 1998…As that’s what the majority of families in Australia were asking for to be able to afford families.

    Using welfare as a double edged sword is a good way forward IMO.

  8. WhiteGenY says:

    Ask me what do I have to gain from the current system? A shitty job that pays me just enough to pay all of the debt that the current system expects me to hold?

  9. Stary Wylk says:

    Promote local autonomy.

    Pressure your congress critters to limit federal regulation and taxation and keep cutting it back like you do blackberry vines. There are entire federal departments that should not exist. Most federal power comes from the ability to parcel out money to states and counties that they cannot collect themselves because the feds already took it. The states and counties need the money for the usual combination of graft, services and infrastructure. To get the money they must jump through federal hoops. If your state has a movement to defend or create a drinking age, a drug policy or a whatever that is different from the federal one, help them out.

    Create effective local welfare arrangements that do not need and will not take federal aid. Though I think their theology is silly, the Mormon church has a good one. They’ll give you food. They’ll give you a job. They’ll help you move. They won’t give you money and you will contribute. You can start today by advertising one free bag of food on Craigslist and give it to them in person. Down the road you can ask others to help you out with that.

    Help homeschoolers nearby. Form a neighborhood watch patrol and keep it friendly. Take a chance on letting someone live in your camper, for a while. for a small rent. Go to some oldster’s house and rake their leaves.

    Do face-to-face things so you won’t be helping people you disapprove of. The less states and counties need from the feds the oftener they can tell them to go to hell.

  10. TabuLa Raza says:

    they may be trying to instigate some kind of a show down

    Be sure to show up, for the show down.

  11. lagunabeachfogey says:

    Keep the bastards rattled, and then make your move.

  12. oogenhand says:

    Reblogged this on oogenhand and commented:
    Many long comments.

  13. Afterthought says:

    The Neanderthal thing has to die now. Wholly untrue.

  14. vikingbitch says:

    Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    Rootless cosmopolitans is right! Screw the New York Times! It’s a Libtard rag cranked out by a bunch of Shinklesteins.

    It’s amazing how Jews and their libtard enablers get indignant when those ‘goy’ White Europeans dare have feelings of tribality and kinship. I guess to the Jews the only tribe that exists is theirs. I guess that’s why ‘Fuckerberg’ the creator of the narcissism feed ‘Fakebook’ erased a page celebrating Nordic beauty!

  15. I really don’t understand any of this. Why are any European countries under obligation to accept immigrants which they don’t want and aren’t good for their people?

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