Got a job in a small city; observations

So I am seeing black culture up close. Where I am, they aren’t violent, but there is of course a lot of welfare and government jobs and different kinds of assistance because retail pays a very low wage.

Having a population working in retail and getting welfare is huge corproate welfare for the the big box stores and Walmart and McDonalds. They don’t want to raise prices or wages if they can get guaranteed wage supports via welfare. What a huge scam.

A good amount of them have low wage jobs, and in the course of my day I ask them about how much they earn, and how they spend it. They will have a fast food job that pays, after taxes, about 70 dollars a day for an 8 hour shift. They have to work a 12 hour shift to make a real nut — to make 100. However, they will spend 10 to 25 dollars a day catching a taxi to their job, since the jobs are out in the burbs. The downtowns are no longer centers of commerce, so the jobs are scattered out and about at different shopping malls and plazas, which can be 3 miles to 8 miles away. A couple of McDonalds workers told me they take a taxi to their job and back every day. I mapped it out. 3.4 miles. Costs them 8 bucks each way. So each of them works an hour to pay for their transport. On nice days, they could walk, and ponchos are sold at Target for 2 dollars. I mentioned that, they said, “I don’t want to walk!” I said, “Six miles a day — you’d stay thin. You’d never get fat, you’d be healthier. Six miles a day — that’s great exercise.” No way.

There’s a fruit and vegetable warehouse open to the public near the downtown of this city. They also have eggs and dairy — everything except meat. Food desert my ass. Not this city. But as you’d expect, they take a taxi to Walmart, 8 miles away, to buy massive amounts of corn syrup and flour and cases of cheap soda pop. Costs them about 12 bucks both ways, or 24 dollars.

At the same time, the liberals have one line — it’s YT’s fault! Everything is because of bad white people! Food deserts! Bad white people! Meanwhile, black people are killing themselves by the availability of junk food. The only way that would ever change would be to outlaw junk food. They would have to have no choice except real food, like the old days.

Liberalism is not about helping blacks; it’s about hurting whites. It couldn’t be more obvious. And even though they pay lip service to the moral superiority of blacks, the liberals set up a system that sentences them to a slow death by poisoning, because they lack the discernment to understand, as cookie monster said on Sesame Street, “cookies, sometime food, vegetables, anytime food.” Of course it’s racist to acknowledge that. Ha!

The sewer pipe of Hollywood encouraged the worst tendencies of black people, and amplified and magnified them, in order to corrupt white people.

But when you use a people as a weapon of corruption, the weapon also gets corrupted.

Behold, the wages of liberalism.

Cops charge 16-year-old in Bryant Park shooting that he allegedly bragged about on Facebook
Corey Dunton, hit with attempted murder and other charges, coveted another boy’s jacket and came back shooting after the wearer refused to give it up, police say. ‘FEDS AT MY DOOR IM GOIN OUT WITH A BANG!!!!!!! TAKE MY SOUL,’ Dunton wrote Sunday morning on the social media site.

A 16 year old, drinkin’ and shootin’ up the town!

A day before the shooting, the teen suspect had gone to social media to boast about his desire to stir up trouble at the Midtown tourist attraction

“Bryant Park looking to litt Saterday [sic] gotta bring da amp,” he posted Friday.
Cops nabbed Dunton, who has several prior arrests, after they were tipped off by a witness and found his shameless Facebook page — which features pictures of him, arms extended, pretending to hold a gun, police sources said.

Now you understand the Murray Rothstein/Sumner Redstone grin:

Liberalism sought to loosen all moral strictures, and made room for a very corrupting pop culture, and this is what you get. Pop culture is a weapon designed to corrupt and kill white people, but it corrupts and kills POC EVEN MORE! Because POC are more mentally susceptible to pop culture messages. The better class of whites tuned that shit out a long time ago. My kid grew up without TV.

The mindweapon movement is defensive and and inward looking, based on fixing ourselves rather than messing with anyone else, but that is the correct strategy at this moment in history. By raising children without corn syrup and pop culture, by simply dodging that which is evil and poisonous and corrupting, they will grow up to dominate the world just by default because everyone else is so fucked up. In the land of the blind, teh one eyed man is king.


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26 Responses to Got a job in a small city; observations

  1. Marcus says:

    POC=piece of crap?

    • mindweapon says:

      it’st he libtard term for “people of color.” pretty funny eh?

      • Marcus says:

        Heh yeah I was kidding, but the first time I saw it I was genuinely amused/confused. Funny that they are still milking the “civil rights” era by resurrecting terms like this, but now expanding the electorate to some 5 billion people (or do they include northern Asians who aren’t particularly “colored”??)

  2. Firepower’s observation that it’s really whites vs. whites is well-taken but not original- the term “Cold Civil War” comes from John Derbyshire. Some of the first modern liberals in the US were Midwestern grain farmers- they wanted guaranteed high prices for all the corn and wheat they could ship to the cities, and they wanted to pay back their loans in debased currency. And having no blacks living with them, of course they thought it was horrible how the evil whites in the South and the evil whites in the northeastern cities treated the poor blacks, who should get welfare and food stamps so they can eat lots of grain-based products, which are very healthy, because we said so!

    But as the more blunt say to fat people, it’s easy- just put down the donut.

    • oogaboogaman says:

      Good for Summer Redstone he’s actually saving us the work of weeding out these defective whites from our ranks. I live in Chicagoland, home of an extra stupid breed of white known as the Al Bundy deez dems, and dozers. These are the type of assholes who vote Democratic because their grandaddy voted dem, the union told them to vote democratic so they can compete with mexicans for work, and although they live in the burbs they jackoff to da Bears every Sunday.

      Now when I look at these whites I understand why the Jews feel contempt for them, they are goyim(cattle) they deserve to be slaves. Give them a shitty house in the burbs, a once a year bj from their land whale wives, tv, porno, and swill beer and they’re happier than a retard with a lolly pop. This is the reason why I don’t feel bad about these whites being browned out, I’d rather quality over quantity. As much as some people may laugh at Doomsday Preppers these are the types of whites I want to survive, they train with weapons, learn useful skills, and

      • oogaboogaman says:

        although they don’t implicitly say it they are probably aware of the threat posed by NAM. Same thing with ‘christians’ or ex-military although they might not be goose stepping racists at least most of them are conservative politically, pro 2nd Amendment, and don’t glorify MTV and NFL/NBA.

  3. Snake says:

    Do thriving downtowns exist anywhere in Amerikwa?

  4. Landser says:

    That dude looks like Firepower.

  5. heathenhank says:

    I’ve never heard of lower class individuals taking cabs to get to a low-wage job. Very surprising, seeing that the monthly car payments alone + gas on a clunker would be cheaper then a daily commute with a cab.

    The distaste for walking is def a prole White/black American thing, for sure. Likely why our elites, like NYT Thomas Friedman, would prefer the indifferent Latinos who don’t mind trekking for miles between favelas (the current trajectory, for sure.)

    As snake has said, thriving downtowns are practically non-existent, even in rapid growth areas. Instead, yuppie, gentrified zip-codes right around the periphery of downtowns dominate what is the remaining urban wealth of this country (Virginia highlands/Decatur/midtown in Atlanta. German town in Columbus, Ohio, many examples. Also, universities are on a spending binge even during these hard times.) . The same old same old corporate office buildings dominant city interiors, in which people drive to and then drive as quickly out of when the day’s work is done so the homeless can wander the empty downtown streets at night.

    I live in the Suburbs, but commute to a rural job under my current circumstance. I’m planning on shacking up right next to work, even if it just involves hooking up a trailer on a nearby property. Saves money, for sure, but makes me somewhat isolated.

    My problem is that my White family is far too highly urbanized and separated, fairly common I suppose for middle/upper class Americans. All my siblings split off into different states and cities for their “careers,” with minimal sibling-on-sibling support. If I go back to try and support my family nexus, I have to go urban. IMO, every hour I spend time babysitting/tutoring/training my 2 nephews is worth 10 work hours, but it involves living in a community where resilience and mindweaponization isn’t as simple as simply making sustainable rural communities.

    Here’s a podcast on this subject.

  6. countenance says:

    The most popular Farmers Market in St. Louis has several meat markets. It has mostly white patrons, but the few blacks that go there can be found buying fatty choices of meat from the meat markets, and whole lots of candy from the stands that carry it, but not often buying fresh fruits and vegetables.

    Other than bananas.

    • WhiteGenY says:

      What about watermelons?

      • mindweapon says:

        Watermelons are Nature’s Gatorade — they are fast acting medicine for someone at risk of dehydration. Watermelon is very popular in Ukraine because it is an agriucltural country. They harvest in August, when heat is most intense, and when they are most needed by the farmworkers and anyone else working outside in the heat.

        Modern corn syrup black people don’t need watermelon any more. The old time black people had some element of heroism (as did white people). Nowadays, no. The liberals transformed them into a mostly unheroic and pampered group of people.

  7. As someone who has driven a cab in a small, NAM-infested city, taking a cab to get to a minimum-wage job is a reality. As is catching a cab to the Social Services offices. Or around the corner to the store for a pack of Newports and a 40, or to McDonald’s to pick up dinner for a family of 6 (single mom + 5 kids). In all cases, yes, I have driven LESS THAN ONE MILE.

    Let that sink in a moment.

    I’ll give a pass to the very old or the physically crippled (eg, in a wheelchair or using a walker), but there’s no reason the rest of them need to make me burn that gas and time when they could walk these errands in 20 minutes (40 minutes round-trip)… in the case of the round trips, they typically have nothing important to do for the next hour anyway. That’s when their “friend” doesn’t “suddenly” “call back” to give them a ride.

  8. To be fair, libturds rarely talk #about# anything. They tell you what you’re supposed to think (e.g., what #they# think you should think.)

    A quick clarification: I mistakenly used NAM when it is actually an AA-majority city. So, yeah, it’s worse than I reported there. We did have a growing NAM as well as NAMigrant populations in that city, but overall, I preferred them to the AA’s; mind you, that’s by degrees. They were just as lazy and non-tipping as the blacks, they tended to be a little less rude.

    For anyone wanting to drive a cab, I’ll give a word of advice: Don’t. If that’s insufficient, at least be aware of the factors that go into doing that job.
    Local demographics
    Local economy
    Local geography
    Fluctuating-and-upward-trending gas prices
    These factors are a given regardless of location. Depending on your locality, you may have to deal with the increasing regulations that are underway on all levels throughout the industry.

    Note: It may be that I was disillusioned after my experience. After ten years, I was making 1/3 of the money I was originally making, and spending 2x as much time on the road. Makes it hard to spend your free time doing something constructive (or even frivolous) when you have none.

  9. April Gaede says:

    Back in California we were always hearing about food deserts ( if you can believe that) and how Mestizos were forced to eat fast food that was costly and high calorie forcing them to have diabetes… Now in the area they were claiming to have sometimes ( 80%) of schoolkids either diabetic or pre diabetic, there is fruit literally laying on the ground or hanging on trees within blocks of their home. Also you can grow some type of vegetable literally any month of the year in the Central Valley of California. BTW most of the fruit and vegetables grown have small blemishes and thus end up as cattle feed ( my dad gathers it for free) or dumped. You can go to packing houses and they will give you boxes of blemished fruit or anything else they are packing.
    I spent the last week in Seattle, downtown mind you, with no transportation. Even though I had to buy my food at the Whole food which is a really expensive hipster market, I was able to eat for less than $10 a day and stay on my paleo diet.

    • mindweapon says:

      Great point! When I was in Florida I used to gather grapefruits that were all over the sidewalk.

      also, if they went to a farmer’s market during the last 10 minutes they were open they could get the rest of the produce dirt cheap. in the last 10, the farmers are just trying to unload whatever they have left.

      So yeah, the whole “food deserts” complaint is just liberal disingenuousness. the wonderful diverse people of color will take a cab 10 miles for cheap junk food, rather than 1 mile to Pezzello’s vegetable distribution center that is open to the public.

    • T says:

      SBPDL explained food deserts: areas that are so minority-violent, that major food chains won’t open a store in that area; many times, not even a fast-food place. Minority customers, steal, get violent, etc. Not worth it for them, they lose money.

  10. GordoC says:

    Inner city blacks in UK have ‘food deserts’. There are no big supermarkets where there are no whites. There are Asian stores selling cheap food but the Africans won’t buy from the Asians so it is declared a ‘food desert’.

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