Shootout in Bryant Park

The Snake Plissken prophecy of DeBlasio’s election is already coming true!

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There was a shooting in Bryant Park.

The victim was from the bad part of Manhattan in the north and was shot because he refused to give his $600 “Marmot Biggie” jacket to a mugger. I never heard of a “Marmot Biggie” but apparently it’s really popular in the ghetto.

Bryant Park is normally a safe place in Manhattan full of bobos. I can’t help but feel that this shooting has something to do with the judge’s order to halt stop-and-frisk. The criminal element from the ghettos now feel they can walk around with guns. The cops should be stopping and frisking anyone wearing ghetto attire in a good neighborhood.

How can people from the ghetto afford such expensive clothing anyway? I own a more-than-$600 leather coat, but I make a six-figure salary and don’t have any kids I need to pay for, and I bought it on deep…

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