The Kwa

Short story by William Ventvogel, published on Vanguard News Network in 2004. Hat tip to Chechar and Viking Bitch.

My favorite two paragraphs:

This is the portal through which anyone who cares to peep might see how it will end. Material systems falter without the hands that created them. Machines require more than rote maintenance. Consider Haiti, a place touched by the White man. The U.S. Marines ran the island of Hispaniola from 1919 to 1933 but they weren’t there only to kick ass for United Fruit and Jew banks. They also made it safe for the uplift crowd, which always follows the ZOG army to improve the lives of the liberated. These are essentially Puritans. They bring democracy and God and women’s rights and other deteriorative voodoo. Yes, the jarheads made it safe for the Puritan uplifters to do their thing. Some good was accomplished: roads, schools, hospitals and power plants were built. The marines built a supposedly legitimate constabulary and army. But hell, that didn’t last long. When Roosevelt pulled the Marines out of the Caribbean in 1933 (his “good neighbor” policy) all of it sank away, of course. Now the Dominican Republic is a shithole, and Haiti is worse than a shithole — it is an abscess. Make no mistake: a people converts its environment into conformity with its instincts. So the animals of Haiti have the land they feel comfortable with. The Dominicans, having more White blood, have not brought their land so low as Haiti but overpopulation and corruption are taking it there. You have noted the ongoing exodus from Hispaniola in vessels of desperate design. Atlantic City would be paradise for them. There they will at least get fed.

And no doubt if they reach “our” shores our corps of uplifters will cover them. The jewsmedia will back the uplifters. The huddled masses win; the tax slaves lose (more). The jewsmedia will form public opinion into demanding services for these people for which the government can’t pay. So the government must borrow the money from Jew York banks — which is the plan. It is a sweet, bombproof strategy for usurers — but one that cannot go on forever. Resources will falter. The average technical and managerial competence will sink. This is ZOG’s Achilles’ heel.

The West’s Darkest Hour

is the distilled essence of Judaism

“The State of the Kwa: Atlantic City” is a short white fiction piece written on 30 April 2004 by William Ventvogel (“Kwa” means “Amerikwa”: the degenerate, Mammon-worship place that America has become):

I accepted my boss’ invitation to go with him to Atlantic City for a day of gambling. I don’t gamble, but it would be interesting to see the changes. I hadn’t been up there in years. But no, the nature of the place had not changed. It was on artificial life support. There were fewer White workers than I remember in 1980. There were more casinos, and the crowd was darker, but the same dreary Kwaness was intact, the grasping, gluttonous, uncivilized hive activity of American society. Perhaps it would have alarmed one of us, but to a Kwan [someone who lives in the Kwa (Amerikwa)] it was all right. It was…

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5 Responses to The Kwa

  1. Mosin Nagant says:

    Atlantic City is uninteresting, useless, a corrupting influence. Bethlehem Steel Works in Pennsylvania is now a casino complex too, producing nothing useful, only poverty and corruption and profit for a few. Gambling houses fill while churches empty. Off topic: Evolution (my position) versus ‘Creationist’ discussion on the ‘Quaker’ thread on OD.

  2. Anon says:

    “Some good was accomplished: roads, schools, hospitals and power plants were built.” – that infrastructure was used to expand the force projecting capabilities of the various gangs to ruins others lives once we left, until it fell into disrepair of course. In short, some good was not accomplished.

  3. Craig says:

    Casino is Yellow man’s weakness, Packer in Australia is trying to build many of them in the cities advertised to East Asian audiences specifically. Even my Australianised East Asian Dr and his White missus are gambling addicts.

    • mindweapon says:

      Indeed! I live 30 miles from two major casinos, and have for 10 years, and I have not ever gambled a single penny at either of them. I went to a comedy show at Mohegan with my wife recently because she wanted to, but the place made me nauseous.

      I know a guy who works in their accounting and he says they (the Mohegans) are going out of business. Foxwoods too. In 2008 they built a 40 million dollar office building (seemed like a good idea at the time) but after the financial crash, not so good an idea.

      I remember the heady, pre-housing crash days. Nobody believed me when I told them it wouldn’t last.

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