Southern Congress advises southern households to store up gold, silver and ammo

Southern National Congress News

The Congress passed four resolutions (full text on Actions in Congress page):

1) to promote Senator Niceley’s legislation to all fourteen of our member States;

2) to encourage State legislatures to set aside reserves in gold and silver;

3) to encourage Southern families to get out of debt and set aside savings in gold and silver; and

4) to encourage Southern famlies to purchase firearms and ammunition for the protection of the selves and their communities.

Pro-white and pro-southern organizations need to adopt a promote a prosperity doctrine, not because we’re greedy, but because that is how one has an effect in the USA. Not by being a charismatic speaker, but by being wealthy and owning businesses in the local community and supporting the Little League and Pop Warner football and town youth soccer leagues.

Those who store up gold and silver will be the only people around who have any startup capital for a business. They’ll probably be able to buy a working farm for one or two gold coins. Be sure that the “dry goods” general store is in the hands of a good Southron and not anyone with an alien ideology and/or hostile agenda, and if any business is owned by someone with a hostile agenda, set up competitition and boycott the hostile.

The world laughs at white people because we continue to spend our money and enrich people who have a predatory and parasitic agenda toward us. But in general, we don’t have any alternatives. There’s no pro-white pro-Southron Quickie Mart to go to. There’s no pro-white pro-Southron dry cleaning shop. You need to make sure EVERY business in town is owned by someone who doesn’t HATE you.


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9 Responses to Southern Congress advises southern households to store up gold, silver and ammo

  1. oogaboogaman says:

    MW, I like both of your ideas about running local businesses as well as controlling the local food supply. My question is this, how do you see our current economic/political regime ending? Do you think that it will be a Thomas Chittum/Civil War 2 type break up along racial and regional lines with a disregard for the federal gov’t? A slow decline where eventually we’ll be dumbed down to a level like Brazil? Or, will we eventually reach an economic scenario like Weimar Republic Germany or pre-Communist Russia where it will be civil war or elect a Hitler/Putin.

    • mindweapon says:


      It’s hard to predict the future. I do know one thing — small scale farmers and hobby gardeners can’t wait to actually be relevant participants in the food supply. Say in my town — I could see a few dozen commercial farms and processing centers doing stuff like raising black soldier fly larvae, worms, chickens and processing harvests into storeable food. Hundreds, perhaps reaching a thousand, backyard gardens will be contributing to this system and getting some food security in return. We’ll tell the backyard gardeners to grow what we need most — potatoes, winter squash, cabbage, and tomatoes to process into tomato juice to prevent scurvy.

      A people that produces its own food is going to take a lot less shit from the government. I know a petite hippie woman who is into fermenting fruit wines and raising BSF larvae and worms and orcharding and lacto fermenting cabbage into kraut and kim chi — all that cool stuff. And she’s an anti-government fanatic. I’m amazed at the things that come out of her mouth. I don’t know if she’s WN or not, but she HATES the government. Meeting her, you’d never guess.

      But I have seen this pattern before — people who make their own stuff hate the government. I truly believe there’s a causal connection, and I think the government knows that too, which is why they got to keep the corn syrup flowing no matter what.

      So I think that if and when the government stops feeding corn syrup to the masses, and the masses have to feed themselves, the masses will go feral and ungovernable. Firepower disagrees and thinks that we are “rushing to become peasants.” But he’s wrong. People who control their own production are powerful, and when people have to feed themselves, they are going to be extremely ornery about keeping the fruits of their labor. Trying to collect “taxes” from millions of these people in teh form of chickens and potatoes is going to be so difficult and bloody that it simply won’t be worth it. The ornery peasantry will make sure that extracting their harvest from them is a negative return on investment.

  2. pluto the dog says:

    off topic: MW lve been following islamverseseurope for quite a white- its a great source for Europe news, CZ the very diligent host over there has done a 180 degree sea change – he is now tribe awake. He has posted a series of outstanding pieces over the last couple of months ( ie l was unaware the muslem conquest of Spain was aided by the you know who’s – CZ wrote a large piece on this citing historical sources – mindboggling) – he deserves our whole hearted support!

  3. TabuLa Raza says:

    Cobb has been arrested.

  4. GC says:

    Good post, we need to be prosperous, and boycott/shun the aliens amongst us. The two go together.

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