Alex Jones mocks the idea of “racism” through the whole show

Excellent mocking!


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13 Responses to Alex Jones mocks the idea of “racism” through the whole show

  1. Robot Sam says:

    Blacks aren’t real people, just an amorphous blob organism like black mold. They don’t have personalities, the capability for reason or any personal control over their behavior and actions. Judge any of them on some type of standard (the honky standard) and you are evil. This is what the left believes. You judge one black person on their individual behavior and you are a f*cking racist who hates all black people because they are all the same or they aren’t or something. I’m just gonna go with all white people are racists. That makes it easier.

    • Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

      Well I don’t know exactly what they are in relation to us but they (all non-Whites) are certainly different from us and I don’t like them being forced on us.

      • Robot Sam says:

        It would be much nicer if we could be well, left alone. But to stop racism, non white people must come to racist white areas for good skroools, because the white racism that exists in places where white people aren’t are the cause for poor non functioning non-white skroools run entirely by non-whites and paid for by mostly white people. Hey maybe that is it; it’s evil white people’s money that carries the racism like a disease vector. If we cut off the white money to non-whites, racism will end and there will be world peace! Hooorah!!

      • Anon says:

        ” But to stop racism, non white people must come to racist white areas ” – sort of an inverse/inverse square law.

  2. pluto the dog says:

    as harold said – if white people had a country of their own this wouldnt be happening

  3. pluto the dog says:

    MW, CZ is under increasing pressure over there at islamverseseurope re the latest post in his series on jewish complicity in the islamisation of europe.
    “Jewish involvement in the diversity agenda, Part 1: the suppression of free speech in Britain
    “Cheradenine Zakalwe said…
    The truth is the truth. I don’t care who it attracts or discomfits. I’ve noticed BlazingCatFur took me off his list of sites whose latest posts appear at the side. And Daniel Greenfield stopped linking to me too. And others. I don’t care. The truth is the truth. If you can’t handle the truth, I don’t want you on my side. And if that means I have to fight alone, so be it.”

  4. TabuLa Raza says:

    Can it get any worse?

    • pluto the dog says:

      Thats a big part of the problem we face – it can actually get worse and probably will. Not only can it get worse but it can get a lot worse. lts perfectly logical that it can get a lot worse therefore l cant dismiss this fear that l sometimes glimpse within me – like some kind of blurred visionary thing – it isnt irrational.

    • mindweapon says:

      TabulaRaza and Pluto,

      I’m pretty confident that this degeneracy is pushing itself to it’s conclusion — to a massive backlash. I’d be more worried if they weren’t pushing it to the limit — if they stopped at a certain point in order not to push their luck.

      But they are pushing it and pushing it and pushing it. I’ll call your “can it get any worse” and raise you 12 year old boys kissing:

      So yes, it can and will get worse. but the good news is that leftists are incapable of maintaining civilization, and Atlas will shrug. To put it another way, God will not be mocked. There are still millions, if not tens of millions, of traditional minded White families who have not been degenerated.

      What we can do is be men and women of Tradition, and be stronger, fitter, more prosperous and educated and happier than average.

      The race mixers, the secular Jews and the gays, being part of the Establishment, do not feel the need to strive, to excel. They slack and enjoy, while we strive and seethe and plot and plan and act. Men and women of Tradition are like the Jews in the shtetls in Russia — highly motivated, hostile, and exiled by the Establishment. To be sure, we are not physically exiled the way the Jews were, though actually we would like to be so. But we are more dangerous since we walk among the Establishment. We are culturally and politically exiled.

      People who have grown up with lies, and then realize they were lied to, become enraged and fanatic. This society is a ticking time bomb of rising generations of white kids who are being deceived and perverted, and are going to be very angry when they figure out that they were spiritually (and often physically) molested by liberalism.

      The enriched uranium thermonuclear hate we feel is going to spread to millions.

  5. New England Millenial says:

    Hahaha as soon as this happened I wanted to post a comment here and Tabula already posted that shitty Kanye video. As you can see, everyone on youtube HATES IT!!!

    But here’s something better. I wanted to see if other news stories were commenting on the pure shittiness of this video so I used google news story. It linked me to Perez Hilton’s website. Now I don’t go on these stupid celebrity gossip websites but as I scrolled through his I found that he linked the “Knockout game” video on his facebook so I went to that website. Unlike a drudge article, this website was viewed by liberal whites/non-whites, etc. These aren’t WN but look at these comments! And they’re using their real name!

    • Denise says:

      Well to do “Liberals” are THE MOST materialistic creatures on Earth. They are in love with and wallow in their own Above It Allness. The PUSH the We Are All Alike Underneath lunacy – not because it’s true, but because it make them feel all cool and hip and “spiritual” and super groovy…..and…..just….better.

      They turn into vicious, remorseless KILLERS, the second you truly eff with their pretty pretty things. Alas, the not so well to do Whites have been taking in the neck for DECADES, due to the vanity of the Super Groovy Tolerant social engineering diktats, foisted on them by the Race Traitor “Liberal” scumbags. Now that the Black Tide is washing up on THIER well-manicured, super hip doorsteps – HEY! That’s DIFFERENT.

  6. pluto the dog says:

    lt moves me too but there are gazillions of white brainwash victims who – as KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov said – absolutely refuse to wake up until the rulers boot is on their throat, by which time it will be too late. These peoples eyes are glued completely shut – l encounter them all the time, it makes me wonder maybe there really is something to mind control via TV or food additives or something like that. ls it really that easy to control people, maybe there are techniques we dont know about – the only thing we got working for us is the ever increasing number of white victims, the ones we have to bury every day of the week…but when your people are being picked off one by one it doesnt feel like a game changer that you want to high five about

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