Can it get worse? Sure, but victory dancing over an enemy who is not completely defeated is a doomed strategy

Commenters Tabula Raza and Pluto the Dog ask the question, “can it get worse” and answer in the affirmative.

They ask this rhetorical question regarding a music video by some rapper showing icky race mixing, as shown on the “ellen degenerate” show. All I can say is, if you visit the open sewer, don’t be surprised when you smell shit!

I upped the ante by posting a video from the (probably Soros funded) organization/website called fckh8. It shows 12 year old boys kissing at the end. So sure, it can get worse.

But there’s something I’ve noticed about the march of political correctness. Back in the 1960’s, when they scored their big victories of White Normal America, they were doing the soft sell. THey were saying that school integration won’t lead to miscegenation; that the 1965 immigration act “won’t change the ethnic balance of the country.” They gently mocked people as paranoid for being concerned about the white race, sort of the “tinfoil hat” meme of today.

Since the 1990’s, we’ve seen a harder, meaner, more totalitarian face of politically correct jihad. White America has tolerated a manufactured consent for race mixing and gay proselytizing, and this has led the cultural marxist jihadis to declare victory.

They don’t try to be conciliatory or soft sell any more. Now they do victory dances, and roughly mock anyone who doesn’t agree with them. I’m not going to post the fck8 video here, but if you want to see it on youtube do a search on fckh8 and 5 reasons. The whole video is very “snarky.” Snark is the manner and affect of the politically correct victory dancers. It is an affect of intellectual superiority, moral superiority, and total victory as a foregone conclusion.

I remember the last days of white America — the 1980’s, when MTV didn’t show blacks (except Michael Jackson). We were pretty arrogant. We took our victory for granted. We didn’t feel the need to be high achievers or compete. We slacked, because we didn’t know any better. We didn’t know that life is a perpetual competition, and that our competitors had a nasty surprise in store for us in the 1990’s, when the program of anti-white and anti-normal culture jamming kicked into high gear.

But victory isn’t assured until there are so few white normals left that they can’t even form a colony or a tribe. So long as white normals exist in the thousands, there is hope, and we still exist in teh millions. I know a hippy farm family not a mile away from me. Homeschooling, no gay propaganda, no race mixing propaganda, no African adoptees. They appear to avoid the racial problem altogether because they can; if and when push comes to shove, their attitudes will likely harden in our direction. There’s millions of people like this family. They have fled to high ground to avoid the high tide (we hope) of cultural sewage. The sewage may rise to their feet, or they can wait it out and the cultural sewage tide retreats.

The victory dancers and snark-masters depend on perpetual economic growth. But some of the wiser ones know that the manufactured consensus depends on perpetual economic growth.

Think the Tea Party Is Crazy? Europe’s Rising Neo-Fascism Is a Taste of What’s Coming If Austerity Prevails in America
Cutting social programs and government investment is a recipe for the growth of fascism.

November 15, 2013 |

American political dysfunction looks pretty bad — but just take a look at what’s going on across the Atlantic. A poisonous wave of right-wing, neo-fascist parties is emerging in response to the continent’s ongoing austerity and hugely ineffectual policy response to the resulting jobs crisis.

The U.S. could be headed in the same direction if the austerity-pushers have their way. Europe is a case study in what happens when mainstream parties on both the right and the left fail to deliver relief to the people. Extremists seize the opportunity to assert themselves, and things get ugly very fast.

So highly paid unelected bureaucrats in Brussels pull magic numbers out of the air, and then policy makers use them to call for nations to cut welfare, wages, jobs and the like. The result? People have already started dying in riots in Athens, Madrid and Rome. Backlash in France produced Marine Le Pen’s surprisingly successful candidacy in the last French presidential election for the Front Nationale (FN). If the name sounds familiar, it’s because fascism runs in the family: She is the youngest daughter of the French politician Jean-Marie Le Pen, former president of the FN and currently its honorary chairman. In last year’s French presidential election, she polled some 18 percent in the first round and finished in third position behind winner François Hollande and the previous incumbent president Nicolas Sarkozy.

Anti-EU parties of the sort Le Pen represents are on the rise across continental Europe. They are growing precisely because the mainstream parties conspicuously continue to ignore the prevailing social disasters they are imposing on their respective electorates. As the New York Times recently reported, the far right is quickly gaining ground:

“In France, according to a recent opinion poll, the far-right National Front has become the country’s most popular party. In other countries — Austria, Britain, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Finland and the Netherlands — disruptive upstart groups are on a roll.”

While the European leaders are now talking about moving to a fully fledged political union (a “United States of Europe”) they are doing so within a culture of austerity, which simply exacerbates the prevailing social stresses and leads to further populist challenges to the mainstream.

Time is not on the side of Europe’s policy makers. The stock of private debt remains very high and policy makers are beginning to fret about the possibility of a genuine Great Depression-style debt deflation leading to another lost decade. That was the hidden message behind the ECB’s recent cut in interest rates, although the real answer must surely lie in a fiscal response that will break the fall in incomes and preserve living standards.

That’s the main reason America has not seen a comparable rise in fascism. In this country, we still have institutions, such as Social Security and Medicare, which were designed during the New Deal and the Great Society and by and large work extremely well. Europe, unfortunately, seems determined for now to go in an opposite direction, reviving old historic enmities and rivalries in the process. That could be in store for us if we follow a similar route, which would make the Tea Party seem like a tea party in comparison.

Marshall Auerback is a market analyst and commentator.

Auerback thinks that austerity is a choice, and that it can be avoided by perpetual Keynesian printing. So far, he seems to be right, but I’m pretty sure that an analog to the law of gravity is also at work in economics. The planet is, in fact, finite. Ecological services, including oil, fresh water for drinking and for crops, a stable climate, and the soil base are not guaranteed to be infinite. Any one of them can fail, and drop the whole thing. To name just one important one, the Oglalla aquifer in Texas and Kansas, is fossil water that filled up over geological time, drip by drip. It’s being drawn down in quarterly profit time.

Failure of ecological services doesn’t necessarily mean total doom. It doesn’t need to. All that is needed is the end of perpetual economic growth, which may already be in progress.

Just as a star shines the brightest before it burns out, Ponzi economic growth and cultural marxist jihad are maxing out and burning brighter than ever, even as they are on the verge of extinguishing.


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17 Responses to Can it get worse? Sure, but victory dancing over an enemy who is not completely defeated is a doomed strategy

  1. Denise says:

    I was on a Mainstream “Conservative” website yesterday, regarding the Jew filth Paul Krugman. He had given a speech at some synagogue, basically stating that the Middle Class (White America) is dead. “DEAL with it!”

    I wrote that THIS is EXACTLY what Hitler warned against – THEY did this to Germany, and THEY are doing it do America.

    I got 53 upvotes. 53. That’s not all WN. I knw it sounds like nothing – but I’m usually swarmed by Jews, and their demented Jew lovers.

    I got 53 Upvotes.

  2. Wally D. says:

    Yes, the victory celebrations are a bit too premature, as Martin Bashir of MSNBC recently found out when he advocated defecating in Sarah Palin;s mouth and urinating in her eyes as a punishment for pointing out a certain future of indentured servitude we are leaving our children

  3. sigmatika says:

    I only skimmed that article from alternet, so I might be wrong, but it looks like they attributed the rise of Rightist parties to austerity and anti-EU sentiment. Talk about ignoring the elephant in the room. Could it possibly be that nationalism is on the rise, not because of austerity, but because the ANTI-nationalist powers that be are importing muslims and africans en masse? seems like a more likely explanation of the phenomenon. People are getting killed for offending the minorities, and all of the other parties are complicit in it; still, I’m sure it’s just austerity that’s getting people riled up.

    Ever seen this video? that’s why people in Europe are mad. Because the savagery of the less civilized races is readily apparent, and the powers that be are inviting them in, excusing their behavior, and telling the natives that it’s all OK, the savages will be less savage in future. Bullshit; it’s not Europe’s job to civilize the most brutal parts of the world, and if it were, it still wouldn’t be necessary to let the savages in. At least in America, there’s an apparent reason why we’ve got a negro problem. For Europe, it’s almost a mystery. Somebody is letting the enemy in.

    Here’s a fun fact: To get French citizenship (or ‘become French’ as they say) one has to live in the Republic for 5 years. Except for refugees. Refugees have the residency requirement waived. Here’s the source, on a French government website:

    If you can’t read French, use google translate on the ‘dispense de la durée minimume’ section. They get government bennies just for fleeing to France. I’d love to hear an official explain that policy. How do you paint that as anything other than population replacement? No shit nationalism’s on the rise; the anti-nationalists are openly genocidal. Not only is rightism the only outlet for the pressure that’s building against the status quo, it’s increasingly looking like the only rational option.

    In that light, the leftoid victory dance does look pretty silly, but I’m afraid it’s actually not. It’s part of their strategy. Notice how they like to frame their views as foregone conclusions: If you have a biologically-based definition of marriage, you’re “on the wrong side of history.” One of the primary weapons they use is the ‘social high ground,’ so to speak. They need to look cooler than us to succeed, and they’ve already framed this debate in a way that makes us look like the losers. That’s part of why Heartiste is such an important website; not only because it gives reactionary thought a broader audience, but because it gives the reactionaries tools to work with in the social world.

    I agree that leftism will eventually self destruct, but what will take it’s place? It’s just as likely that another irrational, superstitious belief system will take it’s place, if the voice of logic and reason is still seen as ‘lunatic fringe’ stuff at the time of it’s destruction. There is a power vacuum in the social sphere, and this victory dance is part of the liberals trying to shore it up. They know that many people won’t get on board until the Brave New World gets here, so they’re prematurely announcing it’s arrival.

    Damn, that was a long comment; pardon me for rambling.

    • mindweapon says:

      good rant!

      However, it’s pretty well known that economic growth is used to tamp down nationalism by empowering people who are making a lot of money and don’t want to rock the boat, and thereby attack boat rockers. They are able to recruit bourgeouis but anti-white elements to keep white communities in line, if the bourgeouis anti-whites are making lots of money.

      If the middle class/bourgeouis anti-whties aren’t making piles of cash, they have no incentive to pile on against nationalists, and instead will either be passive, or join the nationalists.

      I have seen this dynamic with my own eyes.

      Of course you are right about the horrors perpetrated by immigrants. But middle class types will dismiss this or minimize it because they don’t wnat any other considerations to interfere with all the frothy money they are making on the latest boom.

      Economic booms with YKW and liberals in charge are like broadcasting Roundup over a meadow, killing everything except the desired genetically modified crops. If there’s no economic boom, then less or no Roundup is getting sprayed, and nationalism/racialism/tribalism is able to grow back like beautiful wildflowers in a field.

      We are what is natural and good. We are natural, we are heirloom, and we are diverse in our own right. Some of us have blue eyes, some have green eyes, some have brown eyes.

      Cultural Marxism is genetic modfiication and monocropping and poisoning everyone in the food chain.

    • rightwingthinktank says:

      Thank you for your wonderfully insightful comment, Sigmatika! You’ve inspired me to analyze the issue in further depth.

  4. oogaboogaman says:

    I suggest all of you to research Colonel Michael Aquino’s, of Church of Satan fame, thesis on mindwar. In his thesis he states that the enemy must be continually bombarded by US media that the gov’t is winning and there is not a snow balls chance in hell that the opposition can win. This is supposed to be used in conjunction with low frequency emf waves and ionized air, but I leave that to smarter people then me to determine.

    • mindweapon says:

      I know about Aquino, that’s where I got the term MindWar. I thought of the term, “mindwar” and googled it and found Aquino’s “From Psy-Ops to MindWar: The Psychology of Victory” and this blog was born.

      The idea of this blog is that the System is waging MindWar on us; how do we wage defensive or retaliatory MindWar?

      Homeschooling is defensive MindWar, because the most important thing is to keep children from being the victims of System MindWar. If they grow up without public education and TV, and get a very good mathematical/scientific and cultural education, they’ll be ready to take on the System.

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