White nationalism is free and open . . . in Israel

If America was a free country, you’d see stuff like this. The Israeli nationalists are telling a liberal they hope she gets raped.



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3 Responses to White nationalism is free and open . . . in Israel

  1. Arturo says:

    Um, those people don’t look very white to me.

    White people are just too polite to behave like jews.

    They really give me the hebrew jeebies *

    – Arturo

    * yeah I stole it from south park. so what?

  2. Jews must remaing unique and separeted but the rest of the world must become mongrelized not only racially but also culturally, so the jews created christianity, islam, marxism, banking control, wars, porn, hollywood.

  3. Landsknecht says:

    I actually saw a recap of this article televised the other day on RT. The mayor of Nazareth (Shimon Gapso) easily won re-election by promising a town “for Jews”, devoid of Arabs and Christmas trees!


    I guess we can now safely say if it’s good for the Jews it’s good enough for us!

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