More gruesome details on the Colleen Ritzer murder

He hates the white society that panders to him, and the beautiful white woman that was out of his reach. We don’t deserve this. We deserve our own, safe, sovereign living spaces.

(BOSTON) — A teenager charged with the savage killing of a popular Massachusetts math teacher left a note near her body reading “I hate you all,” according to newly-released court records.

Phillip Chism, 14, allegedly scrawled the note and left it next to the body of Colleen Ritzer, 24, according to a search warrant affidavit presented in court. The body was found in a wooded area near Danvers High School on Oct. 23.

The search warrant describes a particularly gruesome and vicious scene. It claimed that Ritzer’s body was “sexually staged,” and that Ritzer was naked from the waist down with her bra pulled below her waist. Her remains were sexually assaulted with a branch, the record states.

Next to Ritzer’s body was a folded note stating, “I hate you all,” the affidavit states.

Also found were blood-soaked gloves, which Chism was observed on a school security video camera donning before he followed Ritzer into a second-floor bathroom at Danvers High School at 2:55 p.m., Oct. 22, according to the document.

Chism is charged with murder, aggravated rape and armed robbery in Ritzer’s death. He has pleaded not guilty to the initial murder charge, but has yet to enter a plea in the additional charges, which were released Thursday.


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15 Responses to More gruesome details on the Colleen Ritzer murder

  1. Denise says:

    Racial mongresl ARe absolute abominations. This filthy Black Mischling Is a PRIME example.

    NOTHING was done to this POS. He was not harmed, abused, insulted, or injured in ANY way. EVER. NOT once. His ugly black mutant ass was kissed every day of it’s worthless life.

    I have NO tolerance for ANY-ONE that tries to enforce the presence of these beasts .ANY-ONE that tries to force me to accept this vermin is my MORTAL enemy.

    This is my declaration.

  2. eyeslevel says:

    White envy. It’s always there, ready to lash out, to destroy the source of the feeling of inadequacy.

  3. Arturo says:

    Sup Mind ?

    I am so glad you posted today about this disgusting rape ape Chism. (Btw the way per his photo this animal looks to be endowed with about 35-40% white dna). (He’s whiter than Obama FFS!).

    This is the type of story that, in a sane society, the main-stream media would be reporting on, and drawing logical, pubic policy-influencing conclusions from.

    Instead they (the MSM) do what the disgusting filth at the New York Times did today in Amerika’s “newspaper of record”: namely: sticking this Chism rape ape’s crime story in a tiny sideline article in the back section of the national edition, while four pages earlier, they publish a large, infinitely anti-Southern and pro-accused feature story ATL (above the fold) on Page One of today’s national edition (which was also advertised in a front page thumbnail that appeared at the bottom of today’s print edition – see COTT NYT front page photo), on the “Scottsboro Boys,” and how yesterday November 21st MMXIII the 9 “falsely accused” illiterate negroes all received an official pardon from the highest government officials of Alabama.

    Well guess what MW? : as a result of the NYT and Amerika’s official media constantly, and I mean Constantly with a capital C (for commie) reminding the average goyim about this country’s so-called “To Kill A Mockingbird” / “Mississippi Burning”-style shameful racist past, I went and spent the entire afternoon today reading about the Scottsboro Boys case. (yeah I have a lot of free time, I thank Allah for that).

    My first point here MW in a nutshell being: that the anti-whites by Constantly uber-Constantly stirring the pot of racial resentment, will in the end achieve the exact reverse of the desired effect they are trying to achieve. Lets us praise and thank Allah for that.

    In the case of today’s NYT propaganda puff piece on the official posthumous pardon of the 9 blacks from Alabama who were accused back in 1931 of what negroes often did back then and still do today (namely: rape white women at staggering rates relative to their numbers, and with impunity), a simple review of the facts will reveal that teh Scottsboro boys weren’t so innocent after all.

    Even Wikipedia reports that the majority of them – after being paroled or otherwise pardoned – went on to commit violent crimes and often die violent deaths.

    George Wallace himself in 1976 gave an official state pardon to one of the 9 Scottsboro Boys !
    I guess the real point of my rant here is that, the more you know, the more the whole premise of the alt-rightosphere is confirmed.

    PS: Samuel Leibovitwz was the Jewish NYC lawyer hired by the US Communist Party no less to defend the 9 Scottsboro Boys. He is the one who forced the case to escalate all the way up to the US Supreme Court the second time around (the Supremes heard the Scottsboro Boys case not once but twice).

    In other words: a case that clearly in a sane society would illustrate that whites bend over backwards to accommodate negroes and non-whites in general, is actually in this sick society a case used to show and fraudulently, how evil whites are.


    It is worth noting that not one not two but ALL of the Scottsboro boys, after the NYC Jews in the Communist Party spent beaucoup dollars to defend them, wound up committing violent crimes after they were paroled, released, and otherwise absolved of their crimes, real or imagined.

    Today there is a giant plaque on the front lawn of the courthouse in Scottsboro where it all went down, marking the event as some kind of Great, high-minded milestone in American history.

    I think it is safe to say that this plaque, and the article in today’s New York Times, and the Scottsboro Rape Apes’ postuhumous pardon yesterday by Alabama’s highest officials, is if anything a Declaration Of Victory over the white, indigenous South.

    It’s like: the commemmorative plaque, and the NYT article annoucne : the commies won; the Jews won; it’s all over now White Boy. You will never get a plaque.

    Sorry MW have not got around yet to posting my thoughts on today’s NYT “Scottsboro Boys” + “Chism” / Massachusetts rape-ape article .

  4. TabuLa Raza says:

    I declare- I have NO tolerance for ANY-ONE not knowing the difference between it’s and its.

    Sometimes it’s it’s
    Sometimes it’s its

    Itz “It just went Itz up”

  5. TabuLa Raza says:

    “. . .and drawing logical, pubic policy-influencing conclusions from. . .”

    I sure hope that was deliberate! Funny as hell, and most apropos.

    • Arturo says:

      Ooops. (“Pubic policy”).
      The rest of my rant is valid: There are no “it’s” vs “its” mistakes there.
      The premise holds true either way.
      Try reading a few HLG “The Root’ postings, and then get back to me.
      Not to be mean, BUT : Gates’ peeps sound dumb Dumb DUMB every time, every time and practically no matter what.

  6. Cyprian Korzeniowski says:

    He’s one of those tame looking niggas that would probably have gone on to become an AA hire because he’s articulate and doesn’t look too hood – just like the Prez.

  7. Scarlett says:

    She is the spitting image of my cousin, Gemma…How many more of our beautiful sisters must die or be defiled before the message finally sinks in? And where are our men?

  8. He looks like Urkel!

    Send this story to Anthony Cumia. I keep forgetting my twitter password so I can’t do it!

  9. Robot Sam says:

    When we have a battery of judges who say ‘For the crime of fostering white genocide through word and deed I sentence you to be hanged by the neck until you are dead.’ That is when crimes like these will be avenged. Many people have to just go for their hand in this.

  10. TabuLa Raza says:

    Fasten your seat belts. A restoration of balance is coming, but it’s going to be very very bumpy I want a Studebaker Desert Explorer. [1950 commercial]

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