Laura Ingraham notices the knockout game, black TV guest tries to minimize it

Smirking negress is secretly excited by the knockout game. Look at the expression on her face through the video.

Middle guy says, “A young black man is just as capable of regulating his behavior as a young white man.”

That’s debatable.


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12 Responses to Laura Ingraham notices the knockout game, black TV guest tries to minimize it

  1. TabuLa Raza says:

    “A young black man is just as capable of regulating his behavior as a young white man.”

    But some some reason they fail to use this regulatory power. . .

  2. Roy says:

    I am surfing the cable news and this story is front and center —

    I can’t help to think that running this story is not a coincidence. I guess the incident happened in October, but yet for some reason, the media is covering it today. And the school is holding rallies and protests etc., etc.

    Check out the article. It is incredible Chutzpa. The rally is being held next to a statue of two blacks holding the black power solute. But no one mentions this hypocrisy in the media nor in the comment section of the news report.

    I’d be interested in hearing more about the actual incident back in October. Why wasn’t it covered then? I’ll bet it was either minimal in nature or perhaps just an outright hoax. Kind of like jews spraying swastikas on their own graves etc., etc.

    Anyone with more information would be appreciated.

    • mindweapon says:

      Those kids in college are reacting to political correctness. Look at it that way. White racial misbehavior is not something to wring your hands over, it’s something to celebrate! It means we aren’t spiritually dead; we are fighting back.

      It starts with kiddie crap like that, but can progress to systematic mindweaponization, or a racial activism that is invisible to all but it’s practitioners.

  3. Tom Bowie says:

    Knockout Game with a different ending =

    My pick for Hero of the year =

    It seems to me the big news however is that Respectable Conservatives are attempting to appear somewhat Pro-White. They’ve been edging that way for some time now that the trend towards an ever awakening White population is becoming apparent. That’s the one thing I fear; them pulling it off.
    Nothing will have changed if they pull such a stunt off; White Nationalism controlled by them. Only the speed and details of White Genocide will have changed.

  4. Attila says:

    They are, by and large, a different species, with different life-goals – high reproduction, early death.

  5. North Vinlander says:

    The negress would do it herself if she could get away with it.

  6. Arturo says:

    I am not a violent person but I would not object if an outraged white studio technician just snapped and smashed a heavy piece of his audio equipment into the sneering, prognathic snout of that sickening negress.

    I too noticed that the NYT whom I love to hate, published “Racial Abuse Is Alleged At College,” in a prominently displayed piece on the first page of the “National” section of today’s print edition. It’s the story of a couple of 18 year-olds committing harmless pranks and the vermin at the Times pretend to get all butt-hurt.

    It’s chutzpah like you say MW,

    Here’s my favorite part from that hilarious article :

    “He said the other students had called him “three-fifths,” referring to the provision of the Consitution that counted a slave as three fifths of a person. When he objected, he said, they switched to ‘fraction’.”

    As soon as I recover from this horrible hangover I will post something on COTT about the delicious double-duty publication in the NYT yesterday about (1) the Scottsoro Boys getting a posthumous pardon in Alabama (presented above-the-fold with photo as the top feature story in the “National” section of yesterday’s print edition), and (2) the teenager who murdered a white Mass. teacher . Chism’s story got only a sliver of an article, no photo, in the last pages of the National edition.


    MV I haven’t forgotten about you I will send you what I was talking about soon.


    – Arturo

  7. smith says:

    Whenever you post a video like this you should post the title, a search will usually bring it up after YouTube deletes the original.

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