The Chinamen are officially dumping dollars, which will cause great chaos and suffering as the civilization moves to restore its balance


SECOND UPDATE, Peter Schiff on the Chinamen dumpin’ dollars!

UPDATE, Paul Craig Roberts on the move by China to stop accumulating dollars. Hat tip to commenter Paladin Justice.

Since 2006, the US dollar has experienced a one-quarter to one-third drop in value to the Chinese yuan, depending on the choice of base.

Now China is going to let the dollar decline further in value. China also says it is considering undermining the petrodollar by pricing oil futures on the Shanghai Futures Exchange in yuan. This on top of the growing avoidance of the dollar to settle trade imbalances means that the dollar’s role as reserve currency is coming to an end, which means the termination of the US as financial bully and financial imperialist. This blow to the dollar in addition to the blows delivered by jobs offshoring and the uncovered bets in the gambling casino created by financial deregulation means that the US economy as we knew it is coming to an end.

The US economy is already in shambles, with bond and stock markets propped up by massive and historically unprecedented Fed money printing pouring liquidity into financial asset prices. This month at the IMF annual conference, former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers said that to achieve full employment in the US economy would require negative real interest rates. Negative real interest rates could only be achieved by eliminating cash, moving to digital money that can only be kept in banks, and penalizing people for saving.

The future is developing precisely as I have been predicting.

As the dollar enters its death throes, the lawless Federal Reserve and the Wall Street criminals will increase their shorting of gold in the paper futures market, thereby driving the remnants of the West’s gold into Asian hands.

Gold is indeed down this week, to 1220. all the gold watchers say the same thing – that the Central Banks are shorting gold, driving down its price, the Chinamen are buying it up, and it is going to China and staying there. It won’t circulate in our lifetimes ever again. Gold will become so valuable that it will be a “collectible,” it will be hoarded.

For some reason today I was thinking about an elderly Russian lady, Alla Konstantinovna, that my wife and I knew in Florida back in 1997. I’m sure she passed away a long time ago, but it was a great honor and privilege to know her.

She was a Russian aristocrat who was firmly in the camp of National Socialist Germany. She fled the Soviets in 1945, 8 months pregnant, on a bicycle, and ended up living on a beach in Venezuela for a time. She regarded my infant daughter as a link in the chain of our side, the right wing, nationalist, racialist, aristocratic side, a chain that has been all but destroyed.

At the time I knew I was right wing but I didn’t know what a White nationalist was. She gave me copies of Ed Fields’ “Final Call” newspaper, and Pat Buchanan articles that she’d cut out of some newspaper or newsletter.

The Bolsheviks have done a very complete job of eliminating their opposition – excluding us from all areas of influence, gatekeeping young conservatives and right wingers out of academia (to which we are drawn like moths), knowing that a conservative is just a National Socialist who hasn’t found himself yet.

The liberal/Bolshevik hogging of influence and systematic exclusion of the right wing side has caused great imbalances in the ecosystem of civilization, and it is an ecosystem. It’s akin to a campaign to kill all sharks, or eliminate wolves from the Great Plains.

We are a necessary force of human civilization. We represent human nature as it is, and we don’t try to deceive ourselves about that, or rise above it like demigods. The Bolsheviks pretend to be so morally above it all and above everyone, and presume to have the right to dictate to us and micromanage our lives from their ivory towers and government buildings.

This imbalance has led to great distortions in the economy and the culture. Right wingers are suspicious of debt, of gambling, of welfare, of “getting something for nothing.” But since we were not allowed to have any influence whatsoever, our concerns did not translate at all into public policy. It’s been accelerating Keynesianism (money printing) and inflating asset bubbles. Even liberal economists like Mike Whitney see that this isn’t going to work.

Once the dominoes start falling, the whole Bolshevik structure goes down, because it’s nothing but a bunch of debt bubbles anyway. The government employees bubble, the EBT bubble, the military industrial complex bubble, the foreign remittances bubble. Everything goes at once.

And it’s going to hurt real real bad. On the one hand, we have reason to celebrate. If we survive what’s coming, we’ll get a to see a society where liberals and Bolsheviks have ZERO influence whatsoever, and chances are that in the crash period, there will be a lot of blaming and settling accounts going on. But on the other hand, survival itself is going to be an issue. The analogy of economy crashing is no longer “a bad hangover from a party,” it’s major alcohol poisoning.

The survivors are going to remember. Just try to push liberalism on them. They’ll want to kill you.

So it looks like it might be kicking off now, for real. The Chinamen are officially dumping dollars.

PBOC Says No Longer in China’s Interest to Increase Reserves
By Bloomberg News – Nov 20, 2013 10:03 PM ET

The People’s Bank of China said the country does not benefit any more from increases in its foreign-currency holdings, adding to signs policy makers will rein in dollar purchases that limit the yuan’s appreciation.
“It’s no longer in China’s favor to accumulate foreign-exchange reserves,” Yi Gang, a deputy governor at the central bank, said in a speech organized by China Economists 50 Forum at Tsinghua University yesterday. The monetary authority will “basically” end normal intervention in the currency market and broaden the yuan’s daily trading range, Governor Zhou Xiaochuan wrote in an article in a guidebook explaining reforms outlined last week following a Communist Party meeting. Neither Yi nor Zhou gave a timeframe for any changes.

Less intervention and smaller gains in foreign-exchange reserves may damp China’s appetite for U.S. government debt. The nation is the largest foreign creditor to the U.S. and its holdings of Treasuries increased by $25.7 billion, or 2 percent, to $1.294 trillion in September, the biggest gain since February. U.S. government securities lost 2.6 percent this year, according to the Bloomberg U.S. Treasury Bond Index. (BUSY)
Yi’s comments didn’t imply China will be cutting its holdings of U.S. government debt, said Scotiabank’s Tihanyi. “They are probably going to keep their allocations reasonably stable unless there’s a big policy shift, but it means they will possibly be buying less at the margin,” he said.
To contact Bloomberg News staff for this story: Xin Zhou in Beijing at; Fion Li in Hong Kong at

That’s all folks. That’s the beginning of the fullness of the latter days.

That means that the total exposure that Goldman Sachs has to derivatives contracts is more than 362 times greater than their total assets.

The largest chunk of those derivatives contracts is made up of interest rate derivatives.

I have mentioned this so many times before, but it bears repeating that there are approximately 441 trillion dollars worth of interest rate derivatives sitting out there.

If rapidly rising interest rates suddenly cause trillions of dollars of those bets to start going bad, we could potentially see several of the “too big to fail” banks collapse at the same time.

So what would happen then?

Would the federal government and the Federal Reserve somehow come up with trillions of dollars (or potentially even tens of trillions of dollars) to bail them out?

The Federal Reserve has created a giant mess, and when this current low interest rate bubble ends our financial system is going to slam very violently into a very solid brick wall.

As Graham Summers recently pointed out, entrusting Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke with control of our financial system is like putting a madman behind the wheel of a speeding vehicle…

Imagine if you were in the car with a driver who was going 85 MPH down a road with a speed limit of 35 MPH (this isn’t a bad metaphor as there is absolutely no evidence that QE creates jobs or GDP growth so there is no reason for the Fed to be doing it in the first place).

The guy is obviously out of control. The dangers of driving this fast are myriad (crashing, running someone over, etc.) while the benefits (you might get where you want to go a little faster assuming you don’t crash) are minimal.

Now imagine that the driver turned to you and said, “I’m thinking about slowing down.” Seems like a great idea doesn’t it? But then a mere two minutes later he says “ we need to continue at 85 MPH for the foreseeable future.”

At this point any sane person would scream, “STOP.” The driver is clearly a madman and shouldn’t be let anywhere near the driver’s seat. Moreover, he’s totally lost all credibility and isn’t to be trusted.

That’s our Fed Chairman.

Sadly, most Americans do not understand any of this.

Most Americans have no idea about the immense economic pain that is going to hit us when interest rates go back to normal levels.

All of this could have been avoided, but instead the American people let the central planners over at the Federal Reserve run wild.

When the bubble finally bursts, the official unemployment rate is going to rocket well up into the double digits, millions of families will lose their homes and America will find itself in the middle of the worst economic crisis in modern U.S. history.

It’s going to be more than “an economic crisis.” When the EBT cards don’t work, it’s going to be blood in the streets everywhere all the time.

But on the other end of this, no liberal is going to be allowed to be a dog catcher, if there’s even any left alive or left willing to admit that they were liberals at all.


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62 Responses to The Chinamen are officially dumping dollars, which will cause great chaos and suffering as the civilization moves to restore its balance

    • Awesome news! So the Polar Bear turned on and killed its hunters this time?! Good for the elderly lady. So glad her two assailants have assumed room temperature. I don’t think the would-be victim is going to be charged with anything now that the Knockout Game is being publicized all over Hell’s Half Acre.

      More awesome news. New York is enacting a law that gives anyone participating in a Knockout Game – even those who video it – a minimum sentence of twenty five years in prison – an adult prison – even if they are underage.

      Interestingly enough, we have yet to hear a single peep out of Al “My People” Holder about how unfair this new law would be due to “disparate impact.” Isn’t it amazing how quickly effective law to combat criminality are enacted when the right victims are affected by such criminality?

      I hope more states follow suit.

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  2. Scarlett says:

    I hope you are right, MR, but I won’t hold my breath.

    • mindweapon says:

      Fair enough, Scarlett. But my friends and I have been saying for years, “it’s going to kick off when the Chinamen start dumpin’ dollars.”

      This is the news we’ve been waiting for. Notice they announced it on a Friday evening, so it wouldn’t cause an immediate stock market panic.

      Economy watchers know that it’s the Chinamen that have been keeping the US economy shuffling along, exactly like a zombie. Prolonging our torture, really. They should have let it all kick off in 2008. They delayed it another 5 years, why, I don’t know. But this is something that has to happen.

      And the other thing has to happen too –the dominance of liberalism has to end. It’s crazy. None of us even knows what it’s like to live under a system that isn’t dominated by insane liberalism, unless we lived in Singapore or China or Russia. But liberalism is a sick, sick ideology that has warped our lives and warped the economy and the culture. It’s going to go out with a bang, and what replaces it will be nothing like liberalism.

    • Hey, MW:

      I agree with your prediction that “there will be blood on the streets” when that EBT card stops working, but it will be more liberal blood than conservative blood. Lots more liberal blood.

      Most liberals are urban creatures who like to live in large metropolises with strict gun control laws; like Chicago, IL and New York, NY. They rely heavily on the police and their city government to protect them like all good little Bolsheviks should. If their city government gets too good at protecting them (leans conservative like Rudolf Guliani or is too practical towards minorities and keeps conservative law enforcement in place, like Michael Bloomberg), these good little Bolsheviks feel safe enough to have a really glorious brain fart in order to make a public spectacle …. er … statement about how anti-racist and inclusive they really are by electing a De Blasio who will put an end to all the stuff that kept them safe.

      We forget that a cat will never forget that sitting on a hot stove will burn its ass, but not a libtard. The Greeks used to say that those the gods would destroy they first drive insane. When the EBT card stops working, the most liberal of enclaves are going to burn, almost like a Higher Power designed it that way. Praise the Lord. Amen.

  3. GordoC says:

    Once the US$ is no longer the world reserve currency, you will be unable to print your way out of debt, debts will have to be repaid in the denominated currency.

    A steep change for the USA.

    I wonder if your super special ally is already hedging their bets with China?

  4. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

    Scary, as it’s going to be very painful. Sitting around drinking a leisurly cup of coffee while blogging will become a thing of the past. Hopefully my progeny are taking my advice and stocking up.

  5. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

    *sorry the typos!

  6. Ryu says:

    Well, we’ve got a bit of a wait more. They’re just stopping accumulation. Maybe in a year or two they’ll actually start dumping them. If I were them, I’d do it slowly to avoid a panic. It is good news though.

    • mindweapon says:


      In this situation, stopping accumulation is the same as dumpin’ dollars! However, it could still take some time for the the process to play out, so may be right about the crash not happening Monday.

      I’ll be interested to see what happens on Monday. Notice they made the announcement on a Friday.

      • Mr. Rational says:

        I am pondering what to do.  If I recall correctly, I’ve already dumped all my muni bonds.  I think I’ve sold all US bank stocks.  I’d like to move my money out of US currencies and the US itself, but how?

      • mindweapon says:

        I’ve heard you can get foreign currency at Bank of America. Swiss francs might be good. My personal opinion is gold and silver and dehydrated food and lead. Also, a Kelly Kettle, a sun oven, and a non-electric water distiller.

      • Mr. Rational says:

        I have considered some solar panels, deep-cycle batteries and something like a Grundig well pump (I am not on city water).  I am not sure what to do about supply pressure.

        I invested in lead years ago, I am not sure I have enough but I’m probably in the top 5% anyway.

        Gold is not a bad idea, I’ll have to see where I can buy it.  Also, stashes outside the USA where the New Fascist Americans cannot seize it.

      • Craig says:

        Best solar pump I have found, particularly if you’re pumping from surface water, every thing is easy access. So simple to maintain and repair. Still works down bores but slow like a windmill, and you have to put the plunger pump at least half way in the water zone of the bore well, which is a pain.

        One negative it’s expensive, energy wise it takes 4 to 5 years to pay itself off, but I get many other benefits from the filter and watering system.

        Still I’m gonna buy one.

      • Sam Barber says:

        Mr. Rational, I like the exchanges between you and the MW, I glean a lot of good information from them. I skipped gold and went to pawn shop silver, US junk coins only. I’m in the city so there are plenty of them and they are relatively easy to talk down in terms of price and I’ve actually purchased a decent amount from a pawn manager who was selling them at half the spot price. The owner finally found out and put a stop to it but not before I cleaned them out a few times. I use the website to figure my target price for the day when I buy as well ( in better managed shops). They also don’t charge a tax on US coins as it’s a currency exchange from US to US coins and currency.

        I’m pretty sure that no one is buying silver coins from pawn shops in my area though, I asked the pawn clerk if they were selling a lot of coins and bullion and she said yes they were. However, the same coins sit on the shelves for months so who knows why no one is snatching them up.

      • mindweapon says:

        Yeah, that clerk was lying to you! People don’t know!

        There are so many good opportunities sitting under our noses, that White Americans ignore, it is tragic.

        But at least the Mindweapons, the Elect, who read this web site and act on the workable ideas that are dispersed here, know this stuff and are positioning themselves on the high ground.

  7. Ryu says:

    Good stuff, MW. Things are falling into place for us.

  8. Mosin Nagant says:

    ‘A conservative is just a National Socialist (!!!) who hasn’t found himself yet’? WNs who are ‘mainstreaming’ consider that process the development of insanity, not maturation.

    • mindweapon says:

      National Socialist/Whtie Nationalist, whatever. Radicalized, but not marching around in period costumes or foreign flags though.

      • Mosin Nagant says:

        But foreign flags and period costumes are used everywhere by everyone for historical reenactments, holidays, cultural events, displaying foreign national heritage, decoration, etc. They are generally popular, EXCEPT FOR JUST ONE OR TWO KINDS of period costumes, and foreign flags, that must NEVER be worn or displayed.

      • mindweapon says:

        Yeah. And your point is?

      • Mosin Nagant says:

        ‘And your point is?’

        To reiterate: my response to ‘but not marching around in period costumes
        or foreign flags’ was that marching in costumes and flags is perfectly normal
        and PC, with the one exception of the use of a very few costumes and flags (which ‘Mainstreaming WN’ considers ‘clown behaviour’). That’s all, simple
        as that. I originally noted that a conservative is ‘A NATIONAL SOCIALIST
        WHO HASN’T FOUND HIMSELF YET’ doesn’t square with ‘Mainstream
        WN’ thinking.

      • mindweapon says:

        Well, in my view it’s fine to hold NS views, but one should not march around in the uniforms of a defeated country.

        I advocate using Nathan Rothschild as a role model (for the time being, until we win) rather than Adolf. When we win, we can become more idealistic again.

    • Mosin Nagant says:

      ‘National Socialist’, defined as Nazi or Neo-Nazi, is not PC in Mainstream WN culture.

      • mindweapon says:

        Well, people can wear the swastika tattooed on their heart, but nowhere else. Taqqiyah is the order of the day.

      • Mosin Nagant says:

        It was just an observation I found interesting. In any case, I’m neither National Socialist nor ‘Mainstreamer’.

      • Mosin Nagant says:

        Even if they have the tattoos of the defeated nation hidden under their clothes, they’ll be discovered eventually. Even WNs who are Mainstreamers take photos and tell tales.

      • Mosin Nagant says:

        ‘Taqqiyah is the order of the day’

        That would apply to Mindweaponish WN, probably Mainstream and several other varieties, however not to ethnic Christian conservatism that requires our yea be yea, and absolute truthfulness.

      • mindweapon says:

        If you guys can do it, God bless ya, no pun intended! Whatever works, Mosin! I donate to the Political Cesspool and those guys are open ethnic Christians.

      • Mosin Nagant says:

        However, ‘under the radar’ would apply. Stille im lande, being quiet in the land, also.

  9. Marcus says:

    Or is it chairwoman? IIRC Jewess Yellen was the frontrunner.

  10. Paladin Justice says:

    Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, former Undersecretary of the Treasury under Reagan, has been predicting bad things for the US for a long time now, more accurately than anyone else. He links to the same Bloomberg article that Mindweapons does and adds this commentary on his website, paulcraigroberts(dot)org:

    “This blow to the dollar in addition to the blows delivered by jobs offshoring and the uncovered bets in the gambling casino created by financial deregulation means that the US economy as we knew it is coming to an end.”

    Does anyone doubt that the criminal regime in Washington would not start WWIII by attacking China with nuclear weapons, if that was required to prop up the Potemkin Village that is the USA today. The collapsing economy may be the least of our worries.

    • mindweapon says:


      If they kick off some kind of End Game, it will be their End. Whatever destruction is caused in the process, well, we’ll just have to do our best to survive.

      Nuclear war is not as bad as they all say. It won’t be some apocalyptic nuclear winter, just some temporarily contaminated zones.

      Whatever disaster happens, so long as it ends this current civilziation that is so rich in sin and corruption, it will be an improvement.

    • clytemnestra57 says:


      As someone who was old enough to remember the height of the hysteria over the Cuban Missile Crisis, I am not the least bit worried that TIIC of the District of Corruption are stupid or self-destructive enough to attack China with nuclear weapons.

      MAD or Mutual Assured Destruction has proven to be effective time and time again even with the most rabid of administrations. Look at Pakistan. Never had any problems attacking India when neither side had the bomb. But now both sides have it and Peace reigns Supreme. If the Israelis had any sense at all, they’d LET Iran have Nukes, because once the Iranians really studied what a double-edged sword they wielded, they would stop yammering about the destruction of Israel (which has its own nukes though they are loath to admit it). That’s why I’d let every country that wanted one have a nuke. Worldwide peace would break out, because the motto, “An Armed Society Is a Polite Society” holds true for governments as well as individuals.

      The District of Corruption is NOT going to attack China with nuclear weapons. They know that there is no bunker deep enough or solid enough to protect them from Russia and China’s bunker-busting bombs. They’d let the rest of us evaporate into a mushroom cloud but they won’t take chances on it happening to them.

      A private deal probably has already been cut with China. The District of Corruption and its banker cronies are going to loot what they can out of the American populace and send it over there (I think Obamacare is part of that). China will get control of Africa without interference from the USA, and most likely, China will nationalize the factories and the infrastructure that all these private companies have built over there. Then they will be prosperous and independent enough to sell to their stuff to each other.

      You can call me a cock-eyed optimist, but anyone who has predicted nuclear war is wrong just as Pierce’s Turner Diaries is probably wrong. The EBT Cards are going to stop working and liberal enclaves are going to have their hands full with their pets. A lot of people who have their pensions and money in S&Ls and banks are going to find their money gone. The banksters are going to bail under the cover of the rioting and confusion (assuming they can get out with their skins intact).

      But where are they going to go?! I guess they can go to China, but in The Manifest Destiny mythos, there is a prediction that civilization ends at the American frontier. There will be no “Judeo-” Christian civilization for bankers to appropriate in the east. There is no latent Philosemitism to exploit, because the Hindus and the Asian communists don’t believe in Jesus Christ and there is no Antisemitism so there is no Holocaust Guilt to promote. That makes them the Jews’ worst nightmare. The Chinese already have the gold stashed in their vaults and the factories on their land. The Jews are going to have their hands full staying alive there.

      Washington is at ground zero (surrounded on all sides by EBT Clients), so they will have their hands full, trying to keep the Capitol from being burned down over their heads. Assuming there is still a Capitol Hill, Congress will be forced to investigate and disband the Federal Reserve. If there is no longer a Capitol Hill, power will devolve back to the state governments. Either way, the debt will have to be repudiated and I imagine that all the other countries of the West will follow suit.

      Ironically, once Washington is either destroyed by its EBT Clients or is otherwise neutralized, I think that Russia will have closer ties first with Canada and then with what I believe will be the new confederation of States replacing the United States as oil exporters. NAFTA will be scuttled and Mexico will probably negotiate some sort of Pan-Latino trading agreements with Brazil and other Spanish speaking countries. .

      In any case, our country is going to be facing major economic hardship for several decades, because we will need to rebuild our infrastructure from the ground up. This will be good not only for us, but for the rest of the world, because we will be less likely to meddle in the internal affairs of other countries if we are busy with our own. JMO.

      • pluto the dog says:

        China isn’t too flash either – one quarter of chinese loans are non performing. Someone on another blog was adamant the chinese are working with the us – bernanke has been suppressing the gold price so that the chinese can accumulate gold, and remember china needs the us market- and notice how the us no longer criticises the chinese for keeping the yuan low. What you’ve got is a very complex situation makes it difficult to predict which way things will go. Europe is a disaster too- the european banks are carrying masses of non performing loans too- they are broke. Britain is broker than greece but no one talks about that- the world is one giant mess and the non-whites are breeding like flies. The sooner the shut hits the fan the better- make sure your children are warriors and instill hardiness – they will need it

      • mindweapon says:

        It’s such a huge tangle that it is indeed hard to even imagine how it could play out, except that it will play out. And by “play out,” I mean some kind of grinding to a halto of the ordinary processes of finance capital.

  11. oogenhand says:

    What about the nuke deal with Iran?

  12. TabuLa Raza says:

    >>>so long as it ends this current civilziation that is so rich in sin and corruption, it will be an improvement.>>>

    The bomb could be renamed ATOMIC BALM. . .

  13. Belalcazar says:

    It seems that everybody on the racial right has gotten it into their heads that a “collapse” of our society is a foregone conclusion given the “out of control” debt and decadence of the modern western world. In the intellectual bubble that is white nationalism this idea takes on an almost mythical dimension with its devotees assuming a fervor comparable to evangelicals who think the second coming will happen next week. The idea of collapse is nothing new, it’s been the primary outlet of escapism for racial nationalists since the 1960’s, one would think that the past 50 years would have disproven the idea of collapse, but given the desperation of the racial right now in its more firmly entrenched than ever.

    The first rule of political upheavals, revolutions and “collapses” is that the force replacing the old force must be stronger than the old force. Due to exploitation and poor living conditions of the third estate as well as the le ancient regime’s embrace of enlightenment ideals the first total collapse of a society took place with the Jacobins storming the Bastille. The Jacobins succeeded because they outnumbered their enemies, had the exploited population on their side and because they didn’t simply wait around in café’s waiting for a “collapse” to take place. We have none of these advantages, even with the slow encroachment of white areas with nonwhites, technology allows for an increasing standard of living and escapist entertainment preventing people from openly resisting the modern political developments. White nationalists have got it into their head that a political mass movement for white separatism will spontaneously form once society has “collapsed” since the chaos will be intolerable, they have it all wrong, society will collapse only when a political mass movement for white separatism threatens the political order. Unless something can fill the vacuum of modern western governments they will continue to thrive since the only alternative of chaos, which might well excite teenage extremists but which no man, much less one with a family to support, would wish to see.

    Now you may point out that the French revolution is a bad example since it was a political development allowing our enemies to attain power and not ourselves, so why not analyze the collapse of the Weimer republic and the collapse of Yugoslavia? In the wake of WWI the German’s were poor and exploited, forced to pay reparations, highly nationalistic, had a stab in the back myth, and had a culture venerating authority. It’s important to note the Hero was never elected and that the Weimer republic didn’t “collapse” even amidst the turmoil of insane inflation rates and absurd debt. In fact by the time the Hero was appointed chancellor the crisis had largely passed and the economic policies (see “Wages of Destruction”) that increased prosperity in the mid-1930’s were largely a result of the previous administrations economic policies. National socialists enjoyed every advantage over White nationalists in that we have a lazy mostly content prosperous population that we seek to radicalize, a people with no historical precedent for nationalism and no real myth or history (I’m referring to America specifically here). So too do we live in a culture which worships individualism and self-reliance, an atomized society which has foods and pills to make people happy and compliant. Like the Jacobins national socialists didn’t wait for a collapse, it is true that they were helped by the economic conditions of the time, but they existed in a milieu were nationalism was embraced by even moderates and where people could be organized in the real world without having to be around weirdos and informants and have one’s livelihood threatened. Another thing which made the national socialist transition to power easier was that most Germans had not ever encountered non-germans (and when they did they encountered smelly contemptible Jews) so they were not burdened by the sentimentality that comes with knowing individuals outside one’s own people.

    Which brings us to the collapse of Yugoslavia a nation of many ethnicities artificially brought together on the basis of abstract ideals, sounds familiar no? The problem is that the people who constitute the population of the Balkans have over centuries become so different from one another that peaceful coexistence or meaningful interactions between two ethnic groups have become impossible. In the Balkans people are separated by myths, languages, alphabets, religions, and cultural traditions. This progression is exactly the opposite of the American progression of the past few centuries of increasing integration and standardization of people so that people of different backgrounds and cultures have fewer appreciable differences (apart from race). It sounds good to say that the differences between whites and nonwhites in America for instance are greater than any two peoples living under the same nation and far more than in the Balkans, however the fact is that both speak the same language, practice the same religion (which hardly anybody takes seriously to begin with) and are immersed in the same, forgive the oxymoron, American culture.

    White Nationalists really need to strategize on the assumption that a collapse will never happen only then can we, collapse or no collapse ensure an existence for our people.

    As a side: I was thinking the other day about the great contradiction about how many of our people support the radical changes in the racial makeup of society and yet still largely interact and intermarry with their own kind and I’ve thought up a satisfying, and perhaps provocative answer. I think our people largely scoff at the idea of a white nation because they fear that such a state would have too great of expectations for them, that they would face too great of competition and that such competition and expectations would lead them and their children to constantly question their superiority, uniqueness and value. The more backward and dysgenic society at large becomes the more valued and more able do we and our progeny become.

    • mindweapon says:

      I’m definitely hedging bets on both. However, to say that collapse won’t happen simply because it hasn’t happened yet is the same logic as a person with stage IV pancreatic cancer saying, “I’m immortal because I haven’t died yet.” 400 trillion dollars in derivatives in a global economy that is about 40 trillion a year? There’s so much precariousness in the financial situation, so many debts that will NEVER be repaid, so much general insanity of it all, that somethings got to happen.

      You also misrepresent how I think it plays out.

      Collapse gives us a break, a chance to find our own cultures and identities again. It will be a break from public schooling and television propaganda, and a return to religiousity and fanaticism. And from that basis, there will be political revolution.

      • scott says:

        To me, forget the $$$$, forget the retarded education system, forget our Tazmanian Devil foreign policy, and forget this toxic culture. Demographics will decide our fate. Amnesty will be passed before easter.

      • mindweapon says:

        Amnesty will accelerate the collapse, and as Clytemnestra said, the EBT hordes will kill the liberals who wuv them.

  14. zek says:

    This blog discusses a theory that was revealed by what was thought to be an anonymous European central bank insider in the late 1990s. It also makes for a world-class “dark enlightenment” economics education if you go on to read the hundreds of other articles there.

    There are a lot of theories as to how “what’s about to happen” will play out. Freegold is a model that fits the real-world data quite well, I think. I’ve been following it for several years and trying in vain to find good counterarguments.

    Freegolders are on the lookout for things like gold backwardation; rapidly falling inventory of the GLD ETF; rapidly falling price of gold; increasing physical gold premiums; increasing yields on long-dated treasuries. None of which are showing any particular alarm at the moment.

    Another popular idea within the Freegold community is that many things happen “behind the scenes,” and big players do not like to tip their hand. This announcement by China may, therefore, mean nothing or it may be strategic jawboning. Both more likely, I’d say, than them coming out and openly declaring economic war on the U.S.

  15. belalcazar says:

    To MW

    To say that “collapse” will happen despite the fact that there’s no historical precedent for it relies on far worse logic IMO. The past determines the present, the present the future, blah blah.

    When it comes to economics though, I’ll admit despite being pretty educated I have really no idea how are how to interpret figures and data, in fact I don’t think anybody really does. Japan and Italy for instance have far worse debt than us but nobody claims that they’re on the verge of collapse. Niels Bohr once said tongue in cheek about quantum mechanics: “If you think you understand Quantum Mechanics, then you don’t really understand it,” the modern economy is basically the same thing.

    I think a point of contention between us that ought to clarified is what exactly is a “collapse,” for instance was the great depression a collapse? According to my definition a collapse is the complete breakdown of society resulting in a dramatically new political order. Under that definition the great depression would not be a collapse since life went on mostly unchanged and since it was ultimately alleviated through conventional political means. Now I would be inclined to grant you that if the unemployment rate for white males skyrocketed during a traumatic economic event, especially if aa positions remained it would fester resentment and increase the popularity of the far right, but I don’t think it would be nearly enough.

    The 2008 financial crisis was caused by greedy Jews and irresponsible minorities, this fact was so clear to anybody who had the slightest capacity for critical thought, and the fallout created a lot of pain for a lot of years, but in that time I never got the sense that people were awakening despite how clear it was that our people would be better off without Jewish usurers and their minority minions. In this time if whites found themselves unemployed or with little money it only meant that they’d turn on the television more often to get a greater dose of bread and circuses. I will agree with you that 2008 is only a beginning and that the economy is on the decline, however I think that no matter how strapped things get economically it won’t be enough to result in a total collapse, libraries will still be open, trains will still run, medications will still be handed out and of course Telescreens won’t turn off. People will simply line up to vote for “the other guy” and if that doesn’t work they’ll do it again four years from then ad nauseum.

    Look, I don’t post on WN’s sites very often because all too often it’s the same discussions on the same website with the same people and it accomplishes very little. I’ve been an admirer of you MW for a long time, and I think that your site gives more direction to people in the movement struggling with the helplessness that comes with wanting to do something for one’s people but not knowing where to start by giving people a clear course. The message is simple: drop out of the multicult, improve your skill set, and prepare for the worst. I just think that the site is better focusing on ways of self-improvement and sticking it to the multicult rather than doom and gloom which turns a lot of people off and which is often overly optimistic and has no historical precedent.

    • mindweapon says:

      Thanks for the compliments, Belal . . . (scrolls up) Belalcazar (an easier handle would be nice).

      Ordinary middle class people that I know have WN views without realizing it. They just don’t put ethnic or religious labels on it. I can get them hyped up on an “international banker parasites” rant no problem, or get them on board with “sterilizing welfare recipients.” Just don’t specify any ethnic or religious groups, and they are fine with WN policies.

      We are the tip of the iceberg, Belalcazar. There is a huge organic consensus behind us. The liberal “consensus” is just a manufactured television consensus.

      • Mr. Rational says:

        Sterilizing welfare recipients and the illiterate is stealth WNism.  IIRC, in places like Minnesota the likelihood that a Black household receives welfare benefits is 48%; the corresponding figure for White households is around 4%.

        Temporary sterilization as a condition of parole, especially for crimes committed as teens, is another possibility (something like Vasalgel).  Males who cannot keep their noses clean long enough for it to wear off before having it renewed leave the gene pool.  There goes your problem of the worst out-breeding the best, and they’d be bedding the illiterates anyway.  If all those matings are fruitless, the dumb, impulsive, criminal class shrinks like a water drop on a hot frying pan.

  16. Conspirator says:

    Joseph Tainter wrote a book called Collapse of Complex Societies, which I recommend. In it he argues that ‘collapse’ is basically when a complex society becomes less complex. An example would be the Soviet Union. It’s gone and now we have Russia et al. It ‘collapsed’ in the sense that Ukraine, Belarus and other parts were jettisoned because maintaining the whole thing was too expensive. I’m not sure if there has ever been a case where a society completely fell into a black hole.

    Tainter also says that a complex society must provide ’tangible benefits’ to it’s participants otherwise they will no longer have an incentive to support the system and will look for an alternative. One tangible benefit is physical security. Another is food. If the Kwa can provide these kinds of things than I guess that means the system really does ’work’. But the disappearance of these things, like deadlines, has a way of focusing the mind.

    I will say this; importing millions of non-whites, endlessly printing money and an economy which is based on ENDLESS economic growth are all linked. I believe that it is impossible to address one of those problems without addressing all of them. The GOP will not point out the first problem because they want cheap labour , White Liberals will not because they are PC, and non-whites will never address it because they view it as the ultimate source of their political power and they rightly understand that an America that is 60% White is still dangerous.

    Who is the net consumer of resources in America? Non-Whites. Who is the net producer? Whites. If resources become scarce, what could we propose to the residents of the Red States to alleviate the economic hardship? When California goes bankrupt a lot of people in the Red States will not want to bail them out. When Chicago goes bankrupt (it will) the people of Illinois will not want to bail them out. Everyone in Michigan knows why Detroit went bankrupt.

    Due to economic hardship and austerity, it will become convenient to be Pro-White. People like us will support WN on principal, but Joe 6-pack will support it because it will make his life easier. He will have more government benefits because of WN. WN means (just as one possible example) the residents of Northern California joining Oregon and then telling the rest of California to go screw themselves. It means the Red States dumping the Blue States because they are too expensive (as well as hostile).

    WN is the only viable solution to our economic and political problems. In times of economic depression we need to pull together and co-operate. This is IMPOSSIBLE in a racially diverse country but the White parts of America could do it. America needs to collapse to a lower level of complexity.

    In addition, as resources become scarce, competition for those resources will increase and that competition will not be just White vs. Non-White. Blacks and Latinos hate each other and have every reason to fight with each other – their political alliance is temporary. Perhaps we could propose austerity measures where one of them is given preference over the other in some way. Any successful WN movement must turn the races arrayed against us in this way – it is the logical strategy.

    MW is right to advocate the things he does because it will create Whites who will reject this system. It will create people who will, when presented with the prospect of bailing out non-white cities and states, choose to cede them to the 3rd world and maintain the land we currently have as an explicitly White nation that will not allow ANY non-white immigration.

    But before we can plan any torchlight parades we need to do the groundwork for explicitly Pro-White political action and that is the Mantra. Once average White kids are saying “Anti-Racist is a codeword for Anti-White” we will have already positioned the pieces for checkmate. The internet has destroyed across-the-board compliance with Anti-White dogma. We are starting to argue. They are censoring the comments section because of US.

    In 1938 no one knew that Molotov and Ribbentrop had made that pact. Every war is won before the first shot is fired. By the time a bunch of people get together in a room and decide to form a pro-White party, all the work is done. The rest is just politics.

    • mindweapon says:

      Once average White kids are saying “Anti-Racist is a codeword for Anti-White” we will have already positioned the pieces for checkmate.

      Awesome comment, Conspirator! Followed your website nad will link you.

  17. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

  18. April Gaede says:

    Lets not just blame the Bolsheviks and liberals. The conservatives who want to play the equality game and Capitalists who sell out their race for the almighty dollar are just as much to blame and I cant wait till they get eaten by their workers and gardeners.

  19. TabuLa Raza says:

    From Comfort Zone to Twilight Zone

    “F” Ride at Disneyland

    Free tickets provided by Thy Usual Susspects

  20. Peter Blood says:

    The word “collapse” brings to mind a building falling down catastrophically. One minute it was there, the next there is a pile of rubble. But a societal collapse can take a long long time.

    By my reckoning, we’ve been in collapse in America for 50+ years now, in the West overall for 100+ years. It’s slow motion, and requires a long view of things.

    So it’s not “when the collapse comes, we’ll do this or that”, we’re in it right now. What are you doing during the collapse?

  21. TabuLa Raza says:

    Lenin was certainly right. There is no subtler, no surer means of overturning the existing basis of society than to debauch the currency. The process engages all the hidden forces of economic law on the side of destruction, and does it in a manner which not one man in a million is able to diagnose John Maynard Keynes

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