America is Tammany Hall writ large, so volunteer in your area for disaster preparedness and community organizing; it’s mostly old white people volunteering these days

I volunteer for just about everything short of the Fire Department. Most volunteer organizations only require a commitment of a few times a year to show up for things. I noticed that all the volunteer organizations have mostly middle aged and elderly white people.

Volunteering is implicitly White because non-whites only show up if they are getting paid. This is the big secret that the Espionage Model yields to us; this is the hole in the firewall; this is how we hack back into our country.

You can also volunteer for your local Democrats/Republicans. Try both, and see which one has better connections. Keep your mouth shut about ideology and let the nice old people say whatever they want, because if you’re in a small town, they aren’t the bad guys. They just don’t know any better, but you better not try to set them straight. Keep your mouth shut, rub elbows with the nice people, and keep your eyes open for local patronage opportunities/jobs/contracts.

America is very much Tammany Hall writ large. 90% of life is just showing up to the “Tammany Hall” meetings and being part of the scene.

So here’s some volunteer organizations you can join that will require only a few times a year to do anything for them.

If there’s an outbreak of plague or H1N1 flu, you’ll be first in line to get a course of antibiotics or vaccines. Of course, you may be suspicious of medicine the government doles out. I would definitely avoid Cipro at all costs. Better take your chances with plague than Cipro! Doxycycline is the other one, so if you aren’t allergic to Doxy, that’s been pretty well tested. As far as vaccines, that’s your judgment. I haven’t decided what I would do in such a situation. Disclaimer, none of this is to be taken as medical advice, do your own research.

But aside from this, joining the MRC will give you a chance to be in an implicitly White situation and give you excellent practice at Taqqiyah and social skills. We went over several situations, such as one where a Muslim dressed in full jihad came up with his wife and said, “I’m the only one who has ID and you’ll only be talking to me.” What do you do in such a situation? Mind you, we were in a situation where terrorists had hit us with anthrax. I wanted to say, “Report to the waterboarding station #16 so we can find out the names of your terrorist cell,” but I kept my damn mouth shut! Good boy!

I got a goodie bag at the end, and won a crank radio that can charge your cell phone with a hand crank generator! Not bad for a Saturday morning of volunteering!


Find CERT in your area here:

These people work with the emergency manager in thier own, and with the local council of governments. THey give you a lanyard with a federal CERT ID. Might be useful in a doom situation. You’ll assist local law enforcement and fire department and other first repsonders in the event of DOOM. That’s a good place to be, rather than with the starving, shuffling zombies. If there’s martial law and a gun grab, the local cops might leave the local CERT volunteers alone.

Join meals on wheels:

Help out old white people. Keep your mouth shut about politics. Find local patronage opportunities.

Red Cross:

Like Medical Reserve Corps, and then some. Get free first aid training. Maybe you’ll end up part of the administration of your local FEMA camp. You may end up in a situation where freedom and independence is not an option for the time being; you will either be an inmate, or a guard/administrator. Better to be a guard/administrator.

If you’re a college kid or an unemployed moms basement dweller, this might lead to your job. At least you’re doing something in the real world. Patronage jobs tend to be government funded and not too high stress. Put in your time, get along with everybody, and you’re good.


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7 Responses to America is Tammany Hall writ large, so volunteer in your area for disaster preparedness and community organizing; it’s mostly old white people volunteering these days

  1. Wally D. says:

    Good post with lots of good ideas. I must’ve missed the part about why we should avoid cipro, though. Why is it an anti-biotic to avoid?

    • mindweapon says:

      If you have a tendency to seizures it can give you seizures, and if you have myasthenia gravis, which you could have and not know it, it can make it much much worse. I know of someone who had myasthenia gravis but didn’t know it. She took a course of Cipro and now is permanently paralyzed and lives in horrible pain. Death will be welcome relief for this poor woman.

      • Wally D. says:

        Thanks for the update. The odds of having M.G. are probablly a million to one and no one in my family has seizures, so Cipro remains a good drug to have readily available.

  2. Stary Wylk says:

    Yes! One must participate to have any power in the community.

  3. Mosin Nagant says:

    Very good post.

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