Liberal to WN conversion story

The people who defect from us to them are generally scum that we don’t want. I urge pity towards Derek Black — children of public Nazis get a lot of crap hurled at them, and we got to cut them some slack. But the tattoo face types that defect to One Peoples Project are good riddance, the Axis Sallys and the guy who had the face tattoo that got taken off by a Jewish surgeon, and the TJ Leydens. Good riddance to all of them! The best thing they ever did for us was go away.

On the other hand, when we get defectors from the liberal camp, we get pretty good, middle class folks who have spent their lives playing by the rules, until they realized the rules were a gun to the head of them and theirs. Below is a liberal to WN conversion story that I deemed worthy of posting. There are other commenters here that, a few years ago, would have hated us. We welcome you all, and grant you political asylum to the WN Island of the Damned! You’ll never meet nicer people, than you’ll meet here.

In 2005 I planned to write a book about hate, including WNs, La Raza Reconquistas, feminists, black hate toward whites, anti-semitism–hate in all its forms. But upon reading Steele, amren, and stormfront (haters according to my source, which was splc) I failed to find real hate. What I found was common sense, concern, and fear over where the country was headed. My Mexican university president is a Mexicano Supremacist, so I began to realize that the hate was directed toward whites and especially white men, also since my dean was a Mexican lesbian radical feminist child molester.

Fast forward to 2012, I was still a Reagan Republican, but in leaving comments on HuffPo that were moderate to liberal I began to despise all things moderate and liberal. The HuffPo crowd are insane. Thus, no more than a year ago, I started rereading the race realist literature (Kevin McDonald, Steve Sailer, et. al.), and also got back to reading Henry Makow and David icke, which I had done back in 2005.

The pieces started coming together. Adam Smith in The Wealth of Nations wrote that two businessmen coming together would conspire against the public. He was right, but the conspiracy is not just a couple of auto dealers conspiring to jack up prices on new Chevys, but a massive tacit conspiracy among Cultural Marxists and other power elites to subjugage the white race and destroy the middle class for their own gain. Makow is starting to put the conspiracy in racial terms as is Icke, although neither is a WN, and Makow is a Jew. The economist Paul Craig Roberts is also a leader in exposing the criminal government in Washington. He worked for Reagan, but is no longer a Republican. He’s not into race, but he knows a malevolent government conspiracy when he sees one.


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34 Responses to Liberal to WN conversion story

  1. fmr_Elkaholic says:

    White communities can not exist within the world government. If your goal is white communities, the NWO (or whatever is called the top-down world-wide model of government) has to be dissolved.

    I do not think that can be done, without an evolution of consciousness occurring across many lines of race. Otherwise known as peace love and harmony.

    The convergent interests of white advocacy, and peace love and harmony, should be obvious. If they are not obvious then you are advocating for destruction.

    • mindweapon says:

      World government is going to dissolve itself because it’s going to be bankrupt. Not enough people voluntarily support world government to keep it going without massive surplus wealth to keep it’s enforcers paid off.

      • countenance says:

        The danger in world government is NOT that it will succeed, but the damage that its proponents will do to us in trying to make it succeed.

      • mindweapon says:

        Good point. I heard on the radio that there are 50,000 people in Kiev, demanding that Ukraine join the EU! I was horrified and when I got home, asked the wifey WTF? She said “Those 50k protestors were paid by Americans. Most Ukrainians are against joining the EU and want to stay with Russia. Ukrainian businessmen and factory owners wrote to the government and said they want to stay with Russia.

        Also, get the mega chutzpah of the EU — they want little Ukraine to pay 160 Billion Euros to join the EU! I woudn’t have believed if it I’d read it on the internet, but the wife heard it on Russian TV. There’s no way Ukraine has that kind of money. Russia could write a check for 160 billion right now, but not Ukraine. Even though the wife told me, I don’t know how that’s possible. The EU people have to know that Ukraine doesn’t have that kind of money.

        OK, pay us 160 billion dollars. Oh, and by the way, stop protecting your farms from GMO crops and Industrial Agriculture. We’re going to bring in mega machinery and Monsanto and Cargill and African workers, and throw your Ukrainian farmers off the land. The 160 bilion you gave us should be good for our startup costs. Thanks for the country, losers!

        That’s how fucking insanely evil they are. Thank God Ukraine said fuck off, we’re with Moscow, not Brussels!

      • Wyandotte says:

        Mindweapon – re your comment about Ukraine and the EU:

        It’s not as simple as you make it sound. 50,000 people “being paid” to protest in favor of joining the EU? How does your wife KNOW this for a fact? How much did they supposedly get paid to riot? I’m a Ukie living here, and while I’m not pro-EU in the least, you can be pretty sure there’s a whole shitload of Ukrainians that don’t want the “privilege” of being “with Moscow”. Moscow has never been a friend of the Ukrainians and never will be. The Ukes over there are caught between a rock and a hard place. They need to be themselves, by themselves, for themselves.

      • mindweapon says:


        You’re in Ukraine? Wow.

        Um, Russia won’t flood Ukraine with Africans. It’s not demanding 160 billion euros to “join” them. It’s not going to require that Ukrainians give up their farms to megafarms and plant GMO’s.

        Russians are Ukrainians are co-ethnics. Brussels is a bunch of Jews and lackeys of Jews.

  2. Jon says:

    So far as conversions go, based on my anecdotes, anti-racist >> race realist outnumbers “Nazi” >> liberal by an overwhelming factor. Like 10 to 1.

    • mindweapon says:


      Most conversions are quiet, like Countenance or Maureen Martin. They just happen to tell their story.

      I suspect most of the commenters are liberal to WN conversions, aside from the hard wired wingnuts like me. When I was 7 years old I saw an interracial couple (bm/wf) and asked my mother, “Is that legal?” My mom said, “yes,” and I said, “it shouldn’t be. that should be illegal” and my mom reflexively said, “Oh, I don’t want a racist in my car.” Nowadays she knows better, but in 1977 she only knew what the TV told her, like so many Murrikans in 1977.

      To our dearly beloved recent converts. Did you have lingering doubts about libtardism all those years? DId you have moments of cognitive dissonance?

      It will help us understand better those who are not yet converted.

      • Stubbs says:

        Political Correctness and “multicultural” education were probably my two biggest sore points. I had to sit through one too many Sad Stories about the death ovens and racist drinking fountains. Ironically, I might still be a liberal had I gone to a more conservative school.

      • Did you have lingering doubts about libtardism all those years? DId you have moments of cognitive dissonance?

        When I was a libtard I was nevertheless a race realist. I just went along with the idea that darks were “oppressed” and used the standard excuses. It was dealing with white and ykw leftists that showed me how they were the ones that were haters and they were really just anti-white. I remember getting into it with one leftist anti-fa type who was telling me there is no such thing as white people but there is a such thing as black people. Another freaked out at the idea of a European-American cultural organization.

        Then, for all the lefty talk about fighting for the “workers” and the “working class” it was clear that, at least among the upper class white liberals (i.e., not anti-fa losers) they had nothing but sheer contempt for the white working class and their sympathy for blacks and browns was purely for show.

        My take on anti-white libtards: it’s a class thing. It elevates their status to hate on poor white and feign love for non-whites, because they obviously aren’t going to be marrying their daughters to non-whites nor moving into the ghetto. So it’s just sheer hypocritical posturing.

        Frankly, I think we’ve reached Peak Anti-White. I just don’t think there’s enough energy on the left. The ykws are losing their place on the left as “oppressed victims of the WASP establishment” and when they try to join the conservatives they don’t get the welcome mat they used to; the cons just want their money. It’s also true it’s the GOP/kosher con establishment that allows the anti-whites to get away with it, the trope that “liberals are the real racists.” Well, no shit they are.

        I see hipsters merrily gentrifing ghettos and simply ignoring the complaints from the anti-whites. Sure they may have an Asian friend or a mulatto they personally like but they aren’t anti-white in practice.

        Whites won, we’re just negotiating the terms of surrender now.

        Once you truly understand this dynamic, the way forward is clear:

        Also, this sentiment:

        That said, the death penalty is hardcore, and it makes pro-civilization nice guys look pretty alpha to say: lock these trash up or kill them. Whose alpha now, MF?

        WN 1.0 was a failure. WN 2.0 showed there’s a better way. WN 3.0 will be the game-changer. What will it look like?

  3. Jon says:

    Thinking about it, it could be that it’s an insincere conversion and the guy is just practising Takiya (and getting some free plastic surgery and intel in the process).

  4. fmr_Elkaholic says:

    Or put it this way – If there is no common ground between white advocacy and those looking for peace in the world today, you are going to have a tough sell.

    It seems there is little to no interest among the white advocates online, in developing an appealing platform. And yeah Nietzsche said that a man should only study war and maybe he was right, but does it not make more sense to figure something else out, when it is pretty obvious how to reconcile white interests within a crowded world.

    If white interests cannot be reconciled within a crowded world, then i am wrong and you can have your war.

    • fnn says:

      The current anti-white regime is one of permanent warfare. The predatory international capitalism and support for Zionism of the current system are the opposite of peace. USA was at peace (both internally and externally) when it practiced econmic nationalism, anti-interventionism ,low immigration and rejected federal forced assimilation policies.

      • fnn says:

        A right-wing extremist has been elected regional governor of Banska Bystrica in central Slovakia.

        Marian Kotleba won 55.5% of the vote in the run-off against Vladimir Manka from the Smer-Social Democrat party.

        Mr Kotleba is a former leader of a banned far-right organisation who now leads the ultra-nationalist Our Slovakia party.

        …The former teacher has called for Slovakia to withdraw from Nato, which his party brands a “terrorist” organisation.

  5. countenance says:

    There’s more to Derek Black leaving the movement than meets the eye. I won’t say publicly, but the explanation is really practical and really has nothing to do with politics. Mindweapon, if you want to know the real story, head over to my blog and use the “Contact Me” box and send me an e-mail and I’ll respond to you.

  6. Paladin Justice says:

    “We have got to eliminate the gringos.”
    Researcher and author Devvy Kidd (isn’t she great) adds: The words above were spoken by Jose Angel Gutierrez, professor, University of Texas, Arlington and founder of the La Raza Unida political party. His full comment was: “We have an aging white America … They are dying …We have got to eliminate the gringo, and what I mean by that is if the worst comes to the worst, we have got to kill him.” (

    Since I am currently based in South Texas, attitudes like the above are well known to me, even if the open expression of white genocide to this extent is not. Gutierrez can get away with it because he’s a professor working in a politically correct system. Feminists get away with it too, people such as Susan Sonntag and her famous “white race is cancer” statement.

    The Mexicans even have a plan to soft genocide the white race. It’s called “The Cosmic Race” or in Spanish, “La Raza Cosmica.” You thought Jews were the choosen ones? No, according to Professor Jose Vasconcelos, writing in Mexico City in the 1920s, God has chosen the Mexican people (through his white, red and blonde-haired emissaries who came by spaceship and appeared before the Aztecs hundreds of years ago) to create a single race worldwide. The Cosmic Race is to be a blend of all races into a brownish amalgamation of blacks, whites, Asians and everyone else. When there is only one race, the world, it is claimed, will at last know peace. Vasconcelos, when you dig a little deeper than wikipedia on him is just another anti-white academic, although he sure is a clever one. The Cosmic Race drives Mexicano Supremacism, although as you might guess, the Mexicans don’t like to talk much about the white gods with red and blonde hair who travel the universe in their flying saucers. This from the people who often see the image of Jesus in a slice of toast or in the reflection off a car bumper. Mexicano supremism indeed!

  7. I have a soft spot for David Icke, even though a lot of what he says is baseless or based on misinformation. I believe he publicly called Jimmy Savile a pedophile years before Savile was exposed, so I give him credit for that. Good night, reptilians!

  8. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

    And the left STILL has to pay people to work for them. Cuz no one REALLY gives a crap about gays marrying. Why the heck would a homo, who is breaking our society’s rules, care about marrying? WHO benefits so much from pushing a LGBT, abortion, “civil rights”(if you are brown) agenda that they are willing to pay someone a couple grand a month to “advocate” for their “grass roots” hahaha non-profit hahaha organization?

    We all know the answer to that.

  9. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

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