Another polar bear attack in NYC

Excellent on the ground reporting by Lion of the Blogosphere. He believes this grandmother was not an Orthodox Jew, but a Jewish immigrant from Russia stuck in a mostly black area (Starrett City).

The NYC Hate Crimes Task Force is on it! Since it’s Jews being attacked. Jewish Trumps Black. Gay Trumps Black. Everything Trumps non-Jewish Heterosexual White.

Let’s knock over this whole rigged card game, eh?

Lion of the Blogosphere

As reported by the NY Post (which unlike the NY Times is on top of this story):

A Jewish grandmother was slugged in the back of the head by a young thug in Brooklyn Monday — and cops suspect it may be another instance of the violent “knockout game.”

The attacker didn’t say a word or try to rob the 72-year-old Mira Harpazi, police sources said.

She had left her home in Starrett City to visit a Jewish community center in Canarsie.

She went to a nearby pharmacy and was returning to the center at around noon when the thug attacked her on the corner of Pennsylvania and Flatlands avenues.

There are two points that need to be made here.

1. If she lived in Starrett City, she is NOT an ultra-Orthodox or Hasidic Jew, but a secular prole Russan Jew and the black youth who slugged her probably wasn’t…

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6 Responses to Another polar bear attack in NYC

  1. Paladin Justice says:

    Until the Supreme Court’s Lawrence Decision in 2003, sodomy was illegal. In just 10 short years, sodomy went from being illegal to being protected and promoted by government. So, yes, mindweapons, the heterosexual white male is at the bottom of the pecking order. He, the responsible male, the husband and father, is mocked and ridiculed everywhere we look. He is the one humiliated by his wife in cuckold porn, as she turns to the black man for satisfaction and forces him to watch. He is the one passed over for promotion at work as the mixed-race hipster bisexual female with the piercings, tattoos, and half a drug addled operating brain takes the job rightly his because his employer has bought into the diversity junk and has affirmative action quotas to meet.

    White women in many cases favor affirmative action because they think that they benefit. I have news for them. White hetero women are only a notch above white hetero men in the affirmative actions sweepstakes. Overall, all whites suffer from affirmative action, which has more and more turd world and sodomite beneficiaries being “protected” by the government everyday.

    But protection of whites by the government is not so easy to come by. Now a Jew is victimized by black thugs, and there’s an alleged crisis of black anti-semitism. Blacks have no ability to discern a Jew from a white. What a crock that blacks are targeting Jews. They go after anything that looks white to them. The libtard elites are soon going to offer their “solutions,” things like throwing more money into the schools and midnight basketball. But violence is deeply ingrained in black DNA and tossing a ball around won’t change that.

    The only real solution to black on white violence is separation, with blacks not allowed into white enclaves under any circumstances, but for now that’s illegal. So is racial profiling. So, where we are left in the short-run is to keep the pressure on blacks by holding the media’s feet to the fire, to arm ourselves for self-defense, and to avoid the groid.

    Just one more thing. Anyone who thinks that doing x, y, and z will cause things will get back to normal is asleep. This is the new normal and until there is a major shift in power, this is what we can expect, except worse in the future. More and more people realize that we are no longer a nation of laws, but a nation of evil men pulling our strings. Cutting those strings and resolving to obtain justice for ourselves is what it’s going to take to regain control over our destiny.

  2. anonymous says:

    @ big –

    the welfare state can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent


    i like polar bears- highly intelligent, highly independant non-pack animals with a power-packed punch that would fuck up any other predator – lets take it as a compliment that whites are seen as polar bears by the bunnies – and lets channel the polar bear energy into making them fear us and the potential for damage we can ultimately do to them!

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