Obamacare short circuits insurance actuary math in favor of socialist redistributionism

Interesting article on alternet about framing the discussion.

The writer claims that conservatives are misrepresenting Obamacare and making “redistribution,” a dirty word. But then I saw this paragraph:

The law, for example, banned rate discrimination against women, which insurance companies called “gender rating” to account for their higher health costs. But that raised the relative burden borne by men. The law also limited how much insurers can charge older Americans, who use more health care over all. But that raised the relative burden on younger people.

In other words, the insurance companies are not allowed to practice basic actuary science and charge premiums based on the likelihood of claims. They are short circuiting the whole process of insurance, and basically using for-profit insurance companies as administrators of socialized medicine.

Women have higher medical costs because of pregnancy and childbirth. But they also have the ability to get men to provide for them by being pretty and agreeable. Socialism takes away that necessity and lets women get fat and have disagreeable personalities, reducing traditional family formation. Socialism takes away the role of men as provider, as “hero” to his family.

Also, under socialism, there is less incentive to be healthy. Ruining one’s health means you get on social security disability and live a life of leisure. It’s an easy out. Too fat to move? SSDI and EBT. Too ugly to get a husband? Get a baby daddy and a weffare check.

No, the conservatives aren’t tricking anybody. Rush likes to joke about how Obamacare will be paying for transgender surgery, “Addadictomy” and “Chopadicktomy” operations will be booming in San Francisco on the taxpayer dime. But there’s a lot of truth to that. The more socialism you get, the more undeserving scumbags get benefits, increasing the moral hazard of society and the burden on those who are productive and playing by the rules.

Cultural Marxist Socialism seeks to reward the scum, and punish the proper. It makes for a less attractive, fatter, stupider society — like the movie Idiocracy, except much, much worse.


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6 Responses to Obamacare short circuits insurance actuary math in favor of socialist redistributionism

  1. countenance says:

    Gender costs to health care.

    Sure, women are costlier than men as young adults, but men are costlier than women as middle aged and elderly adults.

  2. torgrim says:

    Ever been to a food handout at some Christian charity? Between socialism and the church, women don’t need men and by the looks of most of the women, they aren’t looking either, and many dress and act like men. Anyone questioning this should take an hour and observe, warning, do not stay more than an hour, as it becomes very depressive…..to one’s outlook for the future and should only be taken in small doses.

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  4. Paladin Justice says:

    The premise of Obamacare was that the cost of healthcare as a percent of GDP would be lowered while the quality and quantity would increase. Its defenders still cling to the premise, while rejecting the reality. Since mindweapons referred to Rush, I’ll add that his calling Sandra Fluke a slut was not a joke, but her crude demand for sexual pleasure at the expense of the taxpayer should have been taken as an early warning sign that “healthcare” has a lot of feminist politics mixed in.

    • mindweapon says:

      Indeed! Rush nailed the agenda of Obamacare.

      I’m all for free berf control and abortions. Can you imagine the black population we’d have now if not for abortions? Black women are the number one users of womens health services of this type. Lots of mudsharks get vacuumed out as well. Let the liberals and minorities have all the “womens health services” they want for free, it’s an excellent investment.

      • Paladin Justice says:

        I love the in-your-face warlike stance on liberalism taken by Ann Barnhardt over at barhardt(dot)biz. She knows there’s going to be a civil or race war and is trying to wake people up. However, as a devout Roman Catholic she is strongly opposed to abortion, believing it has brought on God’s judgment. Where she really loses me, though, is when she wrote about offering a black woman who was going to abort all expenses paid until the child reaches 18. So, thanks to her, there is one more black in the world. I suppose Ann believes this act of opposition to abortion is going to help her get to heaven. Mmmm.

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