How White nationalism must be like Moscow Cat Theatre

So they made cats do something one would never think they would do. We have to do that with White Americans. Modern White Americans appear to be too dumbed down and apathetic to do anything, just as cats seem to be too independent to be trained in showmanship.

But we have capacities that we don’t realize we have. We have to be like the Moscow Cat Theatre, and do things no one thought we could or would do.


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5 Responses to How White nationalism must be like Moscow Cat Theatre

  1. Ryu says:

    LOL. WN is like herding cats. That’s a funny video.

  2. Stary Wylk says:

    The tricks are simply extensions of things cats already do quite naturally. You play with one until he does something you are ready to use and encourage it. For example, climbing the pole is something the cat does whenever he trees a squirrel; just more of it.
    In the same way we should behave as animal trainers (for humans are not truly vegetables), encouraging behaviors we desire.

  3. Tom Bowie says:

    My Dogs work in my garden at several tasks each year. The simplest being tilling the soil (while mixing in a bit of mulch) each spring more efficiently than most people could/would.
    I use some watered down beef broth and give the area I want worked a good sprinkle, letting it soak in a while before opening the door and saying “Go get it, Find it”. They go over the area again and again in search of that roast beef sandwich for several hours until the scent has been reduced by mixing with the soil under the top layer and time. (After that I take them inside for a nice beef treat before they take a well deserved nap.)
    The training (idea) was quite accidental and involved the granddaughters setting up something akin to a doggy version of an Easter egg hunt. (I do have to rake it level but I can get about a 5×5 to 6×6 foot area worked exceptionally well per day.)

    Since then I’ve found other more complex tasks for them that likewise require taking advantage of what they do best. Freckles has difficulty understanding the difference between sit, lay, roll-over or anything else and the only command Harley obeys is “ignore the heck outta me”. Despite their limitations as untrained, spoiled critters; they are currently resting after having done some slightly more complex work that required zero training and was itself the reward; only the opportunity to help was needed.

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