New blog link, The Legionnaire

I have been remiss in not linking this one.

The Legionnaire

The Legionnaire explains the philosophy of neoreaction in very clear terms. Neoreactionary is a good term for us. It is WN, but also much more. Neoreaction is a way of life, as encompassing as a high commitment religion. Legionnaire’s word for Mindweapon is Natural Aristocrat. But we’re talking about the same thing. The Legionnaire is deep philosophy and history, Mindweapons in Ragnarok is near-future apocalyptic science fiction. Both are useful maps for understanding.

What we are doing by blogging, and living what we blog, is writing our own story, and our own history. In the beginning is the word, and then the word is made flesh, and action. People who say that “blogging is useless,” or “Leaders as Entertainers” are just growing impatient because they don’t see the Revolution on TV.

You are the Revolution. The choices you make, to be effective, to be powerful, to be a Mindweapon, to make yourself one who can lead others, or train leaders, or raise children to be leaders.

Your actions will not be televised, but you are encouraged to blog about them, and link to us and be linked. You probably have insights and connections that will be useful to us. If you know about a good adventure job like Tower Tech or Tissue Recovery Technician or Roughneck in the Oil Patch or Data Miner, post about it. If we do nothing else, we get people out of the soul killing stagnation of low paid, no respect retail worker Hell On Earth.

If you think blogging is useless because we’re not doing a lot of stuff face to face (yet), think again. Someone I know contacted me about the Tissue Recovery Technician job already. He’s going to do it.

Destinies have been changed because of our blogs. History majors have become Petroleum Engineering majors, low paid retail workers and call center workers have found higher paying adventure jobs and independent gigs that actually pay pretty well. One of our commenters has found a niche related to human companion animals that has really started to take off for her. No loans, no startup costs, just her own skill and ambition and ability to market herself. The seed of ideas have been planted in many others who are stuck in their lives, and they are plotting their escape to become stronger and more successful men and women.

The Legionnaire blog will give you a clearer understanding of who you are in this time and place in history. Because you are part of this community of blogging and thought, you are a Mindweapon or a Natural Aristocrat. You are not a person “entertaining” himself, if you are reading these blogs. You are a a Neurosemiotic Culture Warrior at the very least, when you make comments on newspaper blogs. But you are probably much more than that.


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5 Responses to New blog link, The Legionnaire

  1. Brandon says:

    Another good one MW. Will visit him.

  2. Dan Poole says:

    As the old saying goes, “readers are leaders.” Read the right stuff and you become a leader. Or you put yourself in a position to become one.

    Your blog is invaluable, Kievsky. It’s a pity so many of us didn’t discover it earlier.

  3. Tina says:

    I echo Dan Poole completely- too bad I didn’t find you earlier. Your blog is so good on so many levels.

    • MOISHE (NOT) says:


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