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Ouch! Mayor-elect de Blasio to abolish horse-drawn carriages; Laura Ingraham has better idea

Mayor of NYC Bill DeBlasio to ban horse drawn carriages, being as they are reminiscent of the bad old days. Advertisements

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Critics of Pajama Boy are Nazis, including Pat Sajak; also, caption contest

This is dying for a caption: Pat Sajak on PJ Boy: I guess Pat Sajak, in making fun of Pajama Boy, is a Nazi! Obamacare ‘Pajama Boy’ Controversy Wrapped in Anti-Semitism Right Wing Anger at ‘Jewish’ Star of Viral Health … Continue reading

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Terrorist attacks in Volgograd; allegedly retaliation for successfully protecting Syria

So allegedly the Saudis are paying the Chechens to attack Volgograd of all places. If this is true, the Saudis got a lot of chutzpah starting a sectarian war between Sunnis and Shi’ites, and attacking Russia for defending the Shi’ites … Continue reading

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Support increased minimum wage

The Feds inflate, but don’t raise the minimum wage. Meanwhile, the banks get 85 billion dollars a month in Quantitative Easing but use it to boost stock prices. If money had held it’s value, if it hadn’t inflated, it wouldn’t … Continue reading

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CULTURAL MARXISM: The Corruption of America

Get Youtube Downloader if you don’t have it already and download this for future reference. Good movie for homeschoolers.

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Arab immigrant beats indigenous Swedish boy because of his blue eyes

Racial envy is the motive for much racial violence against whites. It’s the hate that liberals don’t want you to speak of.

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Black soccer player in Europe does the Quenelle

Nicolas Anelka’s ‘quenelle’ gesture in support of ‘racist’ friend Dieudonné causes outrage in France French sports minister Valérie Fourneyron publishes a statement saying Nicolas Anelka’s gesture was an “incitation to racial hatred and sickening” Well, I feel I owe them … Continue reading

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