NPR liberal attacked in attempted knockout game; angel in heaven almost gets its wings

If a black murders a high placed, professional liberal, an angel in heaven gets its wings.

In this case, almost, but no cigar

John Hingsbergen • 4 days ago
Folks, as a Program Director at an NPR station, I don’t usually get involved in discussions like this, but I have personal experience with this so-called game. I can’t say how long it’s been going on, but I have strong suspicions that it is a game for the young participants. How can I say that? From personal experience, and just blocks from NPR’s new headquarters in the NoMa District of Washington, D.C. It was this past May, just a block from the Hilton Garden Inn on First St, N.E.

While I was taking a brief walk around the area, within sight of the hotel and with plenty of other people on the sidewalk, a teenager walked up to me smacked me on the side of the head. Thankfully, he was not strong enough to “knock out” this 60+ year old so all I did was spin around, only to see him take off running to the other side of the street to join two companions who were laughing as if it was the most hilarious thing they’d ever seen.

I reported the incident to D.C. Police and the officer who responded (very professionally, I must say) seemed to have never heard of such a thing. I actually asked him if this was some kind of new game since the circumstances were so odd. He wrote it off to the fact that NoMa is a neighborhood in transition experiencing a clash between the long-time residents and those who are gentrifying it. (My term, not his.)

“Game” or not, I agree that it was an assault and should be treated as such. But I believe that, if this is being seen as a game by the participants, it’s more premeditated than many other crimes of violence. This kind of behavior needs to be analyzed realistically and recognized for what it is. Is there a racial component? I choose to believe not but sadly this was an African American teenager attacking an older white man. “Polar Bear?” Well, I do have white hair!

The liberals agonize over talking about it and confirming racial stereotypes, or not talking about them at all and sweeping them under the rug. Boo hoo libturds!

John Hingsbergen Matt Thompson • 2 days ago −
Matt, Gene and all, I understand the difficulty to quantify a so-called “trend” of this type as well as the skepticism regarding media reports, especially local TV news, etc. From my limited, yet quite intimate experience, of just one occurrence (which is more than enough for me) part of the problem is the lack of completeness on the part of law enforcement. I did not bother to get a copy of the police report for my “incident” largely because of the inconvenience of doing so.

I strongly suspect that report does not reflect the level of detail that I gave to the officer on the scene. If such incidents are reported by police as “simple assaults,” how would anyone be able to document a trend or pattern? As in so many other matters, attention to the details could help with understanding what’s happening. For the responding officer, it’s just another event during a long and underpaid day at work.

And finally, an observation about this discussion….

It is very sad if we allow such conversations to degrade into mere confirmation of racial stereotypes and reasons to fear our nation’s “inner cities.” It is likewise sad if we sweep these incidents under the carpet as if they are not happening.


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8 Responses to NPR liberal attacked in attempted knockout game; angel in heaven almost gets its wings

  1. countenance says:

    Ideological cultists. Loons. Everywhere.

  2. PA says:

    When Matt Yglesias was polar beared a few years ago, I speculated that he will nurse anger over the incident. I appear to have been wrong — he continues to write about the incident with a weird, detached flippancy. But his reaction is not a normal one. He may be abnormal, even for a lib. Most liberals who get that done to them, will nurse a growing anger, maybe even hate.

    Humiliation is a human universal. One doesn’t forget it. One thing those stunned libs underscore in their testimony is the simian (my term, not their) cackles of laughter that the attacker’s companions react to the assault with.

  3. Denise says:

    Well done NAGA thugs! I love it when the Deserving get what they deserve!

  4. Thanks, Chief Lib White Hair takes heapin’ big pain from vibrant youts. They could make a movie I’d pay big Shekels for called “Reap ‘N’ Sow” made up entirely of Libs getting just desserts – I’d buy a gross for Christmas presents! Happy Stinkin’ New Year!

    The card would say:

    “If White people had a country of our own, this wouldn’t be happening ^_^ “

  5. MOISHE (NOT) says:


  6. Paladin Justice says:

    Whiteguybleedalittle. When he bleeds a lot, he’ll come around. If he lives to tell about it.

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