Appointing a person who should have never been born to a government job that should have never existed.

Progency of Irish mudshark and Nigerian “economic refugee” who had no business in Ireland, appointed to a position that should never exist in the first place, the head of the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice.

This will be the scandal of the week, with the conservatives being more and more boldly racist and nothing to lose and no reason not to be, and the liberals at Daily Kos and Salon clutching their pearls and fainting.

Daily Kos on Racist Roaring Republican Reaction.

Like a pack of slavering Baskerville hounds, the card-carrying members of “RRR” (acronym meaning varies—rabid Republican racists, religiously race-baiting right-wingers, reactionary racist Repubs, right-wing racist rhetoricians, or your choice) are on the scent of their new meme of “racialism” and their target is one of President Barack Obama’s nominee’s—Debo Adegbile.

Just a few examples from the sewers:

National Review Online: The DOJ’s Radical Civil Rights Division; Obama’s pick to helm the division seems to hew to a racialist view of civil rights

From comments:

u.s is turning into planet of the apes

Racist, Anti-White Obama Appoints Racist, Anti-White Debo Adegbile To Replace Racist, Anti-White Tom Perez.
From comments:

Shocking animal ooga booga’s promoting other animal ooga booga’s.
Thought Tom Perez was Radical? Meet Debo Adegbile:

But in the Obama Justice Department, the law is not as important as the cause. And with Adegbile, the cause is racialist.

And one I missed, Denise Oliver Velez attempts to deny that anti-racist is anti-white, to little avail!

Hey Denise Oliver-Velez, we’re not listening any more, or if we’re listening, we’re at best mocking and laughing at you!

Thanks for letting us know that the great Mantra has spread to the Republicans! Anti-racist is anti-white! Racism, Schmacism!

Anti-racism is not ‘anti-white,’ no matter what Republicans say
byDenise Oliver VelezFollowforDaily Kos
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The virulent meme spread across our nation with increasing frequency by Republicans and their racist adherents is that “anti-racism” is a code for “anti-white.” This is part of a larger pattern of stigmatization of any groups or efforts made to address and redress the racial inequities we still face, and there are myriad variations on the theme, including “reverse racism,” “reverse discrimination” and “playing the race card” or simply a dismissal of anyone who attempts to combat racism by labeling them a racist.

Far too frequently we see headlines blasting racist blatherings by Republican politicians and party officials, local, state and national, and their faithful followers repeat these falsities ad nauseam on internet forums, in LTE’s, newspaper comments and in personal conversations among family, friends and co-workers.

Just use your favorite search engine. It takes but a minute to turn up examples, which are distributed geographically: Texas Republican Official Peter Morrison Talks Secession, Reverse Racism (Jasper, Texas), GOP Rep. Goes on a Racial Rant (Montana), Racist Rant Gets GOP Chairman in Hot Water (Illinois).

This claptrap has now made its way onto a billboard in Harrison, Arkansas.

Since Daily Kos is a reality-based community, with a readership that has an interest in history, I thought it might be useful to discuss some of the facts with which you might wish to arm yourselves when confronted by this seemingly endless font of bigotry. This is in hopes that in some small way, when faced with any of these memes in the course of daily interactions, online or in real-life mode, you can at least put paid to a few of the most egregious lies and distortions.

No guarantee that pushback will change the minds of die-hard bigots, but we never know when facts may fall onto fertile ground, so we need to keep pushing them.


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4 Responses to Appointing a person who should have never been born to a government job that should have never existed.

  1. Paladin Justice says:

    Obongo, Holder, and now Adegbile–three peas in a racist, anti-white pod. And to think that a significant number of whites voted for Obongo a second time. Self-loathing or stupidity or what?

  2. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

    Bob Whitaker and White Rabbit radio are the best thing that’s happened for White survivalism in a long time.

  3. Craig says:

    From one man to the white racialist mass, then academia, now the republicans and the libtards bitch about it. Hehehe Libtards and recovering contards doing our work now.


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