Priceless Reddit thread about black professor in Minnesota who got reprimanded; Rate My Professor spilled the beans on her!

Reddit on the three “white male college students” and the reprimanded Affirmative Action African Queen

[–]JimmyMcReputation 462 points 11 hours ago
It’s really difficult to judge this situation without knowing what actually occurred in the classroom.
Though, from her ratemyprofessor profile, it appears that these students are not the only ones who have taken issue with her demeanor:
She talks a lot about ethnic and racism but less about English. I felt like I had to agree with what she saying or else she singled me out.
…this is not an English class, it’s basicly just a way for her to stand on a soap box and preach about racial inequality.
i would not recommend her. she talks more about diversity and racism than English. on more than one occasion she hinted at the fact that she thinks most of the class was prejudiced and singled out students in the class. she was sarcastic and made you feel dumb for asking questions
I agree she talked about racism and diversity way too much. I thought I was taking english, not racism 101.

[–]complex_reduction 341 points 10 hours ago
Note that she was officially reprimanded for her behaviour so I doubt it was just a few white boys overreacting. Not to mention quotes from her like:
“And I told the lawyer at the investigatory meeting, ‘You have helped those three white male students succeed in undermining my authority as one of the few remaining black female professors here.'”
So if white male students complain about her behaviour, they are undermining her as a black woman? Seems like she’s a bit of a fruitcake.
[–]failuer101 33 points 7 hours ago
or just very sensitive to the that she is a minority, granted i know nothing about her.
[–]msmls 73 points 5 hours ago
Don’t know why the down votes. Some minorities seek out discrimination everywhere. When you view the world with that lens, everything becomes about your color, instead of people just being assholes.
[–]awittygamertag 16 points 1 hour ago
Bronze at The Oppression Olympics
[+]Duck_worth comment score below threshold (7 children)
[–]ResilientHooker 9 points 51 minutes ago
Seems like she’s a bit if a fruitcake racist.
[–]BloodyMummer [score hidden] 15 minutes ago
From watching the video I got the impression that she was racist. She may not burn crosses or hurt people in any physical way, however, she does hold prejudiced thoughts in her head.
[+]simonask comment score below threshold (11 children)
[–]FlyingGuineaPig 144 points 9 hours ago
That does seem to happen a lot with college professors, actually. So far I’ve had a Woman’s Lit teacher who made so many derogatory comments towards males that by the end of the course we had fourteen girls and one guy still in the class, and a sign language teacher who would not let us speak to ask each other for help because “it is rude to speak without signing in the presence of a deaf person,” and would only answer our questions if we managed to phrase them in sign. (He refused to answer most of mine beyond a reprimand that my finger spelling was bad, until I learned the sign for “help” and just made it over and over with an increasingly desperate expression.)
I’ve also had professors who more-or-less stuck to their subject but had odd quirks about them, like the History teacher who liked to mention all the weed he’d smoked, and the Comp. 102 teacher whose expression would become more and more gleeful the more conspiracy theories you’d managed to cram into your essay.
I think most people just put up with it, find a way to benefit from it, or see it as an interesting story for later. This was one of those times where it escalated, if it is indeed the case that she has a thing for discussing racism.
[–]spacepirate001 53 points 6 hours ago
I took 2 years of sign language in high school and that teacher’s attitude seems to be a recurring trend for the worst among ASL teachers and apparently a lot of members of the Deaf community. From what I gleaned from my teacher’s demeanor and life story, along with the documentaries we watched regarding the Deaf community, if you’re hearing and want to be a part of the club you have to sign and finger-spell flawlessly, and pretend that not being able to hear is the greatest gift God ever gave to the supposed chosen people. If you’re already deaf, the only way to really fuck up is if you try to get cochlear implants, which apparently is to “deny your heritage”.
I myself haven’t had any significant interaction with the Deaf community, so I refuse to believe this is the norm everywhere, but unfortunately for me, that self-righteous bullshit is the only thing I really learned about in that class, because the teacher couldn’t actually teach. Which is a shame, because me and my buds could actually benefit a lot from a visual language, and the artistic possibilities are exciting, especially for things like poetry.
[–]docandersonn 38 points 3 hours ago
I went to college at a school that was 10 percent deaf or hard of hearing. Deaf culture can be inclusive or exclusive depending on the circles you run in.
Speaking anecdotally, I’ve found that some in the community resent the exclusion they have felt as a deaf person. It’s completely understandable: they’re human beings who, unless they’re around a lot of other ASL speakers, cannot communicate on the same level as the hearing population. It’s frustrating.
When they do connect with other people in the Deaf culture, their disability (yes, I know that’s not a PC term, but diminished hearing is a disability) becomes a point of pride. The cochlear implant issue comes from an older generation of Deaf people who have lived without hearing most of their lives. They feel that by granting deaf people the ability to hear, they are somehow losing their cultural identity.
Let’s be clear. American Sign Language is a unique and sometimes beautiful language. However, being deaf or hard of hearing is a handicap — almost being run over by a person who was signing instead of paying attention to the road convinced me of that. Not being able to hear is a physical problem that we can mediate, and that mediation should not be treated as some sort of cultural sin.
[–]the_spectral_baboon 1 point 30 minutes ago*
I as well took Sign language in college, though not at a school particularly known for having many Deaf students. While I did meet many quite nice Deaf people the prevailing reaction to people who chose to get and stance on cochlear implants I found to be rather distasteful.
Deaf person A resents and is hostile towards Deaf person B for choosing to have implants because it undermines Deaf person A’s identity and sense of self because it seems to imply that there is something wrong with person A, they take it as an attack on their community based on a common condition of being deaf. It’s as it they fear that medical science is try to perform some sort of genocide on their culture. Its like if an amputee resented those that chose to get prosthetic limbs because it challenges the notion that you are a capable person despite your handicap and that there is nothing wrong with you in need of correction.
I just think its a self centered and infantile point of view that just happens to be quite common in the Deaf community. I think it speaks of fragile egos and unhealthy mindsets, how others chose to manage their health shouldn’t be for you to judge it its not hurting anyone or anything (besides your ego).
[–]orthag 31 points 3 hours ago
The most ridiculous thing I have ever heard from the deaf community was that parents who get their children cochlear implants are horrible because they’re acting like there is something wrong with their child that must be fixed. Well no ducking duh, they can’t hear! They lack one of the most important human senses!
[–]TricksterPriestJace 13 points 1 hour ago
It’s like telling someone with a mechanical leg that they’re denying wheelchair culture. I empathize with the need to have a culture of peers, but this idea of keeping people deaf when there are alternatives is absurd.
[–]GluttonForAbuse 1 point 37 minutes ago
Wow. Your explanation makes this more understandable, I guess, though it still remains, perhaps, one of the sickest things I’ve ever come across:
Lesbian couple create a child who is deaf like them
[–]themeatbridge [score hidden] 11 minutes ago
I’m going to go ahead and say that giving their children the names Jehanne and Gauvin.
Seriously, though, deafness is not a crippling handicap. A deaf person is more than capable of living a complete and happy life. Being able to hear is extraordinarily helpful, but so is being tall, or a white guy in a racist, misogynist world. Yes, some deaf people think that being deaf is like being short or being black. It is a part of who they are. They have their own language, their own culture. A hearing person may learn the language, but will never truly understand the life.
Wanting to share that with your children isn’t a crime. People get to choose their sexual partners, and who they want to reproduce with. I see seeking a sperm donor with specific traits as no different.
[–]r0but 97 points 9 hours ago
To be fair to that comp teacher, insane conspiracy theories can make a boring anything exponentially more entertaining.
[–]bluetaffy 36 points 7 hours ago
Well she did tell them to file a discrimination report against her if they didn’t like it. it’s her own damn fault.
[–]Buck_Speedjunk 24 points 3 hours ago
My favorite was the one of the Philosophy/ Logic profs I had that would go off on tangents about how awesome life had been in Soviet Russia. He had a giant husky (unusual by itself, awesome dogs) and an ushanka complete with hammer and sickle that he would wear everywhere as soon as the temperature dropped below 55. He was born and raised in the US.
[–]PhilipeNegro 11 points 2 hours ago
Gotta love the old communist sympathisers—I had one in school myself. It’s amazing: apparently, you can learn everything about a country in three weeks of being there, secret or not! Especially in the fair and transparent 1970s!
Bah, secret labor camps…
[–]sirspidermonkey [score hidden] 11 minutes ago
I had one professor who repeatedly said “Stalin was just misunderstood.” but he could never explain what was misunderstood. He wouldn’t deny the purges, starvation, etc that happened.
I dropped the class soon after.
[–]uberbob79 4 points 1 hour ago
I had a sex ed professor say lesbians were God’s chosen people because they couldn’t get aids and followed it with if you were anti abortion you were like Hitler.
I had a english professor change her class from a 80’s themed thing to a womyn studies class.
She spent one class bashing evil white hetrosexual males like John Wayne and Christopher Columbus.
The next class she gave us a short story about a woman that murdered a man and got away with it because she stuck the murder weapon in the oven. The cops were men and couldnt be bothered to check the kitchen, because after all the kitchen is the place for women.
[–]Dis13 3 points 1 hour ago
Had an aging hippy white lady who slathered at the thought of anything remotely tribal or African. Treated the asshole slacker in the class (who happened to be black) as though he was better than the rest of us. Wasted class time by bringing in a guy with an African drum one time, which was basically an ad for the local African culture place.


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7 Responses to Priceless Reddit thread about black professor in Minnesota who got reprimanded; Rate My Professor spilled the beans on her!

  1. Another reason to seek out alternatives to uni(-di-)versity.

    I guess if you really have to go to college, take the absolute minimum number of non-STEM classes you can take.

  2. Charlie P says:

    Black PHDs = Undergrad degree from third rate uni in subject taught + postgrad degree in education with dissertation in racial grievance mongering.

    Blacks can’t do anything without huge favoritism and AA.

    • Cranberry says:

      I worked for, and with, several black PhDs. If they weren’t fawned over non-stop, accusations of racism came flying. I had a black PhD as a boss. He was smart, I’ll give him that, but AA got him much further than his brains.

    • Cranberry says:

      Also meant to say, racial grievance mongering is king in the world of black PhD. Even the white women who worked as co-authors on papers were made servants to the grievance lobby.

      Google “Nettles and Millett.” I’ll say no more.

  3. Paladin Justice says:

    As a former university professor working in MRA (Mexican Run America; I refuse to use the word Hispanic when the locals themselves prefer to be called Mexicans), I am always amused when the quirks of the professoriate leak out into the news. Although administrators preach the “Diversity is our strength” motto, they become annoyed when it is overdone and leads to student complaints. This mulatto woman prof is a real kook and a real Kool-Aid drinker.

    The local president of the big public university is a Mexican supremicist/Marxist, although he carefully disguises it, as most of his job consists of attending parties, meeting local wealthy white businessmen, and trying to extract their wallets from their back pocket. It’s called fundraising and being known as a Mexican supremicist/Marxist would work to his detriment. His book, published 30 years ago is about how the evil white power structure oppressed the Mexicans of East Los Angeles and how the noble Mexicans resisted the evil whites to build the great city of LA. What a hoot, especially if the local white business sector were to read it and understand what an ideologue he is. Atzlan, here we come, if he had his way.

    He’s also a loud mouth when it comes to women’s rights and the alleged oppression of women by white males. To this end, he brought the first transgendered instructor to the university a decade ago. Students, in a burst of defiance to political correctness, call them “chicks with d*cks.” He/she/it/they (take your pick; in my opinion it’s best to say “he” if it has a penis, although trannies prefer to be called “they” or “she”) caused a huge disruption as he walked the hallways standing 6’5″ and 240 pounds or so, while dressed in an ill-fitting dress and wig. A retired military man, he was clearly nuts, although he was on track to lose his nuts via surgery in the future. The penis in the lady’s room also created a stir since the administration told no one in advance that they had decided he could use the women’s restroom. Imagine a big, tall guy in a dress and cartoon wig applying lipstick in the mirror.

    BTW, that lack of attention to detail in not telling the ladies to expect a man in the toilet is just one of the characteristics of MRA. Another is massive cronyism. The university president, dumb as a box of rocks, with the average Mexican IQ around 90 or so, was hired for AA reasons and because he does what the Marxists higher up tell him to do. As someone dumb he felt uncomfortable around smart people, and so he surrounded himself with Mexican cronies as dumb as he. Not that there aren’t many smart Mexicans, it’s just that he did not promote the smart Mexicans where he would be confronted with the problem of trying to keep up with people with brains. BTW, in spite of the university receiving hundreds of millions of dollars and being designated as a “Hispanic serving institution of higher learning” by the feds, making it eligible for even more tax dollars, it ranks near the bottom of the Forbes rankings of universities every year.

    Combine stupidity and Marxism and you have a large swath of today’s higher education. And I haven’t even talked about the trickery used to lower standards where it doesn’t show, which means many unqualified minorities walking around with newly minted degrees. What a mess we have allowed to develop and fester. But the bubble will pop soon, just not soon enough for me.

    • mindweapon says:

      Someone mentioned that blacks get lots of money for college, they go to college, but don’t attend classes. They just party in the dorms until they fail out, and then a new batch is brought in.

      I know someone who went to a 2 year school for a medical degree, and she told me that she saw this first hand. The school had LOTS of blacks, but to go to class, you’d never know. She said the school was only about 60% white, but classes were well over 90% white, because the blacks just hung out in the dorms.

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