Mudshark destroys Christmas for her proud Italian family; shacks up with ooga booga

The holiday season approaches and I want to share with him my family. Yet, after two years of dating, I already know that my family considers him a trespasser, too.
Laura Marie Marciano
8 Hours Ago | 125 comments

This will end in one of four ways:

1. Single mom on weffare.

2. O.J. Simpson Part 4753453456

3. Breaks up and ends up a crazy cat lady.

4. Breaks up and hooks a hapless beta chump.

Notice that her parents were liberals when she was growing up, until she started “dating” a Dinka:

He welcomed people; he taught me to welcome people.

Everything seems like a knife stabbing me backward, our strained conversations now dangling between “The world won’t understand!” and “What if you have children?” and “Wasn’t it understood?” My father wanted me to pick up on the hate that he never demonstrated, and wants to call it tradition or an unspoken rule now that it has surfaced. These questions he asks me seem like an apology, confused himself by how deeply the racial divides in our country have become.

It can’t be “unspoken,” or implicit. It has to be clear from day one.

These doors remain locked to outsiders, to cultural trespassers, not allowed in on this secret conversation meant to preserve and protect the purity of races over time, a chilling and terrifying echo that booms during the holidays toward unwanted visitors, and stops and frisks those who get too close.

In my family this threat, this trespasser, is Elijah, the man that I love. The root of the backlash against interracial couples by white families is the ugliest racism of all, I believe — a racism where white people whisper from ear to ear that their privilege be preserved in their physicality — that their white bodies never mix with brown bodies.

Yes! You understand this much, Laura Marie Marciano. Our honorable ancestors, who survived millenia in the cold, should not be mixed out of existence in the genetic sewer of your friend Elijah, whose ancestors never had to survive a cold winter. You are committing a disgusting dishonor. Good for your parents for shunning you. Too bad your brothers have no honor. You say, “the man that I love,” that is as fleeting as a Negro running from child support enforcement.

THe anti-racists aren’t going to give you shelter or a gold star or a steady paycheck for sacrificing your family and your White descendants who may never now be born. You are sacrificing FOR NOTHING. For your tingles, perhaps. Have fun with those tingles when yer a single mom.

Even Alternet posted, then took down your article, Laura. I wonder why? Perhaps you overstated your case, and ended up looking like a tragic fool? Perhaps people at Alternet are able ot read between the lines, and realize you end up arguing the opposite of your intended case!

Read the rest of the post at link, if you are interested. She’s quite tragic, and clearly sees herself as making a blood sacrifice of herself against “wacism.”

Note to her parents — cut off any financial help you may be giving her. That may bring her to her senses. I don’t think “Elijah” is much of a provider.


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84 Responses to Mudshark destroys Christmas for her proud Italian family; shacks up with ooga booga

  1. jewamongyou says:

    I wonder how many white men she rejected in favor of this African. They say it’s all about love. Actually, it’s all about hate.

    • mindweapon says:

      Good point. I saw your comment over there, merely pointing out that white men are no worse than black men. Somebody doesn’t want to get his comment deleted! i was a little more direct.

      • Peter Blood says:

        I commented:

        “Honor your father and mother, that it may be well with you and you may live long on the earth.” So says God. I can see the contempt you hold for your own father, it’s a form of self-contempt, and life will not go well for you.

      • mindweapon says:

        Great comment Peter!

      • Alternet did not delete my article–maybe they deleted you from using the internet. Also, what are Deadeyes? Why do you know so many slang words for women? Why are you so full of hate for the world?

      • mindweapon says:

        Hello Laura! Welcome to my blog. If they didn’t delete your article from alternet, provide us with a working link. I first saw it on alternet, but tried to read it, and it was gone, 404.

        I’m very glad you came and commented. I want to ask all of my commenters to be civil to Laura now that she’s a guest here.

        Laura, we regard race mixing as a tragedy and genocide of white people, who have recessive genes.. You should see the sad eyes of the grandparents who are stuck with mixed race grandkids. And those kids who are mixed race with a white parent, they could have been white. A lot of them wish they were white, like Philip Chism, which is why he killed his white math teacher, Coleen Ritzer, in a fit of homicidal racial envy. I know of mixed race people who openly say they wish they were white, and I’m sure you could find lots of them who would admit this.

        So whatever you do, think real hard about bringing a mixed race child into the world.

        Also, right now is probably “Peak Racial Tolerance.” It’s quite possible that in the future, in a declining economy, the government won’t have all kinds of affirmative action and scholarships to throw at people of color. It’s quite possible that in the future, whites won’t be forced to pretend to be so tolerant, and they will be able to openly discriminate and exclude as they please. And you know that we would if we could. The only thing that’s holding us back is a US government that is still solvent, sort of.

        So the US government is going to go bankrupt, and the project of racial equality is going to get deleted from the federal budget. Millions of mixed race kids will ask their white parents, “why did you do this to me! There’s no more affirmative action! Black people aren’t cool any more! There’s just a world of mean, selfish white people struggling to survive, and they want nothing to do with me!”

        Now if you just want to shack up with Elijah, and not have any kids, it’s not nearly as damaging. Still sucks for your parents who may want white grandchildren, but I guess that’s what they get for being liberals.

        So you see, we’re not actually “full of hate.” We’re trying to save people from decisions that “seem like a good idea right now” but may not, in retrospect, be such a good idea in 2030.

    • JAY, initially this comment of yours puzzled me, but the more I thought about it, the more I realize that you hit the nail square on the head, when you said it’s all about hate. It is constant proximity that brings couples together. Not only that, but couples have to have interests and history in common. Most couples would also have some kind of history or interests in common with the in-laws.

      So how did Ms. Marciano just “happen” to “fall in love” with Elijah? What kind of “accident” would throw them into constant proximity with each other? She is Italian; from a large, extended White ethnic Catholic clan who was born and raised in America. He is a Black Sudanese African. Odds are better than even that he is Muslim. What interests, other than screwing over her father, do they have in common?

      Her father is of an age that when he was a child, all Italian-Americans wanted their kids to marry other Italian Americans, but were trying to deal with their children marrying Irish and Greek and Poles and rationalizing that at least they were Catholic. He is of an age where he would be find if she married a White Protestant, because at least, he’s a Christian. I think he could easily adjust to a Jew, because he’d get grandchildren who had higher IQs and might be well-connected.

      I think he wouldn’t be thrilled but resign himself to her hooking up with a Mestizo or Puerto Rican, because at least the grandchildren would not stick out like sore thumbs in family photos. He’d probably have to make major adjustments if Elijah were Asian, but smarter well-behaved grandchildren might be somewhat of a consolation prize. Last but not least, if she hooked up with a Black American, they might both be sports enthusiasts and have teams to root for in common.

      Moreover, Italy’s history with North African Muslims has never been on the level of a mutual admiration society. Italy had to deal with several Muslim invasions with churches being desecrated, nuns being raped on altars, and populations being killed and enslaved. The flag of Corsica, Italy’s neighbor, is a severed Moor’s head. A negative visceral reaction to seeing a White woman with a Negro is as natural as breathing to Mediterranean Whites.

      No, there are too many coincidences where Elijah is concerned that combine to keep Ms. Marciano’s father forever out of his comfort zone by her own design and this public airing of her father’s alleged racism (which ruins the accused’s life and career) is yet more evidence. What Ms. Marciano has with Elijah isn’t love; it’s a gun, it’s a weapon of the coldest, most reptilian revenge pointed at her father’s temple.

      Elijah has to be familiar with the history of the Mediterranean. Could he be so stupid as to think that a White Christian male would be okay with the kind of behavior over which a Sudanese Muslim would murder his own daughter? Or is he aware that he is simply the implement by which Ms. Marciano can castrate her own father and has enough Anti-White hatred — for both of them — to allow her to use him in this vile fashion, because he is also using her?

      I sure hope it’s the latter, because karma is a bitch, Ms. Marciano, and you have a shitload coming to you. Love, my ass!

      Mr. Marciano, now that your daughter has pulled the trigger on you by publicly damning you as a racist, you have nothing to lose but your shackles. Cut her off and if she continues to badger you, slap a restraining order on her for harassment. Stop allowing her to terrorize you and your family. No displays of tolerance toward Elijah will be enough for her. She knows what you are thinking and she will publicly critique all your reactions to him.

      Take a good, long, hard, objective look at your daughter. Stare into her eyes and you will see a very disturbed person. The lights are on, but nobody’s home. Don’t let this psychotic putana swamp you and your family with her poison. Kick this toxic waste dump of a woman to the curb for your own health and well-being. Everyone who really knows her will understand.

  2. Charlie P says:

    Typical flaky woman. Killing genes of Caesar, Michaelangelo and Machiavelli because ziopropaganda on MTV brainwashed her that blacks be cool.

  3. PA says:

    A not infrequent sight is a white grandparent with a half-black child. The grandparent always looks humiliated.

    Yep, make it clear at the right time that there will be zero parental support and zero acknowledgment of the kid of a mudshark daughter.

    Similarly, white men ought to refrain from giving any social comfort to a mudshark. No friendly banter, no invites to group outings, no flirtation, no handyman favors, nothing. On the street, freeze out a mixed couple. A woman ought to get her dick and her comforts from the same men. Let her get it all from blacks.

    • mindweapon says:

      A woman ought to get her dick and her comforts from the same men. Let her get it all from blacks.

      Great line!

      • Peter Blood says:

        Notice how she has to write an article on the whole matter. She has a pile of guilt in her life, and she seeks atonement by parading her “anti-racism” for approval. No matter how many fellow sinners applaud her, her sin remains. She will likely become more shrill in her moralizing (if possible) against all these evil racists around her.

        It won’t go well for her, posting this against her own father.

    • This is from Wheeler MacPherson’s old site, “The Caucasian Literary Review” (I archived it, as it was so awesome). Wheeler now blogs at Yonderfield (

      Tuesday, November 30, 2010
      Passing A Tragedy

      Twice daily, I pass the scene of a tragedy.

      Not far from where I live, a man in his sixties is raising his grandchildren. The man looks like a slightly older version of myself: gray, tired, Celtic.

      His grandchildren are mulattoes, and their regular presence in his front yard is as jarring as a pile of dog dung in a pristine snowbank.

      In the warmer months, the grandchildren are always outside, playing in the above-ground pool or cavorting on the trampoline. These two expensive circular toys seem to signify something about the violence done to this old man’s bloodline: they are the sorts of things an adult purchases in order to distract children who are either reared with indifference or despised in the secret chambers of the heart.

      The man waves to me when I pass by. He’s usually working in his yard while the mulatto children do whatever they do on a given day. I’ve heard the stories from others in town – the local churches hold the man up as a model of selfless paternal service. The local realists (quiet as white mice) look at him with the deepest pity a son of Adam can know. The man’s wife is dead now, gone down to the silent grave and spared the daily sight of the unnatural hatred the girl shows to her parents and all her ancestors.

      Every once in a while, I see the man’s daughter. She is what we used to call “a hard number.” Scraggly, over-permed hair frames a cigarette-etched, bitter face. Her attire is a curious rural slattern’s getup, and she constantly yaps into the cellphone she keeps pressed against the side of her face. When I look at her, I see the cosmic betrayal of Eve in cut-off shorts. I see a remorseless slut who cares not a whit for the torture to which she has consigned the man she calls “Daddy.”

      Last week, on Thanksgiving Day, I drove past the tragic house. There were a half-dozen cars in the yard, and the grandfather was tending a charcoal grill off to one side. In the wide driveway, a basketball hoop had been erected, and several black males were scrambling after the ball. All of the blacks were between 20 and 30 years of age, and their antics were being watched with sharp interest by the white man’s daughter as she sat on the porch and spoke into the cellphone.

      How can he do it? I wondered. How can he allow this mockery and this great sin to strut into his house and eat his food and leer at his treacherous daughter? This, then, is what hurts me the most about this tragedy. Not the fact that this man’s daughter did what she has done, but rather the lies I imagine he tells himself in order to cope, to survive, to sleep. I look at him and know for an iron fact that this man never in his life sprawled in his recliner and thought to himself, “I truly hope my girl someday brings home a six foot-tall talking gorilla and tells me that she is expecting a damned mamzer child.” I look at this man and thank Christ that I was never called upon to see such a thing happen in my family, never put in the position of making the sort of decisions such a daughter can force on a man.

      Perhaps the man has been successful in convincing himself that his grandchildren are little Christs. Perhaps he’s had some help from his church in this ruse. Perhaps he’s known as a devout Christian…him and his daughter with him. Perhaps he no longer thought what he once surely thought: “What the flip?”

      What the flip, indeed. We live in a world of lies and tragedy, and the greatest tragedy is that such messes are all our fault. We have no one to blame but our own stiffnecked selves.

      ~ Wheeler MacPherson

  4. Cyprian Korzeniowski says:

    There’s an interracial couple who lives in my neighborhood, and they’ve done a bang up job letting everyone know how great mudsharking is: kids run around the ‘hood like the ill behaved savages they are, parents frequently have loud arguments you can hear while out a run, and the mother is fat and looks beaten down.

  5. Trainspotter says:

    “…a racism where white people whisper from ear to ear that their privilege be preserved in their physicality…”

    Wow, she’s Jonestown level full of the Kool-Aid, but at least she gets what is at stake. Our desire to merely physically exist as whites is an affront to her insane anti-white cult, and no amount of good works on the part of a given white can alter that. Instead, to appease her lunacy, we must physically abolish ourselves. Literally. Yes, that’s right: our very desire to exist is hateful. It’s privilege. LOL!

    This is the mentality we’re up against folks – it’s utterly insane. But it must be said that she really does make our case wonderfully, and it really is about white genocide. That’s not hyperbole.

    Let us hear more of this crazed loon! She’s as effective as one of Jimmy Marr’s banners.

    • mindweapon says:

      I’m having a good conversation with her in the comments. Chime in if you like! Scroll to the bottom.

      • Trainspotter says:

        MW, I just posted a comment over there. I’ll reproduce it here in case it gets deleted:

        “Personally, I would not get involved with a girl if the result was disrupting her family, stressing her out, and subjecting her to misery. If I cared about someone, I simply wouldn’t do that to her. Obviously, your wonderful African has no such reservations. Sounds like a really great guy! LOL!

        But then, you’re no better. You’re more than willing to destroy your own family, throw them under the bus, and attempt to publicly humiliate them. All for the *crime* of wanting their family to remain white. The horrors!

        So your African boyfriend is willing to throw you under the bus so long as he gets what he wants, and you are willing to throw your family under the bus in order to get what you want. Add to that the sad reality that what you want is pathetic. You two are absolutely PERFECT for one another, and certainly deserve each other. Justice is served, and the universe is in balance.”

        Hope she reads it. Don’t think she will like it.

      • mindweapon says:

        Wow.that is profound. And quite true. The African boyfriend no doubt sees her, and her family, and their accumulated wealth, as a “meal ticket.” And she gets a big charge out of being a meal ticket, and writing about it. beautiful beautiful beautiful! they love that word in discussing race mixing.

        Other good comment from you over there:

        Trainspotter SongHeart • 31 minutes ago −
        Yes, she is amazingly anti-white, amazingly cultish, and amazingly deluded. Not to mention amazingly malevolent by attempting to publicly humiliate her family, though her family has done nothing wrong.

        bettyboopjkt • 11 hours ago
        What is up with all the disgusting racist trolls???? Can someone please kick them off here please?
        4 2 •Reply•Share ›
        Trainspotter bettyboopjkt • 28 minutes ago
        I agree. I think anti-white writers should be able to spew their venom, publicly humiliate their own families, and wallow in their malevolence without a single contrary voice. Any normal white who objects to her cultish lunacy should be suppressed, like the heretics that they are. Maybe we could burn them at the stake?
        •Reply•Share ›
        bettyboopjkt Trainspotter • 21 minutes ago −
        Wow. My previous comment has just been proven yet again. Why are we letting these people here? The levels of racism displayed in the comments sections are off the charts. Did this article get posted on a racist site somewhere?
        1 •Reply•Share ›
        Trainspotter bettyboopjkt • 7 minutes ago
        To your mindset, any opposition whatsoever is “off the charts.” You are immune to reason.
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      • mindweapon says:

        Winston_Jack • 11 hours ago
        Those who harp on and on about how it’s just two people who love each other utterly fail to realize that there are more competing interests at stake here.

        What about the families? They may both have to contend with having grand kids who don’t resemble anyone in their family or ancestral line. And since White European genes are the most recessive, any White families involved here (like the author’s) will have to contend with the genetic death of their lineage.

        What about the child itself? It’s no big secret that bi-racial kids and people suffer more frequently from psychological problems as they have no solid sense of their own identity, ancestry and heritage. And God help them if they ever need, for example, a bone marrow or organ transplant, as finding a proper matching donor takes a miracle. To voluntarily create this condition by having bi-racial children is a “progressive” form child abuse.

        And what about society at large? Is it really in the long-term interest of society to be comprised of more and more bi and multiracial people, given the problems that accompany it? I like the variations of people and cultures, and have no wish to see them destroyed, including Whites.

        There is obviously more to consider here than just the selfish desire of two people of different races who claim to love each other.

      • mindweapon says:

        Whoever Winston Jack is, he’s a great writer. He articulates something I have never been able teo put into words:

        Winston_Jack • 11 hours ago
        Those who harp on and on about how it’s just two people who love each other utterly fail to realize that there are more competing interests at stake here.

        What about the families? They may both have to contend with having grand kids who don’t resemble anyone in their family or ancestral line. And since White European genes are the most recessive, any White families involved here (like the author’s) will have to contend with the genetic death of their lineage.

        Liberals are all about their “tingles” and leave destruction in their wake. Liberalism elevates tingles and status whoring to the highest moral priorities, and everyone else be damned.

      • mindweapon says:

        Trainspotter • 26 minutes ago
        Misery? LOL! Your entire article is a veritable tour de force in misery. Your wonderful boyfriend has had no problem inflicting this misery upon you, and you have no problem inflicting this misery on your family.
        If you choose to racially mix, that’s your decision. A bad decision, but yours. But you seek to deny the legitimacy of those who choose otherwise. You demand that everyone support your awful and bizarre choices, your unilateral decision to turn your family into a white/black hybrid, but you don’t support their choices or values. You are the attacker here, not them. Yes, that makes you anti-white. Blatantly.

      • mindweapon says:

        Trainspotter Laura Marie Marciano • 19 minutes ago
        No, you can both disagree. But you must realize that your choices have real implications for your family. There is nothing wrong with them valuing racial and ethnic continuity. To deny that normal and healthy feeling is anti-white. Having said that, you are certainly free to go your own way, but others are free to call you on it. Especially when you make the decision to publicly throw your family under the bus, for the crime of having different values than you.

      • mindweapon says:

        They missed that this is a trolling comment by someone with an African, or pretend African name:

        Kolajo Afolabi • 8 hours ago
        More Mulattoes = less competition for my kids and grandchildren. Follow your heart Laura. I’m happy for you.

      • Trainspotter says:

        Looks like they did a clean sweep. From what I can tell, pretty much all pro-white comments have been deleted. Too bad, some were real gems. LOL!

      • mindweapon says:

        that’s fine, we saved them here.

  6. I can never understand why you’d do that to your kids. I read a memoir several years ago, Mixed, written by a woman who was half-black and half-white. The author had a lot of problems both from black people and white people, and not feeling like she really belonged in either world. At one point she ended up in a mental hospital after living in an “Africa House” in college and dealing with all that internal tension.

    Funnily enough, the author’s father (white) sounded like the male version of a fat woman with “tingles.” After he divorced his daughter’s mother he dated a series of black women and had a few more halfling babies. I wonder why her father did that to his kids, giving them problems he couldn’t even begin to imagine having himself, then again he didn’t stick around to raise them so I guess he didn’t care.

    This clip is always relevant whenever this topic comes up:

    And this quote, for all the teenage edgy pros out there:

    The man of an age of dissolution which mixes the races with one another, who has the inheritance of a diversified descent in his body––that is to say, contrary, and often not contrary, instincts and standards of value, which struggle with one another and are seldom at peace––such a man of late culture and broken lights, will, on an average, be a weak man: his fundamental desire is that the war which he is should come to an end…
    ––Friedrich Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil, section 200.

  7. Peter Blood says:

    How popular is xojane? Is it some big mainstream chick site? I’ve never seen it before, it looks like a place for the sexual freakage and wreckage of our society.

  8. Peter Blood says:

    If you look at her picture, she has the dead eyes.

    • mindweapon says:

      I’m not a Nordicist, but I just saw a picture of Laura. She may call herself Italian, but she’s already genetically contaminated by the look of her. So, no loss to us. I still feel bad for her parents though.

    • mindweapon says:

      Saw your dialogue with her, great job Peter!

      And see this — a good, civil conversation, no insults, no threats, just talking some reason to people. For heaven’s sake, that’s all I want to be able to do, and not just in internet comments, but in person.

      • Matthew says:

        Yeah, she’s got some dusky in the woodpile.

      • moishe (gentle type) says:

        OMG!!! try and offer compassion to this traitor to our peoples – she is trully suffering – her eyes are vacant and speak of severe cognitive dissonance.

      • mindweapon says:


        We live in a gentler world (at least in the still white areas) than the past. Harshness is bad PR and creates resistance. For example, they are harsh on us, and look how strong it makes us! Persuasion and social influence works best. Even the cops know that in interrogations.

        Of course if the Establishment stopped being harsh on us, we’d openly use social influence and persuasion, and I think we’d use it quite effectively. So they have no choice but to use this outdated, early 20th century harshness on us. They are afraid of losing World War II after all, which never ended. They kept WWII going, they kept “punishing Nazis” both in Europe and in the USA. Anti-racism and the ban on eugenics and non-white immigration and miscegenation propaganda is perpetual “denazification.”

        Denazification is a hard and cruel and sadistic process of psychological warfare. But it makes for hard, resilient men and women who are determined to fight it. We stand out like a sore thumb — we are determined fanatics, who have more in common with a Taliban fighter than with Americans. That’s why we have lots of comments, lots of passion. More comments and better comments than the leftist websites. Those guys are starving for traffic, and the comments they do get are all “snark.” You aren’t willing to kill, and die, for snark. But for the 14 words? Absolutely.

        We do get a lot more comments than Chauncey Devega, or Alternet. Democratic Underground has 210,000 users, Stormfront has 278,000.

        They are the Establishment. All liberals want anymore is a paycheck to be Liberalz. I listen to every week. Those people are dying for a Paychex Liberal job. They are in Tammany Hall writ large.

        We don’t care about Paychex. We want Rothschild’s niche, so that Rothschild no longer occupies it or controls it. Nothing less. When we get it, then we can institute the economic program that the Third Reich already created, such as the Entailed Farm Law: This will create a sturdy peasantry and renew our race.

        By upholding the old German custom of entailment, the Reich Government wishes to retain the peasantry as the blood spring of the German nation. The peasant farms are to be protected from heavy indebtedness and from being split up in the course of inheritance, so that they may remain in the hands of free peasants as the inheritance of their kin. It is intended to work towards a healthy distribution of agricultural units, since a large number of viable small and medium-sized farms, distributed as evenly as possible over the whole country, forms the best guarantee for the maintenance of the health of the nation of the State. The Reich Government therefore promulgates the following law.

        The basic principles of the law are: An agricultural or forestry property consisting of at least 7.5 hectares and at most 125 hectares is an entailed-farm provided it belongs to a person qualified to be a peasant. The owner of the entailed-farm is called a peasant. Only German citizens of German blood or of that of a similar race and who are respectable are eligible to be peasants. The entailed-farm is passed on undivided to the heir. The rights of the co-heirs are limited to the remaining property of the peasant. Those descendants not qualified to be heirs receive a dowry and occupational training corresponding to the resources of the farm; if through no fault of their own they get into difficulties, they will be permitted to seek refuge at home.

        The right of inheritance cannot be excluded or limited by instructions because of death. The entailed-farm is absolutely barred from encumbrance and is inalienable. 5. The creation of an entailed-farm through special dispensation. (1.) The Reich Ministry of Food and Agriculture may, after consultation with the District [Kreis] Peasant Leader and the Gau Peasant Leader, permit exceptions to the requirements of section 3. [These requirements referred to the maximum size of the farm – 125 hectares – and to the need for the farm to be operated without farm steadying.] (2) But a size in excess of 125 hectares should normally only be permitted: 1. When it appears imperative owing to the type of soil or the climate. 2. When it concerns a farm which is economically self-contained and whose estates have been rounded off and when it can be proved to have been in the possession of the family of the peasant for more than 150 years. 3. When a German who has made a particular contribution to the welfare of the German people is to be honoured either personally or through his descendants. 4. When the family which resides on the farm has created works of value there (for example, buildings of artistic interest or of importance in the history of art) for which a size of no more than 125 hectares would provide an inadequate economic foundation. (3) The precondition that the farm should be capable of being farmed without farm steadying can be lifted only if special operating conditions require the farm steadying. …

  9. vikingbitch says:

    Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    I could never bring myself to date a black guy. I remember being a freshman in college and seeing in my dormitory hallway a discarded birthday card stating something like ‘have a taste of chocolate’. It included a picture of a full frontal with this purple penis poking out like a pop out or something. I thought to myself ‘no way’.

    I never used to hate black people until I got to college. There I became a race realist, the time frame being the early 90s. Later I taught in urban education where things really got real and I saw the full scale extortion mind set of black America. Again, the purple penis mash repulsed me and my repulsion intensified after seeing the underbelly of black culture.

    My kids are Norwegian, Dutch, German, and Slavic. I wanted blue eyes and blonde hair. I wanted them tall. I wanted Nords.

    What is this girl thinking? All you have to do is look at Africa. Would anyone want to be part of that gene pool? Regarding the tingle, I gotta say I find them gross. No tingles here.

    • Denise says:

      Exactly. I find Negroes to be physically repulsive. They look dirty to me. I have always felt that they are not physically clean, no matter how often they bathe.

  10. ben tillman says:

    These doors remain locked to outsiders, to cultural trespassers, not allowed in on this secret conversation meant to preserve and protect the purity of races over time,

    It’s the same thing as marital fidelity. She’s cuckolding her dad.

    • mindweapon says:

      Yeah, they didn’t get the concept over there. It’s pretty interesting. For decades, race mixers and their supporters liked to throw it in our faces, and delight in our shock and horror and our cowardice and inability to say anything negative. People would just say, “what about the children?” or “what will other people say?”

      Now we talk about heritable behavior, organ donation, and white genocide. The other commenters there like Winston Jack, were fantastic! Much better than anything I generally know to say. Now it’s THEIR turn to have their heads explode.

      As they New York Times article said, “Maybe political correctness isn’t so bad after all.” In other words, if pro-Whites are allowed free speech, we quickly overpower the narrative, like a Mongol raid on a village.

      • Trainspotter says:

        “Now we talk about heritable behavior, organ donation, and white genocide. The other commenters there like Winston Jack, were fantastic! Much better than anything I generally know to say. Now it’s THEIR turn to have their heads explode.”

        Yes, it’s truly been a massive change. I was a twentysomething back in the 90’s, when miscegenation started becoming visible. I remember that those of us who opposed it were pretty much bewildered. It was very difficult to understand the nature of what was going on, much less how to counterattack against it. The pro-white side was basically reduced to impotent stuttering. The anti-whites, on the other hand, were utterly smug and self-satisfied. Just calling people racists or “prejudiced” was pretty much enough for them to achieve victory. We had not yet learned how to deal with their bizarre claims and nutty assertions. We did not yet realize that we were dealing with an anti-white cult of sick lunatics, supported and cultivated by YKW.

        What a difference from today. We are evolving. Now, we have incredibly witty and incisive pro-whites that can easily mop the floor with the anti-whites. It’s not even fair, with our enemies so easily routed and reduced to panic. They have to shut debate down, because otherwise they are looking at a guaranteed loss. And not just a loss, but a humiliating one. We ran circles around them in this mudshark thread, and we didn’t even have to break a sweat to do it. I personally was tired and distracted by something else while commenting…and still it was child’s play. That was unthinkable twenty years ago.

        The system still has us confined to the margins, but we are developing something incredibly important: a sense of intellectual confidence and moral certainty. Really, it’s more akin to a spiritual centering, or a righteous crusade. That most definitely did not exist in the 90’s, but it does now. It will spread to 3D world in its own time, and in some ways it already has. Once that spiritual cause hits a tipping point in 3D, it will be unstoppable. We’re going to win. Don’t give me charts, give me fanatics.

      • SirLancelot says:

        Not proud to say this but I would study with an Ethiopian female in college. She was pretty as a freshman in College, but kept getting rounder near the senior year. I’ll give her credit for trying to straighten her hair and we made pretty good study friends. Now I’ll tell you that we NEVER exchanged spit or worse, that kind of stuff just grossed me out internally. And I thought that she had felt the same way too at the time. And all the pretty Nordic girls wisely stayed away from me after seeing me spend time in the library with her and I suppose presuming the worst. Now that I look back I feel bad about spending that kind of time with her even if at the time it seemed chivalrous looking out for my black male friend’s sister. As a young white male I could’ve spent time with my own! And worse was that after a while I started to ask if she might be interested in marriage (since we made what seemed like decent friends), and thankfully ( I don’t know what I was thinking) she was actually wiser for the both of us at the time of my proposal. I suppose I’d greatly respect her for that if it weren’t that I figured out that the real reason she hung with me all those years was for help on her homework (a lil bit slow) and a free ride at night. She made that clear as I was nearing graduation, basically told it to my face. Then when I got the message in she appeared with another white guy slobbering and kissing each other in front of me I suppose to see if I was jealous. Yah it made me sick, but not for the reason you’d think (like jealousy) as curiously I was never jealous. What was sickening was that a white guy and black girl would do such a thing, looking at it third person was a horror film to me. Again I never felt any compulsion to kiss, or hold hands, and the best we were was study friends. I now am married to a beautiful blonde Norwegian and thankful that I never experimented even with kissing a Negro lady. Surely I’d like to think I wasn’t capable of such, but the fact that I even discussed marriage shows how programmed we can be from Hollywood when young and impressionable. The older I get the more intense I get about the whole black/white dating and baby thing. Interestingly I don’t hate blacks, but I do believe in segregation. And I still care about my friends from college who weren’t white. Still as an electrical engineer I’m for my own race now in all aspects. My own company I hire my own kind, only do it secretly as to admit such in open would get one taken out. So young lady even if you don’t think there are consequences know this that the white family still looks out for one another even if it is unspoken. At the same time I have a great pity for young white women that are being suckered into this fame of being “different” or being “cool”. If only they could have a few more years to figure it out like I did they’d see that the reason our parents advocated sticking with our own is for our own good. White women especially liberal and undereducated (liberal college is uneducated to me) are ripe for the self and familial destruction because they are race ignorant. God bless all the young girls who might read this and understand that in no way do all of us wish to sound racist and other race hating by wishing ill will on Negroes even if we love our own more. But truly the white race is something beautiful and it is something to proud of our accomplisments and appearances. To not want to be part of that is to be wholly ignorant and will be extremely expensive long term. Again I was fortunate being I never went further than words of “marriage” once or twice with this negro young lady, had I done such I’m sure that anger and self destruction to me and my family would have been the result. I’m blessed to be with my white Nordic female soul mate, everytime I look at her ice princess features like her white complexion and beautiful sky blue eyes I think WOW!! She’s really quiet and kind too. Believe me it works the other way, these young white girls just don’t know it and probably will never get to know it, but thousands of years of mating has made our own more attactive and yes compatible. Or worse and I have seen it over the dinner table at restaurants they figure it out when a handsome white male is adjacent to them and they have a negro boyfriend and kids taboot. I’ve seen the despair third person and it’s like seeing a white girl placed in a muslim concubine, with no visible escape just there to service the enemy the rest of their lives. Their soul and eyes scream out…why..why did I do this when I could be with that handsome white male. Very sad for me because I almost reaped the results I guess being programmed by lies of Hollywood myself.

  11. TabuLa Raza says:

    When I look at her, I see the cosmic betrayal of Eve in cut-off shorts. . .

  12. says:

    I’ll be honest here, I’ve never seen an attractive mudshark. Something is always seriously off, like the uncanny valley.

  13. Landsknecht says:

    Peter Blood is not only right—she has the dead eyes!

    Anyways took a gander over there and roiled them up with some with my comments. Made my evening! The level of shock in some of their replies at realizing there are those of us who think like we do and aren’t afraid to say it is reflected in their increasingly shrill cries of MODERATOR!

  14. oogaboogaman says:

    You won mw they closed comments for this article. Now things can go one of two ways, a she sees the light and saves any mulatto children the disservice of a vexed existence. Or their is option b that attacks on her relationship will strengthen her committment to being a libtard.

    • mindweapon says:

      Yep. Interesting.

      Go to the comments and use the “find” on your browser, and see how many times the commenters use the term “beautiful.” Beautiful article, beautiful mixed race children, et cetera. I remember that from the 90’s — liberals always use the adjective “beautiful” in discussing anything to to do with interracial mixing.

  15. Scarlett says:

    LOL even some Chinese guy is bashing her in the comments! @MW yeah, she looks like she has some Negroid ancestry.

    • Mr. Rational says:

      Comments are disappearing like crazy from that thread.  I saw the one that accused her of Doublethink, for claiming she failed to see the media race-mixing propaganda even after she referred to the Cheerios commercial in the post.  That one didn’t say a thing about her relationship or family, but it disappeared too.

      Principled, logical deconstruction of their positions scares them out of their wits.

  16. mindweapon says:

    They say they like to see white peoples’ heads explode at the thought of interracial marriage. But when they are exposed to our arguments, THEIR heads explode! Their race mixing offensive only works if we are too cowed or polite to talk back.

  17. mindweapon says:

    Winston_Jack • 9 hours ago
    Those who harp on and on about how it’s just two people who love each other utterly fail to realize that there are more competing interests at stake here.

    What about the families? They may both have to contend with having grand kids who don’t resemble anyone in their family or ancestral line. And since White European genes are the most recessive, any White families involved here (like the author’s) will have to contend with the genetic death of their lineage.

    What about the child itself? It’s no big secret that bi-racial kids and people suffer more frequently from psychological problems as they have no solid sense of their own identity, ancestry and heritage. And God help them if they ever need, for example, a bone marrow or organ transplant, as finding a proper matching donor takes a miracle. To voluntarily create this condition by having bi-racial children is a “progressive” form child abuse.

    And what about society at large? Is it really in the long-term interest of society to be comprised of more and more bi and multiracial people, given the problems that accompany it? I like the variations of people and cultures, and have no wish to see them destroyed, including Whites.

    There is obviously more to consider here than just the selfish desire of two people of different races who claim to love each other.
    4 11 •Reply•Share ›
    danielle guercio Winston_Jack • 8 hours ago
    this was fucking gross to read.
    11 •Reply•Share ›
    Winston_Jack danielle guercio • 7 hours ago
    Truth is hate for those who hate the truth. The sound of another delusional social
    Marxist wailing is music to my ears.
    4 4 •Reply•Share ›
    zweisamkeit Winston_Jack • 6 hours ago −
    I know that it’s all the rage for ignorant dumbasses to call anything they disagree with “Marxist”. Unsurprisingly, they make it blindingly obvious that they have no idea what Marxism actually is.

    Funny, that.
    3 •Repl

    username Winston_Jack • 8 hours ago
    Please, spare me your “concern”. I’m not fucked up because I’m mixed, I’m fucked up because I’m human. I’m very clear on my identity. I’m mixed. I’m sorry that’s confusing for you. I don’t know any smaller words.

    I’m so glad to hear how concerned you are about my ability to get a bone marrow transplant, though. With talking points like those, it barely sounds like you don’t support my right to exist at all. Good job.
    3 •Reply•Share ›
    Winston_Jack username • 7 hours ago
    I care not the least for your condition. My concerns are with selfish mudsharks and
    oil drillers who impose problems they can’t even imagine having upon their future
    progeny just to prove how “loving” and “anti-racist” they are.
    5 5 •Reply•Share ›
    danielle guercio • 8 hours ago
    SOMEONE PLEASE COME AND MOD THESE RACIST TROLLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    12 1 •Reply•Share ›
    username danielle guercio • 8 hours ago
    Right? Also, I should apparently warn my family that I’m ineligible for a blood transfusion or organ transplant…even though I’m blood type O, lol. (I’m mixed race, the dreaded black and white even, OMG WHATEVER SHALL WE DO!?!?!)

    (Like, I know the bone marrow thing is a thing, but organ donation? Not so much…)

    I was kind-of waiting for someone to use the term “mongoloid” (ugh, it feels gross to write that) but I guess they’ve given that shit up. I wonder if they know I can breed?
    2 •Reply•Share ›
    Miss Deveraux danielle guercio • 8 hours ago

    Isn’t there a commenting policy on this website?
    4 •Reply•Share ›
    RadioArcade Miss Deveraux • 8 hours ago
    I wonder if all the staff had gone home for the day by the time the trolls started posting?
    1 •Reply•Share ›
    danielle guercio RadioArcade • 7 hours ago −
    probably the case. just trying to yell to draw attention LOL.
    1 •Reply•Share ›

  18. mindweapon says:

    David TehGnome • 5 hours ago
    Relationships like this one are a capitulation to government forced inclusion and a form of surrender, particularly of ones right to not be socially engineered by said government.
    3 2 •Reply•Share ›
    Mat Wright • 5 hours ago
    If I was your family I wouldn’t want you coming to dinner either.
    2 4 •Reply•Share ›
    Mat Wright • 5 hours ago −
    You talk about stop and frisk. Why not talk about crime statistics in the United States of America?. In every single European country, the governments are allowing huge numbers of non European immigrants to enter their countries and when the immigrants create massive crime waves the media, which is mostly owned by Jews completely censor it.
    2 4 •Reply•Share ›
    Andrew Yuan • 2 hours ago
    You disowned your parents, not the other way round.

  19. Denise says:

    Writing as a woman – the Arab Muslims that kill, treacherous errant women in their Tribe are completely correct to do so.

  20. Denise says:

    My comment. Let’s see how long it lasts:

    The only mistake your parents, and tragically millions of other Whites ever made, is to smile and nod and agree to “integration” in the first place. They should have been honest with themselves, and the world, about miscegenation. It’s WRONG. It’s utterly evil. You parents should to have fed your febrile brain with poison about “tolerance” Tolerance of racial aliens is genocide.

    How is “tolerance” working out for once previously thriving, clean, safe, WHITE Nations? “Integration” has destroyed thriving Nations. Negroes, and lunatics like YOU are pulling the West down to rubble.

    Are you proud of yourself?

    YOU are complete traitor to your own DNA. You disgrace your family, and the brilliant genetics of your Race. The genius poet – a REAL poet – Dante has written of what’s waiting for you. Enjoy the 9th Circle, you abomination, for all Eternity, with the rest of the despicable traitors.

  21. And guess what else, dad? Despite years of being a liberal, race-mixing hypocrite (or, at least paying lip service to “inclusion”), you’ve now been publicly shamed as a RACIST! Hope that scarlet letter fits okay. So now you bear the double shame of your daughter being a sub-Saharan cum dump AND having to explain how full of “hate” you are!

  22. Jeez. This just goes to show that self-esteem and mudsharking are closely related. Look:

  23. I liked this part-

    >>I yell and throw the phone when my Nonna, who lives in Northern Italy, tells me that the white race is clearly superior, and I should know that.<<

    Well, duh. If there's any clear and overwhelming proof of the superiority of the white race, it's Northern Italy.

    • mindweapon says:

      I forgot to comment on that! There’s a rich vein of White Awesomeness in the reactions of her relatives to her choice. It was really great to hear what her wise Italian grandma said!

  24. Reblogged this on murderbymedia and commented:
    Unga Bunga!

  25. Peter Blood says:

    Fun as it is to stir the pot, we need to note that our main work is among men. The women at xojane are sluts amped up on feminism, really they are just society’s wreckage.

    We need to build a winning team, and then when these freaks try to get on board the bandwagon–and don’t American women love to do that?–we can kick them away.

    • mindweapon says:

      Absolutely. But observing train wrecks like that is a tool for recruiting men. It’s very enlightening to see what happens when men act weak, like Laura’s father.

    • we need to note that our main work is among men

      I’ve been saying this forever. That’s why we need a lodge, and to accumulate wealth in the lodge, as opposed to individually, because it protects the wealth from the courts and the tax man. It also gives the “beta” guys some leverage in the sexual/marriage marketplace. It’s all about cooperation.

  26. Waly D. says:

    “It can’t be “unspoken,” or implicit. It has to be clear from day one”

  27. Damn I nearly got a head ache from reading all that crap.
    What a preachy, self important bitch.
    Hopefully her exotic pet will cook her in a pot and eat her for Christmas!

  28. TabuLa Raza says:

    The Corner Has Been Turned
    Posted by Bob on December 2nd, 2013 under Coaching Session

    This is the most important announcement in the history of Whitakeronline.

    It is now my opinion that, due to all these years of OUR effort, we are going to save our race.

    There is nothing Inevitable about it. There is no Date for it.

    But as usual in the case of the one who deals in true power, it took me a very long period lately to really assess where the struggle is.

    And, almost by definition, I am the only person who can make that assessment.

    There was a giant rock crushing us. That rock had to be moved. What was critical was the first centimeter. Unless someone would get down at the bottom of it and move that first centimeter, and then others joined them right there at the labor point and pushed just right, with no sign of movement, the rock would prevent any meaningful movement.

    There were people joining in dances around the rock. There were people pointing at the rock and preaching to their flocks that their version of God would move that rock on The Day.

    But the rock just sat there. Which is what real rocks really do.

    Just as only one person could see what was going on, only one person can tell you that. And I have not said it before because I had not clearly seen it.

  29. moishe (gentle type) says:

    to be fair – maybe Laura could atone for her ‘sin’ by finding a decent caucasian – and having a white child – or two – would this partly suffice the damage she has un-knowingly(?) done to our peoples?? – just food for thought

  30. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

  31. Edward says:

    When will white women see sense. Does a crow mate with a magpie? No. Does a macaque mate with langur monkey? No. Surely these evil white witches must know what they’re doing is wrong and they are so blasé about it ‘Hey look at me, I’m dating a black man’. Perhaps 17th century witch hunters were right, do a degree. We must deny women the vote.

  32. Edward says:

    When you burn the coal, have mulatto kids, yiu pay the toll. Most white men will avoid you, parents and siblings unless ultra liberal will worry sick that a next generation would be caucasian is obliterated by you. The kids will look nothing like you, other white women will talk behind your back, you’ll likely end up a single mum on benefits, black men will see you as booty call. Do you really want that?

  33. Anonymous says:

    As far as I’m concerned, mudsharks are damaged goods.
    Ladies, once you go black, we don’t want you back!

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