Updated; Link to hilarious police report: Massachusetts Mudshark Momma getting investigated for alleged hate hoax against Mulatto son

Everyone called this one from the beginning — yet another Hate Hoax.

Check out the police report. They kept changing their story! The cops smelled a rat! Reading that police report, you see the old cliche about dumb criminals.

They were talking about calling off the football season for Lunenberg High over this, and they cancelled the Thanksgiving Day football game against Fitchburg. Cooler heads said, “let’s see who actually did it,” knowing the pattern of hate hoaxing. Sure enough!


The cops and FBI were awesome in this! They smelled a hoax and brought the heat down on the hoaxer! Amazing that some liberal politicians aren’t squelching this investigation! Sometimes the system does work!

Race mixing has had some very bad PR in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts lately.

LUNENBURG — Andrea J. Brazier, the mother of a former Lunenburg High School football player who appeared to be the target of a hate crime three weeks ago, is now the focus of a police investigation of the racial slur spray-painted on the family’s house.

Police and the FBI searched the Phillips family’s house Tuesday looking for “any and all instruments pertaining to the crime” and all paperwork pertaining to Ms. Brazier’s handwriting, according to a search warrant dated Dec. 3 out of Fitchburg District Court.

Police removed two Krylon spray-paint cans and live ammunition from the home, according to court documents.

Police said they had cause to search the house because the mother was no longer being cooperative with investigators. No charges relating to the incident have been filed against her or anyone else.

Lunenburg Detective Jeffrey Thidodeau’s affidavit in support of the search warrant application stated that Ms. Brazier had become uncooperative during the investigation.

Ms. Brazier and Anthony J. Phillips, the parents of 13-year-old Isaac Phillips, allege that Isaac was bullied by Lunenburg High School football players. Mr. Phillips told authorities that someone spray-painted “Knights don’t need n——,” which Ms. Brazier said she discovered Nov. 15 on the side of the house while she was out walking the family dogs that morning.

Lunenburg High sports teams are the Blue Knights. Isaac’s mother is white and his father is black.

Isaac, an eighth-grader who played on the freshman and junior varsity football teams in Lunenburg, has since transferred to Leominster schools.

The Lunenburg football team was part of the investigation, but late Monday police said they could find no conclusive evidence linking present members of the team to the incident.

Police searched the Phillips home Tuesday afternoon. Details of the case are included in an affidavit attached to the application in support of a search warrant, filed in Fitchburg District Court.

During the investigation, Ms. Brazier told police she spray-painted over the graffiti on her home.

On the back of the house, gray paint covers blue graffiti on the foundation. Police would not respond to phone calls or emails Wednesday asking what color spray paint they removed from the Phillips home.

Detective Thidodeau said that on Nov. 25, Ms. Brazier told police and the FBI during an interview at the station that she had spray-painted over the graffiti, according to the affidavit, and she begged them to end the investigation, stating Isaac was now happy attending school in Leominster.

Since the incident, many town members have turned on their family, Mr. Phillips said.

“Andrea stated that she had painted over the graffiti and that she wanted nothing further to do with the investigation,” the affidavit said. “Andrea stated that she can’t sleep at night and that this is ripping her family apart … Andrea stated that she wanted the press to stop and wanted us to end it.”

However, according to the affidavit, Ms. Brazier was told the investigation would continue until the truth was uncovered.

“Andrea was told by an FBI agent that she wanted the investigation to stop because she was the one who spray-painted the graffiti on her house and Andrea said, ‘OK,’ ” the document said. “Andrea just kept answering ‘OK’ and that she wanted everything to end and that we did not understand.”

Ms. Brazier left the station upset and crying, the document said, saying she needed to talk to her husband.

About 2 p.m. Tuesday, the first police officers arrived at the Phillips house on Chase Road. About 90 minutes later, police left with what appeared to be items in a brown bag.

Mr. Phillips said in previous interviews that he knew as early as Nov. 17 that rumors were circulating that one of his family members spray-painted the graffiti on his home, and that some came from area residents who he had thought were on his side.

“We didn’t want any of this and I damn sure didn’t go out and spray-paint it myself,” he said.

The report of the graffiti followed incidents Nov. 1 and Nov. 4 at football games in Worcester and Lunenburg during which racial slurs were used by Lunenburg players against South High Community School players. The Nov. 4 game was ended in the fourth quarter.

On Nov. 23, Lunenburg Athletic Director Peter F. McCauliff apologized to the South High players and coaches for the incidents at the school.

Lunenburg school officials canceled the high school’s annual Thanksgiving football game against St. Bernard’s of Fitchburg, which sparked an outcry in Lunenburg.

However, Lunenburg’s athletic director recommended to the superintendent that she cancel the game because of safety concerns because of widespread attention over the graffiti incident.

Mr. Phillips said Tuesday night he has retained a lawyer and has been advised not to make any more comments.

“I could care less what the world thinks — I want to protect my children,” Mr. Phillips said, who has four children, including Isaac, ages 13, 8, 6 and 1. “It is the holidays and we want to move on from this. This is really affecting my family and they are all I really do care about. I really want to protect my kids.”

He said there is “more to come out” in the investigation.

Police said Wednesday the matter is still under investigation.

Contact Paula Owen at powen@telegram.com. Follow her on Twitter @PaulaOwenTG


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25 Responses to Updated; Link to hilarious police report: Massachusetts Mudshark Momma getting investigated for alleged hate hoax against Mulatto son

  1. zek says:

    “Dead eyes” have been mentioned as one mark of the mudshark. I would also submit the “ponytail secured on the top of the head.”

  2. Waly D. says:

    There seems to be a strong correlation between mudsharking and mental instability.

  3. oogaboogaman says:

    Good job MW continue linking these tales of mudsharkery to us so we may take the culture war to these stupid bitches. If CH has taught us anything it’s that the modern american women responds best to social disaproval, fuck the bell curve or any of that other bullshit.

    • oogaboogaman says:

      PS Only a black could muh dik that.

      • Charlie P says:

        Agreed. But it’s still in the top 1% of mudsharks – was expecting obese. Def mental tho.

        Dadda is chocolate.
        Mamma is vanilla.
        Me is better.
        It is a new flavor for love.

        What it’s like to teach black children – Chris Jackson

  4. oogaboogaman says:

    Yeah Charlie P I’ve read that article by Mr.Jackson. Nothing like exposure to the undertow to cure liberalism.

  5. zek says:

    Mandela is dead. If jubilant celebration of another man’s death is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.

  6. Arturo says:

    MW : You da man.

    I’m feeling a little sheepish because I am a bad , baaaaad procrastinator, and haven’t yet sent you that thing I’ve been promising to send you through the secure channels you are aware of. Hint: It involves an extremely famous international artist and my recent dealings with him, some rather public, and the revulsion I feel over his Bono-like gravitational pull towards all things PC pablum / conformist / left-wing paychex-liberalized.

    Speaking of Bono: I just read the most sickening tribute to just-dead Nelson “whites must pay” Mandela (what took him so effing long to pop his clogs?) (to borrow a SA expression) by the U2 frontman. These show-biz leftist conformists have ZERO cynicism! (not to mention insight).

    From Bono’s obit in Time.com published a little while ago :

    “Mandela saw extreme poverty as a manifestation of the same struggle. “Millions of people … are trapped in the prison of poverty. It is time to set them free,” he said in 2005. “Like slavery and apartheid, poverty is not natural. It is man-made and it can be overcome … Sometimes it falls on a generation to be great. You can be that great generation.” It certainly fell to Mandela to be great. His role in the movement against extreme poverty was critical. He worked for a deeper debt cancellation, for a doubling of international assistance across sub-Saharan Africa, for trade and private investment and transparency to fight corruption. Without his leadership, would the world over the past decade have increased the number of people on AIDS medication to 9.7 million and decreased child deaths by 2.7 million a year? Without Mandela, would Africa be experiencing its best decade of growth and poverty reduction? His indispensability can’t be proved with math and metrics, but I know what I believe …

    Read more: Bono on Nelson Mandela: The Man Who Could Not Cry | TIME.com http://world.time.com/2013/12/05/bono-the-man-who-could-not-cry/#ixzz2memjLDgR


    “I know what I believe” might be the take-home message there.


    You have published some really great, relevant stuff in the past few days. Sorry this comment is a little O/t; please consider posting something on the outpouring of SWPL butthurt that is likely to last for weeks now that “madiba” as Bono affectionately calls him, is daid n’ sheet.

    I will be monitoring the sasucks.com – style sites in SA to see if the promised Giant Chimpout actually materializes.


    – Arturo

    crimes of the times dot calm.

    Ps: I will send you that thing by Sunday. I’m eager to get your take on it.

  7. Paladin Justice says:

    I hope Mama Mudshark does some jail time, then a few hundred hours of community service, and then a fine sufficient to pay for the resources wasted on her little prank. Until there is a stiff penalty, there is no justice done to whites who were defamed by her stupid stunt.

  8. I believe that a hate hoax is a hate crime in and of itself. Obviously, a hate hoaxer wants to set up a “retaliation” against the accused group; one that can range the gamut from official harassment, to loss of livelihood to even vicious and violent physical attacks. They are as guilty as the latter day skinhead allegedly curb-stomping innocent minorities except they are too cowardly to do the dirty work themselves. They want to whip up overzealous authorities and unruly mobs against their targets.

    This hate hoaxer and others of her ilk need to face more than a stiff fine and a few hours of community service. They all need to be put on trial for hate crimes and they not only need to be assessed serious fines, both criminal and civil, but face serious prison time. So far, as far as anyone knows, no one has been assaulted or killed … yet … because of their antics, but it’s only a matter of time. This shit needs to be nipped in the bud and right now.

    • ben tillman says:

      I agree with you, but may I ask you to stop using the term “minority” to mean “non-White”? Whites are a tiny minority in this world, a minority in states like Texas and California, and a minority in most of the country’s largest cities.

      We need to stop perpetuating the pretense that Whites are numerically dominant and therefore politically dominant.

  9. scott says:

    good comments from politico story on mandela:

    Kolajo Afolabi • an hour ago −
    It’s telling that nearly every media organization in the world has all of their available writer’s pumping out lovey dovey puff piece articles on mandela, while their keyboards sat idle during the last 19 years of genocide resulting in 10’s of thousands of peaceful white civilians in south africa being murdered. 100,000’s of thousands raped and beaten. Not a peep.
    2 2 •Edit•Reply•Share ›
    YankeeProwler Kolajo Afolabi • an hour ago
    Wow, talk about hyperbole. Tens of thousands murdered? Hundreds of thousands being raped? There are only four million white people in South Africa, so that would mean nearly every white person in South Africa will be raped or murdered at some point in their lives.
    1 2 •Reply•Share ›
    Kolajo Afolabi YankeeProwler • an hour ago
    those numbers, except for the murders by boiling that i mentioned below, are over a 19 year span so not quite
    2 2 •Edit•Reply•Share ›
    Kolajo Afolabi Kolajo Afolabi • an hour ago
    downvotes will not alter the truth or change the reality on the ground in south africa. It’s almost like people approve of torture against innocent people as long as theyre white. Do people understand that about 25 times (twice a month) a year in south africa, white civilians are boiled to death in hot oil?
    2 2 •Edit•Reply•Share ›
    YankeeProwler Kolajo Afolabi • an hour ago
    And how many innocent blacks were murdered during six decades of apartheid? I’m not excusing the violence, because I agree with you that it’s sickening, but just pointing out that there is some payback going on here. When an entire population has been oppressed and viciously brutalized for so long, it shouldn’t be a surprise if savagery becomes a way of life for those who have known nothing else. It’s happened throughout history. Any population that has been brutally suppressed eventually becomes immune to violence. That’s human nature, sadly. Just look at the former Yugoslavia or post-invasion Iraq, for example.
    1 1 •Reply•Share ›
    Kolajo Afolabi YankeeProwler • an hour ago
    From 1956-1994 approximately 7,500 blacks were killed by the apartheid government police and military.
    1 2 •Edit•Reply•Share ›
    YankeeProwler Kolajo Afolabi • an hour ago
    That just counts those who were directly murdered by the government. Many thousands more were killed in inter-tribal violence that was encouraged by the apartheid regime to keep the black population divided. Like I said, I’m not making excuses for violence, but South Africa is not unique. How much has been written, for example, about the hundreds of thousands of Iraqi Sunnis who were massacred or driven into exile after Saddam Hussein was removed from power? It’s exactly the same dynamic.
    1 1 •Reply•Share ›
    Kolajo Afolabi YankeeProwler • an hour ago
    My main point from the original comment was to examine the amount of media coverage this man, who’s “kinda” ex-wife winnie was instrumental in spreading the “necklace” tradition throughout the continent, and who likes to sing songs about murdering whites, gets compared to the white farmers being slaughtered left and right by gangs who the police have no intention or desire from stopping.
    1 2 •Edit•Reply•Share ›
    YankeeProwler Kolajo Afolabi • an hour ago
    Nelson Mandela was a man of peace, who set an example to the world with his magnanimous, saintly behavior after he suffered so much at the hands of the apartheid regime. He tirelessly preached forgiveness, when he could so easily have sought violent retribution against his people’s oppressors. That is why he is so revered around the world, because of the dignified, humble and generous example he has set to us all.

    His ex-wife Winnie, on the other hand…. well, I agree with you there. She is a vicious, nasty woman who used and abused her husband’s name to spread violence. He did the right thing by divorcing and disowning her.
    1 •Reply•Share ›
    Kolajo Afolabi YankeeProwler • 44 minutes ago
    here’s the saint singing and pledging to kill the whites:

    www. youtube.com /watch?v=fcOXqFQw2hc
    2 •Edit•Reply•Share ›
    YankeeProwler Kolajo Afolabi • 34 minutes ago
    Well, seeing as how I don’t speak their tribal language, I’m not going to trust the translation posted by somebody who is an obvious neo-Nazi.
    1 •Reply•Share ›
    Kolajo Afolabi YankeeProwler • 26 minutes ago
    This is one of quite a few songs sung by the ANC and the ANC youth party focusing on the murder of white Afrikaaners or Boers. You can choose to believe or choose to dismiss, however the sad thing is when Afrikaners tried through the courts to have the words “Kill the Whites” removed from this song because it is racist (not to mention it incites hatred and encourages murder), it was defended (successfully) in court by saying that it is part of ANC “tradition!”. So the words “Kill the Whites” is NOT considered RACIST!
    2 •Edit•Reply•Share ›
    YankeeProwler Kolajo Afolabi • 20 minutes ago
    Actually, from what I’ve just found by Googling the exact translation, the literal translation is not “whites” but “boers” (or sometimes “peasant” or “farmer”). It is a folk song that became popular at the height of apartheid, and has now become part of their tradition. Like many songs that people sing, I doubt Mandela gave much thought to the words or meant anything by it. Besides which, there were whites singing it with him in the video.
    1 •Reply•Share ›
    Kolajo Afolabi YankeeProwler • 16 minutes ago
    So it’s okay to kill the peasants, farmers, and boers? Maybe if Jews sung songs about killing other jews, the holocaust wouldn’t have been so bad? Slavery was a tradition in the south. Can’t mess with tradition right? The confederate flag is just tradition.
    2 •Edit•Reply•Share ›
    YankeeProwler Kolajo Afolabi • 15 minutes ago
    Yep, and there are still people in the south who sing pro-confederate songs. Does that mean they want to return everyone to slavery? No, these are just songs that are part of their tradition.
    1 •Reply•Share ›
    Kolajo Afolabi YankeeProwler • 14 minutes ago
    Name one confederate song where the singers emotionally pledge to murder blacks, or black peasants, or black farmers. These are also like campaign songs for the ANC, the rulers of the one party system of democracy in SA.
    2 •Edit•Reply•Share ›
    YankeeProwler Kolajo Afolabi • 13 minutes ago
    Singing the words to a song is not an “emotional pledge”, for heaven’s sake. Geez, I get it okay? You hate blacks, you hate Mandela, you celebrate white supremacy. I get it. But to get your panties in a twist over lyrics in a song is just infantile. Grow up. If you had a video where Mandela gave a speech urging people to kill whites, then that would be something else. But it’s just a song. Geez.
    1 •Reply•Share ›
    Kolajo Afolabi YankeeProwler • 10 minutes ago
    I am second generation Nigerian American. I hate no one, nor do I believe in racial supremacy, or even race outside of being a social construct. I do however recognize pure evil when I see it.
    2 •Edit•Reply•Share ›
    YankeeProwler Kolajo Afolabi • 8 minutes ago
    Well, I’ve seen real evil up close and personal, and seen the corpses. And a group of people singing a folk song hardly comes close.

  10. Reblogged this on Toiletnation, USA and commented:
    I have now come to believe that 90% or more of “hate crimes” are fake.

  11. DAN says:

    And the remaining 10% are all black/brown on white/Asian.

  12. Dan Poole says:

    The boy is crying wolf a lot these days.

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