Muslim Culture Meets German Engineering

Great VW commercial!


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9 Responses to Muslim Culture Meets German Engineering

  1. Jon says:

    Not funny to me. Getting us to laugh at it inures us to it. And it’s wrong on several levels, not the least of which is that committing suicide by staying in the car whilst blowing up a cafe is tactically unnecessary (as it is with most of the “suicide” terrorism). Maybe an 85 mean IQ but not that stupid. But more important, the effects like ethnic cleansing and no-go zones and ordinary criminality, like rape, murder, robbery and even ugly gang graffiti have a far greater in terms of total suffering of the native population

  2. Adit says:

    Interestingly, the commercial is made for the British market place (note where the steering wheel in the car is.) I didn’t think you could get away with something like this in modern Britain with their hate crime laws.

    • Jon says:

      The “suicide terrorism” and “violent extremism” are memes that the government has an interest in getting across, in part because it’s an excuse and cover for expanding the British panopticon police state, and such measures then applied to the indigenous people. An advert that used a more accurate stereotype, like for instance no-go areas or serial pedophilic rape, would probably have run afoul of the free speech restrictions that you mention.

  3. Arturo says:

    MW : Something needs to be done :
    this slobbering NYT drivel over the Apes Who Can Talk is simply too much for me.
    This Kevin Sack (of shit) really needs an onslaught of good old fashioned in-his-face :

    God help me but Goooood, I hate the New York Times.

    Nine pages on Mandela, then 8 pages on a pre-Stone-Age Sudanese :”Lost Boy” OBD (One Banana Difference, or in its case possible 1.5 B D), it is sickening to now end how the weasels at the New York Times bend over themselves to appear “welcoming” to these Stick-Agers.

    Something needs to be done.

    • mindweapon says:

      Calm down, Arturo. We don’t need to do anything to Kevin Sack, he’s doing it to himself. People have eyes to see just like you and me, and are thinking the same things we think about that lost boy article. I read that and was thinking of blogging about it but didn’t have time.

      Some American needed that job though. Sudanese are fine in Sudan. No reason to be bringing them here and giving them American jobs. This isn’t a growing economy any more. So many people are chronically unemployed, and they gave this guy a 40k government tit job, when he would have been fine herding cattle in Sudan.

    • MOISHE (NOT) says:

      CORRECTION: isn’t that ‘jew York times Arturo?? (sorry – couldn’t help myself)

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