Winning Back the Comments Sections: Black Enrollment Down Since Affirmative Action Downvoted

We are the Mongol hordes of the comments!

Toiletnation, USA

Winning Back the Comments Sections: Black Enrollment Down Since Affirmative Action Downvoted

Bob Whitaker is right. We are turning a corner. 

Go to the link and read the comments. Common sense and White Identity are lurking as political forces. Was Obamacare’s very Africanesque gerrymandering and failure a catalyst? We’ll see.

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19 Responses to Winning Back the Comments Sections: Black Enrollment Down Since Affirmative Action Downvoted

  1. Ryu says:

    A corner has been turned, but we’ve still got to walk around the block. We own the internet. But it has to translate to the real world somehow. Anger is just the first step.

    • Tom Bowie says:

      It’s in its early stages but, it’s being done and by some of those others may think the least likely to be able to do it correctly. Where it goes, I’m not sure yet but it’s going.

  2. Scarlett says:

    Great, but as one poster said on the BUGS website, don’t use this as an excuse to slack. Keep it up! @Ryu, yes, it appears we are winning the ‘cyber warfare’ stage now we just need to go out into the real world. We are catching a strong wind in our sails now, interesting times ahead.

  3. Will says:

    What this means is we all have to intensify our efforts. I’ve been battling these Anti-White dirtbags for many years now and I’m not going to stop until there are none left. These psychopaths need to be hunted down to the ends of the earth and forced to pay for their crimes against our people. Unlike many others I’ve been in a communist country(DDR) and know what is at stake here. Give the enemy no quarter!

    • moishe (gentle type) says:

      hey Will – i understand your pain – two years ago i was squatting in an anti-fa shithole in alexander-platz – full of “anti-nazi” punks – i kept my shit to myself and just enjoyed how dumb these fuckers were (hey, but the women were hot!!!) – anyway, i visited berlin university and it had been taken over by anti-fa faggots and their 100 year old guru who loved having sex with his dumb 18 year old students (male and female) – anyway, i couldnt help myself any longer – i basically told them all that their views were highly pathological and in my country (australia) – we would consider them dangerous, extremist and contrary to the public good) – they didnt realise that i was taking the piss (mocking them) – and i still remember the dumb, animal-like looks on their stupid german faces – i feel your pain and know that the fatherland is zog-occupied – but not for ever!!!!!

  4. FD says:

    California has two tiers of public universities. The University of California campuses are selective, and mostly admit students capable of completing some kind of degree. The California State University campuses (except the two polytechnics and maybe Long Beach) are not. The article is not indicative of overall public uni enrollment in the state.

  5. the outdoorsman says:

    Yes, absolutely a corner has been turned. I am 100% convinced that all of the mantra work that has been done (by a relatively few people!) has hit the enemy and got them shaking their head from this initial impact.

    There are three reasons I say this. First, the volume & intensity of pro-white comments on-line has exponentially ramped up – I see this ALL OVER. Second, I see the mantra popping up EVERYWHERE. Third, earlier this week I watched on of those John Quinones “What Would You Do?” shows on ABC. Basically, I believe the enemy is mobilizing against the mantra that anti-racist is just a code word for anti-White. They are going after it by now acknowledging that other races can be “racist”. This was confirmed by several of the set-ups on the show – I urge you to check them out at: Specifically, view the videos titled “White Barber Discriminated Against at Barbershop” and “Interracial Couple Faces Criticism”. These just blew me away because blacks were called RACIST! This has never been done before. This is critical because the pro-Whites have been preaching that the enemy claims ALL Whites and ONLY Whites can be racist – that’s why anti-racist is a code word for anti-White. The enemy is actually scared and coming after the Bugsers! Holy Shit! This is HUGE! This is FUCKING EXCITING!

    From your friend in eastern Iowa.

    • Cranberry says:

      I’ve yet to drop the mantra verbatim on anyone I’ve spoken to except my husband. In dinner conversation recently, a family member asked if I’d go see 12 Years a Slave, I said “no.”

      “Why not? Waiting for it to come to Netflix?” she asked.

      “No.” I said. “I’m all done with Hollywood’s Blacks Always Good/Whites Always Evil fairy tales. I went to college, I know the deal. No need to have it hammered home again.”

      She couldn’t speak, just kind of moved her mouth like a fish suddenly out of the water and struggling for breath.

      It’s that simple, but I’m usually dealing with simple minds when it comes to this particular topic.

      • the outdoorsman says:

        Try it – it’s quite fun! I use the mantra relatively frequently IRL. Normal whites either nod their head in agreement or look at you with their dead eyes and no reaction. But then they start thinking about it and you can actually see a spark.

        Anti-whites will immediately attack – which is the fun part for me. Then use mantra thinking/speaking to destroy them. Always ATTACK, ATTACK, ATTACK anti-Whites. Give them no room, always point out their hypocrisy and their justifying White genocide. They will always slink away as they’ve never been confronted like that before. I especially relish when other normal Whites observe this. Once you get into it, it’s not a stretch to say that you start “living for” these interactions.

      • Denise says:

        Yes. USE the Mantra. Don’t be afraid. It is fun. You SEE the programming short -circuiting right before your eyes, like you saw with your family member. You cut RIGHT through decades of BS. She sis not know how to react. And you know what – you the a lifeline to her shriveled limbic system. The tiny vestigial cells, that control health, well being, and sanity WER reached by your pithy obliteration of all he deep brain programing. THAT is why she could not speak. The vestigial life-preserving reflexes in her have been starved to almost death; they may be too weak to do anything. Or not. It may take years, and she’ll fight her Jew deep brain programming tooth and nail – but maybe just maybe those few starved left-over self-preservation may have gained hope and courage, by your truth, and will GROW.

    • I see the Mantra everywhere now, they are very much starting to notice. The internet, too, has leveled the playing field; online blogs are cheap and ours are as good as, if not better, than the “mainstream” ones. Hence, why the big boys refuse or censor comments, the crowd just isn’t buying the anti-white garbage anymore.

      They lost the plot. We are the social critics now.

      • Trainspotter says:

        “They lost the plot. We are the social critics now.”

        Very true, and this is a revolutionary shift.

      • Denise says:

        We still have a long way to go – which is why we advance, and attack. Go retreat. No mercy.

        No quarter. As my poor hubby can attest – I am AGRESSIVE as a She Wolf when it comes to pro White Advocacy. We went to a party last night. A fundraiser for a local candidate who is a very good Rep. My political Reps know me by name, and sight, fyi. I got a lot of pro-white stuff into conversations. I was subtle, because there were loads of folks. I didn’t know, and I have FINALLY learned to step lightly, in certain situations. I don’t want to undermine him with Money Masters, as he serves MY needs. FYI – there were Hebes there, of course – but not too many. The coupe that threw the party are New Money Whites, and are VERY White. As well as LOADED. Yay!

        We didn’t stay late, and popped into a local 24 hour grocery store on the way home. We ran into a local TP’er, who basically knows I’m a KNAAAZEE. He’s a Libertarian. He’s got ducats, too. He did not attend the fundraiser. “I’m not giving money to the GOP anymore”. I laughed. and said I understood – however this guy is a good rep. The TP guys complained about how he ran on limited Government -and then began handing out grants right and left. “That’s socialism!” GrrrRRRR. I said, Right – but look around. America is filled with ORCS, welfare leeching Orcs. We are NOT in a Jeffersonian Republic anymore, and the Orcs don’t CARE about that. They just want whatever they can get – and ….is helping OUR people. So that’s GOOD.”.

        The Libertatian conceded my point. I could see he never thought of that. I’m agro as HELL when it comes to the targets I’ve softened up. No retreat, ADVANCE.

        Re: “Orcs” – I use that pejorative all the time. Every-one knows what it means. EVERY-ONE. They know I’m making a racial slur. I used to get reactions of shock and distaste. Now every-one that knows me has become ACCLIMATED to racial slurs flowing freely. It does NOT disrupt the conversation anymore. I’m waiting for the day when I hear the same terminology coming from THEM – and that day is coming.

  6. Cranberry says:


    “Jamillah Moore wants even more $$$ to boost black student readiness and performance. There’s already a program: public high school. If they wash out there, they shouldn’t be in college. Too many people who are in college shouldn’t be there. Affirmative Action hurt blacks by putting them in situations where they were underwater regarding academic expectations aligning with their actual ability to succeed. Tabula rasa is a lie and all the money and special readiness programs and tutoring is not going to turn a person with an avg. IQ of 90 into anything more than a frustrated chump with a chip the size of Gibraltar on his shoulders. It builds resentment, expecting someone do perform beyond his abilities and then telling him its not his fault he can’t hack it.”

  7. TabuLa Raza says:

    The left represents impotence, and its power was a bluff from the start.

    Whites appeased, hoping “they” would leave. Whites forgot ancient lesson- “give inch, take mile.” [White] Original Sin is the First Appeasement. A very costly error.


    It’s over when Whites stop supporting the Statist Quo.

    The corner is turned when we shift from defense to offense. As Miss Rand called the enemy: “a nest of scurrying cockroaches.”

    The moral high ground is shifting rightward.

  8. Don Juan says:

    The BBC has changed its name to the MCSC – Mandela Cock-Sucking Corporation.

  9. Stary Wylk says:

    Perhaps, if English professors taught English instead of oppression awareness, educated people would know the difference between ‘its’ and ‘it’s’, ‘there’ and ‘their’, and start to proofread what they write. The desire for such knowledge is what set these young men off.
    I have noticed over my lifetime a lessening in the ability to communicate in writing per year of time spent in school. It seems to me the ability expected of a high school junior in 1950 is what you find now in someone with a B.A. in Liberal Arts. Printed material from my son’s schools, when he went to public schools, frequently displayed semi-literacy or lack of care.
    The mainstream solutions proposed are to lessen class sizes and take longer to train the teachers. Some of the best elementary education I had was in a class of around forty delivered by a woman who might have had a normal school education (equivalent to an A.A.) herself.

    As for Mandela, he did evil.

  10. Dan Poole says:

    Here’s what I think the next big step could be: Wide-scale DDOS attacks by The Swarm. I’m not talking about infecting enemy websites with viruses or doing something else illegal like Anonymous does. I’m talking about simply getting enough BUGSERS together at once to CRASH an enemy website thanks to server overload. That’s not illegal. If a vicious anti-white website posts something obscene, then we will have successfully REBUKED it if we DDOS it. I would love to see Viking Raids of pro-white commenters on a vile website. Crashing their fucking servers would prove how ENORMOUS the backlash is to their White GeNOcide rhetoric!

    If we have the power to DDOS whoever we want whenever we want, then we will have the power to enforce REAL change in the REAL world. We could even force TV networks to STFU by crashing whatever their website is. I know I’m getting really pie in the sky here, but now that we’ve colonized the comment sections of every major non-lefty website, it’s time to soar even higher!

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