Chauncey DeVega, a favorite jousting partner of ours, is concerned that My People(TM) might lose out on cushy perfessor jobs browbeating white kids about racism

What Happens When Neoliberalism and White Privilege Meet in the College Classroom? Black Professors are Disciplined for Talking About Racism

The facts of the story of the Colorado professor, Shannon Gibney, appear to be that THE WHOLE CLASS was one long anti-white guiltfest, with not much academic formal study going on. I suspect there’s a lot of Perfessors like Ms. Gibney out there, and that the administrators are ready to take action as soon as students complain.

Chauncey claims to be warning us, that “neoliberalism is going to get you, black professors of white guilt are the canary in the coal mine.” No, black professors of white guilt are NOT the canary in the coal mine. That’s a cushy, well paid job. Working class whites (and some others) must perform or get fired in the real world of real jobs.

Shannon Gibney may very well be the canary in the coal mine for these guys though:

Kids are giving bad evaluations to these creeps, and the market is responding!

So much of our problem really is these Marxist professors getting kids at an impressionalbe age that they grow up with a “default liberalism,” that goes off like a bomb later in their lives, like the hapless father of Laura Marie Marciano.

They don’t think through their political views until it’s too late. But that problem can be solved by getting rid of Marxist professors poisoning the kids, and the internet crowdsourcing pro-White memes. Pro-white is just pro-you, because if you are attacked for being a white person, you have to defend yourself as a white person. That’s why the internet comments are working for us — thethe wisdom of crowds.

In short, Galton found that a large crowd could, on average, guess the weight of an ox within 1% accuracy, even though many guesses were wildly off the mark. So what happened with us on the internet is that our collective said, “look, this is the simple truth. Anti-white is anti-you. Pro-white is pro-you.”

Imagine how awesome it’s going to be when people aren’t “default liberal” brainwashed by their college experience? Many “default liberal” types have very strong opposite experiences, but that brain bug is still there, and prevents them from completely going to our camp, until the crowd goes en masse at least.

But the end of the Marxist professors is the end of that comfortable default liberal. So much damage is done, so much progress is not made, because of the default liberal.

Students in required classes will often reveal their frustration and sense of being imposed upon through their course evaluations. Because people of color and women may tend towards fields in the social sciences and humanities that explore questions of identity, culture, and power, they in turn face the double burden of teaching courses and material that many white students are resistant to, and then being evaluated as less competent, precisely because they are not white and male.

Ultimately, Gibney’s experience is one more data point which reveals the overwhelming power of neoliberalism and the surveillance society to impact every aspect of American life.

Neoliberalism is a political and economic philosophy which argues that models of extreme capitalism and the marketplace should be used to organize society. Capitalism and democracy are made synonymous with one another. The type of biopolitics which has been ushered in by the neoliberal order is one of a culture of cruelty, mass incarceration, the destruction of the middle class, where the poor are treated as “useless eaters”, and the State monitors and spies upon its citizens through omnipresent means.

Higher education in America shares all of those traits. Evaluations are used to monitor, assess, intimidate, and control faculty members. Rate My Professor is part of this apparatus, as are websites by Right-wing “watchdog” groups that seek to bully and fire professors who are “hostile” to the conservative agenda.

Because higher education is profit driven–as opposed to being focused on creating active and critical citizens–the classroom is being transformed into a version of McDonald’s or Burger King where the customer is always right.

In many states, faculty are being required to submit their syllabi for public inspection and approval. If higher education is the last redoubt of critical thinking and a bulwark against neoliberalism, rising Christian Dominionism, and the anti-intellectual thuggery of contemporary populist conservatism, faculty members must then conform to the expectations of a lay public who have neither the expertise or qualifications to judge a given professor’s ability or competence.

Shannon Gibney’s experience resonates here: the White Right is pursuing a nativist and racist political agenda. Consequently, attacking faculty members who dare to engage in truth-telling and truth-seeking on those matters is a necessity.

Neoliberalism is predicated on creating a sense of insecurity and fear on the part of the American worker. If wages are stagnant, being undercut by globalization, and unions are destroyed, then CEO’s and the 1 percent can further extract wealth from the masses. The destruction of the middle class is the foundation for a neoliberal order. Tenure for college faculty, which grants the intellectual freedom to engage in truth-seeking and truth-telling, is being destroyed in America. Tenured and long-term faculty members are being replaced by adjuncts who are underpaid, without health benefits or retirement funds, and possess no job security. Tuition rates continue to rise. Executive compensation for senior administrators remains extravagant.

The result of neoliberalism’s influence in higher education is that the quality of student instruction will be made lower, universities and colleges will be preoccupied with expanding corporate support and donations (as well as giving them even more control over departments, hiring, and research), and faculty will be made made expendable and disposable. Those who remain will either have been lucky enough to be grandfathered through to tenure or will have adapted to the new reality of simply giving students the grades they want, i.e. “A’s” (as opposed to what they have earned) and abandoning any commitment to the life of the mind and the role of the intellectual as truth-teller.

Shannon Gibney’s experience is an example of racism and sexism in action. White privilege empowered the white male students to harass her. It was not white racism and white supremacy operating either together or alone that then led to Shannon Gibney being disciplined for daring to talk about structural racism in her class.

Neoliberalism is the main villain in Gibney’s story. Black and brown folks are once more “the miner’s canary”.

The forces of corporatization, hyper conservatism, and extreme capitalism came after Shannon Gibney because she is a black woman who dared to engage in truth-telling about white supremacy in the United States. As such, Shannon was the most vulnerable and opportune target of the moment.

The neoliberal order operates on the same calculus as organized crime or a hitman. It ain’t personal. It’s only business. Neoliberalism is coming for everyone. White supremacy and white racism are just a means to an end.


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39 Responses to Chauncey DeVega, a favorite jousting partner of ours, is concerned that My People(TM) might lose out on cushy perfessor jobs browbeating white kids about racism

  1. KO says:

    Professors who feel entitled to talk about their minority experience regardless of the subject matter of the course deserve low evaluations–not that either story provides clear evidence of that.

    De Vega’s naked reliance on the expertise of the educated shows the clear dividing line between liberal rationalists, who think they should run things because of their unique possession of tradition-free Reason, and post-modern neopopulists, who know that all accounts of reason are tradition-bound and that the people’s traditions of language, religion, and common sense don’t have to defer any more. (See Neopopulism as Counterculture.)

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  3. Rita Rabbit says:

    Nice! No more useless feeders!

  4. Denise says:

    My comment was deleted. Of course. They are deleting all the “racist” comments. The thing that is striking about the comments that are permitted is the hostility, of course, the nastiness, and the mind-boggling childishness of the “good Tolerant” trash. Read through the newer ones. They COMPLETELY ignorant of historical fact, and HATEFUL when others have tried to cite actual history. I’ve noticed a new trend in online debate – the Orcs are resorting to FLAT OUT lies. Many of the Orcs cite their mixed Race heritage, so they are defending themselves of course. To admit that the “racists” are right completely demolishes their fragile sense of self-worth. As it should. They are soul-less abominations, I’m being sincere. Not snarky. Mongrels do not have souls.

    • zek says:

      Lying can be a useful tactic if deployed strategically. We should use it too! I recently heard the figure of 800,000 whites killed by blacks in the 20th century. I searched for a source for this but couldn’t find one. Is it correct? Who knows! But hey, it works for me!

    • mindweapon says:

      They can’t fight us, Denise. We got ’em on the run!

      Let the professor evaluations be an extension of our comments; and they can’t moderate student evaluations or rate my professor!

      • Mr. Rational says:

        They can stop publishing evaluations and shut down the website, though.  Watch for that to happen.

  5. zek says:

    Evaluations are used to monitor, assess, intimidate, and control faculty members. Rate My Professor is part of this apparatus,

    HAHAHA. Rate My Professor: neoliberal spy operation!

    as are websites by Right-wing “watchdog” groups that seek to bully and fire professors who are “hostile” to the conservative agenda.

    LOLOLOL as if the Marxists didn’t PIONEER this.

    Neoliberalism is the main villain in Gibney’s story.

    Good, they don’t even know about us! They are fighting an imaginary enemy. No wonder they are so unprepared for the mantra. They were expecting to be fighting the Koch brothers! They don’t understand where we are coming from or how/why we even exist. They thought people like us were all a bunch of yahoos out doing Hitler salutes and flying swastika flags!

    The forces of corporatization, hyper conservatism, and extreme capitalism came after Shannon Gibney because she is a black woman who dared to engage in truth-telling about white supremacy in the United States.

    Well, from this, it shouldn’t be any clearer to white males what the Marxists think of them.

    • mindweapon says:

      Rate My Professor is awesome!

    • Dan Poole says:

      “Good, they don’t even know about us! They are fighting an imaginary enemy. No wonder they are so unprepared for the mantra.”

      THIS!!! So much this!

      Remember that Daily Kos article Mindweapon posted recently where some crazed lunatic black woman said that the mantra was a GOP creation? Even if we assume this is true because Whitaker was a former Reagan official, the end result is an attack on Reagan and not an attack on the mantra itself. These guys have created such a gigantic enemies list that they have no idea who’s who anymore. They’ve inadvertently provided us with camouflage. The smarter ones among them know who their real enemy is, but quite frankly, they’re unable to contain their feral supporters who lash out at anything to the right of Keith Olbermann. As Uncle Sam proved in the 60s and 70s, dropping Napalm everywhere doesn’t win shit!

  6. WhiteGenY says:

    Look at the races of Professors in the STEM subjects. Almost all White or Asian.

  7. TabuLa Raza says:

    They are soul-less abominations, I’m being sincere. Not snarky. Mongrels do not have souls.

    These negroes disagree:

    Sam & Dave – Soul Man (1967)

    • mindweapon says:

      He’s deluded if he thinks we’re angry at him. He’s a huge source of entertainment to us!

      • Will says:

        I just discovered him on the linked site(which is subtly Anti-White by the way). Yeah, he’s good for a laugh and helping with providing free publicity.

    • Mindweapons in Ragnarok appear to be oblivious to how the global power elite are using the white working class

      Even Noam Chomsky has said that “anti-racism” and immigration are tools of the “1%” but Chauncey is stuck in his Marxist rhetoric from the 60s. Chauncey seems like he’s the black Tim Wise, he’s just in it for the money. I bet Chauncey doesn’t live in the ghetto either. Chauney *is* a tool of the “1%” – and he’s fully aware of it, too.

      He’s obviously obsessed with you, MW. I guess that’s a compliment.

      • mindweapon says:

        I told him we’re not mad at him. He made a post asking for donations to “piss off white supremacists.” So I donated 10 bucks and tweeted to him that I wasn’t mad and I donated some money to a brutha, since I’m making some money on ads, and the entertainment his WARN blog can get a little bit of commission off of us. I don’t know if anyone else donated to him. People don’t care about making me mad! Darnit!

        I look forward to the radio show. I got some questions for him.

      • 1rw says:

        @ mindweapon

        You must realize that he can’t feel good about the fact that as of writing, his original blog post has fewer comments than your re-post here. That’s a lot of egg in the face of a would be interwebs demagogue.

  8. mindweapon says:

    I am corresponding with Chauncey now. I’m going to be on one of his podcasts in January. Should be entertaining.

  9. clytemnestra57 says:

    White racism does not apply to Shannon Gibney’s case whatsoever. College students are paying customers and should not be taught something totally different than what a course description offers. The elective that Shannon Gibney offered was Mass Communications NOT Structural Racism.

    If you go to In and Out Burger and order and pay for a hamburger, you do not expect to get fried chicken and be told to like it or lump it. If you had wanted fried chicken, you would have gone to Kentucky or Church’s Fried Chicken. If Gibney had offered an elective on Structural Racism, these three White Male students would not have signed up for that elective; they would have opted to go with a professor that offered Mass Communication. She knew it and Chauncey Vega knows it. Both are being disingenuous by screaming about Gibney being a victim of White racism rather than a liar who finally got busted for dishonesty.

    In offering Mass Communications so that she could use it as a platform to teach Structural Racism, Gibney was being deceptive to students who were paying for a Mass Communications elective. Moreover, she had a reputation for singling out and criticizing White male students in her class which made for a hostile learning environment. According to Rate My Professor, this had been going on for some time.

    The university is a business who relies on paying customers to keep in business. The university is not the place for Ms. Gibney to act out any of her issues with White men. Those White male students, as paying customers, have every right to complain both in and out of her class and the University, as a business which relies on their money, had every right to censure her. She should have been fired.

    Whites have every right to choose what electives they pay for. That is why they call these courses elective. If it is that necessary for the whole world to be taught about Structural Racism, then Structural Racism should be part of the core curriculum.

    Ms. Gibney’s case only emphasizes the need for sites like Rate My Professor. Students who have paid for one course only to be taught something not only totally different but utterly useless to their major need to go to their sites to warn others. Or more students are going to end up with a diploma that is nothing more than a bill of goods. I wonder how much the looming college loan default has to do with degrees that were rendered worthless, because other professors pulling the same kind of stunts that Gibney did?

    • mindweapon says:

      Exactly. And they are whining about Rate My Professor but Shannon got some good ratings too. I guess any criticism is too much for these thin skinned ebony tower denizens.

  10. clytemnestra57 says:

    You said you were going to do a podcast with Chauncey Vega. I hope you hammer home the concept of deceptive advertising practices and cite the Gibney case as an example. Can you imagine the complaints Black students would have if they elected to take African American studies and got served with Mexican American studies, for example? Would they tamely sit in class and say nothing for fear of being called Anti-Hispanic?

    If Gibney wants to teach an elective on Structural Racism, she needs to offer it as such. Plain and simple.

    • mindweapon says:

      Actually, I have a very simple question for Mr. Chauncey. What would he do if he had the power, the influence? The dog has to know what to do if he actually catches the car, after all. Otherwise, he’s just barking and chasing.

  11. oogenhand says:

    Reblogged this on oogenhand and commented:
    Bill Clinton was a Neoliberal.

  12. Mike says:

    Chauncey DeVega is weird. I get the vibe that he’s on the down-low.

  13. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog! and commented:
    Noel Ignatiev is a disgusting rat faced White hating Bolshevik Jew descended from Rabbinical penis suckers!

  14. vikingbitch says:

    Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    It is good to know that students in colleges are fighting back the tides of Cultural Marxism. It is when I read these stories that I was younger so that I could be part of the cultural revolution that is taking place on college campuses.

    White Privilege is something that does not apply to most if not all white people in the USA. I have never known it. I worked part time in college in the early 1990s while a Hispanic I knew could merely obtain a 2.7 grade point average so she could keep her full ride academic scholarship. I ran track and field so I had academic study hall that was attended by many of the members of the football team. Most of these players were black and dumb as door nails but had their needs and comforts take care of simply because they were football players and minorities to boot.

    When I attended by masters degree program, I taught full time and took classes at night. I paid for my tuition out of pocket – no privilege here!

    I did not hear of the term called White Privilege until I attended a doctoral program in clinical psychology. In psychology, people have to go through clinical supervision class where they obtain feedback from the professor how to handle cases. The supervision class I had was run by a black female professor who spent the majority of instruction time discussing black oppression and white privilege. This was in 2004. When I spoke in class that I was aware that I had privileges from being white, just as all races enjoy certain advantages, I stated that I was not privileged as I had paid for my own schooling. From that point forward, I was ostracized and attacked and later left the program to complete my doctorate elsewhere.

    Apparently this was a pattern for this prof and she had picked on other white students in the past. I shared the story with a local later that was later erased of the Internet.

    Anyway, that was nearly a decade ago and I am glad to see a revolution starting. It’s nice to know that my personal struggle was not in vain because one is never fully aware of the domino effect that can take place when people start fighting back. It’s hard being in the early stages of a revolution because you may be called crazy or psycho, but those are just intimidation tactics.

  15. Mike says:

    Here’s a snapshot of Mindweapons vs. Chaucey DeVaga in rankings:

    Global Rank: 607,306
    Rank in United States 211,579
    Bounce Rate: 54.60%
    Daily Pageviews per Visitor: 2.40
    Daily Time on Site: 5:35

    Chauncey DeVega:
    Global Rank: 1,577,906
    Rank in United States: N/A (Apparently too low to be ranked at all)
    Bounce Rate: 83.30%
    Daily Pageviews per Visitor: 1.20
    Daily Time on Site: 1:55

    (Note: Bounce Rate is a term used in web traffic analysis. It represents the percentage of visitors who enter the site and “bounce” (leave the site) rather than continue viewing other pages within the same site. I think the other categories are self explanitory)

    • mindweapon says:

      Thanks Mike! It’s not just about Chauncey versus Mindweapons; it’s about the WN movement versus the anti-whites. The Momentum is with us!

      A celebrity named Tila Tequila just came out as a “Nazi Sympathizer,” as neocon Michelle Malkin called her. She is criticizing pop culture, saying that it “manipulates people for the soul harvest.” Great turn of phrase!

      • Mike says:

        Tila, Tequila?? Okay…..never heard of her…Hey buddy, I gotta run along for now. Things to do, people to see, I’m sure you know the drill. Catch ya later.

      • mindweapon says:

        Yeah. A lot of younger kids are going to get hip to our stuff through her, I suspect. at any rate, lots of kids are going to be arguing with their teacher during the mandatory “holocaust studies” unit.

      • Scarlett says:

        Tila Tequila, they’ll probably put it down to a neurotic breakdown, given her history.

    • MW … those are some impressive stats from Mike … I’ve been one of your most prolific commenters since the beginning… feel like I’m on the winning team. plus Chauncey actually did a whole post on one of my comments here. think somebody is jealous of our superior tricknology!

      • mindweapon says:

        Yes, I very much appreciate your contributions to this site, Hipster.

        I’m envious of Jewish superior tricknology and strive to adapt it and adapt to it. As soon as one finds oneself envious of something, one must ask, “Why can’t I just acquire that advantage for myself?”

  16. Sam says:

    You said something that is a great elucidation on “White Privilege”.
    mindweapon said,”…the wisdom of crowds. In short, Galton found that a large crowd could, on average, guess the weight of an ox within 1% accuracy, even though many guesses were wildly off the mark…”
    “White Privilege” was EARNed through wisdom of the crowds. If Black people want this they should behave. Maybe you should tell Chauncey this. It would infuriate him but he couldn’t deny it truthfully. He claims they are good people but he has to be told that they must police themselves.

  17. Dan Poole says:

    That last line by Chauncey really got to me:

    “Neoliberalism is coming for everyone. White supremacy and white racism are just a means to an end.”

    Please, by all means, direct your tank fire at neoliberals! Mercilessly smear us as agents of Reagan and Thatcher! Keep on railing against capitalism and the evil rich 1%! Make more movies demonizing the Koch Brothers like you did in that one with Will Farrell and the fat bearded guy from The Hangover! Cause here’s what it results in:

    1. Your misfired smears hit Conservatism Inc (which you despise, but guess what: So do we!)
    2. Conservatism Inc responds by saying “White racism is held to be probably the greatest evil of our time.” (National Review)
    3. The normal Whites you liberals intended to strike respond: “Not by anyone I would want to live next door to.”

    Better duck when those tank shells come right back at you like a boomerang!

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