Adopt White children from South Africa; the orphanages with “too many white children” don’t get financial support

h/t to commenter Henri Leriche.

White children unwanted in South Africa; the Wabenzi Big Men of the ANC said caring for white orphans doesn’t meet 100% Black Economic Empowerment

Johannesburg – A Pretoria orphanage says it is no longer getting financial support from large companies as 70% of the children in its care are white.

Elzane van der Merwe of the Jacaranda children’s home said: “The only answer that the children’s home is getting is: ‘Sorry, you don’t meet the criteria for 100% black economic empowerment (BEE),” reported Beeld.

But Van der Merwe said the children’s home couldn’t choose which children to take in.

“To us a child is a child. We don’t discriminate. Here we have 250 children between 18 months and 18 years that need care, regardless of race or gender.”

She said that even though the department of trade and industry had withdrawn the new suggested BEE codes, welfare organisations countrywide were still affected.

The suggested codes award points to companies for their BEE programmes and donations.

She said their income had dropped drastically due to the BEE codes, even though there was an increase in the children that needed care.

The home only looks after children placed in its care by court order.

We need to adopt them to America. All the white couples adopting Chinese or Guatemalans could instead adopt a white child who would match the family pictures!

Or they will meet this fate:

They are using young white girls as living flatware! Gross. And white orphans don’t rate any government support. How many of those orphans’ parents were killed by beneficiaries of 100% Black Economic Empowerment? And now the Wabenzi ANC sushi eaters say that white orphan children don’t deserve any government support.

And liberals? Where’s the liberals? I emailed some liberals about this. They have nothing to say. They had lots to say about apartheid and Mandela, but white farm murders and the inevitable white orphans of black murder, now economically abandoned by the ANC dictatorship? Liberal crickets.

If you don’t feel a primal rage, you aren’t alive.


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  1. Mike says:

    “If you don’t feel a primal rage, you aren’t alive.”

    Truth. Very well said. Your writing is getting better and better, MW. In fact, everyone is getting better. I need to step up my game..

  2. Henry H. Pinkham says:

    NO, guys, you don’t understand the ridiculous situation in South Africa.

    DO NOT INTERFERE. All you are doing is weakening the white race. What may look logical to you does NOT make sense in South Africa at all.

    PLEASE DO NOT ADOPT WHITE KIDS FROM SOUTH AFRICA! By doing this, you are F..cking up the social structure even more than it already is. PLEASE DON’T!

    White kids in this country available for adoption are few and far between.
    That is why white parents are adopting BLACK kids, and thereby bastardize their families. This is often done on the advice of church-based welfare organizations run by BLACK women in collaboration with a few white bleeding heart rotten to the core liberal social workers.

    There are many white South African couples craving to adopt a white kid. Due to unavailability of such kids, they often adopt a black kid, and immediately transform themselves and the black kid into outcasts from white society and their families. These black kids raised in white families are also NOT accepted back into black society, and blacks actually laugh out loud at the white fools who adopted the little cuckoo and feed, school and bring it up so it can later turn against them and perhaps kill them.

    So what you aim to do is to worsen the situation by forcing more white couples to take in a black cuckoo.

    Your “solution” here may seem logical to you, but it isn’t.

    Rather support a specific White-kids-only orphanage financially, as these institutions do not get financial aid from the government at all.

    South Africa is NOT the USA. Please don’t think up “solutions” for our problems.
    Well-meant American interference usually only increase our problems.

    Thank you for listening


    Henry H. Pinkham
    South Africa

    • mindweapon says:


      Then why are there any white orphans? Why haven’t they all been adopted?

      It’s unlikely we’d have the resources to adopt white SA orphans anyway, but I thought I’d put that out there.

      I agree about not adopting a black cuckoo.

      • Trainspotter says:

        Yeah, I was asking the same thing. If there is the demand in South Africa for white children that he says…why all the white kids who haven’t been adopted?

        I think you definitely did the right thing by making this post. In fact, you might have ended up saving a life here. The most important thing is that white orphans end up in white homes. If there are white orphans in South Africa that need homes, the broader white population needs to know about it.

    • PjurFyre says:

      Mr. Pinkham,
      as a mother of two – i find that logic absurd.
      i have family that spent 7 years fighting to be able to adopt a white child. (they ended up finding a young nurse that had gotten pregnant, but could not afford to keep her child, and came to a private agreement with her.) they government pushes the whites to adopt black babies, because they know the child will have the best chance at a successful life.

      if there are white orphans, then there are many more willing and very able white families desperate to adopt them. that is a logical truth.

      My mother in Law (different situation as mentioned above) had to fight like a viking to get the state to hand over a three year old white, afrikaans speaking boy, into her home. they wanted him to be placed at Herberg (sp) Orphanage in Kamieskroon, Northern Cape; where he would have learned just how dark the world could be.

      15 years Later and that very mischievous and aggressive little boy has grown into a 6ft6
      gentle giant of a man. well mannered, calm and collected. won’t touch drugs, drink or even cigarettes… i’m gushing, i know, but it’s out of pure love, pride and adoration.

      the point here is: the right family and the right values, make a man/woman an upstanding member of society. lack of love and discipline creates weakness. the Govt. doesn’t want well brought up, balanced whites.. they want to create white criminals, so that they can have more examples to back up their lies about Apartheid and any other excuse they need to create to keep the libtardian pitty party pouring their money out through their shame-filled, ‘open’ hearts.

      we need to FIGHT for those children. they are our nation, our children. not the future slaves of a degenerate species.

    • Willemien says:

      I would like to know where we can go, or what we can do to adopt a white baby or todler? For medical reasons I cant have my own baby, and I know that my husband and I would offer a child / children a loving caring home. Must I go out and “find” my own baby/todler to adopt? Please help us with information, I know there is other “mommys to be” just like me, but no one that can guide us in the right direction…

      • Henry says:

        Hallo Willemien,

        Ongelukkig weet ek gladnie waar jy ‘n wit baba kan aanneem nie, maar ek glo tog iemand sal kan help. Moenie moed opgee nie. Ons dien tog mos ‘n Almagtige Elohei wat gebede verhoor en wel na moederharte luister. Daar is talle voorbeelde in SY Woord.

        Ek stel voor jy kontak ‘n BETROUBARE WIT welsynsorganisasie, wat NIE aan die staat of aan ‘n kerk verbonde is nie, (nog nie vrot geword het nie) en gesels met hulle. Baie voormalig volksgeorienteerde en/of blanke-beheerde organisasies soos die CMR en ander is tans onder SWART of Joodse beheer en moedig mense aan om ‘n koekoekie aan te neem en so hulle huisgesinne te verbaster. Moenie eers daaraan dink nie. Hou jou gesin blank. Skakel in by die Boerevolk.

        Ek stel voor jy praat met die maatskaplike werker of verantwoordelike persoon by Volkshulp 2000, Dolos Armoedebediening, of Philadelphia-Ark of Dogter van Sion. Hulle besonderhede is op die Internet te kry.

        Laat weet my of jy regkom. Kontak my (vertaal die woord “kopieskrywer” in Engels en voeg agteraan “”.)

        Ons Hemelse Vader het belowe dat ons hom ENIGIETS kan vra, en HY sal jou skenk wat jou hart begeer. Vra Vader, dank HOM, en glo vas (GLO ONVERSETLIK VAS) dat HY wel sal help, en kyk hoe ‘n wonderwerk in jou lewe gebeur.



      • pjurfyre says:

        Het julle reggekom met n wit kind? Ek kan meskien n nr vir julle stuur. Laat weet my net.

      • Keith Martin says:

        I fostered white kids in Britain, there is a very good reason why they are not adopted. No one can manage their behavior. They are feral violent, foul mouthed FFFF kill pets sexually assault other kids and adults, hands up a ladies dress. Start fires, steal, assault teachers, need I carry on. There are probably a few thousand of these white kids available for adoption in America. I was paid a lot of money to look after them. I turned them around it was a FULL time job and very difficult. I got lots of criticism from social workers.
        They thought I was mad as I wouldn’t punish the kids, if they smashed a chair I just got another chair. It worked in time the kids slowly very slowly became normal. The black kids are a lot easier, let the delusional white Liberals look after the nice cuddly little black kids.

    • pjurfyre says:

      Henry, black kids get pushed onto white families.
      Henry and MW, I have a white orphanage owner who rely on donations soley from white contributors, if you would like to talk to them, you would have a clearer idea. I can PM you their details, once I have attained their permission of course.

  3. Eating sushi off a woman’s body … now where have I heard of that before?

  4. Paladin Justice says:

    Are any of the companies that refuse to support orphanages that take in whites American companies? We need to learn the names of the companies, call them out for their anti-white actions, and then boycott them.

  5. clytemnestra57 says:

    Where can anyone interested apply to adopt a White South African child?

    • mindweapon says:

      Henry says we shouldn’t adopt white children from SA because there are white families in SA to adopt them. But I don’t know why orphanages have ANY white children.

      • Trainspotter says:

        Unless Henry can flesh out his comment, I’d say ignore it. It would be one thing if the white children were, so to speak, flying off the shelves like hotcakes into white South African homes. But on the surface, that doesn’t appear to be the case. Maybe Henry means well, but in the absence of clarification, that’s not good enough.

  6. PA says:

    According to sexual realism, women like to be degraded. By men. Or to finesse that point, female sexuality accommodates circumstances where she is dominated or degraded by males by triggering in her a submissive pleasure response. See “The Story or O.”

    But there are loads of fat-faced black females in that photo. How does the female psyche deal with females who participate in her degradation?

    • Henry H. Pinkham says:

      There ARE white trash people who don’t see race anymore, both in this country and in the USA. I am no psychologist, so I cannot answer your question, but I do know that some empoverished white girls (usually blue-eyed blondes at that) are paid large sums to do this, and will even have sex with blacks. This usually is mostly restricted to white low-income people and rich liberal areas, but I cannot guarantee that, as race mixing is advancing rapidly at universities and elsewhere.
      I guess that white girls do not consider themselves as being degraded, but rather as artists participating in some kind of show.

      Whites need to be made aware who they are, and that, as Adamites, they have properties and qualities that the mud-races do not have.

    • toto says:

      Apes spend life savings to be with blonde human. Sheboons chimpout but they pay anything to get from own type.

  7. Henry H. Pinkham says:

    The “orphans” in South African orphanages usually have at least one paret who cannot bring them up, due to various reasons, including drug/alcohol abuse by parents, etc.

    In an interview with some of these kids on Radio Pretoria on (I think it was) Friday, some of these kids explained that they still have a parent/parents. That is why they do not call the personnel at the Chidren’s home Mom or Dad. They are placed in various “houses” on the property, along with other kids, and live with them and the house-“father” and “house-mother” as a small family. These “orphanages” are “children’s homes” rather than homes for adoptable kids. These Children’s homes do good work and employers find former inhabitants resposible and good workers.

    The kids on the radio explained that they enjoy takig scuba-diving classes and doing other enriching activities offered by the home. They also enjoy the interactionwith the “brothers and sisters” and the”parents” in their house which makes for a cosy and balanced atmosphere.

    The problem is that kids are usually put into the homes by the courts, when they are removed from parental care and the courts do not discimate on grounds of color. The homes have to take whoever comes their way.

    This means that these homes are focused on treating everybody the same, and kids learn that other kids from other races are their “brothers and sisters”. This means that white kids are taught to race-mix, due to government policy, Non-racial thus means anti-white racism, or mixed-race supremacism.

    The fact is, however, that there are practically extremely few to zilch, nada, nix white babies or older kids available for adoption, and there are l-o-n-g waiting lists of white couples queing up.
    In frustration, some eventually adopt a little cuckoo, disturbing society and creating heated discussions wherever they go. Blacks snicker behind their backs, and if you understand their various languages, you can hear abusive words flung about.

    Black kids are often totally abandoned or left to fend for themselves. These kids are genuine orphans and the little snot-noses are put into actual orphanages. Blacks do NOT adopt, so who is victimized? Weak-hearted wannabe white mommies! And they talk their husbands into it. So this low-IQ cuckoo is taken into a white home, taught to speak Afrikaans or English, and is ostracised by everybody, as are the “parents”. So another white family is wiped out or cuckolded.

    If they would be able to adopt a white kid, everything would be different.

    We believe, however, that Mandela’s death will bring an end to the illogical Negro-worship/Kaffir-worship that liberal whites seem to be addicted to.

    • Trainspotter says:

      O.K. Thanks for the clarification, and disregard my earlier posts in the thread.

    • Mike says:

      Approximately 7500 (7518) blacks were killed under apartheid.
      Approximately 70,000 whites have been killed since apartheid ended.

      (70,000 divided by 7,500) times 100 = 933%

      Blacks killed whites at a 933% rate compared to white on black killings, on a percentage basis.

      • Henry H. Pinkham says:

        Question to ask is WHO killed those approximately 7500 (7518) blacks under “Apartheid?”
        Whites, or fellow blacks?
        And how?
        Surely not in the atrocious, barbaric way most of the farm murders were committed.

        Apartheid was not about hating blacks at all.
        It was about providing them with self-government in their own independent states.
        What you haven’t been told is that under Apartheid, we whites subsidised black housing, schools, books, busses, good asphalt roads, and just about everything else. Each white family subsidized about seven black families. We built them hospitals, armies for each state, government buildings. We gave it all to them from our tax money, for free. All they had to do was come & get it, work at it, and develop it.

        Some of these states were actually becoming good countries to live in & were well run.

        But then they listened to the SA Communist party, Mandela and his Jewish Communist friends, then the Kennedy Kommunist bros sent in the American field service and Henry Kissinger, and they joined up with their Freemason & Pro-communist friends Pik Botha, PW Botha and FW de Klerk and others in the South African Government. And a good system was sunk.

        So what do we have now?

      • mindweapon says:

        P.W. Botha was a traitor? I thought he was a strong pro-Afrikaaner.

      • Henry H. Pinkham says:

        Mindweapon asked:
        P.W. Botha was a traitor? I thought he was a strong pro-Afrikaaner

        Sure he was a strong Afrikaner. Spoilt brat, ruthless.
        But he gave away to the blacks everything that belonged to the Boer. Rumour was that his wife always kept his toupee in her handbag, so he wouldn’t give it away as well.

        Actually the guy we would like to see tried and hanged is the even more ruthless pragmatist & extremist liberal FW de Klerk.

      • Sylvia Wernicke says:

        And there seems to be no end in sight to this white genocide by blacks who seem to revel in their murder-lust.

  8. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

  9. moishe (gentle type) says:

    that picture of that beautiful blonde girl being used as entertainment by nasty, neuvo-rich savages makes me sick to the stomach – for christs sake – enough is enough!!

    • Henry H. Pinkham says:

      That is the state Yahweh’s people is in, Moishe.

      But the promise of the prediction made 3000 years ago can be read in Isiah and Zephaniah:
      Yahweh will allow a small remnant to remain, among the people of the land. No other folks (“Christians” or not) in this country comply with the requirements. This can only be the small, tattered Boer nation. So watch this space.

      • mindweapon says:

        Awesome! So the Boers are strongly religious and millenarian! Our very own White Jihadis! That’s great.

        I’ve been waiting to bend the ear of someone like you, Henry. I was corresponding with Orania for a while back around 2008. They didn’t like my recommendations. Too Machiavellian for their taste. But maybe you’re more open minded.

        1. Pretend to be a keffir lover and scam the foreign aid agencies, especially Heifer. Have white farmers infiltrate Heifer and put on a big show of negrophilia and “mentoring” blacks to be farmers and shit. Get the money!

        2. Use the money to homeschool White boys in math and computer science and engineering, so they get involved in high tech military and weapons development, which go hand in hand. You want to have the kind of weapons that assure Mutually Assured Destruction outcome, what Israelis call “The Samson Option.” Then you can take your Boer state back, and if the US threatens you, well, use your imagination.

        3. Also use the money to bribe the ANC Finance Minister to borrow money from you at a guaranteed interest. Say 3%. Then borrow money from everyone else at 2%, and make the 1% premium and pay the 2% back to your lenders (Boer people). That’s how Nathan Rothschild did it. Then when you have enough money, you can bribe the ANC politicians to give you your land back and let you have an independent military.

        You got to be totally Machiavellian. Win win win.

      • Henry H. Pinkham says:

        Yes, all our older men are rained and experienced soldiers. Guys under 40 are not.
        But the older guys are getting old & dying out now.

        And yes many of our kids are being home schooled, or are going to private “Christian-National” schools, but these are also prescribed to by certain mainline churches, once again voiding the biblical basis. But this is the nearest to biblical we can get at this stage.

  10. moishe (gentle type) says:

    hey mw – that picture is really disgusting!!! – i know that shock value wakes ignorant goys up – but it makes me want to throw the laptop out of the window – its disgustingness reminds me of those pictures displayed on incogmans site – showing the rigor-mortisisized body of a blonde viking maiden raped/murdered by a somali animal – its really painful to look at – but if thats what it takes – thats what it takes……

  11. Henry, why are Whites in orphanages to begin with? Why aren’t childless White South African families acting as their foster parents? Failing that, how can we support White orphanages and made sure that those funds are actually getting to them?


    • Henry H. Pinkham says:

      Clytemnestra, most of the actual orphanages in this country have been overrun by black so-called “street kids” whose mothers have died off due to AIDS or have just abandoned them.

      White kids are another scenario altogether.
      Some decades ago, social workers agreed that there was a stigma attached to the word “orphan” and orphanage” and changed the designation to “children’s homes”, and many whites kids placed in these homes grew up to become model citizens. But even when these institutions were all white, most kids were not really orphans but were removed from their mothers’ care by social workers.

      So they are put in home-like circumstances in the childrens’ homes.
      And many of these are placed with white families in foster care.

      In cases where white babies are up for adoption, they do not stay in such homes very long, because there are long waiting lists of parents who want them.

      The ANC-government in South Africa, backed up by the South African Communist Party, insists, however, upon all orphanages and old-age homes being more than 50% black, and provides NO help to organizations that are not.

      So this former first-world country slides further down the drain, day by day.

  12. Henry H. Pinkham says:

    Moishe, yes, this is what we goys are subject to in our own country – rape & murder every day. It is low-frequency genocide warfare that includes the most barbaric methods the Zionist serpent seed behind the black barbarians can think up and instruct the coon subrace to carry out.
    DAILY FARM TORTURES don’t reach the Jewspapers anymore, the Jewspapers shy away from any mention, as do the Tel-Aviv-shun and the SA Broadcasting Corporation (also known as the “ANC BC”. Even the Afrikaans-language newspapers have been bought out by Jewish groups and have turned anti-white, and even anti-Afrikaans and pro-English. And they don’t run news about farm murders and black on white rapes (why should whites want to rape black women anyway? They are willing enouh to give sex away) But whenever there is an attack on whites, the white woman gets raped by these apes. But this doesn’t sell papers. It has no news value. It happens everyday in South Africa. That is what blacks are like, Moishe, so farm murders are increasing, and nobody realizes it, and you guys out there are not informed.

    Well, now the black messiah (that is what Mandela’s nickname “Madiba” means) has died, the era of Black-worship is gonna come to an end. The predicted attack on Johannesburg will soon happen. But Johannesburg proper consists mainly of Blacks and Jews nowadays, a totally different scenario than the time when this was planned, so there won’t be many whites to kill.
    Jews, yes. Plenty. And light-coloured Indians ,Mulattoes, Cape Coloreds, etc, but very few whites.

    But yes, this is a beautiful country all screwed up when Apartheid ended.
    And just this morning another farm attack was carried out. That means one white family wiped out, and five to 20 black families left without an income or a place to go.

    Courtesy Nelson Mandela and his ANC.
    And the Zionist Jews behind it all.

    • ryu says:


      Thanks for commenting. We don’t hear from many Boer racists. There’s alot of interest in men like you. You could start your own blog. Surely MW would allow you to guest-post. Start from the top, how you became racially aware.

      • Henry H. Pinkham says:

        Sure, Maureen, but Jews ain’t white.

        Ryu, in my opinion, everyone should be a racist, and a supremacist, because to you, your race is the best.
        I am also a homist, because my home, to me , is the best there is
        I am a wifist as well, as I love my wie better than any other woman.
        And a doggist…
        And a cattitst….
        and …

  13. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

    I predict we will probably hear more about “White” genocide when Jews start getting attacked en masse.

    • Dave says:

      Well only NOW (after decades…) we are hearing about the “Knockout Game” in New York City where cowardly savage blacks sneak up to an unsuspecting White person (usually old, infirm, female…etc….) and try to knock them out…The cowardly black savages have been doing this for 50 years (whenever they see an opportunity…)…
      These cowardly savage black attacks were recently perpetrated on a few jews…Some jew councilman immediately ran out an held a press conference so then the JEW controlled media decided to report this as ANTI-SEMITISM….
      The jew media then were forced to acknowledge that the disgusting cowardly black savages were attacking WHITES in general….

  14. TabuLa Raza says:

    w/o Whites (J Burg, major other cities I presume) how is infrastructure kept running? Or are there just enough Whites? Why don’t they go on strike or engage in sabotage?

    • Henry H. Pinkham says:


      You ask: how is infrastructure kept running?
      The same way as Detroit. It ism’t..

      What is there is caniballized.
      Used up, consumed. Until there is no more.
      When there is no more, there is no more.
      And when there is no more, they move on.

      Or are there just enough Whites?
      No, never enough.

      Why don’t they go on strike?
      You cannot strike if you are “affirmative actioned” out of all jobs.
      You start a business or find a way to stay alive.
      You don’t have a union if you don’t have a job.

      Look at Detroit. See Johannesburg.

      Except Johannesburg is all hollowed out below.
      And poisonous yellow acid water is slowly, or maybe not so slowly, rising in the old miles-deep mine shafts under the city.

      Engage in sabotage?
      What for? The blacks are physically breaking down the country anyway.

      • Mr. Rational says:

        Given White control over the infrastructure, why hasn’t anyone used it to mount an attack on the Blacks?  Something like a neutron bomb, that removes the plague and leaves the buildings intact?

      • Henry H. Pinkham says:

        Mr Rational , your question is:
        Given White control over the infrastructure, why hasn’t anyone used it to mount an attack on the Blacks? Something like a neutron bomb, that removes the plague and leaves the buildings intact?

        Whites are not in control of he infrastructure.
        Most infrastructure is controlled by either the ANC government or the mostly ANC-controlled city councils/municipalities, that also control the surrounding rural areas or districts (more or less what would be called “counties” in the USA and Britain. So white employees in these organizations are not in control. White employees are mostly women, as white males are not preferred candidates in “equal opportunity” jobs. (You are only equal when you are black, and even then, some are more equal than others.)

        Bombs? R.U. kidding?
        The Boeremag trial, or rather mistrial, has just finished after having been ILLEGALLY stretched out by the judge for more than 10 years. A random collection of high-IQ Boers were tried for high-treason and the judge tried to string the evidence together to prove the existence of an orgation which did not even actually exist at all. Some of the accused guys did not even know they belonged to an organization. I know some of the guys personally. There are military officers, medical doctors, university professors, and church ministers, as well as all kinds of other professions among them. All decent guys. Not scum at all. The judge did not convince us of the guilt of these guys. In fact, police agents were used to entice people to break the law and even showed them how to do it. But the judge disregarded this. Yet he jailed people like Dr Lets Pretorius (70 years old) for 25 years.
        All evidence of the PROSECUTION MANUFACTURING EVIDENCE and the (heavily armed) police threatening witnesses and intimidating and threatening the audience was disregarded by the judge.

        At this stage, arms is no option at all.
        Besides, nobody can be trusted, as the Boeremag-mistrial clearly illustrated.

        But things are moving to a point.


      • Mr. Rational says:

        Henry, the history of European colonization of Africa is one of small, disciplined fighting forces routing numerically superior native groups.  They break and run even when they have the advantage of numbers, and can be defeated in detail.  I read a number of accounts of this from fighting in Rhodesia, so nothing has changed.

        Whites might not have management control of infrastructure, but the people who know how to fix things are going to be majority White.  What they can keep running, they can take down or bend to their purposes.  The lack of future time orientation among Blacks is another lever.  By orchestrating minor failures you could harden the White population against the consequences of an attack without them even being aware of it, leaving the Blacks to flounder on D-Day when things go down in a big way.  While they’re floundering, the attack is pressed home.

        This is not the place to plan a revolution and I’m the last one who should try to do it, but there have to be smart Whites in SA who could carry it off.  The biggest obstacle to taking back the country is probably the idiot egalitarians and those who insist on majority Black rule instead of good government and civil society.  Black majorities cannot produce either.


    hey Henry, i was born in Papua New Guinea (during the australian administration) – since independence in 75 the country has gone typically to pot – the whites live in secure zones (just like in j’burg) and there are lots of nasty, scary gangs (or should i say packs) of unemployable jungle bunnies who only 50yrs ago were cooking, eating and fucking (yes – its true) – their enemies – my mum had to pack a beretta because she nearly got raped by out house-boy – then as soon as 75 came – we got the fuck out and flew to oz. the sadness i have for the boer is that you are in the middle of a very savage environment that is daily being encouraged by our talmudic friends to off the whites – i used to admire how the british and aussies fought against you guys in the ‘boer war’ – now i know that you guys are the shit – you were defending your homeland against an Empire that was completely owned by a savage, ruthless ethnic entity who didnt give a fuck how many goy young men would die in their eternal aspiration for diamonds and the filthy lucre – i take my hat off to you people and i know that you will prevail – come what may – mandela (the killer of 16 innocents in a church bomb-attack) can kiss my proud white arse!!!

    • Henry H. Pinkham says:

      Hi Moishe

      The question is not how many young men died in the Anglo Boer War, but rather how many Boer children and women were captured on their farms by armed-to-the teeth British troops, including Cape Afrikaners and savage rapist blacks.

      These Boer non-combatant civilianswere then moved in open railroad gondolas and stock cars (cattle cars) to concentration camps on the bare veld with only the clothes on their backs and what little they could grab from their houses before the house was burnt down and dynamited. No toilet facilities in the railroad cars, grinning British troops watching,

      Then they were placed in these camps in tents, where they had to endure all kinds of weather.Food & water was rationed. Tinned meat contained small fish hooks. Mealy meal (corn flour) contained ground pieces of glass and had to be sifted before use.

      Any kid getting sick was taken to the camp hospital but most never came back.
      So many kids died that they had to be buried in soap boxes or just wrapped in rags.

      Approximately a third of the Boer nation was murdered in these hell-camps by the Jew-backed British forces that included Afrikaners. More than 40000 women and children.

      Imagine going off to war to defend your country against invaders, and the enemy comes to your home, grabs your wife and one to 10 kids, burns doewn the homestead, shoot all the livestock, kills the farm dogs/cats/chickens and leave them to rot, then runs your wife & kids off at bayonet point to some rail junction, rapes some of them, then put them in some tent on the bare dirt. No washing facilities/ bare minimum toilets.
      Then, if you decide your family has suffered enough you surrender to the enemy. But they remain in the camp and slowly die off. And you, and your 10 and 12 year old sons who surrendered get sent across the ocean to India or somewhere to some POW camp.

      AND WHY?

      Google: Anglo Boer War; Lizzie van Zyl; British Hell Camps; British atrocities; Thomas Packenham; Women’s Monument, Bloemfontein; Emily Hobhouse; Fransjohan Pretorius;
      Breaker Morant; General De la Rey, etc.

      • Henry H. Pinkham says:

        And now they are at it again.
        But instead ot Brits, they use black savages this time.
        And a gentle, smiling old black uncle (Tom?), real nice guy, kind of Black Messiah.

        Google: Kill a farmer, kill a Boer; Ronnie Casrils; Bulala ma Bhunu (I’m not sure of the spelling here); Church Street bomb; Rivonia Trial; etc.


      • Mike says:

        Jesus Christ! The Boers have been through hell and back, and are still going through it. I have the utmost respect for you people. Henry, do you have a donation thing, or an organization you can recomment where a person can send some money?

        I know you’re not here with your hat in hand, but I and some others may want to send you a little Christmas gift. I can’t think of a better tithing opportunity.

      • Henry H. Pinkham says:

        Thanls, Mike, No, we do not like to stand hat in hand. We are a proud people from mainly aristocratic Western-European stock.

        But seeing that you offer, maybe there are two funds that can do with generous donations, especially in US dollars from white people thinking like us.
        One is the fund run by Danie (“Scrooge”) Binneman ( for whites living in squatter camps, and the other is the legal fund for the Boeremag members to take their mistrial on appeal, and run by Gerrie Smith ( These are two very trustworthy and responsible Boers, and they have just started these two different funds, so the funds still need to start running.

        I suggest you contact “Scrooge” and Gerrie directly via e-mail and mention you “spoke” to Henry and refer them to this blog.
        Thanks again



      • Mike says:

        Thanks, Henry. I’ve just sent an email to one of the references you mentioned, along with a link to this exchange.

      • Henry H. Pinkham says:

        Thanks Mike.
        I am not here to raise funds or soften anybody’s heart to any cause, but solely to give you guys an insight into what things look like from the other side of the world.
        But we appreciate the help of fellow whites.
        It is time for the white race to stand together and realise who we ACTUALLY are.

  16. vikingbitch says:

    Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    For those of you out there who have not checked out Mind Weapons in Ragnarok, please check out this site, specifically the thread under this article regarding White South African orphans. Pay attention to the Boer contributor Henry Pinkham.

  17. Henry H. Pinkham says:

    Typo: “orgation” should read “organization”.

    • mindweapon says:


      what is the ANC guy saying in the video when he repeats the same thing over and over. See today’s post about the misbehaving SA blacks at the Mandela memorial?

      • Henry H. Pinkham says:

        From what I can gather, he is only telling them to Shut UP and Sit Down, then gets into a chant mode, so he leads the chant and they answer the chant, and thus tricks them to obey his command, eventually gathering them in a sentimental sheepish mode and abusing their sentiment and conning them to go along with his “authority”.

      • mindweapon says:

        Fascinating! So that’s how Big Men control the black masses.

  18. Reblogged this on murderbymedia and commented:
    How sad. Those poor White kids having to depend on those savage apes for care. I wish I could adopt the whole lot!

  19. MOISHE (NOT) says:

    Henry, being an Aussie and growing up in the late 80s – I grew up on the movie “breaker morant” – it depicted how the Aussies were the only colonial troops hard enough and bushwise enough to take on the evil marauding Boer (that was the perception) – yes, I know about the concentration camps which decimated the best of a generation of boers – I understand now why the boers couldn’t wait for the jew owned Jan Christian Smuts to get thrown out of government. the situation of the boers coincides with the irish experience of land grabs, forced evictions etc – I understand many proto-i.r.a types fought alongside the boer against (ironically) – Irish who fought for the British Empire of Zog – I am really concerned now that the stooge ‘jesus christ’ mandela is dead – the oogabooga people are going down the Zimbabwe road – I know most south African whites over 40 know how to use firepower from fighting against swapo in the 70s and 80s. u used to love looking at the images of the Rhodesian bush wars and the south African army in the 80s – you guys struck fear into oogabooga!!!
    Stay strong Mate!
    (not that you need encouragement)

  20. MOISHE (NOT) says:

    Hey Mr Rational – did you fight in the Bush war in Rhodesia??? light infantry? sas? zealous scouts?

    • Mr. Rational says:

      None of the above.  I have never worn a uniform aside from the Boy Scouts of America, nor have I ever been off the N. American continent.  But tales come to me from people who claimed they were there, and there are so many common elements it cannot be coincidence.

      From the cell networks to cable television to landline phones to electric power to water, White people know the most about how these things work and how to fix them.  Knowing how to fix them equates to knowing how to break them.  Knowing the psychology of enemy mobs equates to knowing how to repel them, or worse.  Knowing how enemy in uniform will break and flee equates to knowing how to take even defended assets.

      The Blacks aren’t the problem.  The real enemy is treasonous Whites.

    • Craig says:

      My grandfather was a LTCOL in the Scouts, he trained the blacks…I even met some RR blacks back in Perth, by pure coincidence. Small world eh.

      When I was a boy I asked granddad what work he was doing with the blacks, his response, “Training them, and they are the best runners I have ever known.”. He had a few black indigenous trinkets too like spears and a carved wooden head of one of the blacks. Other then a few photo’s, we never really spoke of it.

      Later when I was older I asked Granddad why the white Rhodesians went to the vote, and apparently the PchyOps propaganda from the communists had the majority of whites convinced, that the blacks wouldn’t vote in the communists… After the election YKW and the commie blacks, paid off the entire loyal Rhodesian Army with pensions, those pensions I know lasted till the inflation in Zim occurred a few years ago. After that the country was doomed. Good read below, you’d enjoy it MW.

      Basically the whites lost the propaganda war first and after that it avalanched. It’s why Bugsters movement/memes are so important.

      Any way MOISHE I was also conceived in 1980 during the summer of love. 😉 Back in Perth actually.

  21. Henry H. Pinkham says:

    Very true, Mr R.
    The Blacks aren’t the problem. The real enemy is treasonous Whites.
    Plus the fact that people are SUCH religious “Christians” but still hero-worship the non-Semite serpent-seed Jew and his institutions.

    • PjurFyre says:

      Here is something that might surprise you both, Mr.R & Mr. H; as to how treasonous whites can be to their own.

      • Henry H. Pinkham says:

        “The Jesuit Inspired Boer Genocide in South Africa” is, at best, only partially true. But at least, it is a fair starting point for understanding South African history.

        The Hottentots (nowadays politically-correctly called the San, which is what they called themselves), are not Negroes at all. They are a racially related to the Bushmen (nowadays politically-correctly called the Khoi or khoi-khoin which is what they called themselves), but the Hottentots are physically taller (up to approx.6ft) than the Bushmen (shorter than approx., 4ft 6in).
        These people have a yellow skin, or sometimes yellow-brown to boxcar red skin-color, NEVER black. So beware of people who tell you Hottentots are Negroes. They are not. People who tell you this will definitely lie about other things as well. Bantus are not Negroes either, but are a different sub-race, as are the Hamites (mixed-half-breeds, etc), Wide-faced West-Africans, and other “black” sub-races.

        Fact is, the Boer nation is the only indigenous white nation in Africa.
        We were here before the blacks, and we will remain after they go.
        Watch this space.



  22. krg says:

    Just to put it out there we want to adopt a white child, but are told there aren’t any. I don’t get how Americans get it right.


  23. phillip says:

    Me and my wife are looking to adopt a white child and raised it as our own with our surname. Give that child a reason to live , we can’t have kids of our own but would love to adopt a white child , if u can send me a number where we can go and look at the children we would appreciate it very much my contact details are Phillip Kemp 0716852880 thank you

  24. Henry H. Pinkham says:


    Lees asb my pos hierbo gedateer 8 Des 2013 en my daaropvolgende poste.
    Hulle wil jou ‘n swart kind laat aanneem sodat jy jou gesin kan verbaster.
    Ek haal aan uit my pos hierbo:

    “The fact is, however, that there are practically extremely few to zilch, nada, nix white babies or older kids available for adoption, and there are l-o-n-g waiting lists of white couples queing up.
    In frustration, some eventually adopt a little cuckoo, disturbing society and creating heated discussions wherever they go. Blacks snicker behind their backs, and if you understand their various languages, you can hear abusive words flung about.

    Black kids are often totally abandoned or left to fend for themselves. These kids are genuine orphans and the little snot-noses are put into actual orphanages. Blacks do NOT adopt, so who is victimized? Weak-hearted wannabe white mommies! And they talk their husbands into it. So this low-IQ cuckoo is taken into a white home, taught to speak Afrikaans or English, and is ostracised by everybody, as are the “parents”. So another white family is wiped out or cuckolded.”




    • Keith Martin says:

      I am in Australia, spent an extended holiday in South Africa several years ago. There were lots of older white kids aged like 8. 10, 12, 14 needing adoption then.
      I know there are NO white babies any where, but in the US there are 100,000 kids needing adoption all races available but the majority are white. In Australia thousands of older kids 90% white.
      Can’t believe there are NONE in South Africa, if there are none then Mandela was truly a messiah as there are loads of older white kids needing adoption in all the predominantly white countries. If any one knows of older white kids needing adoption in South Africa email me on It must be very hard to survive for a young unskilled white.with no family.

  25. Henry says:

    Hi Keith,

    Once again, you probably do not understand the situation at all.

    Please note that there really are plenty of older white kids in Children’s Homes. These are NOT orphanages, and the kids are NOT orphans. Most, if not all, DO have parents (and occasionally go for short visits) and are therefore NOT up for adoption. Most have been taken away from their parents due to, for example, substance abuse by the parents, inability of the mother to provide a home, or other similar reasons. It is important to retain the connection, though. Most of these kids are aware of the inabilities of the parents to take care of them, and that this is not due to them being inferior human beings, but purely a consequence of circumstances. And they accept this.
    It is IMPORTANT that the connection with their parents be maintained and not cut off.
    Removing them to some other continent will be evil, to say the least.

    The Children’s Homes normally work on the principle of family homes, with a married couple acting as the father and mother of a “family” of kids living together in one of the houses on the property. While they normally keep brothers & sisters together in the same house, there may be other kids as well who all form one “family” and are all responsible to their “parents”.

    This system has worked well in the past. Some of the most successful people in white society in South Africa have grown up in Children’s Homes.

    The kids are NOT left unskilled when they leave the Children’s Homes. The Homes ensure that the kids have the necessary skills to survive, plus they normally get a very good Biblical education.
    In fact, the kids are trained in (fun)-skills they can make a profession of, such as, for example (professional) scuba diving, as well as other skills, etc. But check out their website ( and see for yourself.
    The “parents” are really dedicated and do what they can to ensure the kids are trained in some direction or another. The problem is to find the necessary funds for this in particular and for the running of the homes in general.

    The answer to the problem is to fund the Homes, not to try to adopt the kids.
    You are NOT doing anybody a favour by removing them to your country (whether the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, or wherever) and immersing them in your own culture, which we consider very much more decadent than ours.
    Also, we need ALL the whites we can get in this country. Please do not take our kids away.

    To learn more about two of these Childrens’ Homes, please see:

    How can YOU help? Three ways:
    – Financially
    – Adopt a HOME
    – Volunteering

    Contact them at

    Jakaranda Children`s Home
    Tel: (012) 800 4700
    Fax: (012) 800 1443


    Louis Botha Children`s Home
    Tel: (012) 333 6184
    Fax: (012) 333 7966

    (phone in the afternoon or evening, Australian time, or in the morning if you phone from the USA)

    Thank you



    • Keith Martin says:

      Thanks for the information.
      There are children’s homes here in Australia they are funded by the state paying the home 800,000 Rand per kid a year. Staff are card carrying trade unionists who work their shifts. Kids are bored to death, usually excluded from school for bad behavior most end in jail.
      In the US the parents are given a year to shape up or the state puts the kids up for adoption.
      The adoptive parents decide where they live could be thousands of miles away or if they have any contact with their family. Australia has announced making international adoption easier and South Africa is a party to some new arrangement.
      My son married a South African girl, she had a brother who migrated to Australia as the last member of the family. He had no skills found getting work hard in SA and low pay. Here he earns 10 times as much and can find work easily.
      I would assume that a lot of teenage white kids that are ageing out of the homes have life pretty hard. It is hard enough here with welfare payments of over 10,000 Rand a month.
      I would think adoption to Australia for an older teenager would be a big plus, it gives them an Aussie passport even rights to bring in other family members. They can easily return to South Africa the airfare is only a week or two wages.
      I would be quite happy to help if there is any one who needs it.

      • Henry says:

        Hi Keith,

        Your statement says it all:
        … children’s homes here in Australia …
        Staff are card carrying trade unionists who work their shifts. Kids are bored to death, usually excluded from school for bad behavior most end in jail.

        White kids here are much more disciplined on average than in Australia, the USA or Britain. That is why I maintain one should NOT remove South African kids and submit them to a culture (or lack of culture) that does them no good at all.

        You have the website plus the contact details of the two most prominent Childrens’ Homes in South Africa now.
        Please contact them to find out more or to offer help if you want to do that.
        I am sure they can do with international liaison and will appreciate any help they can get.




  26. John Home says:

    Are you interested in adopting a baby of your own,just contact us now or call us on:+234 7053728380

    • Keith Martin says:

      I can’t believe there are no white kids needing adoption in South Africa, The US has half a million kids in care with over 100,000 freed for adoption, every race imaginable but the majority are white Caucasian.
      Many of these kids never find an adoptive family and remain in foster care all their life.
      Super rich white Australia has 20,000 kids in care in its most populous state. Over 90% white.
      When the kids age out in Australia they get welfare payments if they have no job, a minimum wage of about 30,000 Rand a month if they have a job. Welfare is over 10,000 Rand a month.
      So life is better than coming of age in South Africa.

    • Henry says:

      What you believe or don’t believe does not change the facts.
      White people in South Africa are desperate to find any white babies that can be adopted.
      In addition, the welfare organizations that formerly were run by the state and organizations such as churches ARE NOW STAFFED BY BLACKS and by a few liberal white social workers. These are pressing people to adopt BLACK kids.
      When we go to see a show in a theatre, the advertisement of the CMR (“Christian” Social Council), social worker organization run by a former conservative mainstream protestant church, is there, printed on one of the pages of the program of the show, urging us to adopt a BLACK baby. This is high treason, but the (NG) church running the social worker organization now embraces the New World Order and the World Council of Churches, and the Jew communists running the church HAVE TO furher the aims of the illuminati, and to break down the social structure in the country.

      But tell me, since when is welfare payments a good thing?
      Welfare payments is the curse of England and of Australia.
      It creates enslavement, and is just another form of communism, where somebody pays their hard-earned money for someone who refuses to work and prefers to live on the dole.
      What is good about it? No thank you!

      Sure, people in the US and Australia may earn big money, but South Africans living there get used to it, so they spend more, and soon cannot even afford to visit South Africa.

      Why do you mention “Over 90% white”?
      Australia should be 110% white, with small reservations, or self-governing states for Australian Blacks, but Australia is also being silently flooded by orientals, blacks, and others that should not be there. In a few years’ time, you will be just another Muslim/Chinese/Black-populated country.

      What sense does it make to have a white kid grow up there as a hooligan? White South African-born kids in Austalia soon revert to ‘Strain’ hooligan culture learnt from their chums instead of growing p to be decent citizens. Your “culture” and way of living in Australia certainly cannot be recommended. Nor can the American variety.

      Sorry, my friend, but coming of age in South Africa actually IS better than life in Australia or the USA. You don’t have less problems than we have, but you do have different problems.

      So it you have WHITE babies for adoption (NO Jewish or Mexican or Hispanic genes, please), please supply the names and particulars of institutions where South African parents can apply to.
      NOTE: the St JOHN ORPHANAGE HOME (in some obscure country?) mentioned above seems to be a scam.



      • Keith Martin says:

        I am inclined to agree with you to some extent regarding welfare. But you have a miracle country if you don’t have any older kids I mean pre teens and teenagers who need replacement parents to raise them. Mr Zuma is obviously a better leader than any like ours, Cameron or the 50 US State governors who are over run with kids of all races needing adopting.
        I know there are no babies any where but there are probably a million older kids in America and Europe nearly all white that need new parents either foster or adoptive, the systems do support these kids financially yet in South Africa there is no support and no problem, truly amazing.

      • Henry says:

        Hi Keith,

        Blacks are not superheros

        I know they are worshipped as demi-gods by some whites, but really they are nothing of the sort.
        To the contrary …
        Zuma has various court cases pending against him, but he is “above the law”.
        So we do have problems, and these are all increased by the present system forced upon us when De Klerk treacherously handed the country over to the Jew World Order Messiah.
        But please do not try to solve our problems. We know you mean well, but you don’t understand the problems and you don’t have the solutions.
        Not in South Africa, nor anywhere else on the globe.
        But if you really want to help, or to learn more about two of these Childrens’ Homes, please see:

        Jakaranda Children`s Home
        Tel: (012) 800 4700
        Fax: (012) 800 1443

        Louis Botha Children`s Home
        Tel: (012) 333 6184
        Fax: (2) 333 7966



      • Henry says:


        I quote your statement: “But you have a miracle country if you don’t have any older kids I mean pre teens and teenagers who need replacement parents to raise them.”
        Well, this is exactly what the childrens’ homes are geared to do. They provide “replacement parents” and “replacement families” if I may call it that, for these kids. And they do a good job.

        But they do need funding.

      • Keith Martin says:

        Why would any one want to keep a child in a Children’s Home?
        They are much better off with families.
        There is usually a nasty adult agenda behind a children’s home, source of kids to sexually abuse, source of money donated to the poor kids, government funding. It is HORRIBLY corrupt in Australia thousands of kids abused by the Church of England, Catholic Church and Salvation Army. Massive state funding to these same criminal organizations now.

      • Henry says:

        Hi Keith

        Yup, that is Australia for you!
        South African Children’s homes have a very good track record.
        Most people who grew up in one can attest to that.
        Most of them grew up to be model citizens everybody looks up to.

        But South African Homes need funding.
        You could do them a favour by putting your money where your mouth is.
        Or support them in other ways.


  27. Nicole van Zyl says:

    As a white South African, I can tell you that they will deny the numbers of white children that are orphans or in dire need of support.
    It is illegal for me to support or donate to my own people. But, I do so, anyhow.

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