Don’t back down, Victoria Ayling!

Victoria Ayling says repatriate the immigrants

See the video! It’s amazing. She is a mainstream politician but is admitting what she really thinks on camera. I tried to download the video to put on my youtube channel but was unable to do so.

How many politicians are like her, in their heart of hearts? Too bad they are so weak.

Victoria Ayling, if you are reading this, don’t apologize or backpedal or back down. It’s too late for that. Your best bet is to double down and attack any who attack you.


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26 Responses to Don’t back down, Victoria Ayling!

  1. Denise says:

    White Nationalist men ALWAYS blame women – but look who is leading the charge!

    • Mr. Rational says:

      White Nationalist men were saying this long before Victoria recorded it.

      • Denise says:

        But how many White male politicians are so forthright?

      • Mr. Rational says:

        How many White male politicians would have a career, a family or a job after saying that to a camera?  The totalitarian ZOG regime can destroy White men in an instant.  Women, “people of color”… when they speak out, they break the narrative and the ZOG machine, which claims to be their protector, can’t attack them as readily or without calling unwelcome attention to what it is doing.

      • Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

        Mr. Rational, I understand what you are saying but you are putting us White women in a damned if we do, damned if we don’t situation. She did the right thing speaking up while she still can.

        I know if I ended up with my name published all over the nation as a “racist” there would very likely be career and social ramifications for me. I am sure she will experience this and very likely she will receive threats to her personal safety and that of her family as well. To hear from you that her sacrifice and my sacrifice (should I chose to make it) would not be enough is disheartening.

        Some of you men carry your bitterness toward White women too far.

      • Scarlett says:

        Oh my goodness! It would be so nice to come to a WN site and not see division for once, especially these silly gender flame wars.

      • Mr. Rational says:

        What I’m saying, Maureen, is that Victoria was far from the first to say what she said, but her position in the Marxist, PC/MC food chain gave her the ability to say it without being immediately destroyed as any White man would be.  If more White women stood up and said the same, it would no longer be possible for the machine to destroy White men for saying it and the taboo would lose its power, and the PC/MC machine much of its credibility.

        Victoria is to be commended, not for being an original thinker, but for standing up for her race.

      • Sam says:

        I think we should run HUGE amounts of married White women with children that are for Whites first. I believe that a large number of White males in office are blackmailed with sex scandals. Women would be less likely to be involved with these. Women would also be less likely to be attacked from standing up for their White children.

  2. PA says:

    I’m impressed. Once she caught heat for her statements, she says ‘I stand by every word’.

    This is something for all of us to keep in mind.

    Backtracking and apologizing, or in any way not standing 100% by your words triggers feeding frenzy in liberals, and dispirits your side. But when you stand by your words, they back off — either because they are weak and you called their bluff, or because they do not want too much light shined on RealTalk and its confident messenger.

    Remember that emergency dispatch girl in Texas, who was outspoken against blacks on Facebook and refused to back down? the news of her disappeared immediately.

    I stress that you should stand by your comments 100%, even if some of what you said was over the top, unserious, or silly… we all have moments of writing off-the cuff, or writing for levity. One of the Liberal inquisitor’s tricks is to zero in on the more bombastic or thoughtless things you said, and trick you into distancing yourself from this or that particular comment. Don’t fall for it. Keep your frame. Stand by all of your words 100%.

    • Trainspotter says:

      Good points, PA. Standing by your words is really important. It’s both the moral and the practical thing to do.

      The anti-white media loves the groveling aspect of the pro-white repenting. This dehumanizes the pro-white, making him seem dirty and shameful. It sends a message to the audience that any defense of whites is immoral and tawdry, something to be relegated to back alleys. The groveling apology is an essential part of the de facto show trial, and the anti-white script doesn’t work nearly so well without it. They are Orwellian, and demand that you love Big Brother…just before they put the bullet through your brain.

      Therefore it’s vital that one doesn’t play their rotten little game. As you say, keep your frame. You don’t love Big Brother, nor should you. Stick to your guns. The white British people deserve a future, and it is noble to advocate that in the face of anti-white hatred and treason.

      Hat’s off to Victoria Ayling, who actually appears to care for the future of her people. She has nothing to apologize for, and much to be proud of. I hope she stands her ground.

  3. Paladin Justice says:

    Eisenhower. Operation Wetback. Of course immigrants can be rounded up and shipped back to where they came from. It takes a small amount of money and a large amount of will to do so. Will is what we’re lacking. Trying to shame us into shutting up didn’t work with her and it won’t work with me.

  4. ben tillman says:

    Check the comments to the article. They are “moderated in advance”, yet most are still along the lines of, “She’s just saying what a great many / a majority / 90 percent of the English people believe.”

    • mindweapon says:

      Thanks for the tip, Ben.
      LuckyMe, Rochester, United Kingdom, 3 hours ago
      At last someone thinking with their brain, Lets vote to get out of this EU control forever¿ Roll on the election.

      London Eye, London, United Kingdom, 3 hours ago
      Good on her, lets hear what most people believe but the PC brigade wish to temper.
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      jamo, moscow, 3 hours ago
      And where does your family originate from ‘the Scotsman!?’ Don’t you know Scotland isn’t a country!? Your probably mostly Scandinavian. The sooner you are no longer dependent on the UK the better. Good luck with the euro
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      Free Spirit, Falkirk, United Kingdom, 3 hours ago
      This is how a great many people feel and there is nothing racist about it at all.
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      HellBell, Cornwall, United Kingdom, 3 hours ago
      I agree with her! Most English people probably.
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      johnrs67, norwich, United Kingdom, 3 hours ago
      Last night one MP said he was ¿disgusted¿ by the comments that had ¿no place in front line politics I don’t know who he is but it is typical of politicians, the truth hurts. The lady is expressing the opinion of the silent majority of the English people of this country, the ones that haven’t been brainwashed by comrades Blair and Brown and the educational nightmare they forced upon the people.
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      London Eye, London, United Kingdom, 3 hours ago
      Well she speaks for at least 90% of the clear and rational thinking population.
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      Derek, Dorking, 3 hours ago
      I think the Daily Mail confuses the word racism with the word criticism. I don’t see how her statement is in any way racist.
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      BFCTW8, London, United Kingdom, 3 hours ago
      Immigration is out of control in this country and yes a lot of people shold not be here, we all want a controlled immigration policy, if this is being racist, then well, I give up?
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      Expat, Moscow, 4 hours ago
      She just voiced what many think and dare not to say. Brave woman.
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      !i, @&, 4 hours ago
      It’s sad that we live in a world as humans where we belittle each other based on simple things created by humans to cause division like NATIONALITY. Just sad. At the end of the day, we’re all human and nobody is better than anyone.
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      dtokez, Southampton – UK, 4 hours ago
      She needs to be put into power, and soon!!
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      Dave B -Brit ex-pat, Uxbridge Canada, Canada, 4 hours ago
      It needs to be said & she is doing her best to say it with as much sugar coating as possible. I left the UK for Canada permanently 14 years ago because I could not stand watching the slow motion train wreck unfolding in front of me while NuLabour gave away MY COUNTRY to the Euro-loonies & opened the flood gates to hundreds of thousands of worthless layabouts & sob stories who have no intention of integrating. Canada has a points system & a very active immigration system. It works but admittedly it is not perfect. I made my application through the right channels, found a job, saved money & worked hard to become a Canadian.
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      every day girl, Lancaster, United Kingdom, 4 hours ago
      I thought we had free speak in Britain??? but it seems that we have, so long as you don’t speak the truth!!! and I think that what she said is echoed by most of the country… so come on Cameron step out of your bubble and so something
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      Helena, London,UK, 4 hours ago
      She does say “send them ALL back home”. I’ve been in this Country 26 years, to study at first but married a Brit, worked hard, paid my taxes, never on any kind of benefits, worked 16 hour days to pay for my 2 son’s university and they are now employed and contribute to this Country with their taxes. Do you want to send me home? Because if that’s the case then I’ll swap with the Brits living in my beautiful sunny Country, who unlike me don’t learn the language, get drunk, break the law, don’t pay taxes, disrespect the locals, neglect their children and then complain when they get kidnaped and are disliked in general. I agree immigration is out of control but most foreigners I know work and contribute to this Country unlike many British people who sit on their arses all day and live off my taxes. Perspective people, not all foreigners are the same and you want us out then get out of our nice warm tax friendly Countries too!
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      Pixiee, UK, 4 hours ago
      i dont have a problem with what she said, but i guess when she used the word ‘ALL’ it does rub off the wrong way. i mean there are people who live in the UK and work and pay taxes, just like the brits working abroad do. The ones who comes in and do none of this things, and getting housing benefits and money are the problem, now that we can send them back home
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      Kesh, Crawley – West Sussex, 4 hours ago
      I agree with every word! As do most of the British public! You go lady!! We’re full and charity starts at home
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      Roy IoW, Ryde, 4 hours ago
      She says what many people (holding my hand up) are thinking…
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      alexismum, Glasgow, 4 hours ago
      While I think that “GENUINE” immigrants should be allowed to come into this country to work and become part of the communities they have settled in, and made worthwhile contributions to, I think this woman has not thought of the implications of her ill chosen statement. What infuriates the majority of U.K. residents is the numbers of illegal immigrants draining our welfare system and NHS, and the people who arrive in this country with the soul purpose of receiving hand outs from a system they have no rights to.
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      Moradin, Dartford, United Kingdom, 4 hours ago
      So she says what everyone thinks. controversional story, NOT
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      Ancient Landmark, Homeboy, United Kingdom, 4 hours ago
      It no surprise her ex-husband dumped her. Good ridance Mr Rob Ayling.
      ReplyNew38061Click to rate

      Hand_me_my_shotgun, Idiocracy, United Kingdom, 4 hours ago
      “racist” = political pepper-spray.
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      thomas, planet earth, United Kingdom, 4 hours ago
      We need to stop thinking of ourselves as nationalitys and instead think of ourselves as the human race and celebrate the good amongst us and condemn the bad and not base our thoughts on people just by there country of origin. Yea ok so there are lazy scrounging people who visit and perhaps stay from other countrys but equally there are home grown lazy scroungers also and are these any more welcome than forigners?,i think not. Equally there are people who may originiate from other countrys who contribute alot to us as a society and the same for home grown people so judge people on this facts and stop basing everything on were people originally came from and sounding like nazis in the process. People are individuals and should be judged on there merits FULL STOP and not there birth place of origin.
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      hangallmps, nottingham, 4 hours ago
      what was rascist about her remarks?? she never use any rascist terms just speaking the truth that alot of peoploe dont like to hear
      ReplyNew32411Click to rate
      james, newport, 4 hours ago
      thats half the battle mate alot of politicians dont seem to actually know what racism is
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      Peter, Pittsburgh PA USA, United Kingdom, 4 hours ago
      WOW A politician who reflects the views of the British people – that must NEVER be allowed to happen!! Obviously the Party (the one that pretends to be THREE parties to give us “choice”) must be ‘FRIT’ – well they ain’t seen nothing yet.
      ReplyNew28348Click to rate
      SteveC, Birmingham, United Kingdom, 3 hours ago
      Not the ‘views’ of the majority of British people. Just the sad ones looking for someone to blame.
      13113Click to rate
      jdobbie, Glasgow, United Kingdom, 4 hours ago
      So it’s racist to have an opinion, this constant calling people racist is nothing more than a way of stopping people from complaining what is happening to our country.
      ReplyNew25375Click to rate
      cruiser13, London, United Kingdom, 4 hours ago
      Brilliant …. more of this truth please UKIP. It’s what all true Brits are thinking and saying everyday. Strange none of us want to leave for their shabby countries.
      ReplyNew26339Click to rate
      Kat, Scotland, United Kingdom, 4 hours ago
      And god help Scotland if we get independence!Emperor Salmond wants to open the doors and welcome immigrants from every Country !One reason to stick together , as it means they will use back door tactics to enter England as well!
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      mike, london, 4 hours ago
      Racism, who says its wrong ?? It’s a social construct, thats all.
      ReplyNew19216Click to rate
      thescotsman, glasgow, United Kingdom, 4 hours ago
      This women makes a point and the only difference is that she’s not afraid to speak her mind ! , immigration in the UK is getting terrible and to the point where Britain is unrecognisable to its own people. Send them back home isn’t racist its implying ” sorry but our country is already struggling with too many immigrants and we cant take more so could you go home please”, but people who live here and have came from a different country find it racist because thats the only thing they can use because there scared in case they have to go back home so they try to put it in a category of hate when really its the truth and they just want to make a big deal about it. I could bet you most of the people you see voting down the genuine truthful comments will be immigrants and sympathisers who’s probably family immigrated over here not long ago who mother and father are from another country but the children were born here.
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      JD, London, 4 hours ago
      The rules should be simple. if you come tot his country, contribute to it, make it better. Generations of immigrants did that and thrived. If you come to claim benefits and sponge off the rest of us, get lost!
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      Jo, London, United Kingdom, 4 hours ago
      She is right. We are full. This Country cannot afford to pay for housing, hospitals, schooling, benefits etc for the rest of the World, uncontrolled immigration has been a disaster for Britain.
      ReplyNew6147Click to rate
      to, Winchester, 4 hours ago
      The first politician to acknowledge the problem, and suggest a workable solution! Give her the payrise. And sack the useless lot that sit in the House of Commons daily tossing banter back and forth, yet getting nowhere.
      ReplyNew45540Click to rate

      Pardonmeforbreathing, Durham, Norway, 4 hours ago
      Your argument is intellectually challenged! Why is that racists? There was no specification of a race…some immigrants can be white. I am tired with this obsession that any comment other than “we love immigrants” means a person is a racist. I WISH you would apply the term EQUALLY across the racial divide but no it becomes more and more entrenched as a term to describe the way ALL white people think
      ReplyNew26461Click to rate
      slaphead, grantham, 4 hours ago
      Common sense should rein! We’re full up!
      ReplyNew27427Click to rate
      Thex Blackowl, York, United Kingdom, 4 hours ago
      So why does it have to be a last in, first out policy? Surely instead of being patriotic idiots we could send people who have no value to the UK to another country? I know a lot of hard working foreigners and a lot of lazy British people, and viice versa. This country’s problems didn’t start with immigration and they won’t end when it’s solved.
      5215Click to rate

      concerned, cheltenham, United Kingdom, 4 hours ago
      The Video was shot in 2008, so this is the start of the digging for dirt by the media for the tories, She made these remarks (Apparently), REMEMBER SHE WAS A FULL BLOWN TORY – REMEMBER. peoples views do not change that radically, so the question is “How many other Tories/Labour Politicians think the same” but do not say so in public. This IS NOT one persons thinking, Most people think that immigration should be Halted, politicians and the media just gloss over the truths..
      ReplyNew11367Click to rate
      alwaysspeaksthetruth, United Kingdom – United Kingdom, 4 hours ago
      At last someones isn’t scared to say what they think!
      ReplyNew16397Click to rate

      LILY-39, LIVERPOOL, United Kingdom, 4 hours ago
      She would be a GREAT LEADER of THE EARLY DAWN crowd in Greece.
      ReplyNew20273Click to rate
      damiencyrus, portsmouth, 4 hours ago
      Am a foreigner my self am here in the uk serving the country in its armed forces and in the midst of it all I understand people frustration but you can’t paint everyone with the same brush no man is an island and no country can survive on its own , we need oil from the Middle East and certain agricultural products from tropical places and British people like German cars so don’t put the kart before the horse guys u just can’t paint everyone with the same brush ,and must I add am black and find this in no way racial offensive
      ReplyNew48188Click to rate
      wisdomspeaks, London, uk, 4 hours ago
      In this same paper I have seen ‘white’ family getting benefits of £60 000 per year with 10 kids. It’s not always immigrants u fools
      ReplyNew15099Click to rate
      Winnie1966 Leeds, Leeds, United Kingdom, 4 hours ago
      She made the comments, when she was a Tory mep. Not ukip
      ReplyNew8204Click to rate
      Ian Carle, Aberdeen, 4 hours ago
      Nigel Farage needs to explain his party’s policy on immigration to this lady ASAP. UKIP advocate immigration controls similar to Australia’s or the USA’s. UKIP do NOT advocate banning ALL immigration, far less introducing repatriation. Indeed,one of the reasons UKIP advocates EU withdrawal is because it claims migrants from EU member states are pushing migrants from the commonwealth out of the jobs market.
      ReplyNew29111Click to rate
      wisdomspeaks, London, uk, 4 hours ago
      Loooool come back from Iraq, Afghanistan, Argentina and everywhere else where British have built an army base. Then we’ll talk about sending people back to where they belong.
      ReplyNew8231Click to rate

      Louisa, London, United Kingdom, 4 hours ago
      “closeted racists” are far worse than the ones who are open about it…bunch of hypocrites!!
      ReplyNew37591Click to rate
      Rosebud, A place in the – UK, 4 hours ago
      Poor ignorant scared little woman.
      ReplyNew58685Click to rate
      Bryan, Hove, United Kingdom, 4 hours ago
      If she was standing in my constituency she would get my vote
      891Click to rate
      acousticvillage, London, 4 hours ago
      She was campaigning for the tories at the time. Plus, the disgruntled ex who shot the video and now wants it displayed…who knows how it has been edited…
      ReplyNew22346Click to rate
      me, midlands, 4 hours ago
      Not racist at all.
      ReplyNew54541Click to rate
      JohnnyBananas, UK, 4 hours ago
      Its the language they use, nobody wants people scrounging but the way they say it feels a bit sinister.
      ReplyNew13463Click to rate

      Hand_me_my_shotgun, Idiocracy, United Kingdom, 4 hours ago
      It’s called a backlash and there’s good reason for it.
      361Click to rate
      kelzzzz, belfast, United Kingdom, 4 hours ago
      I agree.. get rid.
      ReplyNew37377Click to rate
      garydoug, preston, United Kingdom, 4 hours ago
      Make this woman prime minister with farage as deputy.
      ReplyNew47401Click to rate
      yve, UK, United Kingdom, 4 hours ago
      How can it be racist when they are the same race as most of us ? Nationality is not a race ! OK So say Send all the people that have flooded in back – in NO way is that saying anything but the truth. You don’t have to be white to see we are overloaded and being swallowed up by EU demands, and it’s insulting to insinuate this. The EU may want us as one big block called Europe, but we don’t. I’m English by the way, not British. It costs me a lot more than being Welsh, Irish or Scottish.
      ReplyNew25323Click to rate
      trouble, london, 4 hours ago
      Why if anyone say what they fill it here called racist men women died for this country for freedom of speech and yet if you say this country is full up and send them back your a racist also stop using British we are English anyone can be British English comes from our forefathers who worked hard for our beloved England and good on you for stating what most people want to say but are to scared to say it English men every we’re stand up and be counted
      ReplyNew19226Click to rate
      MauvaisBranleur, Hicksville – UK, 4 hours ago
      When a British person Emigrates they are an “Ex-Pat” everyone else is an “Immigrant” – strange that.
      ReplyNew18777Click to rate
      johnrs67, norwich, United Kingdom, 3 hours ago
      If you keep your nationality and remain British then you are an expat, if you get citizenship in another country you are an immigrant there and an emigrant here.The advantages of being an ex-pat are obvious.
      335Click to rate
      sally forth, burnden park, 5 hours ago
      If the population grows too large, and it has, then competition becomes more fierce, for everything. Supply and demand. Our country is small and our burgeoning immigrant population will sooner or later cause massive collapse in vital services.
      ReplyNew22475Click to rate
      honeymoon, london, United Kingdom, 5 hours ago
      send all the Britons back to UK from all the other countries that they are now residing
      ReplyNew328126Click to rate

      john michael, malaga, Spain, 4 hours ago
      2283Click to rate
      mari-g, Cardiff, United Kingdom, 4 hours ago
      Probably won’t be as many though as the number of outsiders who have come here in their droves.Look at your cities- we are inundated. Why does common sense not exist any more.
      447Click to rate
      Frank Owen, Mugsborough, United Kingdom, 5 hours ago
      Her comments will endanger every Brit living overseas.
      ReplyNew33384Click to rate
      LAW, Somerset, 4 hours ago
      Nonsense. Brits living abroad either work there or are retired, and contribute to those countries through their taxes, etc. They do not present a burden to those countries.
      1394Click to rate
      Isaac Voter, Derby, 5 hours ago
      There’s no issue with other races – they enrich our culture and society. There’s just TOO MANY coming here.
      ReplyNew55344Click to rate
      YorkshirePudding, Cheltenham, 5 hours ago
      I agree with her- sorry!
      ReplyNew44401Click to rate
      slaphead, grantham, 4 hours ago
      Dont be sorry!
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      IMightBeRight, london, United Kingdom, 5 hours ago
      is the word racist for saying that right……… i a racist for thinking there are too many immigrant here ?
      ReplyNew23351Click to rate
      honeymoon, london, United Kingdom, 5 hours ago
      Who will do ALL the jobs you lazy English people dont wanna do then?
      ReplyNew37881Click to rate
      slaphead, grantham, 4 hours ago
      Fair comment in a lot of cases, i agree!
      4514Click to rate
      Reality1, London, United Kingdom, 3 hours ago
      whos being racist now then?
      349Click to rate
      iowlass, Manchester, 5 hours ago
      Absolutely 100% AGREE with her.
      ReplyNew41362Click to rate
      mylovelyhusband, Worthing, United Kingdom, 5 hours ago
      TLC – Worthing Bravo for this lady. This is a small island, how many more people can we accommodate? There will be no green land left soon because of building new houses to home immigrants. If people come here to work and build a better life it is one thing but so many come here because it is the Welfare State of the World and they intend living off of us.
      ReplyNew21213Click to rate
      mr jones, chester, United Kingdom, 5 hours ago
      Victoria Ayling for prime minister!!!!!!
      ReplyNew39239Click to rate
      tonyowst, HULL, 5 hours ago
      Politcian with balls ! Rarity indeed.Politician with exactly the finger on the nations pulse even rarer.To shake up the Mps with no balls vote YES on this post.WE NEED ANOTHER ENOCH POWELL men with vision and clarity in power no more soft touch idiots in 10.ITS SIMPLE NO BENEFITS TILL YOU PAY INTO THE SYSTEM>HOW MANY WOULD STAY?easy only the workers,the ones we NEED>
      ReplyNew19147Click to rate
      SensibleSid, Croydon, United Kingdom, 5 hours ago
      If immigrants have no right or reason to be here they should be returned to where ever they came from immediately. I totally agree! Currently we allow people with no documents to stay here and live freely if they report to a police station every now and again, so long as they do not work. If we catch them working…… we let them live here freely as long as they report to a police station every now and again and do not work. Did you spot the flaw in the current situation?
      ReplyNew10150Click to rate
      johnnythrostle, west midlands, United Kingdom, 5 hours ago
      shes only saying what she hears from the british public,a rarity in a plitician these days,id vote for her in a heart beat well said victoria
      ReplyNew15149Click to rate

      Ivan, Eur done for., United Kingdom, 5 hours ago
      Labour made opinions like this ‘thought-crime’. A last, a politician who in on the same wave length as British people! Good for her.
      ReplyNew14152Click to rate
      A.Realist, Preston Lancashire UK, 5 hours ago
      The woman is vile and sounds unhinged. She’s a woman who’s purely out for herself and her own glory. Playing the immigration ticket to the likes of the people who are commenting on here, who completely overestimate the number of immigrants that live in this country. I hardly think that the 13% of the immigrants that make up the population of this country are the cause of all the country’s woes. It’s laughable seeing people say I’ll definitely be voting UKIP, if you think things are bad now they’ll be an awful lot worse if they ever did get in. Which they won’t because there are far too many people that have a great deal more brain matter than the majority commenting on here. Thank goodness.
      ReplyNew21549Click to rate
      ant1983, Leeds, United Kingdom, 3 hours ago
      Overestimate are you having a laugh, they have taken whole city’s, Bradford, Birmingham, London, Leicester need I carry on,
      455Click to rate
      AmandasRiot, Stoke, United Kingdom, 5 hours ago
      She’s only saying what the majority of the country are saying.
      ReplyNew95727Click to rate
      Laura, Windermere – Uk, 5 hours ago
      She does not speak for me or any of my friends BUT, we are intelligent, educated people who do not blindly follow the bleating flock.
      ReplyNew507140Click to rate
      Brian Freeth, Mielan France, 4 hours ago
      You are living in a area which is not attractive to the scum from eastern europe try down london or some other big city
      1098Click to rate
      bglad1, littlehampton, United Kingdom, 4 hours ago
      But not intelligent to write good English ! By the way after reading this article did you and all your ” friends” have a get together, and come out with your “intelligent and educated” pronouncement all sitting around in a room , and voting with a show of hands ?
      868Click to rate
      js, northampton, United Kingdom, 5 hours ago
      send all the Britons back to UK from all the other countries that they are now residing……
      ReplyNew250155Click to rate

      ianwardle007, leiden, Netherlands, 4 hours ago
      ¿I stand by what I said: illegal immigrants should be sent back home and multiculturalism won¿t work………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. sounds good to me.i have been travelling around the world working for 35+ years and i have never came across a illegal English worker,if you know what country these illegals are in you should report them and the Goverments and they will send them home,should be no illegals in any country.
      668Click to rate
      deanuk, eastbourne, United Kingdom, 5 hours ago
      well said I don’t want them here get rid of them asap!!!!!!
      ReplyNew67385Click to rate
      esmerelda, lincolnshire, 5 hours ago
      If people want to come here and work they should be allowed to, its the ones that want to come here for the free ride that we object to….nothing racist about that !!!!
      ReplyNew25377Click to rate
      Tdimart, London, 4 hours ago
      completely agree, I do believe most decent migrants wanting a better life do work and integrate into society unlike the ones whom bring in numerous family members whom don’t contribute or integrate and still wear clothes which are not worn in the UK so they obviously stand out as being separate and want to bring their culture and ways into our country instead of wanting to be here and be BRITISH which means adopting our way of being and NOT CHANGING IT…….
      249Click to rate
      billyboy, wigan, United Kingdom, 5 hours ago
      Hip Hip Hurrah, now I definitely know who I will be voting for come election time.
      ReplyNew42378Click to rate
      Mr. Merkel, Berlin, Germany, 5 hours ago
      Maybe not all of them just 75% will do, then they get my vote.
      ReplyNew27281Click to rate
      Trouse Hater, Sheffield, United Kingdom, 5 hours ago
      Finally after all these years of living in a PC obsessed country some politician has finally talked some sense.. We are fed up of the country being used as a dumping ground for the worst that Europe can offer.. We need to claim our country back starting now & stop letting suits in Europe tell us what we can & cannot do.. She gets my vote & she is definitely on my Xmas card list this year 🙂
      ReplyNew27316Click to rate
      The Convenient Truth, Reading, 5 hours ago
      This is appalling. A politician who reflects public opinion & does not want our country destroyed.
      ReplyNew78762Click to rate

      Just-Me, South West UK, 5 hours ago
      She is only saying what 99% of the UK population is thinking but are to scared to say because they know they will be branded racists. Good for her – she has my backing!
      ReplyNew89835Click to rate
      Glyn, Oxford, 4 hours ago
      I can see from most of the comments on here that the bulk of the DM readership hasn’t changed in almost 120yrs. 99% are still racist ‘Little Englanders’ who are intellectually incapable of seeing who really messes their lives up and instead blame all their woes on immigration.
      8115Click to rate
      Mary, Leeds, United Kingdom, 4 hours ago
      Why do you assume that you can speak for 99% of the population? And yes – I do think you’re a racist, juts as he is.
      4618Click to rate
      glen, newcastle, 5 hours ago
      she is only saying what the vast majority of people think but then politicians are too afraid to speak the truth well done and don’t apologize.
      ReplyNew50539Click to rate
      Shin, West Mids, 5 hours ago
      That would include sending the majority of the English back who have originated from Germany through the Normans! How ironic is that!
      ReplyNew38391Click to rate
      2 of 3 repliesSee all replies
      fredup, Brigadoon, United Kingdom, 5 hours ago
      The English originated from Germany through the Normans? What a strange remark. DNA tests consistently show ‘English’ DNA to be very little different from that taken all over the British Isles. The English language and Scots is certainly close to Frisian but that is not Germany is it? As for the Normans who were half French half Viking they took the country over, slaughtered thousands of people and certainly did not mix with the plebs. However, if you want to send me back to Germany I would be very happy. They have a decent lifestyle and good wages. Send me the fare and tell me where my house is. I quite fancy the Bavarian Alps if it helps.
      578Click to rate

      Duncan Disorderly, Proud UKIP fan, United Kingdom, 4 hours ago
      What a totally stupid statement .
      1044Click to rate
      goingdownthepan, exeter, 5 hours ago
      So reading through this It was in 2008 when she was a tory the video was made. But now she has defected to UKIP it miraculously surfaces. How convenient. Anything to put UKIP in a bad light when in fact she was a tory at the time….Hilarious; Maybe its the Tory’s hidden thinking as well.
      ReplyNew11303Click to rate
      Sadforuk, Bath, 5 hours ago
      If labour get in again that’s the end of this country ,anyone can handle a slow transition but we ve been sledgehammered by mass immigration. I went to an XMAS function last night and not one of the 20 taxis drivers waiting outside were British. Very sad but not surprising as it is becoming the norm .
      ReplyNew19308Click to rate
      A native englishman, Aylesbury. Rip off britain, United Kingdom, 4 hours ago
      Well spotted, and well said .
      336Click to rate
      SusieB, Lostwithiel, 5 hours ago
      Yep, being here illegally and not disclosing it to the relevant authority at the earliest opportunity should result in immediate deportation. No appeals – in this country, at least. Any criminal conviction for a crime for which imprisonment is possible should result in deportation. Again, no appeals. If they have been given asylum but then commit such a crime – they lose their rights to asylum and get deported at the end of their prison term. Yes, we should take in our share of the World’s unfairly persecuted – but the fairly prosecuted ones – no way.
      ReplyNew4246Click to rate

      TakeASecondLook, Manchester, United Kingdom, 5 hours ago
      At the start of the video she makes clear that it is all illegal immigrants and failed asylum seekers that should be repatriated, that’s clearly what she is referencing at the end of the clip. Also, she is speaking clearly and calmly. How DM or anyone else gets either ‘racist’ or ‘rant’ out of this would be laughable, if it wasn’t such a sad reflection of how spineless and startled by our own shadows we have become thanks to the false god of PC multiculturalism.
      ReplyNew5292Click to rate
      CNAP, WA, 5 hours ago
      Finally somebody willing to say what we are all thinking! Hoorah!
      ReplyNew23256Click to rate
      hugo, reading, 5 hours ago
      Finally a politician who speaks the truth
      ReplyNew21229Click to rate

      merilma, Bonn, 5 hours ago
      Well, more than 13.1 million British nationals live abroad so it is not just one way traffic. Scrap the generous benefit system and make UK attractive only to people who want to work for their money. I lived in UK for 6 years, worked for a Finnish company and I always felt welcome – probably because I wasn’t taking from the system but rather contributing to it. Most British people do not have a problem with foreigners who are not depending on UK welfare system. And I must say, I think it would be a pity if what is British would just vanish and be replaced with a multi cultural melting pot.
      ReplyNew13133Click to rate
      Tincture, London, 5 hours ago
      The big difference is that the majority of ex-pats are wealthy retirees, or highly qualified graduates. So in beneficial terms, it is one way traffic.
      1067Click to rate
      linda0506, Birmingham, 3 hours ago
      Moreover, it’s a multi-cultural melting pot where the ingredients don’t mix. Yes, you’re right.
      224Click to rate
      Babybird, Tweetypieland, 5 hours ago
      Holly , Tyne and weir … Bye
      ReplyNew1632Click to rate
      Jim Trott, Basingstoke, United Kingdom, 5 hours ago
      So when she made the racist comments she was a Conservative Councillor on the Candidate’s short-list. Doesn’t say much for David Cameron’s campaign to de-toxify the Conservatives, does it?
      ReplyNew65181Click to rate

      P Nicholson, Westgate-On-Sea, United Kingdom, 5 hours ago
      Give the lady a round of applause for speaking the truth !…
      ReplyNew49527Click to rate
      Peter Jones, Chelsea, 5 hours ago
      Hateful views from a hateful woman. UKIP will sink without trace by the general election. Good!
      ReplyNew58172Click to rate
      vuoristo, Helsinki, Finland, 5 hours ago
      A brave lady! Good for you!!!
      ReplyNew41440Click to rate
      Lol, Jersey, 5 hours ago
      These comments were made 5 years ago when she was a TORY MP! I hope UKiP supports her fully now and not try to make excuses for the comments…she speaks the truth about illegal immigrants!
      ReplyNew19388Click to rate
      dr_rythm, Halton, United Kingdom, 5 hours ago
      Her comments have nothing to do with racism. It’s about mathematics and how many people our services can support. Is that so difficult to understand?
      ReplyNew17416Click to rate
      Winston Smith, Oceanian, United Kingdom, 5 hours ago
      She is just saying what many of us want but cannot say because our freedom of speech has been curtailed.
      ReplyNew15307Click to rate
      clare, Notts, 5 hours ago
      She’s said what a lot of people think. It’s not racist, it’s about the uk becoming a free for all & many people are sick of it. I’m surprised MPs can afford their 11% pay increase – all these extra mouths to feed! Oh, of course…. Taxpayer will cover it.
      ReplyNew8250Click to rate
      Mr Smith, Bedfordshire, 5 hours ago
      She is only saying what a heck of a lot of people are thinking in this country and I for one totally agree with her.
      ReplyNew34456Click to rate
      holly, tyne and wear, 5 hours ago
      After reading so many racist comments on here I have decided I will no longer read this news paper. Obviously I am reading the wrong paper , I must find a much more compassionate and intelligent read. I think the failure of some people in their personal lives has causes bitterness towards others! It is a fact that racism is rampant among the unintelligent people. Basically the more intelligent you are then the less likely you are to be racist, that is a FACT.
      ReplyNew457117Click to rate
      2 of 5 repliesSee all replies
      Tom, west midlands, 5 hours ago
      That is RUBBISH you can’t pigeon hole people by their convictions,inFACT you make a very stupid comment.
      1281Click to rate

      Tony, Norwich, United Kingdom, 5 hours ago
      It’s not fact, just you opinion
      857Click to rate
      alaskandaisy, surbiton, 5 hours ago
      she is saying what most of us think but as the mps ect live in nicely tucked away homes, they dont care about what we have to put up with. this is our time to say do what the public ask or we wont vote for you
      ReplyNew10169Click to rate
      dave, Dream City, 5 hours ago
      we should kick out yank company’s such as KFC etc stop there music and films as they have not only changed our culture but our language too

  5. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

  6. Hereward Saxon says:

    Outstanding post and comment thread!

    Now, I just ran across this interesting piece that really doesn’t fit the topic of any recent post:

    Note the stark contrast of white Liberty, of the skillful self-reliant white man with the cosmopolitan Tyranny that oppresses him. At the end he says: ‘I haven’t fixed anything, I’m still not in compliance (…) I need help. This is a big deal. This is government against one man out in the woods’.

    • mindweapon says:

      Very interesting. How did the gov’t find out about him? It wouldn’t be that hard to simply stay under the radar.

      • Hereward Saxon says:

        How? The local bureaucrats received ‘reports from concerned citisens’ about residential building in the woods, miles off the road. Bureaucrats tend to be lazy — unless their lucrative careers are threatened, and then they go all out.

      • mindweapon says:

        He needed to make it underground. There was a guy who built himself an underground bunker home, quite a comfy one, on a boy scout camp in massahcusetts a few years ago. The boy scouts found him, unfortunately, or he’d still be there today. but it can be done.

      • ben tillman says:

        Also, he was featured on a TV program that some of the local authorities watch.

  7. Hereward Saxon says:

    This life story (all new to me): presentation indicates he is neither racialist nor religious, but can such deliberate, noncompliant rural self-reliance contribute anything to the destruction of global cosmopolitan Tyranny?

    • Mr. Rational says:

      I saw a news video a while ago about Los Angeles county officials trying to drive “desert rats” off their land.  I think this is it:

      Governments certainly have ways to attack those who refuse to comply.


    this woman has balls!!! (and i mean that with the utmost respect!!!!)

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