David Pakman is “horrified” that the Black-Jewish coalition is breaking down in NYC

David Pakman bashes Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton

If he doesn’t want Blacks and Jews to hate each other, why is he bashing Al and Jesse?

He is horrified at the ingratitude and impudence of the Blacks! He recalls the heroic New York Jews, Schwerner and Goodman, who meddled in Mississippi and got killed by the locals.

He mentions that there was a Black holding a sign that had the word “yids” on it and was complaining about Jewish landlords ethnic cleansing Blacks out of NYC.

There’s a great movie about the failing Black-Jewish coalition called People I Know, with Al Pacino playing a liberal Jew.


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15 Responses to David Pakman is “horrified” that the Black-Jewish coalition is breaking down in NYC

  1. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

  2. Denise says:

    This exactly why I DO hate Kikes. When it comes down it – Negroes are far better to deal with than Kikes. You can actually talk to them about these issues. You can have an honest conversation about Race with a Negro. Kikes? No way. They HATE Whites more than ANYTHING else. If they were half as schmart as they tell themselves they are – then they would do all they can do to protect, preserve, and help Whites succeed and thrive, so they could live beautifully as successful parasites.

    The arrogance and narcissism of the Jew is on full display here. “Oye Vey!d We’ve dun so much for de Schvarzaz – an zee how day turn on us! It’s da Hollowcost all over again!”

    Indeed. I know fomr personal conversations that Negroes and Mestizos couldn’t care less about the HollowHoax. The Tribe will reap what it’s sown.

    • mindweapon says:

      Yes, and David Pakman is an especially obnoxious poisonous mushroom. Very orthodox Jewish liberal. Hey, the 1970’s called, they want their Jewish liberals back!

      In older Jews I notice a sapping of enthusiasm and some self criticism and self doubt about their project of Jewish supremacism.

      • Denise says:

        When you read the Talmud, and study the real history of the Jews – their ENTIRE existence revolves around trickery, deceit, and treachery. They spend their entire lives trying to GAIN at via the plunder of others. They spin fantasies – Jewllywood et el – but that doesn’t make their compulsions and obsessions true, or good.

        Now that they are in control – for NOW – their genetic imperatives are exposing them for the shabby, threadbare, greasy. hot air gasbags that they ARE. When you’ve screwed every-one else over, and there’s essentially nothing left to grift, and you’ve put yourself on full display – then what?

        There’s nothing to whine and kvetch and lament about, even though they still do it. They’ve set up their own downfall but good. There’s no hiding anymore. They still try to blame the Goyim for their own malevolent behavior – but the evil glamour is finally dissipating. Their protestations grow more hollow by the moment.

        Those Older Jews will turn any self reflection into more Kosher Tragedy, and loud and attention seeking lamentations – but fewer people are buying the tickets to their tawdry carny shows anymore. Peak Negro is being reached, by the Masses – and it’s nothing compared to the run up to Peak Jew……

    • Mike says:

      Very true about honest conversations with negroes. The LAST thing the smarter ones want is for whites to go down. The smarter ones know that they’ll go down with us, and probably precede us.

    • vikingbitch says:

      Right on man. At least blacks are in your face ‘wit dey sheeit’. Jews are backstabbing, neurotic, ugly, hairy trolls. Every time I go out with my tow headed kids, I get looks from these ‘people’. It’s bizarre. They see obviously European people and they spew venom nonverbally.

      • Denise says:

        Yes. They LOATHE Nordics. It’d simple fundamental jealousy. They can’t stand if some-one else has something that is better than what they have – and that especially includes genetics.

  3. Wolzek says:

    For anyone who hasn’t watched the movie that MW just posted the trailer for… I very strongly recommend you all watch it (the full movie). It’s a fairly bad movie but it is… ‘very revealing’. The average person won’t really ‘get it’, but if you’re jew wise you will. There’s a reason why this movie is relatively unheard of, and equally hard to obtain. It sent the jews into a panic and they tried to brush it under the rug. You can find it on torrent sites.

    • Another important interaction between Jew and non-Jew is the relationship between Eli and his brother’s widow, played by Kim Basinger. She is a small town blonde Virginia native who has fallen in love with her brother-in-law. This love affair is a very realistic dramatization of the secular Jew’s common desire to mate with a White woman. This is reminiscent of a scene in the recent militantly Jewish film The Man Who Cried, in which the main character’s Jewish father emigrates from Russia to become a successful movie producer, finds a blonde wife, and sires several blonde children. In this way the Negro and the Jew actually do have some real-life similarities. While they have a deep hatred for the Aryan, it stems in part from a jealous desire to be the Aryan. When one attains a certain degree of financial success, one bypasses one’s Semitic sisters for a more attractive White spouse.
      This movie also had another important undertone. That is the growing, but still more or less civil, divide between the traditional leftist Jew — the kind you might find at Pacifica Radio or in the National Lawyers Guild, here represented by Eli Wurman — and the more politically flexible “neo-conservative” high-power Jews who have abandoned traditional leftist causes in favor of blatant power grabbing, portrayed in real life by David Horowitz, Allan Dershowitz, Abe Foxman et al., and portrayed in the movie by Elliot Sharansky.

  4. TabuLa Raza says:

    “equally hard to obtain”

    People I Know (2004)
    Al Pacino (Actor), Téa Leoni (Actor), Daniel Algrant (Director) | Rated: R | Format: DVD
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    16 new from $3.04—-80 used from $0.01—— 3 collectible from $0.99

    well i got mine out in the other room- had it for years. time to re-view.

  5. ben tillman says:

    The protagonist calls himself Eli Wurman (worm-man?), but if you pay attention during the opening credits you’ll notice that his full name is Jerome Eli Wurman — initials J.E.W. It just about blew my mind. What were director Algrant (Jewish?) and writer Baitz (Jewish!) up to?

  6. Arturo says:

    You know, as a person with a PHd in blackology, one thing I have noticed is the way negroes when excited, repeat the same phrase over and over again:

    “I call upon (undecipherable)”
    “I call upon (undecipherable)”
    “I call upon (undecipherable)”
    “I call upon (undecipherable)”
    “I call upon (undecipherable)”

    Yes, five times.

    You see it in a lot, a LOT of vids featuring blacks behaving badly (BBB, or TNB for the less kind) :
    When a member of the species is in an excited state, the tiny OBD negro brain essentially shuts down, overcome by adrenaline-fueled emotion that interferes with the negroes’ already-diminished capacity to reason. From whence results the repetition – often screamed – of the last idea to take root in the shallow soil of the negro brain. (Aka: “brainus-not-so-muchus”).

    Wow, these patterns that just appear over and over. Be it: “I call upon (undecipherable)” x 5, to the Atlanta security guard You Tube hero with his “You better back it up!” (times 10!).

    The New York Times did Part Two of their Monumental Negro-Worship series piece today, right there on the front page, with a front page photo that takes up close to 1/4 of the entire above-the-fold (ATF) part of the page, the most exclusive publishing real estate on planet earth, btw. Not even Mandela for his obit got such a Huge NYT front page photo. In two short days, the New York Times chose to publish, one after the other, the biggest ATF photos of an individual I have ever seen. That individual of course is 11 year-old “Dasanti” (last name withheld by the NYT to “protect her privacy,” LOL).

    Dasanti is the daughter of two heroin addict criminal parasites – Chanel and Supreme – who between them have EIGHT children.


    All TEN of this front-page NYT fambly lives at taxpayer expense in New York City’s homeless shelter system.

    (Ahem: Aren’t ALL public housing in NYC essentially “homeless shelters?”)

    In a sane society, the fact that two drug addicts with criminal tendencies and diminished powers of reason have managed to spawn EIGHT little copies of themselves, would be the story of the day.

    In a sane society, the public policy that essentially encouraged these two human vermin to spawn EIGHT little dysfunctional copies of themselves, would have been the real focus and what was on everyone’s mind.

    In a NOT sane society, well: we have the official newspaper of reference, making the focus of their mutil-part mega-article on Dasani the homeless child, on the cruelty of the system that has failed them.
    I wish somebody from MWIR could help me dissect this 2-part series by Andrea Alliot. I know I should do my ranting about this over at COTT.

    – Arturo

    crimes of the times

    ps: question: how likely do you think is the possibility that the publication of this Andrea Elliot two-part series, came just hours after the death of Nelson Mandela?

  7. Sushi says:

    Old Polish proverb: a jew cries when HE hits YOU

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