Home-school vs. Public School

Homeschooled kids do better than public school kids. From Home School World


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14 Responses to Home-school vs. Public School

  1. Guess which frequent MWIR poster spend 90% of K-12 either home schooled or in private school, along with many of his relatives?

  2. Craig says:

    Yep, and TPTB are not going to like this, at least we can argue with truth on an academic, social, economic and hell I’ll even say it increases social justice by leaving more taxes for mino’s.

  3. Paladin Justice says:

    “They” want to take our guns and our kids. The public schools in effect make the kids property of the government. Thus, with no Constitutional guarantee of home schooling, I expect that it will be made illegal at some point. So, prepare to fight to keep your guns and your children.

  4. April Gaede says:

    Best way to continue to homeschool your child is to NEVER register them for school, charter school, or any other government sanctioned activity. That way you stay off the radar. The government is so disorganized that unless you register a child for school they will never know they are missing. And I might add the ONLY reason the school will report you is because they are missing the income from having your child as another warm body. Even if your state has some sort of lenient home school registry thingamajig, DONT register with that either, that will ONLY put you on their radar.

    I live in an area where I am not exaggerating to say that prob over 10% of the kids are homeschooled. So we come in contact with a large number of home schoolers. I personally dont think that I am all that organized or strict, but honestly I have yet to meet a single parent yet who seem to do the amount of schoolwork that I require of Dresden. We dont do school every day but we do have a curriculum that includes math, science, poetry, art history, history, literature and reading on a regular basis with a goal in mind and themes.

    Because of the fact that I see so many home schooled kids who I believe are NOT being taught diligently I am going to say that if you are lazy and you are not going to actually teach your kid, and if you are not excited about getting books and arraigning activities, then DONT home school because your kids will end up very uneducated.

    BTW my older daughters ended up in International Baccalaureate in high school and advanced placement at the local college and they were exclusively homeschooled until they were 14.

  5. vikingbitch says:

    Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    Glad to see this topic posted. I have worked in the field of education for seventeen years, the last few doing independent evaluations. I became aware last year that homeschoolers as a group do better than public schooled children.

    This news is bittersweet for me because I can honestly say that as a Secondary Education English teacher I emphasized politically incorrect basics such as vocabulary building, spelling, grammar, etc. I would have my class read mini-novels and Shakespeare. I emphasized the Canon. I believed in learning and I believed that it was not always fun because it involved discipline, which is why after six years, publuc education really drove me out.
    I sent my son to a public charter school in DC last year. He did great. Learned his sight words. Learned counting in ones, tens, thousands, etc. This year he was a public school in NOVA where he had his pants pulled down by a classmate, another classmate tried to throw a bag of leaves in his face, and his teacher was very uncaring and came and said ‘he just has to deal with it’.

    Deal with it?

    Last year, my son’s school was diverse and low income , his teachers white. That makes a difference. This year his school was comprised of refugees and his teacher was Latino. Yep, that didn’t work.

    I have written before on this blog when I first began it that there has been a conscious effort by the Cultural Marxists to drive out white female teachers from the profession. This serves two purposes 1) displaces white women from middle class work opportunities hence causing economic strife for them and their families; and 2) displaces and demoralizes white families and children because they can’t access public education as non white teachers and staff will ultimately adhere to the anti – white agenda.

    In order to counter this, white kids and their families have and will continue to have to resort to homeschooling, unless you’re in a remote state with mostly white kids. Homeschooling counters the Left’s Mindweapons.
    When I first began teaching, I questioned homeschooling because I do believe that public education gives opportunities for socialization; however, I entered the field of eduation nearly twenty years ago and American society has gone down the tubes. This coupled with our country essentially being invaded with ZOGs permission makes for an abundance of negative socialization and bullying.
    I am not going to ‘just deal with it.’
    My son’s class this year was made up of mostly ESL kids coupled with an obnoxious Jewish boy and some groids. Here my son is this nice, polite, tall Nord boy. Think he was going to have problems?
    Whites have to withdraw into and establish a down under, parallel stealth society. It can work. We can diffuse this beastly entity called ZOG USA by giving as little resources as possible, including our children, and taking as much as possible. Hey, if a loss of a pare t’s income is involved because one has to honeschool his or he child, then why not go on foodstamps, etc. We whites paid into it and we are getting screwed every which way possible by ZOG. Stick it back to them!

    • April Gaede says:

      The average public school, even if it is 98% white like the one my daughters went to for high school here in Montana is STILL going to have issues. The reason is that the teachers, White middle class women mostly btw, are all so fucking liberal that they try to beat egalitarianism and white guilt into the students.

      Example: One young girl who attended the local high school learned about the holocaust in English, History, and even Chemistry class! By the time she was at the end of her sophomore year she had watched Schindlers List 5 times in high school! My daughters were told by their high school history teacher that Schindlers List was a documentary. When I spoke to her about it she argued with me!!! I found examples of edited literature given to my daughters numerous times in order to make the literature imply negative stereotypes about White people. My daughters and this young girl were given printouts from the ADL,and the SPLC. The white female counselor openly had homosexual stickers and posters in her office but the other counselor was not allowed to post the 10 commandments.

      These are just small examples of the open anti White curriculum in the classrooms today. Only send your child to public school in high school if you feel they are mentally able to understand that they will be being fed a load of bullshit along with the good stuff.

      I am torn about the whole school thing here in Montana. On one hand I have witnessed the behavior of kids in public schools and I am not impressed. I don’t want Dresden to be one of the crowd, I want her to hold herself separate from the masses. On the other hand I know I will need to send her to the public high school at least for math and higher level science. I guess we will see when the time comes what I will do.

      I chose to home school my daughters and I would continue to do so even if it meant that we had to live in a shack.

      • mindweapon says:

        Nah, April, high school is total shit. The only worthwhile class my daughter is taking is AP Calculus. THey don’t even have AP chemistry, and “honors” chemistry is mostly about the history of chemistry. She is barely learning real chem at all!

        Just start taking her to college classes when she’s 16 and take the classes with her and hire tutors if necessary.

  6. eyeslevel says:

    Government schools are anti-white.

    • mindweapon says:

      yes they are! and anti-intellectual. and a waste of time and money. my daughter is going to test out of 12th grade and go straight to college. her school doesn’t even have AP chemistry.

  7. Legionnaire says:

    Public schools pander to those just below the mean. The farther to the right of the bell curve one is the less scholastic and intellectual benefit one derives from any form of public education.

    The only possible benefit to public school is it teaches you firsthand the nature of the mindless hordes from a young age, and even then, the trade-off is rarely worth it.

  8. TabuLa Raza says:

    >>>Home-school vs. Public School>>>

    Non-government education vs. State Thought Control (Thought removal, actually)

    “Non-government” being more important than “home”

    btw the US Dept of Ed said (1914): “Do the schools exist for the students, or do the students exist for the schools? The answer is the latter.”

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