Great comment by “justthefacts” over at We are Respectable Negroes

Boilerplate commentary on boilerplate NY Times article about a po’ lil’ black chile named Dasani in New York City.

Dasani and the Tea Party GOP’s War on the Poor Continued: What do Republicans See When They Look at This Photo of a Homeless 11-Year-Old Girl’s and Her Family’s Room?

Note — if you are reading this Chauncey, I didn’t make that comment or know who did, I just ran across it.

I emailed Chauncey and asked him, “If we are to support the poor, is there a limit on their fecundity? Do we have to support endless reproduction of poor people, while we ourselves endure a demographic winter of 1 and 2 child families?”

He was not interested in having this discussion. Lefties are apparently terrified of this basic question. But fortunately Chauncey let through a couple of beautiful comments by justthefacts.

justthefacts • 12 hours ago
All this handwavy “talk” isn’t going to change a thing. The white folks over whom you obsess feel no empathy for little bottled-water girl or her family. They are NEUROLOGICALLY disinclined to feel anything for them or for you. Consequently, no amount of hostile, dismissive, aggrieved, and frankly pathetic and helpless talk, is going to change that fact on the ground.

Because they feel no empathy for you, they are not only not moved toward collective action on behalf of a child with whom you empathize, your incessant tirades against them for their true and sincere feelings toward her and toward you only serve to further alienate and antagonize them and hasten the day when interpersonal withdrawal and fragile tolerance is replaced by bloody aggression.

These are the simple, straight-up and plain facts of the matter. Talk all you want, but you are on your own, and these people will never willingly agree to have their earnings and their wealth appropriated by the government to support your irresponsible fecundity.

KissedByTheSun justthefacts • 12 hours ago
Chauncey I’m begging you to please leave this comment up for all to see. People need to see that what you’re speaking about is living and real.
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justthefacts KissedByTheSun • 11 hours ago
Not only is it living and real, it’s self-sufficient, heavily-armed, dangerous, and fed up with all your whiny, parasitic bullshit.

Do you seriously believe you’re entitled to my earnings to support your ineducable, malnourished, oppositional and useless to the future offspring?
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chauncey devega Mod KissedByTheSun • 7 hours ago
since you requested I will make an exception this time within limits.
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Guest KissedByTheSun • 11 hours ago
I had a guy tell me these couple of things yesterday:

“Not a problem Bryan, if it were up to me, I’d have a muslim holocaust and nuke every islamist country. Push back….against what YOUR morality and that of liberals in general?…you can shove your morality up you ass…and take the tirade you are about to enter into and self righteously do the same with it.
As for Japan, too bad that is all the civilians that died, I would have preferred millions.
Any other questions?”

“If it were up to me I’d put lib scum like you in gitmo style prisons, charged with high treason and sedition. Yes post your little pictures, so cute. Eventually the pendulum will shift our way as it always does, and the likes of you can end up like your hero che guevara, bullet riddled. If it ain’t blood and iron, it just doesn’t matter”

This really came out of nowhere.

justthefacts said ‘fed up with whiny, parasitic bullshit’

These guys are the ones bitching up a storm all over the place. It’s impossible to have an engaging conversation with folks like that.
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justthefacts Guest • 8 hours ago
lol, nobody’s interested in all your bellyaching talk. We don’t want to hear you and we damn sure don’t want to support you.

Women beg and bitch for what they want/need. Men go to war for it. Put up or shut up.


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17 Responses to Great comment by “justthefacts” over at We are Respectable Negroes

  1. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

  2. countenance says:

    Well, they elected their new oil driller mayor. Let him worry about it. It’s his and their city.

    • mindweapon says:

      Darn right! It’s great to see comments by people who sounds like us EVERYWHERE! He already started deleting “justthefacts” comments. I’m glad I snatched them for posterity!

      • countenance says:

        The truth of the matter is that these blacks and libs probably don’t think very highly of this “homeless 11 year old and her family.” They’re too scared to say it themselves and put their own identities on their own opinions, so they’re bouncing their own opinions off of someone else or some other group of people.

        I figured this psychological phenomenon out after Rachel Jeantel testified. A bunch of black women talking heads and website writers were in a panic that people who weren’t making fun of her were making fun of her. Well, it’s because they were making fun of her internally, but couldn’t do it externally. So they found a way to get their own opinions out there by saying that people who weren’t making fun of her were making fun of her.

  3. Denise says:

    Countenance – Jeantel was a gift. FYI – I troll “mainstream Conservatard” sites all the time.

    Every-one’s over NAGAS. The whiney, “Liberal” paid trolls, set to various sites to “manage opinion” wind up getting their Cyber teeth kicked in.

    I do not EVER miss an opportunity to Name Die Jude. EVER. Now I can always tell when it’s “one of us” posting, and when it’s a “civilian”. I’m starting to get the Civilians asking interested questions re: my posts on the Ways of the Hebe.

    The pendulum is swinging back…

  4. Peter Blood says:

    “These guys are the ones bitching up a storm all over the place. It’s impossible to have an engaging conversation with folks like that.”

    LOLZ, their definition os “engaging conversation” is “shut up and bend over, racist!” Ha ha, those days are ending, see, we’re bitching up a storm all over the place!

  5. Craig says:

    ” I emailed Chauncey and asked him, “If we are to support the poor, is there a limit on their fecundity? Do we have to support endless reproduction of poor people, while we ourselves endure a demographic winter of 1 and 2 child families?” ”

    This, is what you should be demanding of your republican politicians from an egalitarian POV. Demand easing of life pressures to spread the welfare to low and and middle class income working families (all families) to have babies. Point at Australia, and say “See…” and then watch them all squawk in their tardisms. If whites manage to bleed the system more for their families is that not good?

  6. Robot Sam says:

    They deleted the comment.

  7. hardscrabble farmer says:

    They deleted my post, too-


    “What offenses and moral crimes would Republicans and the White Right see in the above photo of Dasani and her family’s room at a homeless shelter?”

    Since you asked-

    The moral crime of bringing not one, not two, not three but four children into a world you are not prepared to provide for, I would rank that as fairly high on the moral crime scale. Perhaps if mother dear would spend less time on her back with her legs spread and more time sitting in the library with both feet on the floor she might be able to provide for her own offspring rather than pass that task off to the productive half of the citizenry.

    You seem to be offended by the wrong thing- noticing Black pathology rather than the real issue, Black pathology. What has always intrigued me is the inability of apologists to notice that there are children in the picture, but no parents, brightly colored Chinese made plastic toys, but no books- should I go on?

    You know that anger that is always simmering beneath the surface in Black communities that gets touched off in the form of riots and knockout king “games”? Do you believe that Blacks are the only ones capable of feeling that outrage? Do you think guilt is inexhaustible even in the lives of the most altruistic? There are plenty of people like myself who have spent a lifetime listening to an endless succession of excuses for Black failure for what appears to be the default state of the Black experience- no amount of money seems to be able to correct it, no amount of White abasement serves as a palliative.

    I don’t have any answers for you that aren’t readily available to even the most challenged to pick up on if they actually wanted to- and naming your child after a bottled soft drink from the Coca-Cola franchise isn’t helping, FWIW- Libraries are free to everyone, as well as birth control.

    Stupid people make stupid choices, those who are slightly smarter know it’s a safe bet to blame their own failure on racism or White privilege or whatever magic word du jour seems the most expedient, but it still comes down to personal responsibility. If people cannot accept responsibility for their own lives, I cannot see how you are going to convince anyone to accept responsibility for the lives of others, but then I understand cause and effect, something Dasanis daddy mommy baby daddy whatever do not.

    • mindweapon says:

      Great comment! And it’s so true? Where is the limit? Even old time Eric Alterman is saying that:

      That’s a fascinating interview for those who know what they are looking for. Alterman says that the whole “we shall overcome” view of history is BS, and that white people, and productive people in general, have had enough. The most important point Alterman makes is that that the “civil rights” political theory has no end — it is just infinite making whites feel guilty and taking from us. Bill Moyers just kind of glosses over and goes along with it, ignoring the fact that Alterman just undermined the whole premise of Cultural Marxism.

  8. Thanatos says:

    It’s real hard to feel sorry for anyone retarded enough to name their child after something stenciled onto a piece of rubbish. I honestly think that when blacks are born, the black sow just picks up the nearest piece of trash that’s laying around and that’s how you get blacks named Aquanet McDonald’s Fresca Latoya Johnson.

    What do I see when I look at trash like this? A one-way ticket back to da muddaland that my whole community would gladly scrape together to pay for.

  9. Arturo says:

    Great comments on the Dasani series. I’ve been lazy have not trashed the other installments yet.

    This Andrea Elliot is a piece of work. She sneers at “skinny brunettes” and buffs the competitive compassion trophy halo over her pointy head by showing how down she is with the blacks by daring to print the word “fuck” and “shit” in the pages of the New York Times, something I have NEVER seen in all my years of masochistically reading this sickening newspaper.

    It’s like the Times is daring its readers to notice how dysfunctional these blacks are, like “we so down with the brothers that we can keep it real and describe their unbelievably repelling ways,and then dare you to call us racist.” It’s a very weird article in that way, cueing many different dog whistles at once in a very weird, in your face, provocative way.

    And btw there is NO WAY Andrea Elliot can not be aware of “Kony 2012” by Jason Russel’s own “Invisible Children,” which was a wake up call to millions of whites to the very SWPL DWL (disingenuous white liberal) types of causes that Dasani’s story epitomizes. There too, it seems like Elliot is daring her readers : “Yeah I know this is outrageous, I know Invisible Child will invoke memories of the colossal phoniness of the Kony 2012 campaign. So what? Cause I’m down with the blacks and you’re just a skinny brunette hipster.”

    Something like that. The whole thing is very weird. I’m suspicious as hell quite frankly.

    – Arturo

  10. Stephan says:

    Write more, thats all I have to say. Literally, it seems as though you relied on the video to make your
    point. You definitely know what youre talking about, why throw away your intelligence on just posting videos to your blog when you could be giving us something informative to read?

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