NY Post v. Daily Kos; political correctness no longer engenders the mass fear it used to

The Internet is driving the mainstream media. For decades, there was a journalistic self censorship of anything that could gin up White consciousness. That self censorship is now failing, thanks to the overwhelming might of internet comments.

People in the newspaper business read the comments, and, being in the word business, no doubt often say, “Wow, those comments are much better quality writing than the lame crap of the original article!”

I used to do leafletting in the Boston area, and I would get ideas from people all over the country for the propaganda we made. It was crowdsourcing, way back in 2001!

We were doing a leafletting campaign against a church that had brought in Sudanese refugees, one of whom was reported to have burned a woman with a cigarette and forcibly finger raped her in broad daylight in Arlington, MA.

So we had one guy who wrote ad copy for a living, and he gave us this:

There’s nothing more dangerous than stupid people who mean well.

Fox News put that phrase in white text on a blue background while the anchorwoman read it aloud very carefuly and succinctly. Just think of the show prep meeting that went into that decision. They LOVED that line! They must have been laughing their asses off, and the boss said, “Put that in writing on the screen while anchorwoman reads it! That’s priceless!”

I suspect that media people are bored out of their heads, and they are afraid that they will lose their profit centers because they are boring. So, despite themselves, they are being influenced by the White Nationalist Commentariat.

And it helps when liberals at Daily Kos clutch the pearls about it! If they ignored it, it would have less power, but having the liberals go nuts makes it that much more entertaining! And of course Daily Kos wants eyes too. So the mass media and the Leftist blogosphere can’t help themselves. They are now propagating OUR MEMES. And who really gives a shit about Daily Kos’s condemnations? It’s amusing to read Daily Kos writer Reifkowitz’s hysterical yet morally exhausted call to arms:

Now let’s take that anger and channel it into something positive. Let’s work together and defeat these right-wing race-baiters, and send them to the dustbin of history where they belong.

Somehow I don’t think his hate is as pure as ours. He’s just phoning it in.

What’s really going in the dustbin of history, Mr. Reifkowitz? Political correct monopoly over public discourse, that’s what.

New York Post is Wacist OMG!

Racist, sexist New York Post front page goes full ‘Hey, where the white women at?’ on Obama
byIan Reifowitz

The wicked stereotypes evoked in this image are so obvious, so plain on the nose of one’s face, that everyone involved in its creation knew 100 percent exactly what they were doing.

Just as in Blazing Saddles, the Post’s front page calls forth one of the most disgusting racist tropes in our country’s history: the sexually aggressive black man pursuing a white woman. And it’s all the better that in this case she’s blonde.

And then, inside the fold, there’s the column from Andrea Peyser, a column that even Glenn Beck’s The Blaze characterized as “insane.”

Whatever Peyser thinks of President Obama’s interaction with Prime Minister Thorning-Schmidt, to say that her words were beyond the pale is a gross understatement. She said he acted like “a hormone-ravaged frat boy on a road trip to a strip bar.”

[T]he president flirted, giggled, whispered like a recalcitrant child and made a damn fool of himself.
[T]he president leaned into the air space of the cross-legged Danish cupcake.

The president’s cackling head moved inches from the Danish tart’s and yards away from his wife’s. Obama then proceeded to absorb body heat from the Dane, which he won’t be feeling at home for a long time.

Only after the damaging photo eruption did Obama get hold of himself and regain a dim memory of his marriage vows. He finally straightened his face and moved away from the gentle gams of the Danish object of his desire.

President Obama has some ’splaining to do.

I believe these words speak for themselves, as do the comments that appeared below Peyser’s column. The racism didn’t take long to come out, as these examples show:
The Kenyan’s mother owes the United States an apology for laying down & spreading her legs for the gorilla known as Barry’s daddy.
Let’t (sp!) choose, hot Prime Minister or Planet of the Ape leading Actress. Hmmm Tough Choice!

This is what we are dealing with, folks. A right-wing media that will stop at nothing to whip up hate and fear among its constituency. They will traffic in the worst sort of racist evil, an evil steeped in the blood of crimes that grew out of what President Obama rightfully called our country’s “original sin.”
You angry? Good. So am I. Now let’s take that anger and channel it into something positive. Let’s work together and defeat these right-wing race-baiters, and send them to the dustbin of history where they belong.


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35 Responses to NY Post v. Daily Kos; political correctness no longer engenders the mass fear it used to

  1. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

  2. Denise says:

    I love it when they quote us. The left comments, on the Jude’s piece, are so lame. They are just lame…

    I love it when they quote us.

    FYI – the Body Language of the Abomination, and the Stunning Dane doesn’t lie.

  3. Sim says:

    Don’t forget Michelle is ‘gracefull’ and Beyonce is ‘sexy’. There is not a single bigger taboo today than how ugly blacks are.

    • Denise says:

      Not really. The sheer prognathic Jungle UGLINESS of the Mooch has long been noted by the Honest Public. I’ve been hearing and reading remarks about the First Sheboon ever since it appeared. The ONLY creatures on Earth touting it’s “beauty” are Negro females, and Media Whore aka “journalists”. I regard It as a commonplace version of the Average Hostile Negress

      Beyonce is an attractive, sweet-faced High Yella, who does everything possible to look White. I wonder how must she spends, every year, trying to produce a facsimile of silky thick blonde hair….

  4. Mike says:

    They will traffic in the worst sort of racist evil, an evil steeped in the blood of crimes that grew out of what President Obama rightfully called our country’s “original


    • mindweapon says:

      Because Jesus! They’re supposed to be Christians, right? Because Jesus, they don’t really love Jesus or they’d be liberals! Jesus was a dark skinned liberal homo! How dare they believe in a revisionist White Warrior Aryan Jesus! Or don’t believe in Jesus at all!

      • Mike says:

        Because we musn’t judge! Because Jesus is all about love, homophobes! Because Slavery! Because Jim Crow! Because lead paint! Because the NATZEES (H/T Denise)!
        Because it’s all about love, so fucking die already, old white bigots (H/T Oprah)! Because we say so! Because “scientists” say liberals are smarter than you inbred hillbillies!


      • Mike says:

        Seriously, I do hope Christianity makes an Masculine, Aryan comeback. I’m not a christian, but I’m not anti-christian either. We do need a spiritual religious pillar, and my best guess is it’s probably going to end up being Christian.

        If we get a white homeland that ends up being Christian, I’m fine with that. I’ll do what I’ve done my whole life: sit towards the back and daydream.

      • Mike says:

        sit towards the back of the church and daydream, I meant.

      • Jon says:

        Huge problem with Christianity: anyone can be a Christian. There is in its texts nothing prohibiting intermarriage. If not for its concern for and holding as equal the souls of racial others, North America would not have a Mestizo problem.

        We need a religion that is completely ours that and holds other peoples’ spirituality and souls as something that’s none of our business and to make Our god Our sacred people.

      • Mike says:

        I dunno. Maybe you are right, Jon. I flip flop on the Christianity issue, myself.

        Whatever happens I think the underlying religion or religions must have these qualities:

        Masculine/Men Leaders
        Pro Prosperity/Pro Business/Pro Wealth.

      • At the risk of starting a five-alarm flame war, many forms of both Catholicism and Protestantism have insufficient immunity to certain elements of leftism, or they don’t do a good enough job of explaining succinctly why something like gay marriage/open immigration/female ministers/etc. is just retarded. My guess is that more traditionally-minded young people will migrate to Trad. Catholicism or some form of Eastern Orthodoxy, or maybe in a few cases they’ll turn to something like Laestadianism.

        A few years ago, a 20-30 person church in rural Kentucky made the news because it forbid interracial marriage within the church. That meant that if you were a member of this church and you married a Chinese person, you’d be kicked out. The story about this church made it to The Guardian in the UK which boggled my mind at the time – who cares what some church in the middle of nowhere puts in their membership covenant? They’re not hurting anyone!

        I’m not that religious, but I don’t mind going to church every Sunday and building social capital with other white people, as long as they have some immunity to leftism. Why not?

  5. Ryu says:

    The media steals from the wnosphere. FP has noted this too. We can lead them where we want to go. As wns radicalize, they will radicalize. The left has nothing new or meaningful to say anymore. They’ve exhausted their store of creativity.

  6. vikingbitch says:

    Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    I have followed this story off and on over the last couple of days. It really exemplifies the basis for my starting my blog Vikingbitch.

    Die-Versity in all its hues and flavors hypersexualizes the fairhaired female. Fairhairedness brings out focused viciousness in from female Die-versatoids and sexual objectification in the male variety. For God’s sake, the woman is a prime minister! Can our ‘first couple’ in all their radiant blackness stop acting like a teenage couple? Can Jew writers and producers in the media get over their prejudice against the Nords? Blacks and Jews ( and Latinos) seem to have this visceral reaction to blondeness that goes beyond the scope of normalcy. Jews and Blacks project their ‘stuff’ and channel it through their pornification of the blonde or red headed woman, even if this woman is a prime minister. Anti-Nordicism, sexism, and racism rolled into one ugly psychic clusterfuck that has spawned mass murder of millions of fairhaired whites ( Holomodor, SA genocide, the light haired genotype of many racial hate crime victims in the USA).

    The Leftist Libtard Blacks and Jews are the most vicious sexists and racists of all.

  7. Curtis says:

    Jon YES YES YES HIT NAIL ON HEAD. Evangelicals are most pathetic naive specimens. They’d rather adopt African Christians than their atheist cousins. Vermin.

    • Jon says:

      You point to the trust issue (that goes both ways) between Atheists/Pagans and Christians. To them, we’re “of the Devil”; to us, they have a higher loyalty than to Our sacred people.

    • ben tillman says:

      It’s funny — Martin Luther said atheists could be Lutherans as long as they followed the community’s moral rules. Today’s “Evangelicals” are overwhelmed by “recent” Jewish influence going back more than 400 years.

  8. Craig says:

    I noticed the media taking on WN memes about 5 years ago. It seems journalist underlings hunt for news on forums and blogs. I realised a certain forum I was participating in, had our memes ending up in the conservative/neocon MSM between 24 and 72 hours latter.

    I could comment more specifically about this, but why make the work of our adversaries easier eh… I’ve also noticed an up tick down here in the last 3 months…

    • Denise says:

      I’ve been quotes already. As Denise Barber. When that crazy broad Chapman thre a hissy fit, in FL, at a Dunkin’ Donuts, and threatened to sue – I was quoted on that stupid Red Eye show. The Young Turks (Hebes) quoted my line.Here’s the thing – they quotes me because my line was FUNNY. They male whatever his name is pretended to be aghast at my Waycism – but you can hear the crew members, off camera, laughing LOUDLY and heartily.

      They quote me at approx 3:30

      I’ve said for years (since 2008 Amren) that WN must be hip, cool and funny.

      • mindweapon says:

        Excellent infiltration into the junk media Denise!

      • If you think about it, there has never been a more perfect time to be a White race realist than right now. The overweening arrogance and stupidity of libtards like Nancy “we have to pass it to find out what’s in it” Pelosi in ramming through “The Affordable Health Care Act” has finally exposed the fact that the emperor has no clothes.

        As Eric Alterman noted in that video clip you posted, MW, the Libtards never had any problems getting any of their agenda instituted that did not cost your average Joe or Jane any money. Most people ever had any problem with not making disparaging remarks about Diversity; they just ordered their lives to DISCREETLY avoid it as much as possible. They live as far away from it as they can afford. If coming into contact with Diversity (like at work) is impossible to avoid, they speak to it as little as possible. They don’t have lunches or breaks with it. They don’t socialize with it after work. Conversation is restricted to the most innocuous topics like weather or remains strictly work-related. There are no “honest conversations about race” to be had even with break room televisions trying to whip up racial animus with George Zimmerman.

        I would say that the Zimmerman Trial was the zenith of Libtard Power. This reaction was the best outcome the Libtards could hope for, because the fact that Zimmerman was acquitted, because the prosecution failed to prove he was a racist still ceded the moral field to them as Ardent Antiracists. However, if they had really thought about it, they would have swept the whole affair under the rug from jump street by leashing Sharpton and Jackson and pressuring Sanford, FL to buy off the Martins and their attorney. When it became obvious that making a Mestizo into a White Hispanic was nothing more than a blatant government attempt at a gun grab, Peak Liberal had been reached and it’s been downhill from there. Whites have just been waiting for something like Obamacare to implode to sound off on Libtards, if the truth be known.

        But I digress. What is most noteworthy about this phenomenon is that it is NOT just coming from WNs or even Conservatards. Especially since they have further mismanaged the economy from George Dubyas recession into a deepening depression. Obamacare is just the last straw. I want to point out that the Tea Party managed to throw a shoe in the works by electing two Christian Conservatards to tout how they would get personally involved in a woman’s reproductive decisions.

        The reason I am pointing this out is that the Libtards have put THEMSELVES on the ropes by their own hubris. I apologize to any William “Turner Diaries” Pierce Fans out there, but the quickest, most efficient way to snatch Defeat from the Jaws of Victory is touting any Day of the Rope Scenarios. All of this animus towards the Libtards are NOT coming from WNs or even Conservatards but rank and file average Janes and Joes who are fed up “to here” with official and quasi-official bureaucrats telling them how to live their lives!

        Remember that Libtards gained power by positioning themselves as protectors of human rights. They abused this position by expanding their idea of what rights to grant to which people. WNs can build to and sustain a winning momentum ONLY if they position and maintain themselves as protectors of basic freedoms. Freedom of expression and freedom of association to be exact. IOW, you leave us alone and we’ll leave you alone.

        Has anyone else noticed what I refer to as The Saturday Night Live Phenoma? Look at any SNL season that was successful and that was when Conservatards controlled Congress. Once the Libtards take power, SNL becomes duller than dirt. With the Libtards large and in charge of the country, we have a bunch of humorless, hysterically self-righteous PRIGS in power trying to outlaw any free speech or expressions of free thought. They are RIPE as HELL for snark and the most subversive, the better.

        Even the Libtard sites like Young Turks who try to model themselves as edgy and subversive have come to know this. They are aware that there is absolute NO humor or interest to be found in Libtard Statism. That is why blatannt WNists who don’t GAFF like DENISE are such a treasure to them. They know Denise is not only interesting and provocative as hell, but outrageously funny. Ohh, they try to subvert Denise by making it look like they are laughing AT her even while they involuntarily laugh WITH her, but despite themselves, they only amplify Denise’s subversive snark, so it’s all good for us.

        This is another variation of what I notice to be an echo-chamber effect on Libtard sites like the Clutch The Pearls Outrage manufactured on sites like The Huffington Post and Salon over finding White race realist sites that openly discuss Black on White crime. The Leftard article starts by condemning RR sites and linking to them. This inevitably brings in a volley of “Hear, Here” posts from the Amen Chorus who also links up OTHER such articles from RR sites. Thus they all subtly warn each other about Black crime while appearing to castigate those who sound the alarm. Liberals only think they are disingenuous, but they are as transparent as hell at times.

        So, now is the time to fill the airwaves and the internet with as much subversive snark as possible. As Saul Alinsky noted in his “Rules for Radicals,” ridicule is the most potent weapons. We need to lock onto the target and never let up until Libtards feel as foolish as they look.

      • mindweapon says:

        Great comment Cly!

      • ben tillman says:

        Just for the sake of completeness, I feel impelled to point out that Chapman is often/usually a Jewish name.

      • ben tillman says:

        Every Chapman I’ve known (not many, admittedly) is Jewish, and Denise is right on the money. The only thing she left out is that this Taylor Chapman felt entitled to be racist in public, which is a huge clue that she’s at least part-Jewish.

  9. TabuLa Raza says:

    Evangelicals naive; lettuce focus on the REAL problema- the information monopoly.

    What do Paley, Sarnoff, and Goldenson have in common [sounds like joo law firm]. No, they headed up the networks in the thirties when the FCC cartel was created. This cartelization was part of the Swope plan, from GE CEO joo Gerard Swope. [I presume the Swope plan was used to bust Preston Tucker.]

    Our problem- the non-wej world’s problem- is MONOPOLY. Information and monetary. We need a REAL United Nations to bust the fake [joo] one we have now. This latter controls money and information.

    Here is the Swope plan:

    The Swope Plan1. All industrial and commercial companies (including subsidiaries) with 50 or more employees, and doing an interstate business, may form a trade association [CARTEL] which shall be under the supervision of a Federal body referred to later.

  10. Paladin Justice says:

    Mindweapons nails it. The MSM have created a monster by allowing comments sections, which is why they’re trying to force everyone to post under his/her real name, closing comments sections, and moderating many comments out of existence. However, competition for hits is going to work against websites that have no comments or that don’t allow the real J. Q. Public to express himself. You moderate me out of existence, I boycott you. Simple as that. You need me more than I need you, mainstream media guys.

    • A.Ralston says:

      The popularity and influence of a website owes as much to its comments section as it does to its original articles and posts.

      Tangentially, when certain WN sites such as Counter Currents and Occidental Obsever suspended or limited commenting, I was less inclined to check them as often.

  11. That line from the ad copywriter is brilliant. Honestly one line like that is worth all the IQ graphs in the world and then some, at least from a propaganda perspective. One that I particularly like is: “Being born in a stable doesn’t make you a horse.”

    I just read Ogilvy on Advertising which is all about running a successful ad agency. I’d recommend it to anyone reading this blog. In the book, Ogilvy recommends calling up and congratulating a copywriter or designer at a rival agency any time you see an ad of his/hers that’s particularly effective. There’s no reason you couldn’t do that as a private citizen as well.

  12. “You could get a journalist cheaper than a good call girl, for a couple hundred dollars a month.” – CIA operative discussing with Philip Graham, editor Washington Post, on the availability and prices of journalists willing to peddle CIA propaganda and cover stories. “Katherine The Great,” by Deborah Davis (New York: Sheridan Square Press, 1991)

    That’s why we call them “presstitutes.”


  13. Thanatos says:

    “They will traffic in the worst sort of racist evil, an evil steeped in the blood of crimes that grew out of what President Obama rightfully called our country’s “original sin.”

    Original Sin, the reason why I’m not a Christian. Don’t like libtard Original Sin any better.
    Original Sin is bullshit.

    The funny thing is that used to be libs with their moral relativism saying that adjectives like “evil” were anachronistic and practically worthless. As soon as they got into power, they reversed themselves. They now talk like superstitious bushmen. They’ve completely abandoned their reliance on science,since the facts prove that we were right all along. Libs are total sellouts in addition to being spineless and totally fucked in the head.

    They have no credibility, no authority, and increasingly, no relevance.

    • mindweapon says:

      I agree. I remember hearing that “the original sin of America is racism” from an atheist liberal, and I pointed out that his liberalism is quasi-religious.

      I did have a single email exchange with the Professional Left people, who wrote:

      How cute that a RWNJ thinks we care about anything he has to say about anything.

      RWNJ = “right wing nut job.”

      In other words, they don’t want to go there. Racial egalitarianism must be taken on faith, and heretics must be, figuratively speaking, burned at the stake. There is no redeeming them (us), and no talking to us.

      Racial liberalism is precisely why the economic situation is so bad. Whites hate and reject liberalism, because liberalism is anti-white. However, we do need to do something about getting better wages for our people. We created this civilization; it should benefit us. It doesn’t, and we are being economically Thirdworldized.

      However, I believe that we need not be passive victims. We need not be subject to the whims of neo-liberalism. We can strike back, namely by economic relocalization. 70% of the US economy is consumer spending — food, clothes, plastic pumpkins. The food economy is 1 trillion a year. It’s “the low hanging fruit,” pun intended, and it is making people very unhealthy. So there are at multiple incentives to relocalize food production and processing — health, stay at home jobs, and keeping money circulating locally.

      Relocalizing a large, bloody chunk of the 1 trillion dollar a year food economy from the agribusiness will make them hurt, and it will provide a basis to relocalize everything associated with teh food economy that isn’t food — the containers, the packaging (or lack of packaging). We need stop using plastic and return to wood, metal, ceramics and fiber. That’s another gazillion dollar market that we can attack. And we should — the Pacific Ocean has more plastic than plankton now.

  14. Dan Poole says:


    Now that we’ve colonized the comment sections of the internet, and now that political correctness doesn’t hold us back, the liberal anti-white websites are trying to shut us up by deleting our comments. I discovered that today when a mod from the Austin Chronicle told me to piss off. Check it out:

    Dan Poole Columbia♥ • a day ago

    “The US was born heterogeneous”

    No it wasn’t. In the first census of 1790, it was 80% White and 20% black (and 75% of those Whites were English for a total of 60% English population). The USA remained 80-89% White until the monstrous 1965 immigration act unleashed a tidal wave of non-whites (most of them browns). And like I said, the states I mentioned are homogeneously White anyway.

    “or you can stay and put up with all the Africans and Asians and Brownies from all over the world”

    NOPE. We will not acquiesce to the genocide of our own race, which is what YOU advocate by forcefully replacing us with a tidal wave of hateful, hostile non-whites. Guess what: North America is OUR homeland and has been so for over 400 years. Our ethnostate WILL be on the North American continent and WILL include a large chunk of the existing USA.
    •Edit•Reply•Share ›

    mking Mod Dan Poole • an hour ago
    Dani-el Poole, as God is your judge, your crackpot racial theories based on nothing but your own myopia and hatred are not welcome here. If you wish to keep posting your nonsense, do on your own web site and your own time. Virulent racism is not welcome here; be on your way.

    Michael King
    News editor
    •Reply•Share ›

    Dan Poole mking • 3 minutes ago
    So much for “tolerance” and “inclusiveness” of “all viewpoints,” eh Mike? You and the Austin Chronicle believe in “tolerance” for everyone…except European Americans. Everyone is welcome…except European Americans. You’re not “anti-racist,” you’re anti-white.

    Anti-racist is just a code word for anti-white.

    So help me God.

  15. MOISHE says:

    i just had a recent discussion with a canadian libturd academic – and she claims that the obomonation deserved a nobel peace prize “because he broke through the barriers of race to be the first black president” – i almost hurled my lunch when she said this – i was ready to get it on with the bitch – my mojo died as soon as she said it – pity – shit ticked all the right boxes – aryan/nordic/blonde looks – but as soon as she opened her mouth – zog/pc talk came out and i went my merry way.

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