Documentary project idea

This idea is for my lurkers out there.

Race and Ideology; Who believes in Ordered Liberty?

This documentary would be to show the ideological differences between working class whites (conservative, low tax, small gov’t, free enterprise) and blacks and Hispanics. It would be aimed at Republicans and wealthy donors.

So you interview some working class whites and blacks and Hispanics, in the format similar to Craig Bodeker’s “A Conversation About Race.” The blacks and Hispanics will pretty much be spouting Communism.

Talk about principles of Ordered Liberty. You can be sure that most whites will be in favor of it, and almost all non-whites (excepting some Asians perhaps) outside of Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams will be opposed to it. This would be aimed at the rich people who hire cheap labor. Their compliant brown workers will, in the not too distant future, vote to “nationalize” their fortunes. And I can’t say they wouldn’t deserve it! But we should still try to influence them.

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13 Responses to Documentary project idea

  1. tteclod says:

    I recommend you hire a leftist director to oversee the documentary and interview the subjects. Greater trust will result, and therefore better quotes. After all the footage is complete, send the footage to a non-leftist editor for assembly into a complete film. Include the entire collection of un-cut footage on companion discs.

    As for working-class populations, I recommend you include the Hmong, Chileans (or other South Americans), and Cajuns, among the usual suspects. You might also look for some Marshall Islands folks. Make it a purportedly “coming to America” story, that way you get the long narratives from folks eager to prove they are American, but still perhaps not comprehending the scope of American culture. That approach might also permit us to learn something about all these folks we might not already know.

  2. Paladin Justice says:

    I once read a story about Vietnamese refugees designed to make every little liberal heart bleed. The story, to document how tough it was to assimilate, said that the Viets bought a can of Crisco expecting to find a beautiful fried chicken inside the can since the label shows fried chicken. That pretty much sums up minorities. They expect and demand what isn’t there and then complain about it. Liberals would screw us over to put a chicken inside every can of Crisco.

    • Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

      Liberals would tell them that yes indeed there’s chicken in the can but the White man is keeping it from you.

  3. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

  4. Dan Poole says:

    It’s a smart idea, Mindweapon. Just one caveat: Odds are that the far majority of these wealthy GOP donors won’t give a hoot. No class of whites is more depraved, decadent, and despicable then rich white people. They care about one thing only: Money, and lots of it. They are greedy, glutinous, materialist pigs. Most of them don’t believe their own bullshit about “limited government,” “capitalism,” the “Constitution,” etc. None of their self-proclaimed positions and beliefs are authentic or honest. All of it is spewed with one goal: To increase the wealth and power of their corporate donors.

    Perhaps this documentary could “wake up” two or three rich white donors, but it would have more sway over working and middle class Whites. Even if the rich whites said to themselves, “yeah, all these millions of non-whites we’re importing as cheap labor will eventually prevent our favored conservative/GOP politicians from being elected,” their solution would be to double down on donations to the Democrats. Rich corporate whites like Donnie Smith of Tyson will try to just buy off the politicians that a majority non-white population elected. We all know this buy-off strategy won’t work, but the point is that rich white corporate donors will bank on the buy-off strategy before EVER supporting and funding the pro-White movement and pro-White policies.

    On the other hand, if middle and working class whites see such a documentary, they’d be much more inclined to drop their delusion that “we’re all the same underneath.” A lot of them would still be hopelessly delusional, but not to the extent that rich whites would be. The farther you go up the income ladder, the more psychotic whites in those groups become. There’s an inverse relationship between income and “likelihood of racial awakening.”

    To be clear, I’m not saying that revolutionary change will come through the masses. Richard Spencer, Greg Johnson and other are correct that a small elite must do the leading. I’m saying that we (probably) can’t appeal to the existing elite in order to get the funds we so desperately need.

    One last factor to consider: What countermoves will YKW make in the event that we use their own fiat currency to undermine their entire program of genocide against us? I’ve thought about this a lot lately, and it always ends with me asking, “selfy, why hasn’t your lazy ass invested in gold and silver yet?”

    • mindweapon says:

      Great points Dan.

      Why havne’t you started goldbugging and silverfishing yet? Doesn’t take much to buy those first silver rounds.

    • Adit says:

      Well, the White elites will try the buy-off strategy, but all they’ll get in exchange for their gold is lead heading in their direction at extreme velocity. Apparently these people never paid attention at how regime change works in brown countries. If the ‘people’ get the upper hand the Government Mercs will switch sides and join the people to off the boss or the Mercs will get tired of doing the heavy lifting and realize if they shoot the boss then they get the money and power. And since these nit wits are bound and determined to destroy all the White countries they’ll have no where to run when the inevitable happens.

      • Mr. Rational says:

        The alchemy of power:  turning gold into lead.  HA!

      • Dan Poole says:

        “Apparently these people never paid attention at how regime change works in brown countries.”

        Either that, or they honestly think to themselves, “it can’t happen here!” Either way they are more contemptible then the urrrrben yoots who play the Knockout Games. Assuming us peasant Whites survive the darkapolypse, here’s what I’ll be like as I watch the darkies nationalize that white corporate wealth and convert that gold into highspeed led:

        What delicious poetic justice it would be to see the darkies devour their rich white corporate slaveowners! Decades and decades of exploiting, oppressing, and DESPISING their “inferiors” in the White middle and working classes; too greedy to share what they didn’t build, abandoning us in our greatest time of need (see the Cibbil Rights era), refusing to support us as a racial group even as conservative working class and middle class Whites are the ONLY groups of Americans that support their “right” to make lots of money. Think about that: We in the working and middle classes do their dirty work by voting against our own economic interests and by accepting their snake oil like the useful idiots that we are. Do they show us reciprocity? Nope. Do they have the heart to help their own kin just put food on the table and start a family – families that could increase the labor supply they always clamor for? Nope.

        Fuck. The. Rich. Corporate. Whites. In 500 some odd years of Mercentalism and capitalism, there mentality has never changed:

        On the North American mainland, in the course of the First (Federal) Republic (1787–1865), all Whites were created equal. Of course, White skin privilege was especially important to the politics and culture of the Southern slave states. Privately, however, more than a few wealthy planters ridiculed the notion that the “mere animal man, because he happens to wear a white skin” should be entitled to full and exclusive privileges of citizenship.”

        Whether its plantation owners, industrial tycoons, or masters of retail, they all hate us normal Whites. We should return the favor by encouraging the darkies to BURN their empire.

  5. vikingbitch says:

    Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    Interesting here Mindweapons.

    I shared on Chechar’s blog, The West’s Darkest Hour, that over the last few weeks I had been meeting with an old timer White Nationalist. He brought up a story to me how when integration first began in the schools, almost all white laborerers and/or white working class types were against it. Why? Probably having been in the trenches of the world of work and observing Die-Versity daily, these white laborerers who scraped their pennies to save for homes in nice neighborhoods so their kids can go to nice schools and avoid the groid knew that all of their work would have gone to waste. School integration destroyed the white working class and is now slowly eating away at the middle class. In DC, parents spend upwards of 30 k a year to send their kids to public school to be away from the groids and other turds. Middle class white families avoided groidlings by sending their kids to not so expensive parochial schools; however, DC enacted the Opportunity Scholarship Fund where low income black kids and other turdlings pay next to nothing to attend parochial school. Another blow to the middle class.
    Paul Kersey awhile back on SBPDL did a piece on white people or ‘hillbillies’ in Appalachia. Many of these poor whites are on public assistance, yet there is little to no crime in these areas compared to low income groids in the inner cities.
    Finally, Virginia has fallen to the Regime. Living in NOVA twelve years ago and again now, I can tell you more ‘economic refugees ‘ ( Somalis, Latrinos, turds, groid mystery meat etc) are moving in, hence the term the Marylandization of Virginia, and we all know what a disaster Maryland is! Many middle and lower class whites DID NOT for for McAuliffe, but the rich government contractors and other worker bees in NOVA did because they like their cheap brown labor who subsidized by middle and working class whites’ tax base.

    When the next inevitable war occurs on American soil, the biggest enemy of the white working and middle classes will be the elite wealthy whites.

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