Liberals prefer Blondes

One of the problems with being a liberal is lacking self awareness, and ending up saying things that convey very politically incorrect meanings.

Exhibit A: The Professional Left, with Driftglass and Bluegal, December 17th episode, Downton Abbey Jesus.

Hey Bluegal, if you read this, I have a question for you.

Bluegal said in one of her shows, with a tinge of sad resignation, that “I have just accepted the fact that I will have brown grandchildren.”

Suppose you could make the choice yourself? Suppose you HAD to make the choice. Would you choose black or Mexican mates for your children? Or would you want them to do, what you and your ancestors did for countless generations before you? Oh my god, you had white children Bluegal! Yer a racist! Bad Bluegal! And I think Driftglass is white too! You’re a repeat offender racist! But you are cool with sacrificing your children to your high ideals of a mixed race world.

How hard would it be to tell your children that it would be better if they married white people? You yourself admit that blondes are a rare and highly valued commodity all over the world. Why would you want to deprive your descendants of at least the possibility of being blonde, of their recessive European genes, earned over the millenia of surviving the winter cold and cooperating. If I could tell it in a picture, it would be this:


A little courage is all you need, Bluegal. Good luck. And remember, mixed race people can’t get bone marrow donations. So you’ve got a medical justification for your kids. I’m sure it’s all they’ll need to do what their instincts say anyway.


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18 Responses to Liberals prefer Blondes

  1. Marcus says:

    Just depressing to read. I personally wouldn’t have chosen a mate with fair complexion and non-brown eyes/hair for that reason (I’m brown/brown with medium Alpine complexion as is my partner).

  2. Race-mixing is genetic suicide.

  3. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

  4. Yorola says:

    Miscegenation is a jewphemism for White Genocide

  5. mindweapon says:

    They need some more traffic. By their own admission they are poor and get very little traffic, so I am offering them to come and scrap (rhetorically speaking, of course). We get TONS of hits here, about 600-700 unique visitors and 2000 hits a day, with a 54% bounce rate.

    Come defend Bluegal’s honor, man! I called her a racist, and backed it up quite nicely with her own words!

  6. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

    Even though I was supposedly a “color blind” person when my children were born, I secretly hoped their hair would be very blond.

    Despite my children ending up with dark blond hair and green eyes (like their father and I) When they were born and placed in my arms I revelled in how much they looked like me. Especially my oldest who is a very good replica.

    Does this make me a Nazi? Hahaha!

    • Denise says:

      Well one would certainly hope so! When some-one called me a racist, or a NAZI, I just say “Thanks!”

    • I never thought much about children at all. There was a part of me that wanted some, I guess, but it never occurred to me to envision myself with anything but White offspring. I could never picture biracial children. Race mixing was not as common as it was now. Moreover, I saw the two classic examples of race mixing up close and I was not impressed.

      One was a White woman who married and had daughters who received very different treatment, because of the way they looked. The younger girl was a very pretty child with pale creamy skin and soft wavy hair. She could have probably passed for a Castizo Hispanic. She was treated like a little princess, especially by the Blacks, go figure. The older girl already showed signs of major problems. She looked like a genetic crazy quilt with dark, muddy skin, sharp Caucasoid features and straight but frizzy hair. Blacks were cruel to her. What was so sad is that this girl already actively identified with Whites. No Ebonics for her. She was not attracted to Blacks. She tried to associate with any Whites she could find, but the very sight of her made Whites so uneasy that there was a distance that would have never been there even if she had been a homely White girl.

      The other was a White man married to an Asian. He was a large strapping Celtic with auburn hair and ended up with little Yellow children who look absolutely nothing like him. He was not what I would call an aracial Libtard, either. I don’t remember ever hearing him make a derogatory remark about “People of Color,” but he only associated with other Whites. He was like a walking embodiment of White men who frequent American Renaissance. Visiting that place is a real trip. They rip on White women who are with Black or Mestizo men, but every other one of them seems to have an Asian wife or girlfriend and the ones who don’t appear to be seeking one. Go figure.

      The strongest evidence of kinship is visual. IOW, there is a strong physical family resemblance. White male race mixers confound me more than their female counterparts, because I grew up in an era where it was traditional for men to take great pride in having sons who strongly resembled them. Women wanted their children to look more like their husband’s people, especially those women who married an exceptionally attractive man. Even now, even White women who are Celtic or Mediterranean who resort to sperm banks seek out that from White Nordics in hopes of a blonde, blue-eyed child.

      But I myself can’t adequately describe how overwhelmed I was when I got my nephew/son to finding out what a strong resemblance he shared with my late grandfather. He had died when my father was only a year old and all we had to remember him by was a picture of him as a toddler and one of him on his wedding day. I feel that my father more strongly resembles his maternal line (though my Grandmother adored her late husband was stubborn enough to see only what she wanted to).

      But I wasn’t the only one, I guess, because though I had scheduled many visits with my little boy with my father and vice versa, one weekend when he was a toddler, I got a call out of the blue from my father for us to come see him. When I got there, I was surprised to see all of his brothers and sisters there and it was apparent they weren’t there to see me. They all found reasons to get pictures of themselves holding him. My grandfather was very well-loved by his children. I knew that by hearing their memories of him. I was reminded of a pilgrimage, because the reactions to my son was more like a religious experience than a family reunion. Especially with my eldest aunt. My grandfather had died of lung cancer and she was with him when he finally gave up the ghost. Words can’t do justice to the serene joy I saw on her face with him in her arms.

      I was not raised to believe in reincarnation, but what was really spine-tingling eerie in an awesome, surreal way was his reaction to them. He was very natural with them wandering from one to the other, touching them, trying to talk to them in his limited vocabulary. Near the end of the visit he stopped in the middle of the room, looked deeply around at all of us, sighed and smiled broadly and clearly said the words, “happy … happy.” It was so strange like he was either my grandfather or channeling the spirit of my grandfather at that moment.

      Some here are agnostics or atheists and some others either adhere to orthodox or unorthodox religious traditions, but I think we can all agree that a man’s only sure hope of genetic immortality is through his children. That is why, especially after witnessing what I have seen, I have been adamant about making it clear to the children in my own family and extended family that I want them to marry and breed with their own race. I would prefer that Whites who must adopt go after a White child even if takes more work and money, but I somewhat understand them adopting a biracial baby. But I will never understand the mindset of Whites who marry and breed with people who can never give them children who look like their ancestors.

      • mindweapon says:

        Great comment, Cly!

      • A.Ralston says:

        “It was so strange like he was either my grandfather or channeling the spirit of my grandfather at that moment.”

        No difference IMO. Touching story.

      • Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

        I don’t think they should adopt a biracial child because they all their money, energy and time is going to one that is not us. We need to preserve what is left for our own.

  7. whiteGenY says:

    Look at every mixed race society, the light skinned ones are the ones that always the ones that end up on top. The whites and almost whites are in charge in latin america, the upper caste of the Arabs look almost like Persians, same with the Indians.

    Who wants their kids to be a part of the lower caste?

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