Interracial friendships cracking up over Obama presidency and economic downturn

Heartwarming story from Herndon Davis about his white friend who became a racist werewolf.

I predicted that this would happen! Liberalism relies on the cornucopia. The cornucopia breaks down, and people resort to tribalism. A bad economy and a black president is the perfect storm!

Obama 2016! Fuck Term Limits! Yes We Can!

By: Herndon L. Davis

This Christmas I will not be speaking to my friend of 16 years. Why??? Well after years of reading his Facebook posts I slowly and painfully discovered that my white friend was a racist. Initially I tried to ignore it but as an African American man I could no longer stomach his increasingly toxic, race fueled comments that were initially veiled as just boisterous, conservative rhetoric. After debating him online for years over politics, race and social topics I finally had an epiphany. I could no longer excuse “Adam” by brushing him off as being a hyper-conservative republican. His truth was undeniable.

However, I chose not to confront Adam about it, instead I quietly un-friended him on Facebook. Weeks later he confronted me and unloaded a barrage of online insults accusing me of being the actual racist and a “radical” for calling out discrimination, something I’ve aggressively done for years on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and on my personal blog/website.

Initially I blamed Facebook and the bold frontier of social media, a place where like-minded individuals are able to find strength in numbers in pack like mentality as the source of Adam’s racism. But after deeper reflection I believe it is the rising public influence of social media combined with an unconscious internal racial/class angst within Adam and many other white Americans that has now spewed to the surface with the election and re-election of the nation’s first Black President, Barack Obama.

Our Friendship

Adam and I are about two years or so apart in age, both from the state of Alabama, both attended The University of Alabama although we didn’t know each other in college. Four years later we bumped into each other in Atlanta where we both worked for the same company. We vaguely recognized each other, discovered our mutual roots, college friends and quickly bonded as friends ourselves. Oddly, our racial differences didn’t seem to matter especially since we both hailed from a state richly steeped in a tradition of hatred, slavery, Jim Crow segregation and racial discrimination.

Our twenties quickly turned into our thirties as we both chased our careers crisscrossing the nation with eight moves and five cities between us but we always stayed in touch. I remember once when I was going through financial challenges in Los Angeles, Adam gave me a financial gift to keep me going. So we weren’t just causal buddies, we were genuine friends.

The Change Began in 2008

It was the election of America’s first Black President that was the initial trigger. Adam’s criticism of the President, the economy and its sluggish growth, high unemployment along with his 2012 staunch support of Mitt Romney for president and his criticism of Obamacare is what blew open the divide between us. Although these online conflicts are common between social media users and their “friends,” our conflict was much different and far deeper.
We weren’t just men hiding behind computer screens and mouse pads. We were real life friends who shared secrets, hosted each other in our homes, supported, advised and even prayed for one another. Now we were at odds with each other via social media and it was about to get much worse.

As the great recession lingered, Adam became unemployed for a long time and felt significant angst about his place in the world and ability to sustain himself. He increasingly blamed Pres. Obama for not fixing the economy fast enough. Meanwhile I was forced to completely abandon my media consulting small business in order to run back to a corporate 9-5 job when my client base dried up. But instead of blaming Pres. Obama I blamed his predecessor Pres. George W. Bush along with the Republican led filibustering within the US Senate which blocked crucial jobs bills which would have grown the economy faster. So our initial online clashes were over who really was to blame for our forced and dramatic career changes and life shifting situations.

By 2012 Adam was unabashedly lifting talking points from far right leaning FOX News network and spewing them across his Facebook feed without an ounce of criticism towards his own Republican party for its constant obstructionism, filibustering of key legislation and judicial nominations along with its gerrymandering of voting districts to seize control of the House of Representatives. He never addressed the conservative led 36 state Voter-ID “suppression” efforts which sought to reduce early voting, the number of hours to vote, plus stopped voter registration drives and blocked students at private historically black colleges and other universities from voting in the states where they attended school.

We soon became caricatures or perhaps archetypes of Facebook. He was now a reliably grouchy Republican poster child stating how he wanted his country as he posted a picture of how red America’s voting districts really were but how we have a Democratic President and controlled Senate. And I would fly in on his Facebook posts like a true blue Liberal Superman countering that much of the red on his voting map represented land based districts and NOT people filled districts not to mention the epic 2010 republican gerrymandered districts on federal and state levels.

He soon started to attack immigrants and specifically Latinos when he posted how it felt being a white minority living in certain parts of Los Angeles and seeking out other white people. But then it really got ugly!!

In another post he tried to bash current day immigrants stating how his family migrated to America several generations ago and became productive citizens and that he demanded better from others in “my” country today.

I angrily countered that my family had been in this country far longer than his since my descendants came on the slave ship Clotilde which docked in Mobile, AL in 1859. I informed him that Blacks have been in America since the 1600s in Jamestown, VA as slaves and that America really wasn’t “his” country but that he and his family were the true immigrants in America.

In another Facebook rant Adam went after the poor chastising them for having too many children and for being on welfare, forgetting that he too was unemployed for a very long time and needed assistance. He also went after a women’s right-to-choose and gays with same-sex marriage stating there were far more important issues to tackle.

True to red-state formation, Adam embraced only fiscal issues, rejected social justice topics and the hyphenation of America and instead longed for an era in which white straight men ruled America; an era which Adam never lived however generations later he unknowingly reaped the benefits of it through his white privilege.

Similarly I never lived in an era where blacks were captive to slavery and segregationist Jim Crow laws but I still felt the disadvantages and hurdles growing up and becoming an African American man trying to understand why it seemed so much harder for me to succeed even though I tried, worked and networked three times harder as my white counterparts both in business and within the workplace.

Adam and I both felt internal angst about America and achieving the American dream but in two very different directions. While Adam’s angst and path is often sympathized, even lauded at times, my angst and path is often discounted, demonized and scoffed as being simply excuses.

Were we really ever friends???

Adam and I represent a microcosm of American society and its growing chasm and obsession with race and class. It’s a battle between a dying demographic (white conservatives) versus a young, growing, dynamic, multi-ethnic, multi-racial demographic which when combined with women, gays, elderly and the poor are finally having their issues and voices heard and addressed.

There’s a belief by the former group that somehow they are losing something when other groups gain their rights or have their grievances addressed. They fear they might be retaliated against once all avenues of politics, business and social dealings are no longer brokered by themselves. It is a fear I believe is striking at the center of Adam’s heart.

Today neither one of us is swayed by the other’s arguments and we exist as polar opposites in the world. So is our 16 year friendship worth saving? The answer for me this Christmas is I’m not so sure.

Herndon L. Davis is a former media activist turned corporate schmuck . He can be reached at and at


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52 Responses to Interracial friendships cracking up over Obama presidency and economic downturn

  1. mindweapon says:

    And in the comments:

    MomHon8:27 AM
    Of course this “friendship” isn’t worth saving; your “friend” has told you that with both his actions AND his words. I also lost a friend during the 2007 campaign. A woman I had been friends with since we were roommates in college – in 1975 – began by sending anti-immigrant spam e-mails around, which morphed into anti-Democrat and then zeroed in on candidate Barack Obama. She at first claimed that she wasn’t endorsing these repugnant e-mails, just passing them along for others to see & judge. I told her there are only 2 reasons anyone forwards chain e-mails: 1) to say “get a load of this, can you believe this wretched lunacy” or 2) to say “here’s some truth I came across and wanted to share it with you.” A series of increasingly frustrated (on my part) and defensive (on her part) e-mails went back and forth. I tried to find the person in there I thought I knew. She seemed to have been replaced by this shrill, brainless bigot who spewed right-wing talking points and rumors like a machine gun. Now my friend was never the brightest bulb in the pack – she dropped out of college due to too much partying and supported herself by waitressing (fortunately her college sweetheart/husband did graduate & had a well-paying job as a tech exec) – but I always knew her as a good-hearted person, the sort of person who was a truly good friend who would go out of their way to help someone in need. I had never, ever seen this side of her. She had never made one racist remark in my presence prior to these crazy e-mails. I finally asked her what happened to her? Why did she start doing this when she never had before? She replied “I never talked about this stuff because I knew how you were.” How I was? How **I** was?!? You mean a decent non-racist person who cares about civil rights and social justice issues? Who has marched and volunteered and protested and worked towards a better fairer country for us all since I moved to DC almost 40 years ago? Guilty. Guilty as charged. So we unfriended each other and haven’t spoken since that last angry, disbelieving exchange. I considered my friend of 32 years to have died. Whomever this woman was, she was not the friend I thought I knew. And for the record we are both white Catholics. She’s all Irish, I’m half Irish, half Hungarian Jewish. So I was probably innately flawed all along in her eyes anyway. And as you can imagine, she loved Pope JP2, me – not so much. I am now beyond thrilled with Pope Francis – and I can only imagine the gnashing of teeth going on in her house.

    • Ha!

      I see you are using my “Werewolf Analogy.” Remember how I brought it up to describe the dichotomy of White men before when it seemed like we were all getting trapped into being herded into another either/or pen – beta versus alpha?

      Werewolf is very apt, here. To People of Color, most White men seem like the Perfect Beta with an inexhaustibly long fuse. Let’s face it, Non-Whites are pretty predictable. Other Non-Whites have a good idea just how far and to what limits they can push each other. In many cases, all it takes is a slight edge in demographics and it’s on, with the larger crowd pushing its numerical advantage. Non-Whites have NO idea whatsoever what the White Hot Button may be until they push it.

      On another level, this blogger has to be rattled by the sheer evidence of decades’ long taquiyah practiced by “Adam” and so well that it fooled him so badly. He suspects that most Whites, no matter how they speak and act, have little use for The Diversity and that what is holding Multiculturalism is very fragile indeed. He has to be wondering, if the cracks are already showing now, what will happen when the economy falls apart ending any Cornucopia, and all hell breaks loose on The Day The EBT Card Stops Working?

  2. Paladin Justice says:

    No great loss for either party to this “friendship,” I would say.

  3. FriendsNoMore says:

    The ridiculous thing here is that “racism” is a bogus word and idea to begin with. It would be like people losing their friends over unicornism or something. Centuries from now people will look at our era the same as we look upon people eating pages out of the Bible in an attempt to cure the Plague.

  4. oogaboogaman says:

    Wow this black lives in LA and really thinks that hispanics and asians really give a shit about him. Oh god, wheres a couple surenos with clubs when you need them?

  5. Odin says:

    They’re the dumbest, ugliest, most uncivilized race (IQ70). All vote Obama and this idiot got his job because of AA.

  6. Mike says:

    Given the fact that virtually all liberals of any stripe are compulsive liars, I bet the real story is that “Adam,” if he exists at all, was the one who un-friended Herndon. Adam probably grew weary of the endless pig ignorant/absolute certainty lectures from his “friend.”

    Herndon then lashes out in butt-hurt resentment with the usual “I’m perfect!/It’s everyone else fault!” sad violin tale of woe. But that is, like I mentioned, if Adam even exists or it even happened like he claims. It sounds to me like a social media/”racist”/hate-speech type hoax.

    • oogaboogaman says:

      Very well could be a hoax.

      • mindweapon says:

        I don’t think it’s a hoax. There’s a lot of this stuff going on, and it’s a damned good thing. Polarization is our friend.

        Obama 2016!

      • Mike says:

        I can’t tell if liberals are telling the truth or lying about just about anything more. How can you tell, when you’ve caught them lying about so many things? I am deeply skeptical, at best, about this story.

        On another topic: Obama “overcoming” term limits somehow, in 2016, would be a dream come true for us.

    • Mike says:

      “Polarization is our friend.”

      Whether the story is true or not, it serves the same end. The Nigga-Whiners are so used to pressing the lever called “white guilt” and having a food pellet drop into their cage. It’s stopped working. What’s their solution? Press the lever harder and harder. They really have nowhere else to go.

      What’s dropping into their cage, NOW, is racial alienation/poison pellets. They seem hell bent on alienating themselves from just about everyone, and they’re too stupid to see it.

      Far be it from ME getting in their way of doing that!

  7. Rita Rabbit says:

    no the friendship is not worth saving. Furthermore I think Mr Davis should go to Africa and get some black privilege

  8. Denise says:

    Reblogged this on The White Tea Room and commented:
    Great Balls of Fire! The Blacks are just like the YKWs! It’s all about THEM. No other person, or members of a different ethnic group have any right to dissent from whatever they want, or believe. Every-one else is a waycist/bigot/mean/horrible/stupid/WRONG. EVERY-ONE. Esoecially Whites. The writer of the execrable trash, this one long protracted WHINE about a White Man coming to reality, about Race, is intellectually, morally, and spiritually incapable of comprehending that his White ex-associate is simply doing what he is doing – looking after his own ethic interests.

    The most bitterly amusing element in the Negro’s whine festival is cosmically fallacious delusion that his people came over on a slave ship before the White Man’s family did, and that the White Man’s family were the real immigrants. Please! YOUR ancestors were brought here as farm equipment, and your Race has long ago outlived it’s utility. YOU live off White genius, energy, and resources. Every-one but Whitey despises you. And now Whitey has had enough.

    Uh oh. The end of your disastrous mis-adventure in White Civilization is drawing nigh. Goodbye Negro – and very good riddance. We WON’T meet again.

  9. oogaboogaman says:

    Did a little research, apparently this black is a ‘Senior’ Compensation Analyst at University of Texas Medical Branch Galveston, working under contract. The dark enlightenment crowd has already flexed its muscles on comment boards its time we start flexing our power in real life, let’s call up UTMB and tell them what we think about their hiring of Mr.Davis.

    • Mike says:

      Without having done further research, “Senior’ Compensation Analyst, working under contract” sounds like a taxpayer funded “Human Resources” type thing.

    • Mike says:

      adding: some sort of compliance w/goobermint directives “specialist” thing.

      • Mr. Rational says:

        And an Affirmative Action position, to be certain.  Without his skin color, he’d be the unemployed one… and Adam resents his Black Skin Privilege.

    • mindweapon says:

      What has he done that warrants harassing him at his job? There are zillions of people just like him hired under affirmative action all across the country.

      • Mr. Rational says:

        How much better would the country be, if we got the AA hires to abdicate in favor of someone with actual merit?

        Of course, the real problem is the managers who still use AA hiring.

      • mindweapon says:

        the managers don’t have the choice. it’s forced from the government.

      • Mike says:

        “What has he done that warrants harassing him at his job?”

        I actually got away from the computer for a bit and thought about that question, MW. I don’t think, at least, in this case, you want your website to be used as a platform for causing this fella problems at work, or generally used that way. But I will answer the question in a general way.

        I’m not sure if can be considered “harassing” so much as “doing a favor” to the employer, potential/actual customers, vendors and so on. I’ll admit, as I write this, I’m playing re-framing word games, up to a point, but I’m also being sincere, too. up to a point.

        For one thing, people like this are displaying quite of bit of anti-white bigotry, or “reverse racism” if you prefer. This is something that should be brought to the attention of potential clients, many of whom are surely white. Do they really want to do business with a company that hires people that seem to hate them and wish them harm?

        Another thing is, employees like this are probably willing to file a lawsuit at the most innocent things said and done. Does the higher management really want to take on the risk of such an employee?

        Do white employees really need to work in such a toxic, hostile work environment people like this create?

        If the company he work for is funded by the public, then doesn’t the white sector have a right to know that their tax dollars are paying the salary of an anti-white bigot, or one who participates in a high level of “reverse racism?”

        These are some thoughts I had about this. Keep in mind that, again, I am speaking in a general way, and not about this person in particular.

      • Thanatos says:

        I second Mike’s opinion.

        What he has done is to decide to oppose our interests of his own free will. Case in point:

        “He increasingly blamed Pres. Obama for not fixing the economy fast enough. Meanwhile I was forced to completely abandon my media consulting small business in order to run back to a corporate 9-5 job when my client base dried up. But instead of blaming Pres. Obama I blamed his predecessor Pres. George W. Bush along with the Republican led filibustering within the US Senate which blocked crucial jobs bills which would have grown the economy faster. ”

        Why did his friend blame Obama? Because we have evidence linking Obama to the shit we’re blaming him for. Why is the black blaming Bush? Because Bush is white. It’s got nothing to do with a political record. He has an IQ of 80, he doesn’t even know what the record is. Those bills didn’t have a fucking thing to do with jobs for American men and besides… Democrats had a supermajority during that time period and could have pushed through anything they wanted to (which turned out to be repealing Don’t Ask,Don’t Tell and foisting Obamacare on us), but this fucking NOG blames whitey. Well, nothing new there. It wouldn’t be a problem in better economic times that the nog blames whitey. But right now, his reflexive whitey-blaming is starving elderly people on a fixed income TO DEATH. Because of NOGS like him, we can’t remove the source of the economic disaster, BARACK HUSSEIN BUTTBOY OBAMA and we have to just sit here and WATCH our elderly whites starve to death because these fucking monkeys can’t figure out that legalizing gay marriage and socializing medicine doesn’t put any fucking bread on the table.

        That’s what he’s done, is doing, and will continue to do unless we do something about it. And the time to do that is NOW.

      • mindweapon says:

        So you believe in the two card Monty, Republicans good Democrats bad?

        As far as “cyber bullying” goes, yes, I’m going to draw a clear line. Someone like Herndon is some guy we don’t know from Adam, he wrote an interesting article, I linked it and pasted it to talk about White people. There is no reason whatsoever to go attack some non-public-figure stranger. I don’t care if he supports Obama and blames whites, got a job because of affirmative action, is a homo, whatever. We don’t go attacking some strange person over a blog post he made.

        I’ve been in this thing for a long time, and have no patience for “internet tuff guys.” I remember in the early 2000’s when certain factions like Bill White would pick out an individual, gin up the hate on him, publish his address, make threats, and so on. Bill White is in federal prison and he’s never ever getting out.

        I approved all your comments, Thanatos, but don’t cross my line.

  10. Ryu says:

    Good find, MW. Your predications will work out, I think. It still feels early to me. These things should be very common, on the lips of every whtie.

  11. “Adam”, if he exists, committed the ultimate sin in the eyes of libtards: speaking the truth. Adam is better off.

    Also, “unfriending” someone on bookface seems like a childish way to cut ties. Then again, I generally think of bookface as a childish endeavor anyway.

  12. Mike says:

    He’s got the homosexual lisp down pat, as is; “Sssay sssailer, you’re handsssome! New in town?

    • mindweapon says:

      Well, this post wasnj’t meant to be about finding out about Herndon’s personal life and discussing it here. It’s more about what White people are doing out there. It’s good for us for black males to be gay. Herndon probably isn’t a baby daddy — good for him! Blacks can be as gay as they want, as far as I’m concerned.

      • mindweapon says:

        Denise and Mike,

        I don’t want to get too personal about Herndon, so I deleted Denise’s and Mike’s recent comments with a youtube video. The post wasn’t about that, it the fact that he gave us a glimpse into what our fellow whites out there are doing. This site isn’t about attacking people personally, it’s about moving our ideas down the field.

      • Denise says:

        Many apologies. I usually don’t make personal slurs against homosexuals – but I was in a mood. The bitterly funny thing about this apparently gay Negro, like so many other AA groups, is that when the Tolerant White Folk go away – so do they. Other groups won’t put up with them for one moment.

        The non-Whites are demonize Whites never appreciate the real world ramifications of their ideologies.

      • mindweapon says:

        It’s fine to criticize the homosexual agenda, but not to “pile on” some individual out there who we don’t know from Adam. I posted to talk about what his writing tells us about white people, and that it’s kind of irritating that he has the delusion that “whites are dying out.”

        There’s still over 100 million of us just in the USA, and at this moment in history we are suffering from a manufactured loss of confidence. This loss of confidence won’t last forever, as the conditions that created it will prove to be fleeting.

        The Automatic Cornucopia made all this shit possible, all this political correctness and anti-white propaganda. But the Automatic Cornucopia will not go on indefinitely. Or even much longer, in my opinion.

      • Dan Poole says:

        I think I now understand what you were trying to tell me three months ago about the cornucopia and about economics as a social science vs. a physical science. What it boils down to is this: Economic prosperity creates the one and only climate that allows universalisms such as multiculturalism and “anti-racism” to thrive. Without that climate – without the cornucopia of economic prosperity and material riches – “anti-racism” is rejected on its face. We all know that, when used by liberals and “respectable” conservatives, its a code-word for anti-white anyway. But your argument, Mindweapon, is that there’s no way Whites would have tolerated “anti-racism” to the extent they’ve tolerated it over the last 50 something years if it wasn’t for the corncuopia/economic prosperity. Am I right about that?

        If so, my only retort is there’s a difference between the cornucopia and merely providing the basic necessities for oneself and ones family.* It is my contention that raising the minimum wage to keep up with inflation simply allows us Whites to provide those basic necessities. Lets examine the math:

        -National minimum wage of $7.25 X 40 hours =$290
        -$290 X four weeks = S1160 gross per month
        -if we assume 15% of that is taken by all levels of government for any and all purposes (including SS and Medicare), then the net is $986 per month
        -A lot of minimum wage jobs don’t give you 40 hours a week, so if we assume you get 35, then your net would be $863 per month

        Renting an apartment costs anywhere from 600-800 bucks a month. If you get a mortgage for a cheap house (less then $100,000) and somehow get the funds to make a 20% down payment, you’ll still pay like $300 to $400 per month for 30 years.

        See where I’m going with this? There’s a fine line between surviving and thriving. All those White middle class Northeast Yankees with their fancy new cars, big new houses, shiny furniture, and basements that look like Best Buy stocks their stuff down there….those Whites are the ones who are caught up in the cornucopia and who breach “DIEversity” and “multiculturalism” to the rest of us.

        I firmly believe that we have a moral obligation to take care of our own people – and that includes economic well-being. But if your argument all along has been that this country, the SCREWnited States of Amurrika, is too rich and prosperous for its own good – and more specifically, that White Americans are too prosperous for their own good – than I’ve agreed with that argument ever since I abandoned my patriotard/”free market is wonderful” delusions after Obama got reelected.

        * I’m aware that this is a social science argument as opposed to a physical one. But here’s the thing: The last 200 years of economic development has shown that, in regards to basic necessities such as food, clothing, medicine and shelter, there’s enough physical resources to go around. I remain unconvinced of the argument that the world doesn’t have enough physical resources to provide most Whites with the necessities that allow us to live a decent life

      • mindweapon says:

        Sure, there’s enough resources, but they are being horribly mismanaged by the Jew bankers and their whtie enablers. So what we could very well have is an “artificial famine” type scenario. Not necessarily a replica of 1933 Ukraine, but high food prices, riots, et cetera.

        The good that would come out of high food prices would be millions of people taking up gardening again, and the gardeners would trade with the commercial farmers and livestock husbanders, so the small commercial farmers would do well again, and a lot of it would be untaxable barter.

        The small commercial farmers I know are all fanatic about bartering. High food prices would create massively distributed networks of barterers and growers. Food waste would go into raising black soldier fly larvae, which would be fed to chickens (both meat birds and egg layers).

        The CSA model I really like, and I’ve mentioned this before, is a guy I know who has a farm, but he also buys from hobby gardeners and resells to his CSA members. This is so smart, because it’s much more profitable to be a broker than just a producer. And the producers he buys from are just hobby producers who would otherwise have thrown away thier extra produce. instead they get a few bucks for it! THey (we) are delighted! I’m so happy to unload my Asian pear surplus on this guy — I made over 200 bucks this year from pears. And I only have 3 trees, and we ate a lot of pears. Next year I’m going to be his cabbage supplier too.

        This model is very small because corn syrup is still cheap. Give us high food prices, and local agricutlure and localist economy will take off like a rocket. And localist economies that don’t depend on government end up HATING the government. I know these meek looking hippie girls that will say, out of nowhere, “I hate the government so much, I’d be willing to die fighting them.” Holy crap, where’d that come from? I don’t even say shit like that. I wondered about it, but this particular young woman makes her living taking care of orchards — pruning, spraying and such as well as any other odd jobs she can get on local farms. She’s poor and dresses plain but has an fierce independence streak in her. And they all talk like that — it’s a subculture. There’s two kinds of commercial farmers — the ones who love the regulations and love being “certified organic” and do everything by the book, and the outlaws. The thing is, teh customers don’t care about “organic certification.” They just take it on trust, and their trust is earned. The outlaw CSA’s avoid getting on government lists and farm censuses. USDA is a four letter word to them. It’s great!

        High food prices will make this kind of hippie organic farmer outlaw culture go absolutely viral. And I think they are more savvy than past outlaws. They aren’t going to be protesting openly; they don’t wave guns around or say threatening things on the internet. They are much smarter than that. They don’t openly defy the government. They just do what they will, on their own, and if the government shows up, they are like Rothschild

        “Oh, it’s my good friend the tax collector!”

    • Mike says:

      Sorry, MW, I didn’t read your comment to Denise until after I read your reply. Still, I am having an LOL moment……

      • mindweapon says:

        No problem, Mike. I walk a certain ethical line with this blog. I like to repost other peoples stuff and talk about it, but I don’t get personal with people. Herndon is some guy I don’t know from Adam (pun intended) and we have no reason to attack him personally.

  13. Dan Poole says:

    “I informed him that Blacks have been in America since the 1600s in Jamestown, VA as slaves and that America really wasn’t “his” country but that he and his family were the true immigrants in America.”

    Good! The more often blacks like Herndon tell Whites like Adam that ‘Murika isn’t really “your” country, the more our people will internalize it, and the easier it becomes to build a White ethnostate – or at least to secede from the country that Michael O’Meara said in August 2009 should be “repulsed as an alien body-snatcher.”

    Herndon won’t like it when Adam and millions of other Whites view America as a repulsive alien body snatcher, and as our principle enemy. He’ll long for the days when Whites had better neighborhoods but at least paid for the welfare! Cause when we’re gone, WE’RE GONE!!

  14. Dan Poole says:

    Oh, and it appears our friend Herndon can feel the heat from the fire that is FUMING under the surface:

    “Could it be there is a quiet resentment rising in half this country that no one is seeing coming?”

    You have no idea, sir. Mods on large websites can barely contain it. It’s hissing like a pressurized cooker. The gauge is at risk of breaking. All you’re doing is facilitating its pending explosion with your poisonous anti-white venom! The more you dehumanize us with genocidal rhetoric, the more we hate you!

  15. TabuLa Raza says:

    Because Whites serve as a shock absorber between non-whites and reality, providing a Cadillac-like ride for the JBs. [jungle bunnies]

  16. TabuLa Raza says:

    >>>Uh oh. The end of your disastrous mis-adventure in White Civilization is drawing nigh. Goodbye Negro – and very good riddance. We WON’T meet again.<<<

    [we'll meet again- end of strangelove]

  17. TabuLa Raza says:

    ACCESS to the cornucopia through the joo printing press made all this shit possible.

  18. Tina says:

    That’s why I never made close friends with Mexicans here in So. Cal. I knew the immigration issue, special programs for Mexicans and all that would come up. You KNOW what side they’re on. Don’t make friends with them in the beginning, and there won’t be heartache later on.

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